Tuesday, January 31

Fill(ing) in the Hole

Yesterday I took the two younger boys to the dentist for the six-month check-ups. The middle son ended up having a cavity, on one of his permanent teeth. The younger one came out with a good report. This morning, the oldest son has his turn, and I hope it comes out fine. Another reason why I am still groggy - it's not quite 7am.

After dropping the older son off to catch the school bus, I will be meeting Preacher Tom for breakfast. It has been awhile since we have met up (I think before Christmas) so will somewhat nice to get back in that habit. We are trying a new restaurant as we are getting sort of tired of Denny's. PT had once been to it, and it is called "The Place". He warned me that when he ate there with some other people, he had been warned to only do the half-size order of biscuits and gravy, as the food portions are huge. I am looking forward to that!

A couple hours after our breakfast, I will be attending a funeral. 'Bud' Morgan, a friend of several years, passed away last week. He was one of my "bar buddies" but was a great guy. Always offered me a place to stay if 'you and the wife get in a fight'. He was a great joker, and always had a story to tell, which would always be different, especially when told in that sort of Southern, slow way he talked. Bud was a Vietnam Vet, too.

Following that event, I will be back to the house for my chores. Dishes are stacked up and ready for when I get back.


Monday, January 30

Who is the Whore?

Yeah, I know. Pretty crass title, eh? I kind of did it due to a conversation my buddy Aaron and I had yesterday. Actually, it is the only reason I did it. Aaron has one of them new iphones. In fact, I think it is the newest version out, and has all them bells and whistles I don't need, but hey, that's another topic. For those of you that don't know, the iphone has a voice-activated 'assistant' that can aid you in making a call from your phone book, or look up a phone listing, etc. The assistant is called Suri. A few weeks back I had sent Aaron a link of something along the lines of '50 things to ask Suri' and it posted the responses that were received. So last night, I jokingly asked his Suri where I could bury a body. The phone came back with something like 'I'm not sure what you are looking for' and gave me options for a crematorium, cemetery, etc. Trying to see what response we would get, I asked it "Where can I find a whore?" At first, it misunderstood, and said that there were 23 bars near our location. Undaunted, I asked the same question again, being sure to enunciate each word properly. I had not laughed so hard....it brought up Aaron's contact list. Maybe you had to be there, and have a few beers like we had, but I was laughing so hard, it took a few moments to catch my breath again.

Aside from that humorous moment, the weekend has passed, and I am still sore from returning to the gym on Friday. I did get and go again this morning, and already I am starting to feel the "new" ache in my muscles. I will be happy once I get past this stage again, and will welcome working out in a few more sessions I am sure. I've already dropped a half pound since Friday.

This week will feel a bit like a long one. Over the next couple days I will be taking the boys for their 6 month dental cleanings. Tuesday I have a funeral to attend of a friend of mine that passed last week. It will be nice to see some other people I haven't seen in quite awhile, but the reason for being able to definitely sucks.

Thinking about heading back to bed for some cat naps this morning. Not sure if I will or not though.


Friday, January 27

Holy Shit!

Wow! I just returned home from this morning's workout at the gym. Seeing as how I had not gone since about the beginning of December, and with the broken ankle and all, it had been almost two full months. I weighed myself as I used to do, prior to any workout.... I only had gained 2.5 pounds since my Dr. appointment back on 12/12. Two and a half pounds! I was feeling like I had gained closer to 10!! Woot! Needless to say, getting in the workout this morning was difficult. I even dropped the weight amounts from where I had been back in November. Already I can begin to feel the muscles starting to stiffen and ache a bit. I'll take the weekend to work out the soreness, and return again Monday morning to return to my regular schedule.

So the cast came off yesterday. I had never considered how tender and sore the ankle would be, after being retrained to one position for five weeks. I wasn't expecting to run a marathon afterwards, but thought I would be able to walk normal. Nope. Got the cane back out and am using it. Doc says to walk on it at my pwn pace, as far as how much I want to work on it and am able to put up with the discomfort. I skipped the treadmill this morning, but did put in twice the distance I used to do, on the bike. The ankle just couldn't do the walking, plus carrying my weight for a long distance. Biking worked pretty good, and I think I got a better cardio workout that way. I scrubbed the whole area the cast had covered after the appointment with a pumice stone to get all that dead skin off. Even before that though I notice I have a couple patches of tender skin, where the cast had rubbed, or was just continuously tight (the top of my foot and a patch on the outer side, about where the break had been). Plus on top of the foot, just short of the big toe was a popped blister from the edge of the cast rubbing from the walking I had done while it was on. Though it wasn't much walking, it was enough to make a blister.

