Monday, June 24

And It Just Piles on ...

 Friday, whilst working away as the diligent worker ant that I am, our Team Leads notified us that Upper Management had decided (or made the call to) reduce the number of people we had on this project. They had no idea who, or how many, but we would be notified via personal email over the course of the weekend, if we were being removed from the project. On the plus side, they said this next week there was a possible other project starting, and for us to be sure the recruiting department knew if we were available.

I got my email Friday evening I was being removed. This was supposed to be a 4-month long project, and I only worked it for 4 weeks. Sigh. I sent recruitment notice I was available, and now I sit here waiting tomorrow to see if anything new comes along.

Saturday I never made it to White Castle. By 11am, I was thinking 30 minutes was too long of a drive just for fast food (and I was feeling peckish by then). The Youngest agreed, and we ended up going to Red Robin for lunch. We had a nice talk about plans he is thinking on regarding the job search, and getting his license. Then it was of to the Post....

I arrived at the Post about 2pm, only to find out that the power had gone out just minutes before my arrival. Over the next hour, they found out it was a huge power-out, and would not be restored until estimated 4:30 pm. By just before 3pm, it was extended to 5:30pm. What really stunk, they were having a weeding/reception in the hall, of two of the Post leadership (one's son, one's daughter). So I decided to leave as it was hot with no AC. I didn't get about a 1/4 mile up the road, and see the signal light go from blinking red, to steady green. I figured power had come back on early, but I was already going somewhere else. I did head back around 6pm, and was informed the power had come back on around 3pm. OF course, again, I didn't win the money raffle.

No plans this week really, since I am waiting for the Company to figure out what they are going to do.


Saturday, June 22

Doing A Run ....

 Saturday is here, and the Wife isn't. She left this morning to drive out to Mesa for some continuing education class that is free to take but only today. She'll be gone most of the day I reckon. We spent a good half hour or more last night trying to find the best route for her to take, as there are some freeway closures. I think I got her situated with a route that was about 8 miles longer, but would involve less changing of freeways, and probably keep her out of most of the detoured routed from the closures. I remember not so long ago driving that distance just to get to work... glad I don't have to anymore.

So no Wife means I get to make my own lunch plans. I talked with Youngest last night, and I think we are going to do a food run - to White Castle! There's one out on the east side of Scottsdale, maybe 30 minutes from home. I have never been there (no clue except I think it is far to drive for food) but feel the craving for them sliders yesterday. Might get a couple cases (for lunch this week) and a go-bag to have on the way home. Youngest seemed kinda excited to go as well. I think the last time he tried them, he did like them.

Welp, I'm feeling a little tired yet this morning so I may go lay back down for a bit.


Thursday, June 20

I Can see, I Can See, I Can See I'm Going Blind

 This morning was my annual diabetic eye check-up. I really don't care for having to do this each year, as I hate the drops they put in the eyes. I took today off from work as I figured after the dilation, I wouldn't be able to read for a few hours (computer work) and I'm pretty correct. It's hard to just get a few things here for me. But I did get the A-OK from the doc, and my next appointment is for next year.

Rest of the day is free time. I need to pick up a prescription, and then  will probably head to the post for a bit. Glad I have sunglasses.


Tuesday, June 18

Tuesday is a Reset Day

 Mondays are so .... blah. I think it is the mindset of having to return to work after a couple days off, at least for many of us that just makes it feel yucky. World of Warcraft, that I play, does it's weekly maintenance and resets many functions in the game on Tuesdays. As a rule, on Tuesdays I usually feel more set in the work routine (as I do today) so I think it is kind of the same as being 'reset'.

My plans regarding this Saturday (lunch with RM) have been confirmed that it is a no-go. Which is fine, I'll just have to figure out another Saturday I know I am free to set it up, and she is free as well. Hopefully not too far off in the future. I had mentioned about finding a place that has salads I like, and I think I might have found a new place. It's called Salad World at 83rd Av/Cactus. For about $10 you can build your own salad, and they have a nice list of options of veggies and proteins to choose from. There are a few pre-made salad options that range up to $15, but I may have to try this place out sometime soon.

I'm still craving salad daily. Sigh. Now it just got worse.

Welp, I really don't have much to offer up today. Working until about 4pm, then no idea what my plans are.... maybe the pub for a couple beers and a few chapters in the book.


Monday, June 17

Mondays Drag ...

 It's only two o'clock on a Monday afternoon, I'm supposed to be working, but am taking a few minutes to break from the monotony of the documents. This weekend was just like most weekends. Saturday at the Post (didn't win again on the raffle). Sunday was Father's Day, but nothing special happened. Took the Wife to Red Robin for lunch (I wanted the bottomless house salad - ate 4 plates worth). In the afternoon the Daughter sent a pic and a text. I decided to go up to the pub for a bit. The Oldest Son called and we talked a few. After getting back home that evening, the Middle Son texted, and finally the Youngest told me HFD. The Wife had to get some cat food, and did some other shopping. Ended up getting me a nice polo shirt, a couple beef sticks, and a hat that says "Sarcasm is how I hug'.

But it is Monday, so back to the grind. I am taking Thursday off this week. Late Friday I got a confirmation text for my yearly Diabetic Eye Screening. I was thinking it was going to be in July, but no. Since they will be dilating my eyes, and adding other stuff in the mix as well, I would not be able to read a computer screen well. Friday it will all be cleared up to normal and I will resume work.

The Wife has some free class hours to do this Saturday, for education towards her license renewal. I thought maybe I could get RM out for a lunch, but haven't confirmed as of yet. I have been trying to find a place not far for either of us to drive to meet at, that has some salad options I would consider. Most restaurants put too much other crap into a salad I don't want. I suppose I should check with her int he next couple days to see if her Saturday is free.

Welp, I wasted some time, and I have been jumping back and forth between writing here and doing some work. Guess I should finish out this and the two hours of work time left.


Wednesday, June 12

This Will Be Weird ....

 The Wife is off from work for the rest of the week. Originally awhile back she had put in for Thursday and Friday, just to have some days off as it had been quite some time since her last vacation day. I guess her boss said she could have today off as well. Still, I was up at 7am and working this morning. She slept in until around 8am. Then she comes to tell me bye...said she had some 'running to do'... which is code for shopping I am sure. I said okay, and asked her to bring me home a cold soda whenever she gets back. So at some point, I'll have a cold drink today.

Work is going smoothly, for work. They are talking about bringing in another 50 people to this project, and still expect it to last the +/- 4 months. That's good, I guess. As long as I am working I don't care.

With the Wife off the next few days, I have no idea what will be going on. I guess my regular routines will be adjusted depending on what she has going on.


Monday, June 10

On to Something Different ....

 I slept good last night, so was able to get up at the early time of 5:15am to get started on the workday. I like that I can start early and finish early, and not be stuck to a set time frame. So I log-in to get started and have a note in Teams for all of us that they are shifting all but 10 of us to a different phase of the project. I had been expecting this, so not surprised. After about an hour and half, they posted a list of who was moving to the other phase - I was one of them. No big deal. But, I had to log off until 8am when there is a meeting planned to update on the specifics for this new phase. I won't be getting 8 hours today, because I had to lose 1.5 waiting on them. I could make it up, but I just don't care to do so.

That being said, I just saw an email come from the Company. Checked and it is the Teams meeting invite for 8am. I guess I should close this off, get my restroom break in, maybe have a cigarette, then log back in and get set up.