Tuesday, September 30

Dreams and Daydreams

I probably should go back to bed this morning, at least to get a couple hours more of sleep. I had my usual routine last night, yet still couldn't fall asleep until well after midnight. Not sure why. I think it was to give the poison the Wife had in my dinner, time to get to work. At least, that is my story. Only my iron-clad stomach fended off the worst of the poison, and the bit that actually got into my system, created some of the weirdest dreams I am able to recall. I'm talking so weird, yet so realistic, that when I kind of woke from one that had the Wife and I having this huge argument about something completely inane, I laid there thinking I should wake a her so I could apologize .... for what happened in a dream. So between the getting to sleep late, throw in a few times waking up from weird dreams, I could use a couple more hours of sleep. Don't know if I will or not though.

It is a beautiful morning in Arizona today. At least here in the Valley where I live. Thanks to the cooler bit of weather from the rains over the weekend, this morning was nice and cool as I ran the oldest Son to school. It is supposed to warm back up to the upper 90's within the next day or so, but Monsoon Season officially ends today, so cooler temps will be here soon. Last night was nice being able to drive with the truck window down, and the A/C off.

Speaking of last night, I ended up being a few minutes home later than usual, due to my missing my exit from the freeway. How did that happen? I was daydreaming. how many times does that happen to those of us that drive quite a bit? Or are distracted while talking to someone, that we miss a turn or something.

I recently have found myself with a pretty wasteful daydream that keeps popping into my thoughts. It is all about if I were to win one of the big dollar lotteries. Usually, near the end of my route (within a couple miles of my home) there is a billboard that displays the current amounts of the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots. I only see this as I am headed home. But it seems each night, at some point prior to this, I have the thought of "what if" running through my head.

Of course, once I start, then I have to expand on each expenditure of money, but the basic breakdown of what I would do if I won...?

Let's say it was a sizable amount ... like $100,000,000. Since I don't know what percentage would be taken out by taxes, because I would take the cash-out option, not the annuity, let's call it 50%, so that leaves me with $50,000,000. Fifty million dollars.

For the Wife, I (probably should say the proverbial "we", but I have never discussed any of this with the Wife) would give 10% ($5,000,000) to the church. Down to $45,000,000.

Set up Trust Accounts for each of the kids starting at $1,000,000 each. This is where I start expanding on my though process. I don't just want each Trust to just hold money until they reach a certain age, but obviously be more like a growing fund they can "live" off of, but yet, limit the monthly amount that they would have to probably still work some sort of job, until a certain age (say 30's?) where they can change how they want the Trust to work. Hopefully have kids of their own to think of by then. I still have much more to think about how this all would work, and talk to some financial dude about what I can do with a Trust. Down another $4,000,000 leaving $41,000,000.

Shell out $1,000,000 to each sibling on each side, not in a Trust, that they can do with however they want. They won't be getting anything else from us in regards to money. That's another $7,000,000 gone. For our parents, we would want them to live comfortably as possible financially, so let's throw them $1,000,000 to each side. Minus another $2,000,000. That leaves us with $32,000,000 at this point, and have not done anything for ourselves.

Here is where I really start losing myself. I start with, how much should we put back for retirement/investing etc, and how much for "play" money and basic living expenses, especially considering there would be some changes in our lifestyle? I mean, I know I would want a nicer, newer vehicle than the 2000 Ford Windstar I have now, and the Wife would want something better than the 2006(or 2007?) Chrysler T&C. We would want a bigger house, but stay in the same school district(s) as much as possible. There would be some newer stuff like furniture, computers, clothes, and who knows what else. Let's say $1,000,000 for all that. Sound right? Throw $1,000,000 in the checking account for mundane monthly bills .... down to $30,000,000. I would guess that we would take $25,000,000 of that and set aside for retirement/investing and the remaining $5,000,000 be set aside in some account for who knows what: vacationing somewhere ... miscellaneous expenses for whatever.

Each time some of that money is spent, aside from the 10% to the church, I will break down in my head. How do I want to get the most out of spending that amount, in that way. The Trust one keeps popping back into my head, because I want to make it something the kids will have for quite a few years, and eventually, as it grows more than they take out, to maybe turn into something they can use as we did with the lottery winnings. I always add more details the more I think about it, and hope, that if I ever do win the lottery, I will remember all this.

