Friday, December 28

Life has to take a dump sometime

And I thought things were going to end up a great note this year. Of course not! We are talking about Ralphd00d here - Life ain't never that great to him. So what happened you ask? Let me tell you ...

I leave yesterday from the office for lunch, just up the road about a mile to Subway. I enjoy my lunch, have plenty of time to get back to the office, except now my car won't start. No turnover, power to everything. Just like last time about a month or less ago. I checked connections best I could and everything seemed ok. I finally gave up and called the roadside assistance I have for a tow. It took them over 2 hours to get a tow truck to me, plus I missed the afternoon from work.
So the tow driver gets my car to the garage I specify, and I just try to start it one more time. VROOM! Starts right up. Mother F'er. Either way, I left it there with them to run some tests on the battery, starter, alternator, and see if they can find what the problem may be. I am beginning to think it may be the battery bad internally. I just got this battery about 3 months ago - and then the problems started happening.

So today, my FIL was nice enough to loan me his car to get to and from work. Hopefully they will be able to find the problem and fix it on mine today - otherwise I will be without a vehicle until Monday. ::sigh:: I am scared to say what else may go wrong.

It's early today for me to be in at work, but had to in order to pick up the car.Maybe I will be back later with more to post. Right now, I am trying to get everything done on my desk before anyone comes in.


Thursday, December 27

Short on time for reflections

It's that time of year again, where everyone starts to reflect on the past year and start making decisions about what was best, what was worst, and what resolutions they are going to stick to next year. Radio stations will do their year's best countdown; bloggers will have lists of greats and bads; their be lists all over the place. Frankly I don't give a damn. And no, I am not doing a list for you either.

Resolutions are nothing more than excuse makers. People make them, then break them just as fast. I will grant though, that some people can actually stick to theirs, but I would say a majority don't. Me? I am simple about it. I don't make them. I can say I am going to quit smoking - then I'll remember I made that resolution as I am halfway through my morning cigarette on the 1st. I just don't waste my time. If I am going to resolve anything, might as well start now rather than next week.

I do sit back and reflect on things that happened this past year. If I don't, I forget things that are important like: the Daughter's 16th birthday and getting her learner's permit. But I also think of some of the bad things that happened: The youngest son & I both having pneumonia, but got better quickly. Of course there are the other general things I think about too: trips to Mexico and San Diego, miscellaneous fun times with the family. Oh well. I will have to sit down and do more of this later....

So with New Years approaching, does anyone have exciting plans? Since I am a professional drinker, I am not driving anywhere. Let the Wife do that. Figure we will hear/read about the amateurs and how many accidents/tickets/arrests were made the previous night. Sheriff Joe is good about posting his numbers, the fat bastard.

Okay, I am out of here. The stomach is rumbling for it's mid day meal. Think I will head to Subway today, instead of salad. The Wife picked up some 'Cajun Tuna' and 'Honey BBQ Salmon' in ready to eat servings for me. I am almost scared to try them. Yeah, a sub today I think. Y'all be back tomorrow for some more drivel.


Wednesday, December 26

One down, and One to go

Christmas is over, mostly, for my year. I say mostly since I have a couple presents that are still needing to be delivered to a couple friends. The shipping didn't make it here in time for one, and the other is out of town prior to the holiday. No biggee.

I hope you all had great times over this past weekend. I spent Saturday with the kids whilst the Wife finished shopping. The kids finally put the tree up that night. Sunday I spent the afternoon out with friends, then went to another friend's place to watch my Redskins beat Minnesota (YES!). Now if they can only beat Dallas next week - in Dallas. I would like to make the wild card slot. Monday I spent again with the kids as the Wife had to work. We spent most of the day wrapping gifts and getting things ready for Christmas day. That evening I went out so the Wife could finish what we didn't wrap, and I was ready for a drink.

