Sunday, December 9

A Basic Pre-Christmas Post

Yesterday was the Wife's & the MIL's birthday. MIL did not want to go, but took the Wife and Sons to Olive Garden for dinner. Done with birthday celebrations now until next year at least.

Friday my company did their annual inventory... the one that they have delayed three times over the past few months. Needless to say, I had to have a more active role in the process. In this case, it meant I was one of the ones doing the actual count. Saturday morning was not a good one for me. Ankles, back of legs and lower back were telling me it was more physical than I had done in quite awhile. Even this morning I am still sore. I'm starting to get to that age bracket where I don't "bounce back" the way I used to do.

Not looking forward to Christmas. It is truly going to be a small one. The kids are getting to be where the gifts they want a re quite a bit more costly. For others, I just don't have the time to try to figure out what to get them. Looks like a gift card Christmas as far as I am concerned. I hate the holiday anyways.

Was able to go to Tucson last weekend for a couple nights, just the Wife and I. Spent Friday with the Daughter and Doodad. Came home Saturday late morning as the middle Son had a District Honor Band Concert the wife wanted to attend.

Guess that's about I got to say right now.