I know, I know. There is a better chance of me being struck by lightning, on four separate occasions, than of ever winning a lottery like the Mega Millions, or the Powerball. Of course, that chance drops even lower if I don't buy the tickets (which I don't).

You can't win if you don't play.


Thursday, September 25

Time for Punishment

I love to read. I am pretty sure I have shared that fact before. I will read almost anywhere, more so now than ever before thanks to technology. If I don't have my Kindle Fire handy, there is always my Samsung Note III phone, which has a couple different book readers on it. Plus games. Any time of day, where I have some down time, I am usually on one of these devices geting in a few pages of a book.

This morning, will be no different, though I think we claim it as a punishment more than just some time to be able to read. I have to go to the Motor Vehicle Dept. Yes, that place of seemingly eternal wait times, where the best case scenario is to take off half the day of work to ensure you will be able to do the one thing that takes only 30 seconds to complete. In my case, it is to update my photo on my drivers license. Yeah. Just to update the photo. Click. Pay. Leave. Doesn't sound hard, right?

I will admit though, that Arizona's MVD offices and procedures have gotten much better over the years. When I took the oldest Son to get his driver's Permit, I think we were only there about an hour and a half  - total - and that included the time to take the written test, etc. The last time I had to go into the MVD to take care of vehicle registration (I was late) I recall it only taking about 30 minutes. They use a nice numbering system, seem to have quite a few windows for service, and plenty of room for seating, with somewhat comfortable chairs. Of course, you can't always get to be sitting next to sane people, but hopefully, one won't have to wait long.

I spent some time this morning going over the locations of the MVD offices here in the north Valley area. According to the information provided online, There is one location a bit closer to me, than the one I regularly go to, that should be able to provide me with the services I need. It should also have smaller lines as it doesn't provide all services that the other does. I hope it can help me out, as otherwise, I will need to waste tomorrow morning going to the other one.

So, kind of a pain to have to go waste time sitting at the MVD instead of sleeping, or catching up on some other things. But at least I will have a book.


Edit: Not too shabby. Only took an hour. Arrived 20 minutes early to be sure was near the head of the line and 40 minutes after they opened, I was walking out. I still have time to kill before heading to work.

Tuesday, September 23

Getting the Late Start

It appears the company has hit the "busy season". For about the past two weeks, the work load I have has steadily increased. Yesterday was the biggest I have seen since seemingly, last winter. It appears that the slow down starts in the late winter/early spring, and picks up around summer end/fall start. Also, one of our techs that has been on medical leave for the past several months is back, so more parts to pull, and he is one I deliver to as well, so more drive time. In a sense, one would think that means more money for me, but not really. I was going in to work earlier, to make up the time that I didn't get driving. That will change now, though there is an increase. I suppose I could go in an hour early each day, and end up with 5 hours overtime, and I don't think the company would mind - as long as I am busy, and not just sitting around (and I don't).

Either way, the past week or so has lead me back to sleeping in a bit. I don't know if it is just a combination of the heat and humidity (been quite a bit of humidity the last couple weeks), or if it is just that work is increasing. Maybe both. All I know is I am tired at night, and even though in the habit of getting up early, after dropping the Son off at school, I feel the need for a nap as I am so tired feeling. Usually an extra hour or two before getting up to face the day helps. I wonder how much longer this will last?

It is Tuesday, and already the aches and pains of the week have started. I think I put a shallow muscle bruise on my shoulder last night while carrying a door. It feels tender this morning.

Preacher Tom has asked me to help with some computer problem he has, so I am headed over there to see if it something I can fix or not. Hopefully something easy. Then off to work I guess. I have some extra stuff to do this morning, so going in early is not an issue.


Friday, September 19

Gonna Get Me Some Money

I mentioned yesterday that this Saturday I will have the chance to spend a little more time with a friend from GA. It is at a get-together at my buddy Jan's house, spending the evening playing some Texas Hold 'Em poker. If all works well, it won't be a huge gathering, I think he was planning on about nine players. I am a so-so player at Texas Hold 'Em. Depends on how much I have been drinking (obviously). I usually end up about mid-rank of about 15-20 people. Never made a final three for cash. But who knows, that may change Saturday night. I invited the Wife, so she could have "adult interaction" but have not heard if she wants to go with or not as of yet.

