Thursday, June 1

Work Is Weird

 For as simple as my job is (my opinion) it seems difficult for the Company to figure things out (again, my opinion). Yesterday I logged in to start the day, there was no workflow, and I logged off to wait an hour (per instructions) to see if anything came available. Forty-Five minutes later, I am online again, and in that time, what did drop into the workflow, had already been picked up and I was not able to do anymore. My Team Lead commented that that was it for the workflow, and for us to watch our emails, in case they needed us to come back on previous worked stuff or whatnot. So I logged off, figuring after 2 weeks of this supposed 4 week project, we were done. This is about 9-9:30am. Around 1pm I get an email asking me to log back in and contact another Lead, as he has some work for me. At that point in the afternoon, I am not getting back online for little work time. So I logged in this morning, and this Lead had left me a message where to start, so here I am back at it.

Yeah, my life is so exciting.

I think I am over that damn bug I had, at least I think so. Today's aches and pains feel more like the usual ones; I don't feel nauseous (waiting for the pills to kick in then that will change unless I get something to eat) though my allergies have decided to pay a visit. The nose and eyes are quite bothersome with all the running.

 The Middle Son came by this morning. Mostly to "steal" Youngest away for a few hours so they can play video games and whatnot. But he did come in to sit and chat with my whilst I was working. We talked about the move he is doing this summer (to a new apartment) and plans/dates. He mentioned about going to my Sister's place on Monday, but didn't stay terribly long. I think that is the first anyone in my family has gone to one of their get-togethers in quite awhile. He even said it was uncomfortable. I know RM wants all of us to be one big happy family, but I just don't see it happening. And I will take the blame for that, as no one sees things my way. Such is life.

But I did get the Middle Son to agree to pick me up a Wendy's burger meal when he brings Youngest back around noon. Will see if he remembers - he better, because I gave him money to get it for me....

Well, I ain't got anything more to say today I guess.


Wednesday, May 31

Still Dragging

 I "slept in" this morning a couple hours. Thankfully, my work schedule is somewhat adjustable as needed, and I can do that. Still feeling a bit achy, but not as bad as yesterday or days previous. A bit foggy headed as well. So I go in to log into work, and the remote desktop application does not want to be found on my computer. It was fine yesterday. Where is it now? I have no clue. I ended up downloading the installation software, removing the previous version, re-installing, then it worked. Whew, only 15 minutes behind the schedule I wanted to start at. I log in to see a message stating if no work was posted, to come back in an hour, posted about an hour previous to my logging in, so I waited a bit. Ten minutes later, people are asking about work, then stating they will log off and check back in an hour, so I logged off, planning to re-check in about 45 minutes. They did say we are coming to the end of this project (a week and a half earlier than they said) so may end up waiting on another project.

Today that doesn't bother me though. Since I am still not feeling 100%, I'll take the time to rest up.

Nothing much else to do today.


Tuesday, May 30

Still Not There Yet ....

 Two days down being sick, and yet it is lingering. Today I only feel achy in the joints, yet have a very large feeling headache pounding pretty much all around my head. I'm tired, yet slept so much in naps yesterday, I had a hard time getting to sleep and staying that way last night.

No, I have not "taken" anything for it. I was guessing it was more of a stomach bug, like I ain't some bad leftovers, because the nausea I was feeling, but I have no clue now. I think I will finish up the aspect of the project I was working on Friday, and let the TLs know I am taking the rest of the day off to shake the rest of this. It sounds bad coming off a three-day holiday weekend, but it is true.

So, with whatever is bringing this onto me, has also done a number in my slumber time. I woke one time this morning, recalling quite a bit of some lucid dream I was having. I have made some notes, and over the next couple days, I am going to try to piece it back together, and see what kind of story it makes...


Monday, May 29

Up and Ready to Crash

 OF course I woke only 10 minutes before the alarm was to go off. I know there is no reason to just lay in bed, so up I am.

