Wednesday, December 31

Do I Have Time to Cover It All???

Goodness! Here it is the end of another year. Another year end greeted with surprise that I actually made it through. That means it has been a great year. So without further delay, let's get the season's BS stuff outta the way early....

Happy New Year!

This morning I awoke, rather early for me, and couldn't get back to sleep. So I moseyed (more like cautiously around toys) into the Family Room and sat back to watch some episodes of "Boston Legal" on DVD. Prior to turning that on, I caught some of the early news headlines for the Valley. The big one that caught my attention was the DUI Task Force that has been going on here since 11/27. Why it started that date and runs through 1/1 I have no idea, but it does. There have been over 24,000 traffic stops, 1200+ DUI arrests, with the average alcohol content being 0.1458. Now, for AZ, that is considered just barely under an Extreme DUI (0.15). Damn! That's a lot of drinkers.. and I thought I was bad!

Speaking of drinking, tonight is obviously a night that there will be many people will be imbibing - I know I will be. My good sense though is the Wife will be along to drive me home. She doesn't partake of any of my nasty habits. Such a good woman. We'll be spending the evening at the Sis's place, then home for some sleep and back again tomorrow for lunch. The Reverend Mother is making ribs, and slaw, and prolly some black-eyed peas. Yeah, good food.

What else do we have for you today? Some pictures! I finally got the camera from the Wife so I could download the pics to the computer. Found some from a couple months back, plus what was taken over the holidays. And now, for your enjoyment.... Here is the brood Christmas morning, after opening all presents, and actually somewhat awake.

Damn, my kids are just too cute. Good thing they take after their mother. Here is one I found on the camera that was taken prior to Halloween. I thought it was cute so threw it up on here too. Lessee, going Left to Right, 2 yrs, 6 yrs, and 10 yrs.
Yeah, that's the studly d00ds in my house. Last but not least, I offer this one up. I know if the Wife finds out she will prolly be ticked that I put a pic of her on here, but she doesn't read. So for those of you that know her, don't say nothing. With beauty like hers, it needs to be flaunted every now and then. Here is the daughter and the Wife pre-Halloween sometime.

If you can't tell, the Wife is on the right. Many people that know us will inadvertently call one by the other's name on occasion. They look mighty alike.
Okay, I need to get this closed off for the year. Since I was up so early, I am getting tired and thinking of taking a nap so I can last through the night. Hope everyone out there has a good evening, be safe, and enjoy yourselves. More to come next year!!

Saturday, December 27

What Haven't I Done?

Here we are in the 'tween holiday time' at the end of the year. I have had to do a bit of catching up on several blogs (apologies to ya's, but ya understand why).

This being the day after the Christmas holiday (actually, at this hour more like 2 days) seems so far everyone has enjoyed the holiday; the family time; or just the time.

To keep it fairly short, life here was good. It was a long day, and the kids "scored" well with presents, and I have pics galore for the book. I might even share a few in a couple days.

Meanwhile, whilst I was catching up on some reading, I came across a post from Hoosierboy's site. I figured, maybe (more like once again) I could kinda emulate him and see what comes up - spur of the thought/idea based on his post. So let's see where it goes....

I have never ice skated. Been on ice, just not skating.

I have never visited a Bangkok whorehouse.

I was never successful at learning to ride a unicycle.

I have never bowled a perfect game or shot a hole-in-one. I did come close once with a 295 score though ....

I have visited New York City. The Port Authority anyways. But never spent time "in the city".

I have never attended a blog meet, and likely never will. Unless it is close to AZ, or something like that. I have met people I have met online, but not since blogging.

I have never had a STD. But I used to drive a stick shift.

I have never admitted publicly to snorting coke in my youth. I am still not saying either way. Apropos of nothing, LSD is scary shit.

I never shot a man in Reno, just for snoring. Hell, I never been to Reno.

I have never been deep sea fishing.But been offered lotsa times.

I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky. Or any others that may claim.

I did inhale, but not the whole freaking thing as they claim. There was 10 of us and a skinny 'J'.

I have never been to Disneyland. Even if I live in AZ and have to LA several times.

I have never anything probed up my anal regions. However, I am getting to the point I am ready to schedule a physical to check "everything" since I am near the 40 year age.

I think I will stop there. The other stuff I keep thinking up are sure to change the easy-going topic we have here now. I love y'all! Keep coming back!