That is the recreational part of Saturday. I have plans for the earlier daytime, most of it involving physical work, so not quite sure how much of it will get done. I need to run my truck over by one of our stores to empty the accumulating trash in the back. I admit, I don't empty it daily at the shop - mostly because I don't feel like climbing into the back just to have to carry doors. SO I will wait a couple weeks then back it up to a dumpster at a store and empty it. Much easier than having to carry everything. Also in the agenda is the front yard needs to be mowed. The oldest boy will help with that, as it pretty much is his job. I just have to get on him about getting it done. The rain we had last week has turned it into a jungle. I know I had pulled up some grass/weeds that had gotten in around the Wife's roses, and I am sure will need to touch that up again as well. The truck needs washed. That probably won't happen.

Sunday is football day. My new Redskins hat that the Reverend Mother got me for my bday is getting some wear time. Though, I admit I need to get another jersey to wear, but so far, they cost quite more than I am willing to pay - at least the authentic ones I see online. Maybe if I go to sports gear store they might be a bit cheaper. I haven't decided which one I want yet either. No, I don't want to wear an RGIII or Morris one. Right now all I have is my Monk (whoa... that was a few years ago). Maybe if I could find a Manley, or Mann. Course, I am not sure what they have made, or if I have to have it made, the extra cost. Who knows, I may just chalk it up to a wish list thing.

Well, my "quiet time" is coming to an end. I hear the alarm clock going off for the Wife to get up and moving. Next will be the younger boys. I should find me a pop tart or something for breakfast.

Speaking of food, the RM will be happy to hear, I finally got a piece of the cherry pie last night ... actually, two pieces. It was that good! Hmmm.... cherry pie for breakfast ....


Thursday, September 18

Happy Wednesday (Oh Crap, It's Thursday)

Just like everyone else, I am happy it is one day closer to Friday than I thought. This week has just not been the best one it could have been, yet I admit, I haven't helped on making it better either. I just want the damn thing to end.

Last night was nice. I went out to the the pub and got to hang out a bit with a friend that is in visiting from Georgia (the state, not the country). It's been close to a year since he was last out here to visit. There was enough other stuff going on around us, that we only had a few minutes (between the two of us) and I know Saturday will another time we can hang out before he heads out of town.

My good buddy that got me my job, is in the hospital. He had had some lump growing on his neck that turned cancerous. Earlier this year he had gone through some chemo and radiation to "kill" it off, which worked. He as admitted yesterday to have the docs go in and remove some scar tissue. Seems some of the interior scarring is pressing on some sort of nerve cluster, plus they want to remove the interior scars to prevent the cancer from coming back. He's in for a couple days. I called him yesterday evening, but he was still groggy, and doped up, so we didn't talk long. I sure as hell am not going to the hospital to see him,

I hate hospitals.

What else I got? Pretty much nothing.


Monday, September 15

Let's Start With Some Crap

I didn't sleep well last night. Seemed I woke about every 30-45 minutes, would roll over and try to doze back off. Kept having these recurring snippets of dream based on a the story line of a book I had recently finished. I couldn't escape having these dream snippets, though every time I woke up, I tried to tell myself that I need to dream something different and new, or just not dream. Having the same one coming every time I drift off was dreadfully boring. Maybe it's good that I just remember having a dream.

So that being said, I crawled back into bed after running the oldest son to school this morning. As Life has it, I woke up 10 minutes before the alarm went off, getting only about 45 minutes more of sleep.

I suppose I should spend some time in the reading room this morning. As a family we ate pretty good this weekend, and I know I need to be dropping some of it off at the water slide, or will have to make extra stops tonight while on the route. Yeah, you really needed to know all that, right?

The Daughter was up this weekend. Her and the fiance' had a couple of scheduled appointments to check out potential locations of having the wedding. Seems they picked a place, and a down payment was made. I have a feeling we are paying for it, but can't get the Wife to give me details. Every time I asked she would tell me we would discuss it later. In my thinking, that means I probably don't want to know.


