Sunday, March 29

Another Week Until A Weekend

It's Sunday evening, and as I prepare myself to head to bed, to toss and turn through the night, I figured I could gripe about how this weekend has gone.

Friday, after work, the Wife headed to Safford to assist the Daughter and Fiance to move an hour from where they currently reside, into some housing supplied by the Company the Fiance works for ... located about an hour drive away. Yes, closer to work for him, and for her, since she is not working. All fine and dandy, except the Wife felt she HAD to go and help them move. The Wife is "scheduled" to return sometime tomorrow(Monday), but as of earlier this afternoon, she had no exact time. Seems the original plan (prior to Friday) had changed and now no one seems to know anything. Needless to say, she said she would still be home, but no idea what time.

No big deal, right? She was already planning to be gone until then. I still had to take care of things this weekend while she was gone. And I did.

The two younger Sons and I had breakfast out Saturday morning. Followed with the Easter Festival at the church that they went to for about an hour and half. Then we met up with RM & PT for dinner out at Chili's. Spent the rest of the evening, chilling at home (meaning, we played on the computers). Sunday morning I was wakened about 6am to pick up the oldest Son, as his band trip was returning from California. I went back to bed after bringing him home. Most of the day was spent getting some things tidied around the house, and some laundry, so Mom (aka The Wife) would see we were somewhat productive while she was gone. I treated for dinner out at Souper Salad.

Now the boys have all had showers, did their nightlies, and are in bed. Well, the oldest is in his bedroom, probably not in bed, but not my problem. Tomorrow morning will be me waking him up at 6'ish, then to school, then home to take the other two boys to MIL's, where one will wait for the bus, and the other I will run to his school. Then home for a couple hours until I need to head to work.

Dad has it all in control, right? Doesn't sound like anything majorly bad happened.

Did I say how much sleep I have had? Since waking Friday morning, I figure I have had about 6 hours of decent sleep (uninterrupted for at least 2 hours) and another 8-12 of tossing/turning and the occasional 15 minute cat-nap. I just don't sleep well when the Wife is not at home. Most nights I go to bed before she does, but even so, I wake when she gets there, and then fall smoothly back to sleep. It's that whole "knowing" they are there, I guess.

I've had the problem for the last ... well, in just a couple hours, it will be 24 years. Yes, Monday is our 24th Anniversary. And she is hours away, helping the Daughter move. And I am here, trying to sleep. I know tomorrow night, by the time I get home from work around 9pm, it is going to be a shower and straight to bed for 12 hours. I am sure I will need it.

Hoping for at least 4 hours (of sleep) tonight. That's why I am going to bed now (10pm).


Friday, March 27

Working Overtime

The oldest Son left yesterday on the trip to CA with the HS band. He is not due home until about 7am on Sunday morning. While there, they have some sort of music clinic they will attend today, plus an added music workshop. Afterwards, they have passes to Disneyland/California Adventure for the remainder of the day, plus all day Saturday. I am sure he is having fun with friends, and no parents (although there are chaperones).

Which means today is Friday. The Wife is leaving town after work today, to head to Safford. She asked me to leave her the basic directions on how to get there before I leave for work this morning. It thought about how it may be a bit funny to send her on a longer, scenic route, but then figured, it is a good 3 1/2 hour drive as it is, after work, on a Friday, at night, that that would not be as funny as I thought. I have the most direct instructions on how to get there next to me now. She won't be back until Monday evening ... no idea how late.

Which leaves me at home with the two younger Sons as of tonight. I don't mind too much. They are 12, and 9, and can be easily entertained by allowing them computer access. My only main concern is feeding them. Tonight I won't have to, as Grandma will feed them supper. I'll take them with me in the morning when I scrap out my trash in my work truck, and we'll have Denny's for breakfast/brunch. There is a church Easter fun event thingy at the church that afternoon, so will probably take them to that as well, maybe grab some burgers/fries afterwards. Sunday, up early to pick up the oldest Son, and that's where I am not sure what I am doing. I am guessing the oldest will want to immediately go home and sleep ... all day if I let him. Which I won't.

Monday my concern is getting the kids up and to school on time.

Seems like I have a good idea what needs to happen over the weekend. Usually I just "play it by ear" and see what happens, but there are enough other things going on, that I had to almost set an itinerary to it.

Now, to see if I can just get through the workday.


