Saturday, November 7


I am flustered. I am upset. I am impatient. All when it comes to internet speeds. Months ago (read prolly as year(s) plus, I opted for the phone company's DSL service, which was faster than the cable company (which I did not service with). My house is an older home, built well before I was born, and I understand there can be some "tricky" wiring going on, but between the phone company, and the wiring in my home, there was some big hoo-haw about what was going to happen. I say that because a few very short months ago, the amount of upload/download capabilities changed, and not in my favor.

Basically, I got three computers on the same DSL, and then you add in a 4th source on wifi ... pretty much a lot of service being used at the same time. I noticed lags. it happens. I'm cheap. I don't have the most expensive package. The last month or more, I am down at least a third of the availability I should have. I call them, they say it is my phoneline. I tell them to fix their problem. They come back a week later saying it is the lines in my house, and that costs extra for them to diagnose.

Fuck everyone out for a buck.

Domain name is up for renewal this month. Having probs with internet thanks to dumbass phone company. Am I done?

Hell no!