Wednesday, December 24

Merry Christmas

Here we are on the eve of the holiday. Things around the d00d household have been busy the past several days. Issues with the children have been solved. Shopping has been completed. I think the only little things left are some last minute wrapping and getting to bed at a decent time.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. Not only do we do our family rituals, but then we have to travel as well. Both parents houses, then my sister's place. Luckily it is all within 10 miles of each other, but it does make for a long day. Then you have to unload everything.... sigh.

Have a good holiday and I will be back before the new year.


Thursday, December 18

I might be done posting for the year ....

We all know that the holiday is coming up, and we are all busy doing that damn shopping thing, and getting the presents, doing the parties, doing whatever seems the right thing to do at this time of year. We shrug it off, and complain about - Oh we gotta get so and so - damn, I forgot that niece - F! What about the mother in law... and the rest of the family now....Sheeee-ite! If nothing else, it sounds a bit like my household.

Until tonight.

I am an alcoholic. Tonight I went to the bar, actually, early this afternoon. I came home, about 1:30'ish, the family were all in bed (par for the course). I went to the computer (where we generally place the daily mail) and there was a cut-out Christmas card of Santa, laying on top of everything. It wasn't the greatest coloring job, and there was no envelope. So I booted up the computer, to log in, and whilst it did the electrical thing it does, I opened the card. I found these heart-breaking words inside....

"Dear Family, I love you and I know you love me. But sometimes I think you don't love me. Dear family please be nice to me. I hope you be nice to me. Merry Christmas. Love (my son)."

This is from my 2nd son. The middle child. It's hard to type when yer crying, so bear with me.It's damn near 2 in the morning, I can't just wake him up, and to know this is how he feels... that he feels neglected - as a parent, it rips me apart. I think back - where did I not spend equal time with him and the others? Where did I go wrong?

There is no right answer.

Posts here are probably going to be few between for awhile. ALL my children, need to know I love them all, and there is time for all of them. The blog can wait. I know many of you understand, and stand beside me on this. I appreciate that.

Look forward to seeing you in probably a couple weeks.


Tuesday, December 16

Again. Here we are.

I thought long and hard about the last post I planted here. It was filled with many SPITEful words, many words that young children should not hear, when speaking of their 'team'. For that, I may apologize, except - yes, except. I had my son read over what I had wrote, even though it was about the team he played for, he said it was fine. He was in agreement with the narrative. I'll leave it at that, and that is why I did not remove it.

Brings us to today. Talk about bad English composition.... Anyways, the days to the snowy holiday are narrowing down. I spoke to the Wife about it, and at 1:30 in the morn, she was not very verbal, but.... I voiced about my desire to help her finish the shopping season. I was informed this 'morning' we would have to wait til at least daybreak.


I hate Christmas. But I try to do my best so the kids enjoy it. Sometimes, it makes me hate the kids too. I am not a Grinch, I just hate this holiday and the way it is "supposed to be celebrated". Yeah, I'll give ya something....

Okay, before I get more hateful, I am outta here. Less than 10 days, who knows how my posting may be....

Pray - to whatever gods, maybe it won't be long.


Sunday, December 14

Spookiness of the Season - Find Yer Ghost

Here it is, mere hours from my earlier post. Hell, yeah, I been to the bar. So? Wouldn't you have drank a few if you was in the same zone?

Needless to say, the oldest son had received his "trophy, picture, and shirt" basically as an end to the season. His coaches attempted to say nice things, but they ran dry after "...a nice kid and big offensive lineman."

Kiss my ass mother fuckers! They were shocked my family actually showed up. F'em! We ain't playing on that league next season anyways. Neither is my nephew. Find something 20 miles closer to home I will. We drove and dropped off the niece's, nephew's, and another player's stuff from today after the "picnic". I was nice about that. Every time we turned around it felt like we weren't wanted - go figure. Santa may hate me but FUCK 'EM!!!!

(hand over mouth) Sorry. Maybe I had too many doubles at the bar, but oh well. You've read worse than this before. Pray to Santa.. I know most of my kids are.


Saturday, December 13

Weekend Preview and Pics

Welcome to Saturday morning at the dood's house! It is actually before 10am and things are hopping like crazy already. The Wife is in the kitchen frying up some bacon and other tasties for breakfast, kids are awake and the boys are fighting already. The older son has been in here next to me and awakened my senses of hearing and smelling with a bout of morning flatulence. Nothing gets you awake quicker.... damn kid. Paybacks will be good, let me assure you.