Tuesday, March 24

Not Quite Back To Normal

Yesterday, the kids returned to school. The Wife returned to work. I was hoping a bit of my sanity would return, but it has extended its vacation I guess. The Daughter and Fiance returned to Safford last night. They are moving from there to housing provided by the mining company this next weekend I guess. The Wife is going down to help move them. I guess his mom is driving a Uhaul down from the Valley, and with the Wife going, and able to bring her back, it will save on the mileage used (not a return trip). Of course, that means it leaves me at home with the boys Friday through Monday. The oldest Son is doing a Disneyland trip with the school band, so leaves Thursday, returns Sunday. Guess I need to figure out what to do with the two younger ones for meals, etc.

Not even 8:30 yet, and work has called. Seems some parts I pulled for a tech yesterday are not able to be found. It happens occasionally, but this time I remember pulling them. It's possible I put them in the wrong spot, and thinking about it, I think I may have accidently done that. Checking with another tech that might have them. I hate when I screw up like this. It's easy to do though, when you have 20 guys, and the work seems to be a bit busier right now, it can get a bit hectic. I admit it, I screw up some here and there.

Soooo ... nothing much else to talk about.


Wednesday, March 18

Feeling A Little Jealous

Here it is Wednesday already, and I am just feeling wiped. I think a bit of burn-out from work has hit, and I can't seem to get out of the funk I have been feeling lately. I know a few days off would be good, but with the scheduling, right now it isn't feasible for me to take a couple days off (intentionally, like for a small vacation). Besides, I only get seven days this year, and three are allocated to the Daughter's wedding time.

The Wife has a great job, being a physical therapist. She gets four weeks of vacation time. Also, when any of that time is used, she starts accruing the time back through some kind of PTO. At least, that is the way I understand it all. With kids on Spring Break this week, she had decided to take a couple days off to be with them. Now it has turned into all week. Seems their census (number of patients) is low, so her boss told her she could just take the week off. Must be nice.

Now I have to go to work early. The middle son Finally brought his instrument to me and showed me the problems with it. Since the company that supplies them for school kids is in Mesa, near my work, I just got volunteered to address the problem. Half the week over and NOW they bring this problem to me. Something else to be pissed off about this morning. There goes my extra hour plus of not having to be rushing off early.


Saturday, March 14

Less Stress Is Good

The bee problem has been resolved finally. Thursday evening when I got home, the Wife informed me that the swarm was now gone. Which was good, because on that day, we also received a notice from the County that within 48 hours we were to contact the inspector to come out and verify that the problem had been handled. I called them Friday morning, explaining all was done, bees gone, and that afternoon the inspector called to set up that he would be by on Monday to check. At least I don't have to be home, though the Wife does have a few days off next week ... as do the kids for Spring Break. I wish I had some time off. But not until May.

So that problem is done and over pretty much. I was stressing about the issue.

This morning was sort of wasted. Arose at 5:30 as I had to drive out to the shop (Mesa - about a 30-45 minute drive) as I had missed a part for last night's run. I was able to get it, get it to the tech, all by 7am. Then the tech calls me about 20 minutes later, asking if I had gotten the part yet. I told him it was in his truck. He says, well, he doesn't need it now because the customer rescheduled their appointment to next week. SO I got up, wasted time and gas, and then they don't .... GRRRR! I mean I needed to be up somewhat early, but not that early. Either way, was going to run the truck through emissions, but then found out they don't open until 8, so met up with the guy I give the scrap metal from parts to. Afterwards, headed for emissions and passed. The diesel testing is so fast.

Back home by 8:30, and find everyone else still asleep. Just me and the middle son, who went with me today, are up, so going to get some game time in on the computer.


Wednesday, March 11

The Bee's Knees

I hope that they are clubbed. Supposedly, someone was here today to finish up the problem. Since I don't get home from work until well after dark (yes, we don't do that dumb DST thing here in AZ) the Wife said this: she noticed a white powder around the area of the shed (where the hive was situated before, with a honeycomb we paid to be removed) but yet the swarm, on the grapevine, plus/minus 20 yards away she saw no change (or anything else). After calling the company today and detailing the lack of changes, they said they would look into it. An hour later I got an 'accidental' call (she said she didn't mean to call me, but ...) where they said a tech was on the way to my house to take care of the problem. She added that, due to the size of the hive, it is understandable it would take longer for a larger amount of bees to disperse. I laughed. I said if this was addressed in the beginning, which it was, why am I calling you 4-5 days later? Did you not SEE it? Were you not AWARE of it? Why am I having to call you nearly every day to RESOLVE it?

Yeah. she had no answer other than to say that some one would be out today. I already mentioned the 'white powder' around the original sight. I also mentioned that the swarm on the new site, roughly 15-20 yards from the shed, has no sign of anything. I told the Wife, let's wait one day, see if it make a difference. If not, then they get another call (6th one by my count I think) to get this resolved.