Christmas dawned early after not getting to bed until late. The kids I think, had their best Christmas with the gifts we got them. The youngest son, this was basically his first Christmas where he could interact better, and he did a wonderful job opening his gifts. Next we went to my parents and exchanged gifts then munched on goodies until my brothers family showed up and did it again. My brother was lucky to be home. He had spent the previous 2 weeks in Germany for his two week maneuvers, and made the last flight out of O'Hare on the 22nd to be home in time. After that we spent lunch at my in-laws, and again exchanged presents. Lastly we ended up at my sister's, where my parents and brother's clan ended up as well. The ladies all ended playing that dance revolution-type game on PlayStation most of the evening. We made it home about 7:30ish - the Wife and I both extremely tired. I was in bed by 9 and asleep by 9:00:10 I think. Sure felt like it anyways.

So, one holiday down and one to go for the season. At least for the next one, I ain't driving. I leave that up to the Wife, since she doesn't drink. I figure we will be spending it at my sister's, and end up drinking and playing poker for the evening. Will be a fun night for us and all the kids will be playing good as well.

Work started off slow today. I get in and the is no phone, email, or Internet available. Plus I forgot my cell phone, so I can't even use that to make calls. I basically got to sit here for about 2 hours before they got things fixed. Now I am still all caught up and wishing time would speed up. Three hours to go. ::sigh::

Okay, I am outta here for now. Thanks for stopping by!


Friday, December 21

Equations that really piss me off

EDIT: For those of you tagged, see the post before this one... sorry.

Today folks, we are going to do some math as seen by people that live in 'larger cities' or high density population areas.

Let's start off by explaining that today is Friday. Always a busy day.

Another given is it is leading into a 4 day weekend for many, many people.

Shall we add in, that this particular holiday promotes large numbers of purchases from multiple outlets?

And can't forget the number of travelers to and from town.

So, I guess the best way to make this into an equation:

Friday + 4 day weekend + major shopping + extra vehicles on road = Merry fucking Christmas.

I hate having to deal with traffic on a Friday afternoon on a regular week, but today I fear it is going to be bad. I was running about a half hour late to work this morning, as I had to go to the Post Office to pick up a parcel. The drive to work took me even longer than normal due to the traffic. I hope the bosses let us go early.

Maybe I can do a math problem that will make me feel better...

Go hang out with friends, play some games, have some drinks.

Friends + games + Bud and Jack = Happy Ralphd00d

Hey, what do ya know... it works! See y'all later on. In Case you ain't back in time,



AH! I been tagged!

1)Link to the person that tagged you. That will be Amazing Facts and post the rules on your blog.These are the rules.
2) Share Christmas facts about yourself.
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
4) Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.Here goes:

1. Wrapping or gift bags? Gift bags. Reusuable and can carry items easier.

2. Real or artificial tree? Artificial, real ones leave a mess and are getting more and more expensive. If you want the smell, buy the scent.

3. When do you put up the tree? About a week before.

4. When do you take the tree down? By the 27th.

5. Do you like eggnog? Mixed with some brandy – you bet!

6. Favorite gift received as a child? At 10, my very first rifle.

7. Do you have a nativity scene? Yes. But it isn’t set up.

8. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? I don’t recall any off hand.

9. Mail or email Christmas cards? I don’t do either.

10. Favorite Christmas movie? Rudolph – the one Burl Ives is the snowman.

11. When do you start shopping for Christmas? About Dec 1st.

12. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Haven’t had it in years – white divinity candy

13. Clear lights or colored? colored

14. Favorite Christmas song? “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch”

15. Travel at Christmas or stay at home? Prefer stay at home, but we travel to 3 places on
Christmas day – all within a 5 mile radius.

16. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer? Yes, Blitzen, Comet, Cupid, Dancer, Dasher, Donner,
Prancer, Vixen, and of course Rudolph.