Thursday was the oldest son's 1st concert. It was combined with the 3rd & 4th grade 'choir'. Needless to say, it was a pretty bad show. I know I don't live in a very classy neighborhood, but when I first walked in, I couldn't tell if I was in Mexico, or on the Indian Reservation. Then, of course, no one around me speaks English it seems, and everything that is announced has to be repeated in 14 dialects (exaggeration - but not by much). The end result was after the younger kids were done singing, over half the crowd left, and we white people, began to emerge in the crowd. The son played a duet with another band student, then the band played 3 or 4 songs. Over all they did good. Then we rushed a couple miles up the road to try and catch the daughter's choir concert. We missed the choir, but caught the orchestra. By the time we made it home, I had a headache and excused myself to the pub for the next few hours.

Today, the son's football team is celebrating with the team picnic - at a park across town again. Another half hour drive to get there. I had mentioned in previous posts about how disorganized the league admin and team leaders were... well found out earlier this week they had dis-invited my BIL (who was one of the coaches) plus his son, and his daughter (who cheerlead for the team). They also removed my son from volunteer list of items to bring. So, this morning, the Wife and I are talking about the whole thing. I mentioned I wished it had just rained so we wouldn't have to deal with it, but no - nice and sunny today. We both agree the son should not be penalized for their stupidity and lack of tact/class/intelligence. Plus, the BIL asked that we pick his kids trophies when they pass them out today. Then my Wife surprised me a bit with the following:

Wife: And if they actually want to raise any issues about our attending this event, I'll be sure to make a very large scene for them.

Me: Oh? You will have my back, huh?

Wife: Hell no! I will be in front of you, and it will be you holding me back.

I have never seen her so tempered and show the Momma Bear side before. I was hoping for a few that it might be a Happy Morning (ya know what I mean) but unfortunately that moment passed. I caught my Sis online a bit ago and relayed this to her and she said she would like to see my Wife lay it out for them. Hehehe....

The Wife is good to me. She came home last night with 5 bags of candy corn. The store had them on sale for $.20 each. The kids had absolutely none for Halloween, so the Wife got me some so I would be happy. Just took awhile to get them on sale I guess.

Anything else exciting happening here? Heck, as of right now I have no idea. I am sure I may have some good stuff after the picnic, but who knows. Think I will finish the post for now and continue listening to some Garth, then maybe some Rachmaninoff. Cute picture warning: Here is a new one of my youngest boy. Check out his gnarly surfer hair-do! Here is a mean, fightin' machine!

And here is why everyone loves my lil' d00d!


Wednesday, December 10

Sporadic Posting

Posting here is going to be sort of erratic for the next few days. With trying to get Christmas stuff done, kid's programs/concerts, and the regular daily crap I won't have time to think of anything to write about.

Saturday was a Christmas Party at my friend Smitty's place. He and Sailynn always throw a nice shindig. The Wife was so happy to get out of the house and away from the kids for adult conversation, and I enjoyed a bottle of scotch and lots of cookies. We stayed way later than we meant to, but overall it was a great time!!

Sunday, I recuperated by sleeping off an on all day.

Monday was the Wife's b-day. She and her mother share the same one. We went to dinner with the in-laws that evening.

That brings us to today. I am getting ready to head out and get some shopping done - maybe. Talk to ya guys later!


Thursday, December 4

Check this out!

No major post today. I saw this over at Freddie's and thought it a good idea so I am posting it here as well.

If you go to this web site, you can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq. You can't pick out who gets it, but it will go to a member of the armed services. How AMAZING it would be if we could get everyone we know to send one!

It is FREE and it only takes a second. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the soldiers received a bunch of these? Whether you are for or against the war, our soldiers over there need to know we are behind them. This takes just 10 seconds and it's a wonderful way to say thank you. Please take the time and please take the time to pass it on for others to do. We can never say enough thank you's. Thanks for taking to time to support our military!

Okay, public service work is over and I gotta get my stuff together and moving so I can get to the library.


Wednesday, December 3

Christmas shopping sucks!

Another reason why I do not car efor Christmas - shopping! I haven't been out too much, but you can tell traffic has increased. And I have yet to get the kids out and get their stuff done. Sigh.

It has been a drab and boring weekend and week start. I am currently spending my attention on "Brisingr" the third book in the Paolini series of Inheritance. Waited a year plus for this book, and find out there is now going to be a 4th one, due to the story.

Hmmm, what else? Let's see - Bloody Mary breakfast Saturday morning, followed by a 9 hole golf tournament. Then back to the pub for lunch. Then a Christmas party that evening. Damn, I think it will be a long day. But so worth it. I won't have to see the kids that much!

So the next couple days I am probably going to be gone. I am trying to get a Verizon USB720 Modem that has broadband to work with my computer, but the computer will not recognize it when I plug it in. Starting to really get on my nerves now.