It is Friday! Today a Happy Birthday goes out to my nephew (Sis' son) as he turns 14 today. I have already sent him a text sending him wishes for a good day.

No major plans this weekend. Sunday we have one softball game, so I will be meeting the boys for Bloody Marys in the morning,then game, then drinks at the pub afterwards. Will be a good day.


Thursday, January 26

Taking It Off

This morning I am headed over to the Specialist to have my cast removed. It has been five weeks to the day since I had it put on, and I am so looking forward to having it off. I know the smell of stinky feet (and who knows what else) has been bad for the past three weeks, and growing daily. The additional back pain from the change in my walking would be nice to get cleared up as well. Most of all, I just want to wash, and scratch that appendage.

Yesterday I had a fun time. I went with Reverend Mother to pick Sis up and go to lunch for Sis' birthday. Afterwards, we walked over to Barnes and Noble to go through things. RM and I stayed up on that side of town to pick up my niece and nephew, then RM had a small birthday party for the nephew. RM and PT are going out of town today, and would miss his bday on Friday.

Think I might stop by McDonald's after my appointment and get me some sweet iced tea....


Wednesday, January 25

One More Day!

Down to one more day until I return to the orthopedic specialist to have the cast removed. It will be so nice to be able to resume walking with a normal gait. I have a bath planned for immediately after the appointment, so that I can soak that ankle and scrub the five weeks of grime and dead skin from it. It itches a little right now because I am thinking how good that is going to feel!

It is Humpday and as usual, nothing exciting is happening here. I am waiting on Reverend Mother to come pick me up, then we are headed to Sis' to pick her up for a birthday lunch. Sis' bday was last weekend. I sort of invited myself along, but only because I didn't want to sit around the house yet another day. I have no idea where we are going to eat.

Guess that is all I have today....


Tuesday, January 24

Public Libraries

As far back as I can remember, I have always loved going to the library. Yes, even those times I was required to go for research on school papers, or other class assignments, I still always thrived on going to a library. I still remember the first time my Dad got me a library card, and I was able to check out the first books on my own from that little library back in Kirklin, IN. I don't know the exact three books (personal limit for a kid's card) I had selected, but seem to recall they were in the fantasy fiction genre that I seem to love so much. The thrill when Dad allowed me to get an adult card in Frankfort, IN, though I was not even 11 years old yet, and being able to peruse through the even larger amount of books available... Oh! The personal joy!

There is nothing that brings a more satisfying feeling than going through shelf after shelf of books, and finding one, that after reading it just feels you with joy at finding it on your own. The fulfillment of looking up that research information for whatever reason, and the hunt through the Dewey decimal filing system to locate that specific article/book. The wonderment of all that information around oneself, be it for research, or entertainment, and feeling like you own and control it.

But I feel the way of the Public Library is slowly disappearing. I know many of you older (well, closer to my age anyways) readers would agree. With the internet growing and many places putting all the information out on the 'Web', the days of physical books is declining. Even I have not been in our local branch for nigh on 2 years now. Of course, budget cuts hurt libraries. I know our local branch has changed the hours of operation and cut them so badly, even my kids are unable to get time to go there for school work, as they close too early in the day. Some days, they are only available for a handful of hours.

Libraries offered so many services, and in the larger towns and cities, many of those services are available. Aside form the obvious 'borrowing' of books, services for computer access, media (video, DVD, CD), being able to reserve new releases, and periodicals (magazines, newspapers, etc), one could even just sit in there and read, without taking any materials from the place. 'Going to the library to Study' was always a valid excuse to parents to get out with friends - well, maybe for some people. I always preferred to actually go to the library. If someone didn't know certain information, they would go to the library to find out what they needed (in most cases). Now, the phrase is "Google it!" or "Look it up on the Web".

