Saturday, June 12

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

 No, you won't find a YouTube video of Freddy Fender singing this popular song. It's just a pretty good description of how my last 24 hours have been. Well, maybe not quite all 24 hours of it....

Went and hung out with friends last night at the pub. We had a good sized group of us (about 8) which is more than the usual 3-4 on Fridays. We were all meeting up at another place than the usual. Our usual hang-out has become increasingly ghetto clientele and the drug exchanges in the bathrooms, the constant smell of weed being smoked on the smoking patio - Time to find a new place. And it is a fairly nice place with better menu options. Though, last night they get demerits. Our waitresses messed up orders (drinks) and obviously were just charging things to whoever's tab showed up first on their monitors. I know, because mine was much higher than usual - and I did not specifically say I was buying anyone's drinks/food. By then, the group had dwindles down to three of us, so how am I going to collect from someone not there? We're all friends - it'll work out. I hope the service improves, or we might be looking again.

Having had a few drinks, and very little sleep the night before I crashed fast last night. Vaguely remember the Wife waking me at some point of the morning, but going back to sleep until nearly 2 in the afternoon. But I feel so much better having caught up on the sleep. Wife and I decided on Golden Corral for a late lunch/early dinner (at 3 in the afternoon). The buffet has been opened up again for awhile, where they put the food on your plate, as you go around the food area. But now it has returned to you doling out your own, though they ask you to wear plastic gloves while doing so. Masks were optional. Needless to say I was happy. The wife was able to get a variety of foods that she can tolerate (her sense of smell/taste has been returning very slowly towards normal, but still has many issues). 

My replacement debit card came finally, so I have been trying to remember every service I use the card for auto-pay, or orders regularly, and updating the info on each site. I think the only one left is Youngest Sons WoW account. I can't remember what password we used, so will have to ask him. Think I have everyone else covered. Guess I'll find out within the next few weeks with email notifications that payment was not going through somewhere....

Tomorrow looks to be another lazy day for me. Not sure what I am going to do. Probably should get more reading done. I'm at 97 books read this year so far. I have a couple in process that I'll need to write reviews for (Advanced Reader Copies). I have another two I am hoping they approve and send me an ARC. Plus there is a friend of mine that lives in Chandler (south side of the Valley) whose neighbor is looking for someone to read her book. I told him to give her my email, and contact me about what she would like from a reader - a review, or other notes notes about continuity, etc. 

Guess I am out of here for now....


Friday, June 11

My Mind is Slush

 Had a bad night with sleeping. I would toss/turn for what seemed 30-45 minutes, then fall asleep, then wake, and it had only been about 10 minutes. Repeat. All. Night. Long. I finally got out of bed around 9:30 this morning, knowing I had to work, but just not feeling awake.

Then I log in to find the Team Lead reassigned me to a special project within the main project we are working on. I don't mind that. It means they value my speed/correctly done work....but it is a tedious process what they have me working on. My mind is just 'blech' with the lack of sleep and slogging through this today. I still have about an hour to go to make my 8 hours for the day, but I am ready to just sign off for the day. I *am* presently the last team member online (most are mid-west or east coast time zones). My Project Lead is online if I have any questions, so he only checks every now and then.

While I debate logging out, I am here trying to clear my mind a little and maybe will go back to working that last hour. I am sure my buddy will be calling anytime to ask what my plans are for tonight - if we are meeting up at the pub or what. I dunno what I am doing yet.


Wednesday, June 9

Things to Do ... People to See (Well, Not Really)

 I started a new project yesterday with the company. It's nothing major, and it supposed to last about 2 1.2 weeks - perfect for timing before I go to ND. 

I actually got some pretty decent sleep last night. Went to bed about 8:30 and up at 5:30am. hoping to get an early start on the job so I can be off around 2pm. I have learned over the years, I like starting/ending the work day earlier. Even if I am not a morning person. At least that will keep others on their toes.

Had a nice surprise yesterday. We received not one, but two, separate checks from our electric company. Seems there was a settlement in some kind of class action lawsuit about rate increases, or something, and if one had an account with them at that particular time period, you got a check. So we got one for this house, and the old home. Both were the same amount, and wasn't so HUGE to be ASTOUNDING, but it was nice.

I should be heading out to get ready to log into work.


Sunday, June 6

It's a Little Depressing

 Friday morning, The Wife packed several boxes and some clothes into her vehicle. Then she climbed in and drove away. I didn't see it, as I was back in our computer room playing Warcraft that morning. Maybe that was why she left me? Naw... she was headed down to Tucson to spend some extra time with the Daughter (Doodad was an added bonus). I don't want to over-share, but the Daughter had recently started to get the feeling of being overwhelmed, as some parents can relate to, in regards to being around young children with no adult interaction, or alone time, etc. So The Wife had decided she was going down to give Daughter more adult interaction. I didn't mind. The two younger Sons were going down with me on Saturday, as we had a concert we were attending then anyways.

So Saturday, as I said, the boys and I drove down about mid day. The Youngest played and entertained Doodad, the Middle Son sat and talked with the SIL about computer and board games they like. I pretty much sat on the couch and played some games on my tablet. The concert was a little early - about 6pm, so was over by 8'ish. Just The Wife, Daughter, Middle Son, and I attended (more adult time for Daughter). Place called the Gaslight Theater, and it was nice. Our table (yes, table seating) was 10 feet from the stage. You could order food/drinks (which I was happy about - stomach was growling, and I was thirsty). The group we watched was LoBros, who are local to the area. They were playing hits from groups that influence their music (Chicago, Earth Wind and Fire, Blood Sweat and Tears, etc) with that 70's kind of brass band sound. They also intermix classical music into other genres, like samba music. It was very entertaining, and very enjoyable. 