17. Angel or star on the top of your tree? Star.

18. Open your presents Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? Christmas morning.

19. Most annoying thing about this time of year? People being too damn politically correct with “Happy Holidays” Instead of Merry Christmas

20. What do you leave for Santa? A Bud and cookies (I get to play Santa)

21. Least favorite holiday song? Jingle Bells – especially the version with the barking dog

22. Do you decorate your tree with any specific theme or color? Nope

23. Favorite ornament? Don’t really have one.

24. Family tradition? My house we do Christmas that morning, then go to Grandma’s, then the
other Grandma’s for lunch then my sister’s.

25. Ever been to Midnight Mass or late-night Christmas Eve services? Yes.

Now, who should I tag? Let's go with Dazd, My Little Sis, Rainbow Wolf, Freddie, Redneck Princess, Richmond, and JB onthe Rocks. Sorry guys - had to get someone.


Thursday, December 20

Only 4 days left for you last minute people!!

Christmas is almost here. Duh! you say to me. As if you didn't know it. The Wife still has some shopping to finish. Inside I laugh at her, and try not to smile outwardly. As I have said several times before, I am not a Christmas type of person. I really don't care for the holiday - though I love the looks of joy on my kids faces (and nieces/nephews) when they open gifts. Reminds me of that mysterious anxiety I felt as a kid opening gifts. That twinkle in their eyes, and the hugs and thank yous - just gets ya right there ::taps chest:: Getting back on track about not liking the holiday, but this year, I actually am feeling a bit different. Maybe because I finally have matured (yeah right) or gained clearer understanding (ha ha) that I am getting more in the 'spirit' than I usually do. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing...

Good lunch today. I went to Subway and cheated a bit on my diet. I had a 6 inch Roast Beef with double meat, a diet coke, and a bag of salt & vinegar chips. Where did I cheat? I ate the bread, and ate the chips. Oh well. I will be joining a new gym here over the holidays. The one I was attending is just far enough to be simply inconvenient travel-wise. The new one my step dad attends, and is way closer to home. And the monthly fee is cheaper.

Only one more day of work left and then I head into a 4 day weekend. I snicker at the Wife as she has to work Monday. I suppose I am going to be the good hubby by spending Monday wrapping the presents for everyone - well, maybe. I guess that means over the weekend she is going to have to put tags on the items so I know who gets what. But I'll have the kids at home to help out as well. I am actually surprised they don't have the tree up yet. They must be planning on doing it this weekend.

Welp, I am out of here for now. I have a book to read until something comes across my desk. Y'all have a good rest of the day and I will see ya tomorrow!


Wednesday, December 19

Nada, Zilch, Zip, Nothing, Zero

I got nothing for you today. I feel like it is yesterday, because I had nothing then either. But it is Wednesday (Hump Day) so I suppose I could attempt to track down some bumps....

Now there's more than a week's worth of bumps there! Even some extra for Christmas!! Here are a couple more funnies I thought I would put up for you as well.


Monday, December 17

Only thing left is wrapping the damn things!

That's how close to being ready for Christmas I am as of this point. I was able to take the boys out and finish up Sunday afternoon. Man, the crowds were just terrible! I am so glad I am done. I checked with the Wife, and she has yet to finish up some shopping. The kids are done as well. Now I just need to wrap, and deliver. I sure hope I have Monday off next week. It would be a good time for me to get that done, plus help the Wife finish up her wrapping since she will have to work.

Saturday was a good day of golf! Only shot a +5, and landed 4th place Net Score. That was worth a $25 certificate for the golf course. My step dad and I will have to get out and play again sometime. Was nice weather and I had 2 birdies (really good for me!). I spent the rest of the day at the pub, and won an auction for the karaoke host that night. We are going to get together for drinks later this week - the pub gives him $$ for dinner, but I said screw that. I ain't going out to eat with him - we'd do drinks somewhere.