Physical books have character. As an avid reader, the feeling of a book open in my hands, turning the pages, feeling the weight of printed text on paper, all is a comforting feeling. It brings good memories of my friends (the books) that I have held and recall in my memories of how I traveled through worlds with them. How they taught me ideas and sometimes even, morals and ethics. How I learned how something works, or why and how it happened. The printed word was not the only thing there. Pictures of all shapes or sizes, in color, in plain black and white, and yes, sometimes even sketched. Oh, and how like real people these books are. Each has an odor that tells you about itself. That new book smell as you first open the pages was rare in a library, but sometimes you might be the second or third, and that scent lingered. Sometimes it was the smell of age, as if the book had been unused for many years, waiting for your questing for it to arrive. Many have worn corners, sometimes pages ripped and repaired by tape, sometimes not. Unknown marks and smudges from food, or dirt, or as many of us prefer, we don't want to know. Some I read, even let me know about previous readers and how they cared for the books by showing the bent corners of pages to mark reading spots (obviously did not know how to use a bookmark), or I could scent the smell of smoke from a cigarette, and occasionally a nice pipe.

I sigh with contentment. Yes, I love these places and for what I learned from them. I'm happy to say, that so far my older children have been able to have some sort of affection for books, though in the age of computers, I wonder if I should say, they show the love of reading. I wonder about if I should take them all for trip to our local branch, to let them experience a small portion of what I had when I was younger, before they are gone - the children and the libraries.


Monday, January 23

Scratch, Scratch, Scratch

It is another exciting Monday around here. Well, I fibbed a bit on that. It's not really exciting. It's just Monday.

Thursday morning I am scheduled to go in to see the orthopedic specialist again, in hopes of having the cast removed from my ankle. I see no reason why they would prolong the period, or worse, re-cast it. I have been getting around the past couple weeks without cane or other assistance, though, my back has been starting to bother me. Between the weird walking gait I have due to the cast, and using the cane, etc, I am sure that is 99% of the back pain's cause. I look forward to getting the cast off to resume a semi normal routine... in that sense of going to the gym, etc. I can feel I put back on several pounds not being able to do my walking and other gym activities. Though, I admit for a while it felt I was doing okay with just monitoring food intake, but not now. Have to start over slowly, to rebuild the ankle support I am sure, as it stills feels a bit tender... and to get in the habit/adjustment of back to working out.

What a though for a Monday.

Other exciting things for this week: Yeah. I got nothing. I think the boys have dental cleanings. Now there is exciting for you.


Friday, January 20

Did I Miss Anything?

I didn't forget about the blog. I even thought about it more than a few times over the past couple of days. Each time I did, and I logged in, only to have a mental wipe that cleared all thoughts of anything I had felt of worth to say/share. It happens sometimes.

But today is Friday, and I am trying to make an effort since the next two days may be just so full of excitement (shyeah, right - as if) that I may forget to write. Not that you would miss any of it.

Hmmm. Five minutes of staring at the screen. That must be all I have for now.


Tuesday, January 17

Feeling Mellow

It is an 'Enya' morning. I have a few albums of Enya on iTunes, and I am running through all of them at the moment. Just feeling laid back, soft background music. I like to have the music on when I am running through my morning "computer start-up" time (when I first log in of a morning and got through emails, games, Facebook, etc). Usually I put it on shuffle, so it randomly plays stuff I have loaded in there. Sometimes though I cheat and just skip the current song. Feels weird sometimes to go from some classical etude, then pop into some heavy punk metal tune, but sometimes not.

What have we got today? not much. Been through the want ads already, and nothing worth sending out the resume for. Hopefully some better listings tomorrow. Still have 9 days until I get this damn, smelly cast off.

I suppose I could always start up recording my LPs into MP3s... I just haven't been int he right kind of mood as of yet. That, and I need to figure out how to get the sound working while I am recording. The unit has speaker jacks on it, but the sound doesn't seem to want to work through my computer (via USB) though it records just fine. In some ways, that could be nice, if I just start the record and let it go. Just have to watch for when it completes. Maybe I will be in the mood after bit.

Other than that, Happy Tuesday to you!


Monday, January 16

A Worthless Holiday

Let's start this post out today saying this: If you are offended by anything I say, go somewhere else and STFU. This is MY place to rant/bitch about what I want. Don't like it, don't read it.

That being said, today is Monday. This particular Monday being Martin Luther King, Jr Day. In my opinion, still a worthless holiday. At least on President's Day, it w is more for the remembrance of President's. What the hell we memorializing some person that spoke out against segregation? At least, that is the majority of what I know King spoke about. I am sure he spoke on some other things, since he was a church pastor of some sort  ... I think. I am not wasting my time on reading up more on him. 