The supposed good news, that since we got a city notice about it, they will back up that they were contacted properly, and it is their on-going effort to resolve this problem. So, I shouldn't have to interact with the City, if they were to try to fine me. By the initial receipt, and time-stamps of phone calls, the 'supposed bee-removal company' will be held accountable. I ain't holding my breath, but will see what happens. I feel more calls, not just to the BBB, but others, as well as the supposed owners of this company. Waiting a day or two to determine.

Stingy, or stingy? I paid for a service. For me, a lot of money. am I happy with the service? Hell, no. Getting a good review somewhere? Hell, no. Getting a bad review? Every place I can put one, that may matter, including word of mouth.

I admit, this has got to be more of an urban problem, because if I lived anywhere in a small town, it would have been no big deal. I would have smoked them out, over a period of days. But, being urban I can't. I feel like.... ugh. I don't know if I am more pissed at the stupidity of urban laws, or at the idiots running businesses under them.

Either way, sometimes I feel like I can't win. But then, I am not supposed to win. I am an American.

Peace ... if you can find it.

Tuesday, March 10

Bees-ness is Terrible

There is a bee hive under the back corner of our shed in the back yard. I admit, it has been there longer than it should have been. I don't go in the back much, so for me it is a lot of "out of sight out of mind". The kids have been stung a couple times. That didn't bother me much either, as I think, who hasn't been stung by a bee growing up? That's my farmboy mentality I guess. That, and growing up in Indiana. Though, the oldest boy is pretty allergic to the stings, we found out.

Anyways, the thought about the bees always left my mind, and over time I forget about them. Last Thursday I came home to the Wife in a fit, as she had found a city notice on the door about the feral bee hive in the back yard. They gave us 24 hours to fix the problem or we were going to fined, etc. So I found a "bee guy" and called him early Friday morning. He showed up, we discussed what needed to be done, and the pricing. I paid, mainly because I had no choice. He explained that there would be a some residual foragers bees that would come back to the area, looking for the hive, but then would leave. That night, there was a volleyball-sized swarm on a grapevine, 20 yards from teh where the hive was, plus an seeming extremely large amount of bees flying where the entrance to the hive used to be.

By Saturday morning, it was not any smaller (the swarm) so the Wife called the guy back. He said it was odd to be that many, but they would get a guy out there sometime that afternoon. That evening, no one had been by, and the swarm was still the same size. The Wife has pictures.

Sunday I had plans, so by 7 that evening, I had asked about if anyone had shown up? No. So I called the guy. I explained everything going on, and their lack of getting anyone there. I mentioned the concern about our kids and pets, let alone of those next door, and other neighbors. The girl I talked to, I think it is his girlfriend/wife, said they would be by about 10 in the morning to take care of it. I leave for work before that, so I never saw anyone. Last night, the Wife said it is just as big still, and doesn't look like anyone did anything.

I went to the website I found this company on. I sent a feedback, explaining in brief all the above, and that I needed someone to contact me this morning after 7 am. Almost 9, and no call. I guess I am going to have to call the main number and see what can be done.

Definitely never referring business to this company, and never will use them again.


Thursday, March 5

Busy Time ... Sort Of

Things have been busy around here of late. The last couple weeks have had me working some overtime at work, not only to help cover a couple vacations of others in my department, but re-arranging the parts room. The Higher-Ups wanted to arrange the product so that (in theory) when we do inventory, it will be faster, and more organized. I see the merits in the adjustments, though implementing it has become a bit of a time consumer. Overall we are probably only about 2/3 of the way completed. Hopefully, it is enough that I won't have to give up anymore of my weekend time to finish it.

That being said, with the extra work time, I have been tired more of late. I think I may have caught up on some of the sleep I had been not getting. Today I feel more energetic than I have for the past couple of weeks.

When it isn't work, family life has been the other wear me down. The oldest Son has had a busy schedule the past weeks with being part of the tech crew for the school musical/play, and this week it is band concerts (one in which the middle son performed as well). Throw in competitions for Jazz Band and Concert Band. Spring break is soon as well. Unfortunately, since I work evenings I have/will miss the concerts.

The Daughter's wedding is two months away. I still need to get out some weekend and see about getting a suit for myself and the youngest Son. As of right now, that's all I know I need to be doing in regards to preparations. I'm sure there is much more to do, but I think I will let the womenfolk do the artsy-craftsy stuff.

Guess it is about time to start getting ready for the day.