Saturday, August 12

The Monthly Post

Geez.... seems I only am able to get one post each of the last three months. I actually cannot lie and say I have been too busy, as not much of life is going on presently. The two younger boys started back to school this last week. The oldest Son is supposedly to be getting his registration in for his second year at the local community college.... but I don't know if he has. He and his girlfriend spent last week down with the Daughter and my lil Doodad, oh, and the SIL.

Work is work. Still doing half of another person's job, and it really is starting to wear on me. My boss says if I need help to ask the other two people in my department to assist, but it is just easier for me to do it all. I have been doing it for over three years, and my system, the paperwork, etc, is just so natural to me, I am fast at it. I just feel so tired at the end of the day, and by Friday, am just beat. On the plus side, I have lost like 5 pounds or so judging by how loose my pants are getting.

I really need to try to get on here more often.... so I can ramble on about the nothing going on in my life....