Arizona used to not celebrate, or acknowledge this day. Then the damn NFL made them. It was the only way they would ever let a Super Bowl take place in the state was if we declared it a state holiday. That's fucked up. Being forced to make a state holiday ... and they did it. All for revenue. Evidently I don't understand enough about politics and financial stuff on the state level to grasp all the reasoning behind this decision. I will admit I am probably pretty ignorant on that subject. I do know I think it is a waste.

It rained here in the Valley last night, so today looks like it will be cooler than the 70+ weather we have had lately. I am sure it will cool off more, and get back into the regular winter mode.

Goals for this week: Yup - ain't got none.


Sunday, January 15

Sunday, Bloody Mary Sunday

Whew! Yesterday afternoon, and into the evening, was a great time! Went over to a friend's and played (well, I watched people play) bocce ball, drank some beer, and had some great tasting food. Needless to say, I was worn out enough that this morning, I wasn't able to get up and moving out of bed to meet some other friends up at the pub for bloody marys. Sure sounds good though.

Found out that the next softball season starts up again next Sunday, and I am sure I will be there to scorekeep once again. I like the mornings that we meet up for bloody marys before the game...helps me keep track of runs and stuff better. Well, that's not necessarily true, but I am using it for an excuse.

No plans today really. Maybe do the dishes after lunch... maybe not. I think the Wife is working on the laundry today.

Less than two weeks to get this damn smelly cast off. I'll be happy when that day arrives.


Saturday, January 14

Some Sleeping In

I got to bed late last night. Well, late for me. I got involved in reading a book on my Kindle (I should get paid from Amazon for as much mentioning of the Kindle I do) and stayed up until after midnight. Yes, the book (for me) was that interesting. In case you were wondering, it was book 1 of the Soldier Sons trilogy by Rbin Hobbs. Yeah, Fantasy Fiction, but that is what I like. Either way, I planned to sleep in a bit. The Wife had set the alarm for 8am, but is notorious for hitting the snooze at least 2-3 times. Nope. At 7:15am I am awake and unable to get back to sleep. So I arose from bed, and started my day. I will admit that it was nice to have a bit of a quiet house, and enjoy that cup of coffee with no one making loud noises (read, the kids).

I checked with the Wife once she actually roused from her slumber. I would say beauty sleep, but if she ever read that here, which I doubt will ever happen, she would not be happy. We have no set plans for this weekend, so it is going to be the basic 'clean up around the house' etc time. Though, I conveniently remembered I was invited over to some bocce ball at a friend's house this afternoon. I mentioned it, and she said she had no problem if I went. Ahhh, finally! A chance to have a beer!

So, aside from that, this weekend is going to just be a normal one. Maybe play some WoW, maybe not.

Have you got any plans?


Friday, January 13

Looking Down the Drain

I made no resolutions for this year. Well, at least none in writing, and definitely told no one any of my own personal goals I may have (hint: not putting them here either). But I think a person always tends to hope that the "new year" will be a "good one", and I think they usually mean in the areas of employment, finance, health, family. Yeah, I would have to say that I always have the general hope that these areas of my life will be "good" this year. I also see how today would be a big kicker for many.

Today is Friday the 13th.

Oooooo... scary! NOT! But it does bring us just short of being two weeks into the new year, and from what I have been hearing, many, many peoples have given up on the resolutions they made that New Year's Eve/Day. Those pounds you been wanting to drop? Yeah... the gym is just too busy, or I tried to make the time, but it makes me lose an hour of sleep. Not for me, mind you. I haven't been to the gym at all this year, yet. This damn cast stinking already, I can imagine what it would be reeking like if all the workout sweat were accumalating in it. (Shakes head). Yeah, I don't want to go there. Otherwise, the health portion of my year is going fine. I have not weighed myself, but still feel the pounds dropping (though slower than with workouts). Just been watching what and how much I eat.

In the areas of Finance and Employment, we know 99% of the time, these two will be hand-in-hand, whether in the good way or not. This year, in my household, something has got to be done. Not that I haven't been trying. The Daughter starts in to her school here in the next 2 weeks (or just under) and the bills for that have started in. Things were strapped a bit before, since I have not been working, and now they have just gotten tighter. I have begun to more actively search for a job. I even signed up with a placement agency, though I am leery of them. Couldn't exactly say why, just have this 'feeling'. Not much is out there for me as this week's search - unless I had some kind of degree, which I don't. Sigh. But, my hopes are not dashed... yet.

So, basically, though I am 'looking down the drain' at this year starting off on such a great note, at least I am only looking, and not falling. Wow, a pessimist actually being positive.... weird.

How's your new yer going?

