Wednesday, March 31

Time To Kick Some Ass ....

It's been a long day already. As you can tell from the last post, I was up all night thanks to an over-active imagination. It's all starting me to feeling like some rock star. I mean, think about it....

Up all night. Nap in the morning. A few practice runs on some vocal arrangements.

Wait. Vocal arrangements, you ask? Yes, the d00d is going to be in concert tonight.

My local pub is having Finals Night in karaoke. I am one of 16 finalists trying for the grand prize (and only prize I add) of a home karaoke system worth a few hundred dollars. Yeah, I see ya roll your eyes and think 'Karaoke. Yee. Haw. Bunch of drunks trying to sing.' I don't mean to sound conceited, but you want to hear some jukebox versions of songs by Trace Adkins, Tim McGraw, Don Williams, and a few others, then ya need to come down and hear me. I've been told that I am pretty damn good.

So, it's early afternoon, I am getting ready to do my hair and finish getting ready before heading down that way. Gonna need some down time reading and putting back some beer before the contest starts.

Wish me luck.


Yesterday Ended Well

Yesterday, the Wife and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary. Hard to believe she has put up with me for that many years. For lack of being super-rich, we settled for a nice dinner of the two of us at a local restaurant called Black Angus (a steakhouse), and did some shopping afterwards. T'was nice not to have the kids along, aside from the extra amount that would have been spent for dinner, the quiet conversation would never have taken place otherwise. We made it a bit of an extension, too. The dessert we brought home we will eat it tomorrow evening after dinner .... without the kids around .... even if we have to hide in shed out back. I am sure we won't have to go to those extremes.

Sunday will be spent at Sis' for lunch as planned still. Tonight I received a phone call from her to double check our attendance for lunch. Usually, are responsibility to bring food-wise is like chips/dip or the equivalent. This particular time though, I have been asked to bring something else ... a dessert I make that is similar to cheesecake, but not. Seems everyone in the family likes it. I had sent over a couple pies of it last Thanksgiving, since our family was spending the dinner with the Wife's side of the family. It went fast I heard. As it does with the Wife's family as well. What can I say, I do something pretty damn good every once in a while.

Rusty, Spawn of Satan, has dropped back into his regular routine very quickly. For being a cat on the loose in the city for the first time, for a period of a little over 24 hours, being back home is probably pretty nice for him. I have only once seen him show an interest in the front door since that night he came back home. Now, if he could lose interest in other things such as trying to claw furniture, and jumping back and forth across my bed (and me) in the middle of the night ... that would make me more of a cat-liker. In fact, as I write this, his Fat and Laziness is sitting in the chair next to the desk, giving me the look as he knows I am talking about him. I can't wait til I get to the point I can - what's it called.... when you make inanimate, or non-human things more human-like (personification?) ... when I can do that with him.... and then just drag him through the wringer. Heh. Something to look forward to. Be prepared, my whiskered adversary.

Still don't know when my daughter's graduation announcements are to arrive. Yeah, I know. Like a month and a half til the event, and no announcements. SO, if you are family, and you actually read this stuff, email me your address so I can get you an announcement.

We have finalized our Family Trip dates. I need to contact family/friends back in IN/MI to warn them of our eminent arrival. Tonight, some of the shopping we did was for pricing on stuff for the trip. Such as DVD player w/screen for movies. Amazing how small those things have gotten now. Not surprised at the cost though. Sheesh! Looked at digital cameras as well. The Wife has been taking my Sony Cybershot lately, though she complained she does not know how to use it. I bitch about how I need it so when I need it, it is handy. We priced out some cameras for her tonight, and I think I have her talked into one, which we will get before our trip. I did get a new USB hub for the computer, and just had to pick up a movie. "Chronicles of Riddick". I got the whole set now. Watched it tonight too. I forgot how much I liked it.

It's after 3am now. I need to get busy on this other thing before I can get some sleep. Got some story stuck in my head I need to get typed out to at least be able to sleep. And who knows, maybe it will turn into a short story.


Monday, March 29

Too Good to Be True

Friggen figures.

No sooner than I posted that last bit of happy drivel, I hear something at the front door... It's that damn cat coming home.

He's inside and fine. no scratches or signs of fighting. He's a bit dirty, and hungry as a mofo (Cuz he was eating like King Cole here).

Woke the Wife and let her know. Now if I can get him to quit rubbing against my legs... he won't stop. Think he might be happy to be home, and actually see me.... Argh!



Lordy, Lordy, I am SAVED!

Well, that is what one would be thinking when they hear from me that the one known as the "Spawn of Satan" and Crack Kitty is no longer at our residence. Regardless what many of you think, I actually had nothing to do with it: no target practice (dang!), no turtle bait (double dang!) and no sealed plastic bag off the bridge (dry landing here!).

