Sunday, August 30

Sunday Morning Coming Down

It's early. Well, for me on a Sunday morning it is. For some unknown reason, 6:00am knocked me up the side of the head and wouldn't let sleep hold me in it's arms. Si I am up doing the the daily surfs.

My nephew won his first football game for PopWarner. I wasn't able to make it like I had hoped. Maybe htat's why I can't sleep this morning becuase Saturday morning I couldn't wake up. Mighthavebeen for the best though. Sis made a comment that it seems some of the people are coming down with colds anyways. Don't need to catch any of that.

The Wife and Daughter go Wednesday night to proof the Senior Portraits. Some year after that (and the hefty price we have to pay) we will have some pics of her for her senior year. I am sure I will get one posted once I get one.

Other than that, it has been a typical weekend. The family did some chores around the house, and they will attend church this mornig.

See y'all later this week.


Friday, August 28


Another slow week has come to an end. A nice ending if I pretty much figure it all right. Excluding the mishaps that happened, the week hasn't been overly bad.

The daughter had 4 teeth pulled over the course of the week. She is gone tonight to stay at a friend's house until tomorrow.

My nephew is having his first PopWarner football game I will be doingmy best to make an appearance at. Sis invited me over for lunch afterwards. Sounds like a win-win situation.

I had a glass of vanilla milk this morning to start the breakfast. Can't beat that.

Played all the Mafia Wars on Myspace and Facebook - guess it is time for some WoW.


Tuesday, August 25

Crappy morning

Today can only get better, I hope. This morning has been full of enough stuff to disappoint me, that short of being in an accident, or dying, I don't know what else could be worse.

In the mornings I take the daughter to school. She has what they call zero hour for band - gives them an extra hour to practice for marching season, and during regular season, for music practice. It is one of those things I don't care to do, but ya gotta be a parent sometimes. Anyways, I usually drive the Wife's vehicle, as it has AC and is a nicer ride than my POS car. This morning, it also blew out the driver side front tire on the way. Luckily, we were a very short distance from the school and the daughter didn't have to go far. I on the other hand, am at the parking lot entrance, in old T-shirt and grungy old shorts - clothes I just threw on to do the 15 min run to school and home. No shoes, shorts barely staying up, bending over trying to get the tire changed. I am sure passing traffic loved the view of my fat ass wagging at them.

As chance would have it, I actually had grabbed my cell phone and put it in my pocket before I left home. Something I never as a rule, do.

Tire got changed, asked the FIL to run the Wife to work, and I was out front of Discount Tire 15 min before they opened. Ten minutes later, I have 2 new tires, a free rotation, and spent $205. So, seemed easily fixed for the 20 minute butt-shaking show I gave North Phoenix today. Normally one would have to pay to see something like that....

I get home, shower the sweat and tire grunge off me, and start my daily routine. By the time I got to where I log into my WoW game, I find out it is down for maintenance until supposedly 11AM. It;s after that now and it is still non-operational.

I am just having a bad morning. Needless to say, I have to pick the Wife up from work later on - not too bad. At least I'll have AC to do that in. Supposed to be 109+ today.

Okay, I need to get off of here I guess. My Uncle is asking for some pics from my IN trip. Good thing I finally downloaded them just yesterday for this occasion. I know he'll be happy! Ya know I luv ya Uncle Mike!


Monday, August 24


That's the way this post is going to be. I just have nothing going on in my life. It is so droll, I can't even make up something worth lying about.

Daughter gets to miss the last class of school today. I am sure she was excited about that. Until she found out it was for a dental appointment. To have two teeth removed. And another appointment on Thursday. For two more to be removed. So they can start her braces.

Oh yes. Thrill a minute here at B&B!!

I ge tthe wonderful task of taking her and writing out that check. I think my Wife likes my signature on the checks better - so she can blame the spending on me. Well, it sounded good anyways.

Okay, I am out of here for the day. Hopefully, something funny will happen this afternoon and I will have content for you tomorrow.


Friday, August 21

Week's End

TGIF - seriously! Not that I feel anything relief from a full work week or anything, I am just happy is Friday. No major reason, just sounds good.

An uncle from Indiana came into town yesterday to visit for a couple days. Took the family over to Reverend Mother's for supper of Taco Soup and chips. Don't ask - I couldn't explain it. Just know it was good and I had 2 helpings. She also had tried to make some old fashioned ice cream, but it wouldn't harden up. So we had shakes instead. We visited for a while then did the tag team with the Sis and her son. Today I guess RM and he are going to 'walk the mal' and do whatever they feel like doing.

I have mentioned before that the daughter is a senior this year. That means all the extra things we have to do as parents. Saturday she has her Senior Portraits scheduled. We are doing the next to smallest package, and it is still like $300. I was shocked to see some packages are upwards of $800, plus a 'sitting session fee' for additional poses/clothe changes/etc. I'll never understand it all. Then she mentioned SATs are coming up in October. So there is another $45 I think, plus having to take her where ever the place of testing is located.