We did both drive home late into the night, arriving around 12:30. This morning found us sleeping in a little bit more than usual due to being a bit more tired - not so much of the late hour, but the driving, etc. Not much on today's agenda.

The Wife had made bread & butter pickles last week. Couple decent-sized Tupperware containers of, anyways. I was told I could have some before she left, but with the stipulation, I had to tell her which one tasted better. To answer that more fully, she had made two batches: one using a recipe from the internet she had found, the other being RM's recipe. I truly didn't get around to this taste-test, but Last night, The Wife brought out two smaller containers from the Daughter's fridge. The Wife brought them down for them to taste. So of course I had to do it as well. It was an easy taste test - I picked RM's within seconds of tasting the second option. It was distinctive in the taste. But we did agree the internet recipe were a bit crisper due to it being a recipe that only called for the mix to set in the fridge for 24 hours, versus RM's recipe is a heated mixture. RM still for the win though, IMO.

I didn't get much Doodad time yesterday. I am a little upset by it, but what can I expect? She is only 4 years old, and having a young uncle that can (and is willing) to run around with you, etc.... slow-moving Papaw is going to lose every time. I'll wait a couple more years when she will appreciate the time with me better, I guess.

Almost noon here, so I suppose I should ask the Wife what are plans for lunch. I know I'm hungry. For some reason got chicken sandwich with pickles on my mind this morning....


Wednesday, June 2


 Looking back on the last post, I wish I had stayed down. I was able to get a bit more sleep. The early evening found us going out with the Oldest Son to Fuddrucker's (a burger joint). Then I decided to go out to the pub and meet up with friends for a little bit. I truly meant, a little bit. But it turned ionto a longer bot, then over at a friend's house talking through the night, then early morning at a pub that opened up, then to my brother's, then to the VFW. It was late afternoon Monday before I made it home. I am not made to do that like I was years ago. I was not heavy drinking, but just being up that long.... Well, at least maybe some good came out of it. I am a new Auxillary member at the VFW.

I logged into work yesterday, and had a message waiting for me on what project I am to be on, and what they want me to do. However, I didn't have the correct credentials to get logged in to the program. They had me try a set, but when they did not work, I was told that I was to just check back later through the day and see if they were able to find any that would work. Yeah, real classy.... So, in short, I didn't work yesterday. At one point, I did receive an email asking if I was available for a project. It goes back to the lower pay level, but at least I can work. I replied I was available, and the job noted it was to start today. No new update via email. I logged into Teams and no new news there. Thinking it may be another day of no work.

Nothing else to write about. I just got to sit here off and on through the day to see if anything comes up. Joy.


Sunday, May 30

Sunday Morning, and I am Going Down (for the count)

 Ugh! Up at the unwelcome hour of 2am this morning. No idea what woke me, but it was a full awake mode when it happened. I didn't feel threatened, or startled, just ... wide awake. I laid in bed, trying to get back to sleep before succumbing to temptation and checking the time. Then I knew I might as well get up. So instead, I laid there a bit longer. Then thoughts of food and drink started popping through my head, and I decided I was going to run up the QT to get a couple jalapeno/cheese sausage dogs, and fill my travel mug with Mtn Dew. So I did. Got up, dressed, drove up there - no sausages. The kitchen was closed - doesn't open until 6am. All hot food available was a couple taquitos, and I didn't feel like that. I filled my mug with soda, and grab a pack of Zingers, then returned home. Breakfast of champions at 2:30am.

I ate, drank and played Warcraft until about 5, then started this post. Not much on the excitement level, huh? No major plans today. Oldest Son is actually off work today (last I knew) and I will cehck with him if he is interested in joining us for a dinner out this evening. Middle Son went to Tucson yesterday for the weekend. Daughter is doing plans with her In-Laws this holiday weekend.

Work has been crazy lately. I might feel like checking in with them today to see if anyone is working, and if they need a couple hours or so of help. All week, I have been moved from project to project at the QC level (3 projects this week) which is weird considering the previous three weeks they weren't allowing me to do the QC work they had trained me to do. Like I said - weird. But it is happening now, so I am not complaining too much. I hope to get past this feeling of the 'speed bump' the company is stuck on. Could lead to real good things if I stick it through....

North Dakota trip is pretty much set. Flight booked, hotel booked, got a couple "essentials" I felt I needed to have for the trip. I think the only thing left really, is I need to get a new set of slip-on shoes (for the flight - I hate having to try to find someplace to sit and re-tie my shoes after security), and maybe a good set of tennies for while there.

Well, it is starting to get a little light in the sky outside the window, so I guess I am going to try to lay back down for awhile.


Friday, May 28

Early Friday Meanderings....

 What a week...sigh. I'm glad it is theoretically coming to a close, as I don't know how much more I can deal with. I mean that, in a mostly good way, but leaving it open incase I need something to bitch about next week.

Work has been steady. These recent few weeks have made me wonder about this job and think about what should I do. Stay? Go? Sigh. I already mentioned in an earlier post that I decided to stick it out, and the whole RM dreams/praying thing. Today I was on project, doing my best to be the best that I am, and life went on. Around 3pm (my time) I noticed everyone working on my project were "offline". So I literally worked alone for another few hours. Then I did a MS Teams statement I was logging out for the day, here is where the project was at, based on where the director had us concentrate at (area). I waited an extra few minutes. No answers. Fine. I am out.

I want to get a fresh early start on Friday. But here it already almost 2am, and the sleep monster is avoiding me. I don't know what to do at this point.

So, off to bed with me. Let's see what happens.