Friday, September 12

Beat Up and Broke Down

I am so glad that today is Friday, and the end of my work week. For some reason, I am hurting more than what I usually do. Must be old age, right? No. I am sure it isn't. More like being clumsy. I have had some tendinitis going on in my right elbow, and though it hurts, I can usually manage the day by using some OTC ibuprofen. However, last Monday, I slipped coming out of the shower, and without going into much detail, ended up catching the edge of the door jamb against the back/outside of my right shoulder. Luckily I didn't fall, but ended up bruising the muscle in my shoulder. So lifting things this week has been hard, but I have managed. So my right arm/shoulder have been achy a bit more than usual, and the back, well, I think it has been hurting more just do to compensating for lifting with the sore right arm. I'm not a doc, but I am pretty sure I am right.

And today, is a double-duty day for me, meaning I do two days worth of parts pulling, rather than the usual one. So a longer day. Joy.

Swung by the Reverend Mother's last night. I guess she had spent the evening before with my niece, and they had made some pies. RM had asked me the night before if I wanted one, a cherry, and I had said yes. Also, she had picked up a Redskins hat for my birthday (and some beef jerky, and a candy bar) for my presents, though I told her not to get me anything. Mothers (eye roll). I was too tired last night to try the pie, so am looking forward to trying some tonight. It sure looks good.

Yesterday was 9-11, and many people shared there thoughts/events of what happened on that day thirteen years ago. I thought about sharing, but then realized, who would care? I thankfully did not know anyone in any of the events, that died, though I did know at least one person that FEMA had called up from AZ to help with the clean up in NYC. Was I upset at the time? No. Mad? No. Feeling the need for vengeance? Maybe a little, though I didn't know against who (at that time). I heard radio call-ins that talked about how they prepared for the end of the world, even here in AZ. What's I do? I went to work. Nothing changed for me.

Heartless? Maybe a little. Apathetic? Most definitely.


Monday, September 8

The Calm In Between

Phoenix received a very large amount of rain in the early hours this morning. I woke about 2:30ish and noticed the wind had picked up quite a bit, and that it had started to throw rain. I woke the Wife and mentioned we should get a bucket under a couple spots that leak, but only when it really pours. Glad I did. By the time we got up about 5:30, the rain had been coming down in buckets, and already their were major freeway closures across the Valley. I ran the oldest Son to school, and waited to find out how things were going to go with all the closures.

The Wife called after finding out that the elementary school the youngest goes to, had cancelled school for the day. I had heard also on the radio, there were a couple other districts that had closed as well, though they were more in the SE valley, which I was hearing had had more rain. The middle son, we tried repeatedly to contact the school to see if they were cancelling as well, but gave up. I decided he would just stay home as well. About that time (about 8:30) the Wife got one of them automated messages from the high school, saying they were cancelling as well, and any students already at the school had a chance to catch a bus back to their bus stop, or be picked up. I didn't want the MIL to be out driving in the bad rain, so I picked him up and dropped him off with the MIL, where the other two boys were for the day.

My buddy Don that works at the same company as I, texted me this morning he was not working today. The area he provides service for, was not able to be reached by him due to two of the major freeways on that side of town had closures. I called into work to see what they wanted me to do. My Boss decided that even though there were a number of techs that could not make it to the shop (to get parts/routes) or could not reach their service areas had called in and were not working, but he wanted me to be able to get routes/parts out for tomorrow. Joy. I left my house about two hours early, as I had no idea what to expect on the roads, as well as having to use surface streets, because by this time, ALL freeways had closures at some point(s), and three of them were ones I used on a normal basis. So what normally is about a 45 minute drive, ended up being an hour and a half, but luckily did not have to be detoured around closures/flooded areas.

Aside from being a bit late getting started on my route this evening, after locking all of us employees in the building by accident, most closures had cleared up. I had to do one small detour, but the detour was not out of my way, and it was on the final trek home at the end of the night. Never did get to splash through the big puddles in my box truck (pout).

And now I am just worn out. Between the humidity and being more tense while driving, trying to watch out for stupid people, and plan ahead via the traffic reports to be sure I didn't get caught in something, I am wiped out. Rain for the next two days is expected, though not as much as today.