Sunday I slept in. I never made it to the Church of Holy softball and Beer, nor my steak breakfast. Nor my friend's house for a birthday party. I did good to get the shopping done, and went tot he Christmas play my two older boys were in that evening. Of course, they were wonderful in it. The older one even had a big speaking part (his first) and a solo. Afterwords, we took my parents out for supper, and home to bed I went.

My youngest woke up about 3'ish this morning screaming his head off. Couldn't tell if he was hurt, or scared or uncomfortable about anything. Took the Wife about an hour to get him to where we all could go back to sleep. The Daughter gets up this morning, coughing phlegm - so we told her she wasn't going to school. She was ticked. Imagine that - a kid WANTING to go to school. She has finals Tues - Thurs this week. At least she can stay home today and try to get some rest to feel better.

Not much else to really talk about right now. I think I am headed to the pub tonight for steak dinner and the football game. Looking forward to Chicago winning, but I doubt it will happen.


Friday, December 14

Drinking and Sports - what an idea!

It's one of my most favorite days of the week - Friday! Which means two days of not having to go to the office to read and pretend that there is a purpose for me being there. Unfortunately, the weekend is pretty much planned out, not leaving much room for additional plans.

Saturday - This day is starting earlier than my normal workday. There is a Bloody Mary Christmas party starting about 7am that lasts until tee time of about 10am. The pubis having it's annual golf tournament which I and the step dad are playing in. More like participating - we do our best to stay out of last place. Then after golf there is the free lunch at the pub, plus prizes. I usually do not get out of there until late afternoon, then I am pretty much worn out for the day and head home. It'll be nice to get out and swing some clubs though. I haven't done that since about April. My buddies get out more often, but I usually am not invited - I think it is because I stink - I need more practice.

Sunday - Yes, my religious day. Another day starting earlier than work - I attend the Church of Holy Beer and Softball starting about 7:30. This will be the first time we have been able to play due to the rains the past two weekends. I might be out of practice keeping score - NOT! Then after the game(s?) it's to the pub for football games.

I tell you what, this pub sure makes quite a bit of money off of me. I should invest in it.

Friday night what am I doing? I have no clue. Wonder if I will be able to leave work early today or not...

Hope you guys enjoyed the eye candy from the past couple days. I need to get more and find some better stuff. In the meantime - get your shopping done! I know I need to do more yet for the family myself.


Thursday, December 13

It's (yawn) Your Lucky Day

I am tired. I wasn't up late last night, but I was the night before. I guess my body is still trying to make up for lost time. I think tonight I will be hitting the sack earlier than normal.

No stories or remembrances of note for you today. But I did find some pics I think I will share with you.

Nothing like some boobies and beer!

These looked nice ... Want help cleaning up?

That's one lucky baby!

What is your motivation?

Sometimes, you don't have to say anything...


Wednesday, December 12

Bumps for Hump Day

Not much to really write about today. Took third place in poker last night - and stayed out too long. I think tonight I am going to head home and rest up or something. Maybe.

Here's some bumps for the Hump day!


Tuesday, December 11

Stuff snagged for fun!

from Ambulance Driver :

My blog is worth $7,339.02.
How much is your blog worth?

From Amazing Facts:

Hurry! Time is running out!

It has been due for awhile. I mean, last year was bad enough, but this year, I have been waiting for it to hit, and I think it has started. Yes, we are talking about Bad Luck, and it has been amassing in my name for most of this year. I guess now with only three weeks left in the year, it is time to collect.