And did I mention, 13 is my favorite number?


Thursday, January 12

What Will We Find Today?

I woke up this morning, feeling like this was going to be somewhat of a better day. Better compared to what, I am not sure. Needless to say, I am still waiting for it to jump out and make that statement "THIS is why today is better!"

Yeah I ain't holding my breath.

Other than that, I have no wonderful insights for you today. I am thinking about kicking back in my chair here, and watching some movies, or TV episodes, online today. I feel so motivated.


Wednesday, January 11

Another Hump Day

Sigh. Wednesday. I remember back when I used to work a regular job 8-5, M-F, this day was the longest. Not only was it in the middle of the whole week, but you already felt like you had been working forever (though it had only been two days) and you knew the weekend was coming within a couple days, but they were so far away yet. Yeah, that feels like that day to me today, though, I am not working, and not that anything of major import is happening this weekend. Normally a day like this would be a good one to post some nice pics of women, but I don't think I shall. Then again ....

For lunch today I had  a carne asada burrito. One of the 4 I picked up last night from a place called Julioberto's. We seem to have the 'Berto's Bros. food places all over the Valley. Humberto's, Philliberto's, Juliobero's, the list goes on. I have been to several of the different ones, and I still cannot complain about their carne asada burritos. Maybe it is because I really like them. Either way, I splurged and ate one last night, actually, I shared two of them with the Wife (she really likes them too). Normally I try to stay away from them as much as possible, as the food is generally pretty fattening and loaded with cholesterol, but sometimes you just have to live dangerously.

I'm basking in the warm-feelings of full tummy-ness.


Tuesday, January 10

Being Weighted Down

I feel weighted down with this damn cast. I get frustrated not being able to move around as I am in the habit of doing so, like, crossing my ankles while sitting. Obviously I walk slower. Running is completely out - though, I didn't do much of that before either. I have not been back into the gym, as all I would be able to do is upper body/back stuff - which I have no problem with, just the whole cast thingy. I worry about working up a sweat, and how much of that is leg sweat (though I am not working them out, doesn't the rest of the body sweat to a degree as well?) It's bad enough that every once in awhile, I get a whiff of  unclean, sweaty foot. Yeah. It's getting that bad. This is like about 3 weeks of having the cast on, and though it covers my foot pretty well, the toes are open. I admit, I have always had a problem with smelly, sweaty feet. Usually, the problem is not as noticable, as I do my best to wash/scour/wire brush (last one was jokingly, sorta) my feet so they don't get to smelling. However, this not being able to wash my foot is beginning to take a toll. Today's internet search will be ....

The boys are back in school, and the oldest started the Honor Orchestra rehearsals last night. This is the second year he has been asked to perform with them, though he is not part of the actual orchestra. The youngest son (5) is having issues about returning to the school schedule (as in hard to get going in the morning, and being crabby all day seemingly). A few more days and I am sure he will fall back into the routine.

Though I haven't been to the gym in nearly a month and a half, it appears I am still losing weight. I have not actually weighed myself, but I can see little differences in my body. Obvious ones like the quantity of food I eat, which has lessened, is a big factor since I have not been exercising. Though, I guess you could say I have been getting some as using the cane to help when I am walking is causing some uncomfortable changes as well. The past couple days, my elbow and shoulder of my right arm have been a bit more achy. The Wife says due to the stress of having the additional weight using the cane, etc. I notice my back is a bit more sore of the mornings as well. Again, she says it is the change in gait, and how I move my weight when walking with a cane. Two and a half more weeks (about) and get this thing off then get back to normal.... well, as normal for me as can be.


Friday, January 6

Just Getting Through the Day

Ugh. A couple of my buddies kept me out a bit late last night. No, not really. I know it was my own fault, but it sure made it easier to resist the urge to just go home. Either way, I have been dragging through today. So that means there is nothing of any valuable content for you to partake of today. Maybe something will happen tomorrow.

I did get my haircut at least yesterday.


Thursday, January 5

What to do.....

The Daughter returned home to her place yesterday. I have gotten rid of the boys today. It's mid morning, and I am sort of bored already. Let me clarify that. There are many things that should be done, but I don't feel like doing any of them. What do I feel like? Maybe like going back to the bedroom and turning on my Kindle. I know a nap would claim me at some point in my reading.