Phoenix set an official new record for the rainiest day on record. by 6am, the airport had received 3.29 inches, beating the previous record of about 2.94 inches set back in 1933. It rained across most of the valley until 9-10 am. Parts of the valley were reporting up to 6 inches of total rainfall. Yeah, water retention areas were huge lakes. I am sure there will be many warnings about mosquitos and the West Nile virus in the next 2-3 weeks.



Saturday, September 6

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday. I turn 43 years of age today. To quote Jon Davis (the cartoonist that does GARFIELD) "Color me unimpressed."

Special plans for this "special" day? Not really. Maybe lunch with the family out somewhere. Was thinking Fuddrucker's as we haven't been there in awhile. Maybe go out for a few drinks later tonight. I don't know for sure.

What I do know, is that I didn't get to sleep in this morning. My bladder woke me at 4am, yelling at me something about having to pee. Once that was accomplished, I couldn't get back to a regular sleep, so just lay in bed and cat-napped. That whole bladder thing ... I guess at this age I should be getting used to it, right?

The Wife was up early to take the Oldest son to get some blood work done at the lab. He had been to see an allergist earlier this week, and he wanted some additional work done. It all has to do with his allergic reactions to bee stings. He gets it from his momma's side, because I never remember having huge swellings when I got stung as a kid .... just saying.

Welp, since it is early (for a Saturday) I guess I should go surfing for free stuff for my birthday.


Friday, September 5

At Least It Is Friday

Last night, I did the community a favor, by 'breaking in' a new karaoke DJ at the local. One would think, because I did this service for them, that the area would be quieter this morning ... but no. I know not to expect miracles, but some quiet ... well, I would not have complained about it being quiet. At the same time, I admit, much of the noise is the garbage and recycle trucks picking up the load for the week, so maybe I am just being a bit anal. But my head hurts .... not tonight dear, I have a headache.

That being said, the Wife is mad at me. I was not able to wake up (at her attempts, feeble as they were) at her beckoning, so she had to run the oldest Son to school. Yeah, I know it is only about 2.5 miles away, but with me doing it, she has the chance to lay back down for an extra 30 minutes of nap .... which she didn't get today. And that lack of beauty sleep, showed, since she was a bit stand-offish, as she told me goodbye on her way out the door (because by then, I was awake).

Cold spaghetti with corn ... it's what's for breakfast!

It's Friday, and I shall be daring. I am not checking my email until tonight. No matter what might be there! I know ... risky!


Thursday, September 4

Lazy Post Title

It's just a tad past 7am, and things are starting to quiet down in the house. I woke up about a quarter past six, realizing the Wife was still in bed with me. Usually that is not a bad thing ... except on most weekday mornings, considering the oldest Son needs to be at the school at that time for morning band practice. So, it was the quick rush around getting him up and to the school (which he made being only 3 minutes late by the clock in the van, thanks to my superb driving skills while still waking up and wiping sleep crusties from my eyes). Once I returned home from the morning drive, it was getting the other two boys up and moving, a feat of super powers on some mornings. The youngest decided to be a whiner this morning, which almost threw my short-temper switch. Overall though, the Wife was out the door with the two at a good time, and now I can sit back and relax a bit before thinking about work.

Football season starts tonight with the first season game. My Redskins play this Sunday morning. I am not sure if I am going to hang out at the pub with my buddies or not. I just haven't been able to "get into it" yet this year. Maybe it was because last year I was more gung-ho, and we ended up with a crappy season. I don't know. Maybe RG3 is overhyped. I just don't know.

I have been doing quite a bit of internal reflection the past few days. No, I haven't. I just wanted to get your hopes up your read some special insight I have about myself. Here's one: I'm hungry. Off to fix some breakfast.


Tuesday, September 2

The Aftermath of Labor Day

In years past, even though Tuesday after Labor Day was a work day, it was 99% of the time a recovery day for me as well. Not much work would get done since I was hungover. This year, I just think I am getting too old to be doing that anymore. I spent Monday at home with the boys, as the Wife had to work. Though I am not hungover today, I still find myself not exactly jumping for joy to return to work.

We made no special plans over this last weekend. Went out to eat a couple times. Did a little shopping. It was more of an extended regular weekend, I guess you could say. Must be losing some of the excitement in life, or we are just getting old.

Since nothing of major import happened, I guess I don't have much to say today.

Off to catch up on the news I missed this weekend....