I wake up this morning feeling feverish with a runny nose. I don't need to be sick right now. I just got over that cold about a two weeks ago. I run my daughter to early band practice, and return home for my additional hour plus sleep. I wake up and I am running 10 minutes behind already (had to have that extra snooze). Cruise to work, stop at the gas station 4 blocks from the office for some milk and tea. Now the car doesn't start. No click - no grind - power to everything else. I get out and do the regular thing - check connections to be sure tight, etc. Still nothing. I call work - not going to be in as I need to get this fixed and have no idea what's wrong. Call the FIL to see if he can assist. He can. I wait a few minutes and try again - car starts. Called FIL back so he doesn't waste time driving over. I drive to local car fix it place. They would need me to leave my car there all day and wait for the incident to happen again to determine what it is. No can do. Back across town to work - and hour late, without the milk (left it at home so it wouldn't spoil). Everyone at work has a different idea of what is wrong with my car - but I know the truth. It's my 2007 Bad Luck payoff. I know it is. So now I wait until something happens to the car again, and hope I am not in the middle of nowhere at 2AM.

Tonight is Poker night. I wonder if I should waste time going for my bad luck?

Damn I sound negative today. In that case, I am out of here until I feel better.


Monday, December 10

Cookies, carols, cake, Christmas trees, and - CRAP!

I have always said I am not one that is very fond of the Christmas season. I have nice memories of when I was young, and have some from very recent. But overall, I just don't care for the season. Whether it is because I am not religious, or that I detest the fact that they spend too much money and time advertising for this one day. I do truly love the looks of joy on my kids faces when they receive a present they like, but I can do that any day of the year. I don't restrict myself to this one day.

So the Wife and I (plus our youngest - almost 2) went to the only Christmas party we will probably attend this year. It was over at my friends Smitty and Sailyn's place. They outdid themselves again! There were seemingly more people, and more food, and more of a good time by all. Sailyn has this crafty sense for invitations, and the one we received was a palm tree made from clay with the invitation written/stenciled into the ornament. I'm thinking - palm tree - for Christmas? Well, they had a sailboat out front in the desert landscape lit up with lights, so it was almost a Caribbean-type setting. Way cool! Good job guys! The Wife had a wonderful time being out with adults and not having too many problems with the kids.

It's hard staying on this diet. I have not exercised in over a week now due to the back pain I am still experiencing. I believe I still have lost weight though, just watching what I eat - though that is difficult at times as well.

My brother left for Germany on Saturday morning. I had spent Friday night over at his place putting down some beers an ended up staying the night and driving him to the airport. This is his annual 2 week training for Reserves. Of course, he is due back about the 23rd of Dec, but not sure if he will make it all the way home for Christmas. Either way, he is switching to active duty come the 1st of the year. No idea where he will be stationed, but the family will be able to move there at least.

Rain has come to the valley again, and has been off and on all weekend, and plans to be here through at least tomorrow. I still need to get new wiper blades. ::sigh::

Posting may be sporadic this month. Not a lot going on, nothing exciting happening, and all may just make me post-less for a day or so. I noticed I started catching this last week. Actually, I am out hunting for pics to put up on here, and weird phrases so I get Google hits - NOT!

Okay, I am out of here. Go finish your shopping online, or whatever before you come back!


Thursday, December 6

Thursday Night Football!!!

I anxiously await tonight's NFL game between the Chicago Bears and my Washington Redskins. I know we need another win for our record. But better yet is my friend Ginny is a big Bears fan, and I would like them to lose to us. Plus the steak dinner we have bet on the game would be nice to win too.

Not much else to write about today. My back is still hurting, so again I won't be at the gym. I can almost bend over to fasten my shoes, but not quite. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and I can get back into a regular routine.

Supposed to rain again this weekend here in the desert. Which reminds me I need to get new wiper blades. After being dry all summer and fall, the current ones are near worthless in last weekends rain.

Okay, enough for now. I am off to read my blog list and my book I brought to work today - Jeffery Archer's "Cat O' Nine Tails" - so far a nice collection of short stories.


Wednesday, December 5

Gimpin' along

I still hurt. I am not going to the gym tonight either. I figure one more day of rest for the back will do it wonders. At least the legs don't hurt today, but that lower back - I barely move in a wrong direction and it flares up nicely. Ibuprofen just ain't cutting it. I think I have some Jack at home for after work. I hope it will be enough.