Reverend Mother purchased for me a LP-to-MP3 converter, and Preacher Tom brought it over yesterday. I have a stack of LPs that in the past few years, have not been able to play. My record player had finally wore out, and it wasn't worth the cost to fix it. If you have seen some of the prices for a record player, or even radio, record combo, it is expensive (I think) nowadays. I think before Christmas I was seeing for around $90. Yeah. I will keep going by Goodwill and Savers to see if a used one turns up. Except, now I don't have to do that. I did do one side of one record and the recording quality was very good. I had to stop though, as with the kids bumping around near me (our other computer is near mine) I didn't want to take the chance of them bumping it and messing up the recording. I figured I would just wait until they go back to school, and I can start on the LPs.

I have another 4 weeks yet with my cast on my leg. One thing I that is pretty irritating, is my shower routine. The cast is not supposed to get wet (it's the fiberglass kind, not plaster) as it loses the hard-bond if it does. When I first got it on (5 days after the breaking) we tried to put a trash bag over it, and duct tape the opening to my leg. It didn't work so great. When I got out from my extremely quick shower, the duct tape had pretty much come loose from around my leg, though no water made it in. The Wife had seen some of those water-proof cast protectors at the store, but couldn't see paying $25 for like 2, and they were one-time use only. Though, she did go back and did find this other type. It's like a huge condom. It's thin latex, and a bit stretchy at the opening, ad it seals up on the leg good. Works great in the shower! But, is a pain in the ass to put on by myself (maneuvering the leg and angle to put it on like a sock). I can't wear the walking shoe with this on, so I put it on just outside the shower, so as to not walk on the actual cast and break it (per instructions from the Doctor).

that's sounds good about now. I think I am off to shower, then maybe go get my hair cut. I know I need one.


Tuesday, January 3

Going Crazy

The past several weeks have been busy. Well, I should busier than they usually are, for me at least. First it was the shopping for Christmas, then the whole 'doing the holiday' and the kids being out of school. After the first week of winter break, I felt ready to send them back to school, but the district would not comply with me by opening them. Then we had the whole New Years thing, and more visiting family.... And we are just starting the second week of the kids being home. Sigh. I am going nuts. With all the bickering and fighting, and not playing well with others, add onto the that regular stir-craziness I get, I lose it easily. Just now, the youngest is screaming and yelling because the older brother is helping him make ramen noodles for lunch - and he 'crushed the big noodle into smaller ones. I wanted a big noodle'. Fucking brats.
You try to enjoy a single thought with all this shit going on.


update: It's now nearing 3pm, and I am somewhat more calm. I sent them all to their rooms after lunch to supposedly clean, but when I checked just a few minutes ago, nothing appears to have been done. I think when the Wife comes home I will tell her they are to work in the rooms the rest of the night until some change is showing.... then leave to go to the pub. If nothing else, it's at least an idea.

Monday, January 2

No Changes

It is the first Monday of the new year, and again, no changes are present. It is still one of those days where you just don't feel like being motivated to return to work (if you do) or start the weekly routine over again. The boys stayed overnight at Sis' house, so I am sure they are sleeping in this morning after a late night playing Playstation, or on the computers. I am to head out there this afternoon to pick the three of them up and come home. It will be another week before they return to school.

Yesterday was a decent day. We went out to Sis' for lunch of ribs, slaw and black-eye peas - a traditional meal for the new year that Reverend Mother has tried to keep going. Seems Grandma Hankins had always told her that it should be a 'Poor Man's Meal' consisting of pork, black-eye peas, and cabbage - as the basics. There was even enough bit of ribs left over that I believe some were sent home with us last night, but I was too full to care. Maybe I will hunt them out of the fridge for lunch today.

It was a bit different for the Wife and I to come home, without any of the kids. The Daughter's beau had joined us for lunch, and they were doing their own thing when we left Sis'. We had joked about since it was just us, that maybe we should 'break in' the couch again. Needless to say, when the Daughter was ready to come home, she called first to warn us. When she got home, I mentioned that she didn't need to call first, but she insisted as she was worried she would walk in and find us lounging (or whatever) around in the nude. I snickered and commented that THAT was not going to happen considering we had no idea when she would be home.

So far so good... or at least, not bad. Maybe this will be another decent year. Heck, according to the Mayans, it is our last one.


Sunday, January 1

Another Start

Today is Day One of this new year, and I have started it off just like any other day. Looks like this year is going to be pretty much like last year.

Working on getting the family awake, out of bed, and moving so we can head up to Sis' for lunch of ribs, slaw, etc. I have to stop and get drinks on the way.

Have a good one!