Nope. Best recollection we can put together is sometime last night between 6:30'ish and 9:30'ish, he done snuck out prolly when the front door was being used, or something. We noticed about 5 this evening that we had not seen him all day... asked the kids and got a negative. Then everyone started searching for him. Well, everyone but me. I sort of sat here and com-man-deered the whole operation. Saying things like, "Well, just leave the front door open and if I hear him I will open the screen door." or "Well, we know he ain't gonna starve with that damn fat belly he had growing on him."

For some reason, The Wife asked me to hush since it wasn't helping any.

She went on to drive sorta thru the neighborhood on the way to her mom's, and the daughter sorta went up and down the street looking around for him. The boys, they looked under the beds, and in closets (though I kept telling them we would have heard him, or he would have come out from under the bed for food by now.

Frankly, I am kind of happy about it. I never really wanted another pet to get attached to after Spunky died last year. And now Rusty is gone, I don't have to worry about food/water when we go on vacation. But, the dumb kids done got attached and they are a bit sad about not knowing where he is, or if he is alive, or whatever. All I can do is sigh and think to myself, 'well, they gotta find out about this sort of stuff somehow.'

Tuesday is my Wife's and mine special day. I gotta spend some time tomorrow trying to figure out something nice to do that evening.

And yes, I didn't complain when the Wife put some food and water on the back porch "just in case" - though I think she is going to attract every damn stray int he neighborhood doing that shit. Oh well.


Sunday, March 28

The Party is Now Over

... and I was not the last to leave. In fact, I think I was like the third or fourth to leave last night. I had a good time, don't get me wrong! I just ate too much. Yes, I said ATE and not DRANK! There was so much good food, I must have had like 6 helpings, if not more! I got to the point where I was starting to fall asleep. So I said my goodbyes to my friend throwing the party and snuck out the door.

That means, today is a slow-down day. I think I am going to spend it just chilling in front of the computer. Between Facebook, and a handful of DVDs I pulled out of the Family Room, I should be good to go.

Easter is next weekend. Plans right now are to go to Sis' for lunch. Daughter MAY be trying for her license this week. I dunno. Up to her.


Friday, March 26

Just plain tired of it

I have been somewhat pissed off most of this week. I blame my daughter for 98% of it. I am tired of the "I am 18 and can do what I want, whenever I want" crap. For once I am actually, truly looking forward to her being away at college. The sooner the better.

I have bitched before about how her attitude and lack of responsibility; her 'I don't care about your rules' attitude; the way she blatantly defies all the guidelines we have in place, though they provide her with leniency, compared to the boys. And whenever we try to correct her it on the issue, it is nothing but her yelling at both the Wife and I, calling us names, slamming doors, refusing to even converse - like the adult she is supposed to be becoming. I got a note she wrote on my computer keyboard yesterday. I refuse to read it. That is not a conversation, that is someone telling me only their side, and not allowing our input. Chickenshit is what I call it.

At first I always stood my ground, no matter what. Then after discussing some of these problems with friends, they made me re-think some things. She is 18, why not give her more freedom - quit feeling like I am controlling everything - let her bury herself in her mistakes. So, I have been trying that. I say trying, because it doesn't seem to be working too well. I am tired of her attempting to 'walk over us' and just DO what she wants, no matter what - and I am referring to just things at home, not what she does outside of it. No, I will not allow her to scream and yell at her brothers just because she is having a bad day. No, the computer time limit (not past midnight) is still in effect - and the excuse "I am working on scholarship information' isn't flying because for the past 3 hours I have seen you do nothing but chat with friends on Facebook.

I am *supposed* to take her in for her driving test this next week as she has never bothered to follow through and get her license (she has had the opportunity since she was 16). I know I am tired of running her around, but that is not going to change even after that. We cannot afford to add her to the insurance. But the Wife is debating buying her a car... I don't get it. She treats us like shit, calls us names, tells us to Fuck off, and we are assholes, and we don't understand... and I am always the bad guy no matter what... and the wife wants to get her a car... Hell no.

I am just so frustrated. And depressed. I know I am not the greatest father. Never pretended to be. But what am I doing wrong? I am not giving up on the rules of our house. They were set for a reason. I make leeway on some, depending on their age, and the reason for the leeway. Is that not enough? And I start to hate myself because I truly just want to write her out of our lives. It would seemingly make things so simple.

That's not the right thing to do. I know that. But I do wonder where do I draw the line, and just tell her to get the hell out of my home, the one she is causing problems with, to us as parents, to her brothers by example, and just embarrassing us (wife agrees), as her 'second face' is given to all her friends, and to family, so they have no clue what is going on.