Yesterday was miserable. I woke feeling tired and achey, kind of foggy-headed. Checked my sugar ( a little high - BP was good) and had a liter of water. All day long I felt like this, sometimes with a slight rise in temperature. I almost felt like I was dehydrated, or had been in the sun too long, but neither should have been the case. I drank a total of 3 liters in the morning of water, and large coke at lunch. Laid down for 3 hours int eh afternoon, but could only catnap if any sleep. We met up last night for dinner with the oldest Son to finally celebrate his bday (about two weeks ago) and about halfway through dinner I started feeling a little better - maybe it was the four glasses of tea I had had by then? Went home, and by bed time (early for me) I was back to not feeling well. 

It carries into this morning. The Wife has to work today. My work day was optional, and I intended to work, but I just don't feel well this morning. I think I will call out, or wait a couple more hours and see if I feel better.


Saturday, May 27

Training The Mind and Body

 I have, for the most part, been up at 6am for work these last two weeks. Evidently, my mind and body have decided that that is going to be the time we need to get out of bed and moving. This morning I was awake about 6:30 and just could not go back to sleep. I got up and putzed around for about half an hour, then went back to bed. I just lied there. I rolled over. I lied there. I could NOT get back to sleep. Finally, the Wife decided to get up about 9:30, so I figured I might as well also.

Talking with the Wife this morning, neither of us have any plans for this weekend. I think she does have Monday off work. It is optional for me, and I think I will work it. Haven't decided 100% either way yet. Wife had texted me late yesterday about her facility. They had been able to go mask-free a short while back, but that ended yesterday. Doing some random testing brought up 8 patients and 1 staff that tested positive for covid, so masks are once again required.

I never could stand to wear them damn masks. I also never believed they would stop whatever airborne virus was going around. When someone farts, it goes through (one would think) two layers of clothing and we can still smell it... that flimsy little mask going to stop a virus? Yeah, right. Don't get me started about the "vaccinations"....

Welp, I think I am going to sit here, drink my lemonade, and play some computer games.


Friday, May 26

Feel Good Friday

 I am happy that today is Friday. For me it brings the last day of work for the week, and I just am mentally drained from the job. I'm short a couple hours of 40 for the week (thanks to the Company having issues getting the work prepared) but I don't mind. I thought it a bit funny, that since the email address situation was addressed, I received yet another project availability last night - though they have me assigned to one already. When it rains, it pours....

Youngest finished up school yesterday. I guess now he is officially a Senior.

No big plans for this weekend, even though it is a holiday one. Might go down to the flag raising on Monday at the Post, but not sure if I want to get up early if I don't have a need to do so.

I guess I ain't got much else to say today.


Wednesday, May 24

Mid-Week Something-or-Other

 My buddy flew back into town yesterday. I was glad, as it finished my stint as his person to take care of making sure there was extra change at the pub. It wasn't a hard thing, just that I was getting tired of having to make sure I did every day by a certain time. Really, it only took five minutes to do, but still. I gave him back the money I still had left over and the "change" money last night.

I'm sitting in limbo with work this morning. Seems the work flow has reached a choke-point, as I log in first thing this morning, we are waiting for management to authorize the next portion of the workload. As early as it is (6am here) who knows how long it could take to get sorted out. Free work pay? We will see...

Youngest is on his last two days of school - both days being half days where he is out at noon. That also means no "early hour" band, so everyone gets to sleep in at least 45 minutes extra - except me, who is up going to work. We did go an d get copies of his birth certificate on Monday, so he is all ready to take the permit test hopefully very soon.

I was a bit surprised I had not heard from my brother by now this week. I know with all his family drama going on he usually loves to tell everyone what is happening. There were some updates to details supposedly happening Monday, but I have yet to hear from him. I think RM mentioned some little information, but not sure of the better details. Such an excitement (feel the sarcasm?)

Welp, I been flipping back and forth windows here, and haven't heard much from work yet. Guess I should go and pay more attention.