Monday, August 10

It's That Time of Year Again

I know I waited somewhat anxiously for this day to come, and though I was prepared for it, we were still caught by surprise.

School started today. The three older kids are back in the classroom as I type this, and I love it! Now instead of hearing how bored they are, they will be complaining of homework, and telling stories of what happened during the day.

So, like the wonderful parents we are, the Wife and I had pretty much everything ready for today. Supplies had been purchased and distributed among the clan; they were instructed to have clothes out for the next day; even the early (wish it were earlier) bedtime last night.

All for the Wife and I to oversleep.

Yes. I don't know if it didn't get turned on, or got turned off in her sleep, but there was no noise I heard this morning of the alarm. Either way, 7:05 was blazing in red numbers as the Wife jumps out of bed and exclaimed "Oh, no!" I readily, hurriedly, and uncolor-coordinatedly dressed and rushed the Daughter to school. She was to be there by 7:15. Well, 7:21 ain't too shabby for a wake up like this morning. The boys made it to school in fine time as well. I presume the Wife made it to work with no problem as well, but have not heard.

I have to confess. I am now officially the "Bad Son". We had celebrated the Reverend Mother's Glorious 60th Birthday on Friday night, but yesterday was the exact day. Me, being the over-thoughtful, loving, caring, doting son that I am - forgot to call and wish a Happy Bday. I made a call about 5 minutes ago and pled my case before the Reverend Mother, who in her infinite love exonerated me and allowed me to keep my status as her favorite. Well, she said it was okay since I had a bunch of other stuff on my plate at the time. And I am not talking about food.

Okay folks, I need to get going on some other stuff (like playing WoW and leveling up). Y'all have a good one!


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