Only three more kids to do all this for after her.... Joy.

Alrighty, time to head out of here. I have ran out of good stuff to write about that is even remotely interesting.


Wednesday, August 19

Hump Day - you know what that means

It's been another slow week so far. Members of the Wife's family have finally gone their way, returning to where they came from. Things have settled down somewhat. The kids are getting into a routine with school - though we are still working on the bedtime issue - especially with the oldest.

Nothing else much to add today. I think I will have to go out and havea few beers tonight with my friend G. It's her birthday today, and I know she has planned the rest of the week off. Think I might cab up to the pub instead of driving...

Til next time...


Monday, August 17

Beautiful Monday Morning

That sure is a word most people don't use to describe a Monday morning. I thought twice before I actually used it. I debated using "nice" instead, but for a Phoenix morning, it is quite beautiful. I drove the daughter to school and the temperature was great; the sun was just about to peak over the mountain to the east; the morning colors of the sky were displaying a calming combination. Just beautiful.

So, I was able to waste that much space with drivel. Beautiful. You know it is bad when your friends read your blog, and when you don't update for a few days, they actually email you telling you that the blog is lacking content for them to waste time reading. Pathetic!! But, being under the thumb of my readers, I am here to complete your requests.

This weekend was another busy one. The kids had just finished their first week of school. Nothing major. My in-laws celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. A very big. The Wife and her brothers had made it a surprise celebration at a local restaurant and two of her brothers had been able to attend from out of state. Needless to say, they were surprised and excited. The Wife has off today to spend some family time before one of the brothers leaves for home.

The in laws celebrated the 50th on Saturday. But Friday was a celebration as well. The Reverend Mother and her hubby celebrated their Anniversary on the 14th. I don't know how many years (not 50 yet obviously) but still. I spent Sunday afternoon at the Sister's playing Wow with the BIL And nephew. We are kicking so much butt at that game!! The Wife had the kids spending time with her family.

And that was all the excitement of the weekend. I know. Kept you at the edge of your seat, huh? Well, the Wife is planning on going to a place called Ridemakerz today. It is someplace you take your boys (or girls too I guess) and build model cars or something like that. Her brother brought his youngest son, and she thought he might like that. Me? I an going to play WoW.

Okay. That's it for now. I am still a bit groggy from staying up late last night, and the thought process is running slow. That and I will be spending the next 20 minutes trying to spellcheck this post. Have a good day!


Wednesday, August 12

Something is Different Around Here

Not much to write about today. My life has been somewhat boring of late - which is nice. No drama, no soap operas. Just clean boring regular day to day stuff. It's gotten so boring, I don't care about my punctuation anymore. Well, at least I may not always correct it....

So let's play a word game today. I don't know the name of the game, but I give a word, and you see how many words you can make from it.

Today's word is : BARED

One clue - bread don't count. What the hell does that other word have to do with anything? Well, it went bu-bye this morning. I couldn't hear the "Taps" playing over the sound of the hair trimmers, but that is okay. It got a fitting 'lay to rest' in the bathroom trash.

In case you wonder why this was such a deal, we have to go back several months. The families had gotten together near the end of January to celebrate the Sis's and her son's birthdays. Stuman and my BIL had both decided to grow beards, and had both started about Jan. 1st. I had only a goatee, so I jokingly asked if it was a contest as to who could grow the most the fastest. Laughingly, the answer came back yes.

Being of the somewhat competitive natured person I am, and it would be even lazier to not shave, I started to let mine achieve it's desired potential. Here is a picture of me July 4th after 5 months of growth.

Well, I did my Indiana trip, and had many comments about looking like 'Grizzly Adams' or how I reminded some of certain family members when they were younger. But the combo of facial hair, being fat, and sweating a lot in the Arizona heat (and dry air) created the effect of Monster-Sized dandruff and raw skin from scratching. My cheeks look reddened by rouge, but it is from irritation - and I haven't broke the razor in to 'baby-smooth' the cheeks.

My kids are so attentive. They didn't even notice this morning. But the were concerned about how leveled up I got my WoW character. Go figure.

Okay, I wasted enough of our time together today. Think about this while you are enjoying today....


Monday, August 10

It's That Time of Year Again

I know I waited somewhat anxiously for this day to come, and though I was prepared for it, we were still caught by surprise.

School started today. The three older kids are back in the classroom as I type this, and I love it! Now instead of hearing how bored they are, they will be complaining of homework, and telling stories of what happened during the day.

So, like the wonderful parents we are, the Wife and I had pretty much everything ready for today. Supplies had been purchased and distributed among the clan; they were instructed to have clothes out for the next day; even the early (wish it were earlier) bedtime last night.