It's December - that wonderful month of retail sale explosions and having last minute rushes to the local corner mart for a last minute present. Sister Susie always wanted a garlic hand press. Dad always like a 5 lb bag of potatoes. Mom really loves the arrangement of Hamburger Helper mixes you picked out! But really, it is a time of parties, of getting together with friends and family, and sometimes mass murders. This year I have been blessed to be invited to a friend's home for a Christmas party, and I always look forward to this one. I guess I have been lucky and it is the only one I have been invited to this year. Maybe last year I had too much eggnog at the other ones - I dunno.

I did notice this is the first year we are not having a company Christmas dinner. Talk about finances being tight!

I was listening tot he talk radio show here in the valley (KTAR) yesterday afternoon, and the talk was about the government getting involved in the mortgage/housing industry. Some thing to the effect it is the largest decline in the industry over the last 20 years. Which is a worthless comment. Sure it is the largest because more homes are out there. But it was mentioned that the Gov't may freeze the interest rate in order for - here is the quote form the radio - "the financially responsible people to assist them in preventing their homes from going into foreclosure". WTF? I consider myself financially responsible and my house is not in Foreclosure. If they are supposed to be responsible people, should they not be in that position in the first place? ::shakes head:: Sometimes it just appals me to hear shit like this. Just what I need is the gov't butting into my line of work and screwing things up. Yeah, yeah, I know - welcome to the real world.

Enough of that off my chest. I am headed out for a smoke break. Y'all have a good one.


Tuesday, December 4

I was beaten up and left for dead

Monday was not a good day. First, I overslept the alarm. I figured I must have shut it off when I thought I hit snooze. So I wake up about an hour and half late for work. I go to get out of bed and hustle to get dressed and hit the floor. Sometime in my sleep, someone had taken a lead pipe and beat the hell out of my legs and lower back. I was in pain. I managed after a few minutes to do my bathroom duties and grab my cell phone. I called into work and explained I was not going to make it in due to the pain. How did I get this pain? My new exercise regime for the gym.

So Saturday I had met with the nutritionist (owner) and was placed a special diet. I no longer need to attend the classes I was going to, but in place I have to do a 1 hour cardio workout 7 days a week. As far as my diet, I can eat as much on the lists as I want, whenever I want, but will have to give up a lot of things like bread and grains, pasta, potatoes, etc. Lots of meat and veggies though! He says if I stay on the menu plan, and do the workouts I can lose 10-15 lbs the first 4 weeks. My wife was not thrilled to see the menu plan. She put her foot down at fixing 2 separate meals, so I told her not to worry about me - I would do my own thing and she would not have to buy special foods or anything.

Sunday was the best day to start the exercising, then I was planning to go shopping for the menu. I went in and did my 1 hour workout, then headed out for steak breakfast (which is on the menu). I didn't get a chance to go shopping. Monday I didn't go shopping. Today I am at work for a limited time. I am already hurting bad, and I need to get back to the gym at least today since I didn't go yesterday either. Must be physical hell week for me.

I am outta here - time for some more ibuprofen I think. Y'all have a good one - I know I am trying to get out of work early today....


Monday, December 3

Sunday night quickie

Here I am posting twice on a weekend. Damn! What is wrong with me? New diet, new workout regime. Hell, it all must be going to my brain.

Anyways, I know I have some new stuff about my "new" life come later today (Monday). Be prepared to come back (for those that are here early) and see what new drivel I have in my life now. Oh wait! You might even hear how a family member pissed me off this weekend.

Gotta love the soap opera, right?


Saturday, December 1

just a little update

Well, I found out my shoulder is in worse shape then I thought. I have strained/possibly torn, then supra spinatus muscle in the rotator cuff muscle group. Which means no lifting weights, which means no more gym classes. Oh shit.

I met with the gy owner today for the nutritionist class. I love it! I'll explain on Monday.

No softball - too much rain in the desert.