Thursday, August 1

The Sweet Spot

During my morning routine today, through Facebook, a friend had posted a link to this article. Normally, I would not have clicked on it, since I saw it went to the Huffington Post. Why? Well, I have quite a bit of dislike for that site, as I feel they have bad reporting, and very biased viewpoints. That being said, I still felt compelled to read this particular posting.

After reading it, I sat here a few moments thinking about my own family. Today the youngest son is at home with me, and already this morning we have gone to the store, and to Denny's for a special breakfast for us. I realized, again, how fast my kids are growing up. Thinking of the past five years I have been out of work, but have been here for the rides they need for dentist, doctor, and other miscellaneous appointments. I have seen each of the boys grow taller and more assured of themselves. I missed much of this period with the Daughter, and it saddens me a bit, but knowing I have been able to correct things that I have been here now, I feel better.

The Reverend Mother writes a lot these days about how much she loves any time she can get, not only with myself and my siblings, but even the grandchildren, whether it is one-on-one, or in a group/family setting. I think I am beginning to see more of why that is so important to her.

Okay, sappy post over.


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