All for the Wife and I to oversleep.

Yes. I don't know if it didn't get turned on, or got turned off in her sleep, but there was no noise I heard this morning of the alarm. Either way, 7:05 was blazing in red numbers as the Wife jumps out of bed and exclaimed "Oh, no!" I readily, hurriedly, and uncolor-coordinatedly dressed and rushed the Daughter to school. She was to be there by 7:15. Well, 7:21 ain't too shabby for a wake up like this morning. The boys made it to school in fine time as well. I presume the Wife made it to work with no problem as well, but have not heard.

I have to confess. I am now officially the "Bad Son". We had celebrated the Reverend Mother's Glorious 60th Birthday on Friday night, but yesterday was the exact day. Me, being the over-thoughtful, loving, caring, doting son that I am - forgot to call and wish a Happy Bday. I made a call about 5 minutes ago and pled my case before the Reverend Mother, who in her infinite love exonerated me and allowed me to keep my status as her favorite. Well, she said it was okay since I had a bunch of other stuff on my plate at the time. And I am not talking about food.

Okay folks, I need to get going on some other stuff (like playing WoW and leveling up). Y'all have a good one!


Saturday, August 8


MAn, I am ready for bed. Just got done playing some WoW. My bro in law hooked me up with a set of headphones w/mic and I installed the software so I can talk with them while we are all online playing. It's pretty rad for a bumpkin like me! The boys are excited to get their chance to try it out with their cousin!

The Reverend Mother celebrated her 60th bday with a surprise party for her tonight. I can't explain how hard it was to not mention anything that would tip her off as to the shindig. Needless to say, it came off as a success. Sis did a wonderful job with a picture video put to music she made ont he computer. Good enough I got some tears going - and I watched it like 4 times before the party! For relatives reading this, I am sure I can pass word along if you would like a copy of the video (hint Uncle Mike). I know my Aunt will be here til Wed. I am sure Sis can burn a copy to send back.

The Daughter and I had a nice conversation over breakfast this morning. We worked out the problem, and made better guidelines as to what each of us expect. Maybe making the mistakes now with her will make it easier when the boys get that age. Somehow I doubt it.

Nate had a wonderful birthday today. He scored a number of programs for the computer, and Saturday (today) we are going to the place of his choosing for lunch. Go figure it is a place similar to Chuck E Cheeses (or Showbiz - depending on where you are at I guess). I know he will be getting more stuff tomorrow. Not a bad haul for a 7 year old.

Okay I gotta git as my eyes are falling down.


Friday, August 7

Another year has gone by....

Today my middle son turns 7 years old. As a parent, you see your kids growing seemingly so fast before your eyes. He has become a great young man for his age, and simply thrives on showing his affection amongst family. Now if only I can raise him correctly to have solid ideals about everything....

... that brings to the oldest, my daughter. In about 15 minutes we are off to McDonalds to have a sit down discussion about her interpretation of permission, and how we can resolve things to make it less stressful all the way around. She had come home last night from a date only an hour late - after I even called her on the phone. Yeah, Dad wasn't happy. Mom wasn't happy. And now - because I told her last night we would be discussing punishment this weekend, she is taking the "I hate you and everybody hates me - I am moving out when I am 18" trash talk. Oh didn't I mention the yelling at every one and the tears?


I am still trying to figure where I went wrong in raising this one. I am sure everyone has a finger to point me int he direction of my error, and I am trying my patient best (and I am not a patient person) to at least remedy the situation if not fully correct it. Too little too late probably, but I got to try something. The Wife and I are both tired of this all. At least she graduates next summer and is striving to get to UofA that next fall.

Today though, is a good day. Concentrate on the son's birthday. He will be opening his presents and such tonight whenever The Wife gets home from work. Fridays she has to work late enough that it makes it hard to do a family dinner out, so we moved the event to tomorrow. He has decided on a pizza place that has the games/tokens thing going on. Now I have to figure out when to do that so the daughter can be there, as she has a bday party for a friend's baby (yes, young mother) also. Plus, a bunch of my high school alumni are doing a large get together tomorrow night I would like to attend. I have a feeling I am not going to make it.


The things parents give up for their children. Too bad this is only a lesson learned. Would have been nice to know maybe ahead of the whole being a parent thing. Not that I would change it, just would like to have known about it ahead of time. Or maybe I knew it, but just didn't pay attention. That is more like it.

Enough of this today. I am off to have the discussion, then picking the boys up and headed to the Sis's house for all the cousins to play together for the afternoon.


Wednesday, August 5

Hmmmmm, Hump Day

Dang! It's the middle of the week and I didn't realize it til late today. I guess I just haven't been paying attention.

Nothing much to update. Been losing brain cells playing WoW and trying to create macros for it.

I still need to go shopping for my son's bday on Friday. Need to figure out something for the Reverend Mother's bday as well. After all, she hits that big 60! And she is looking forward to it!

Need to get a new soundcard for the newer computer in the house. The standard Motherboard sound setup isn't working - hasn't since I brought it home. It was an early gift from the Sis and her hubby. HUGE hard drive space, memory and video. So maybe tonight I can run to the store and hopefully find something big and loud without spending alot of money.

Tomorrow the two older boys have "Meet your teacher" night at the school. Looks like I may be taking them as the Wife works til later. The only time ofthe year the teacher will see me, as the Wife attends the conferences. I do go to the concerts, though.

Okay that's it. I need to get going and try to accomplish something before the weekend.


Monday, August 3

I've gone and shot myself in the foot

I give up. I apologize profusely to any family reading this that I messed up names, forgot dates, and forgot who on what date for birthdays this month. Seems I can't remember things correctly, so I am just going to stop doing that right now.

But it did get a few comments being made... that doesn't happen too often around here...

Welcome to Monday. Another exciting hot day in the pits of AZ. We are still under an 'Excessive Heat Warning' until 8:30pm. Yeah. A heat warning. Like the 115+ temps didn't clue me in on that. I need them to do that scrolling notification on the tv so I would know while I am sitting in the AC.

And since I have nothing else popping in my head, here's a funny to start the week.

Ted visited a psychic of some local repute.

In a dark nd hazy room, peering into a crystal ball, the mystic delivered the grave news:

"There's no easy way to say this, so I'll just be blunt - prepare yourself to be a widower. Your Wife will die in a violent and horrible death this year."

Visibly shaken, Ted stared at the woman's lined face, then at the single flickering candle, and finally at his hands. He took a few deep breaths to compose himself.

He simply had to know. He met the fortune teller's gaze, steadied his voice, and asked:

"Will I be acquitted?"


Sunday, August 2

Sunday Morning Going Down

It seems a beautiful Sunday here today. Aside from the late hour of sleeping in, the sun is shining, and I am getting ready to head off to the pub to meet up with some friends to watch the race. Plus I gotta give her the T-shirt I got at Indy Motor Speedway.

Kids and Wife are at church, so I had a quiet breakfast and did my daily Mafia Wars on Facebook and Myspace. Ran through the days allotment of emails as of this morning. Was thinking of logging into WoW - but my friends and the race only wait so long. In fact, race has just started I think. I need to go get dressed (no, incase you are wondering I am not nude) and get headed out the door.

Y'all have a good one. I'll be back tomorrow. I need to send thank yous from my trip - I kow it is late, but that's me.


Saturday, August 1

The Secret to Power-Napping

I think I have adjusted back to AZ time just fine now. Been home almost a full week and sleeping just fine the past few days - excluding this morning. Of course, I was p til 6 am playing WoW and am beginning the lessons of power-napping. Feel refreshed and go back to do that one more quest to level up!! The things I do.....

It is Saturday, and we are under a week to the middle son's birthday. The Wife and I still need to decide what we are going to do for birthday #7. Maybe just do the pizza and games thing. I don't know right now. The power-napping doesn't allow me to use full facilities.

Last night we (as a family) went out to dinner and invited the daughter's boyfriend. It was the first time I had really had any chance to sit down and talk to him. I thought it was a good dinner and was glad we had invited him along. Afterwards, the Wife said she thought he seemed really nervous. She mentioned it seemed he was thinking of the proper way to say things, and I had noticed his table manners were WAY above what I consider good (especially considering my boys). The daughter got into the vehicle after telling him goodbye, and I asked her about these things. She said he was extremely nervous as he wanted to be sure to make a very good impression upon me. I almost laughed in her face - a good impression on me?!? It was that important to him? Then I thought about my first time meeting my in-laws and I didn't laugh but actually gave him credit points for doing that. If he had just scorned me and was indifferent, I might have just killed him and sent his remains to the Chinese joint up the road.

So the Wife was off this week on "vacation". She was able to get some changes around the house done that she has been wanting to do. That means I was a bit busier than normal. Good thing she goes back to work Monday, and I can get back into a regular routine.

August is here as today is the 1st. There are several birthdays in this month for my family. I guess we all can figure out that it is cold in December.. if ya know what I mean! There is my son the 7th, the Holy Reverend Mother hits the HUMONGOUS 60 years on the 9th, and I have an uncle turning 48 on the 16th. He is one of my more favorite uncles, and was able to spend some one on one time with him in Indy.

I guess this morning is going to be pretty quiet. The kids didn't get off to bed until 1am (watching me play WoW). I think I am going to get me some frosted flakes and go do another quest. Y'all have a good one!


Edit - good thing for spellcheck. I got fat fingers!!!