Sigh. Even just giving up seems not worth it.


Tuesday, March 23

Slow Week Ahead

It's somewhat raining this morning, and the high today is supposed to be about 70'ish. That sounds downright wonderful for Phoenix. Lately it has been in the 80's and warming up to be a hot summer.

I got nothing so far this week. Running the daughter to the orthodontist for a repair today. No plans for going out this week until Saturday. Got a party that night. In fact, I am going early to put together a portable firepit for her. And tap the keg top be sure it is at the right temperature come party time. Hard job, I know.

Got the dates set for our family trip. We figure, we ain't heard back from everyone yet, but setting the dates as they are the best we are going to be able to do. If nothing else, we can spend extra time at other places, or head home early. Thinking about maybe a different route home if we have the time as the Wife would like to visit some friends in the middle of the country. I dunno as of yet.

That's it for now.


Saturday, March 20

Dat Some Good Shit, Mon!

Yesterday afternoon I got the munchies. Not because I partook in any activity involving THC, I just got sorta hungry. So I looked in the fridge and saw a half filled jar of Reverend Mother's homemade salsa. Oh yeah! I grabbed it, a small bowl and the chips, then headed back to the computer, thinking "This is it!"

As I sat down I began thinking, just how long has this jar been in the fridge? When did RM make her last batch that she gave this to me? I came to my conclusion it wasn't that long ago, and opened it up. Gingerly, I gave it the old sniff test - yup, smelled fine. Looking at it, there was no mold or anything growing in it. I went ahead and poured some into my bowl. Still looked fine - no discolorations, chunks that shouldn't be there, or other signs of going bad. Finally, I dipped a chip and tasted. Oh! It was good! I was in a small part of heaven there for about 15 minutes.

The daughter had decided she wanted some too, so she poured some into a bowl for her. We were doing computer stuff, and munching chips with salsa, when I ran out. So I saw there was a small bowl full left, and dumped into mine. I grabbed a chip and dunked that fried corn , scooping a nice amount of flavor on the way up to my mouth. One bite, and HALT! Something didn't taste right. In fact, it tasted down right wrong, and yucky! I swallowed down that bite and looked at the bowl. It was bubbling. That ain't supposed to be happening! I warned the daughter, but she was near done with hers as well. I shrugged and said, well, we will know how bad it is by how we feel later today or tomorrow morning....

So life went on for the evening, feeling no different than normal. But man, I woke up at 3 am talking to my self saying the actually words, "Man, you are going crazy!" I had one hell of a psychedelic dream going on last night. I know it was good because it had lotsa weird stuff in it like state police, car/bus accident that was bloody, writing in the starry sky, planets with rings (like Saturn) plain to the eye all over the night sky, and weird-ass people. It was bad enough I woke myself up thinking I WAS crazy.

Man, wonder if the RM can make salsa like that again....


Wednesday, March 17

Hunkered Over for Hump Day

I hurt this morning. Not only am I up about 2 hours earlier than usual, but I slept crooked or something. My back, previously almost normal again, now hurts again. And my shoulder. I Must have slept wrong on my side to mess both of them up. I was hoping it was due to bedroom antics....

Yesterday I took the kids to Sis's house. The 3 older ones were going to spend the night, so I was thinking that it was going to be a good evening. Picked up the Wife from work... a little later than meant too, but still good. Out to dinner at Outback - just her, me and the 4 yr old. Back home again, things are looking good....

You guessed it. The Wife got on Facebook and ended up chatting for an hour and a half - I ended up watching "Ultimate Soldier:Regeneration" (OMG - BORING!!!) then it was pretty much off to bed for me. That steak was putting me out.

Today Sis should bring the kids home. I need to fill out the Census paperwork that arrived int he mail yesterday.

Waiting to hear back from emails I sent yesterday regarding the dates for our family trip. Starting looking at hotel rates (for estimates) and decided I need to shop around for a "discount-type place for hotels".

I should do something constructive right now, but I think I am going to go swallow some ibuprofen and lay back down. Maybe sleep will come and I will be lucky.


Monday, March 15

Get the Party Started

The kids are all out for Spring Break this week. I should feel lucky at least that the daughter didn't try to "out-do" her normal antics and want to go somewhere like Lake Havasu with friends for the week. Yeah, I can imagine myself going ballistic about that one! Instead, she has some English critical analysis to work on and supposedly, I say that because I am not quite sure how true it is, but a "group work" time on some school work as well. Personally, I think it is an excuse to go over tot a friend's house, because they seem to have these only on breaks, and it is always an "all day" thing. I never have called her out on it though.... I figure, I need to let her feel like she is getting away with something every once in awhile. I catch her on too many other things she fucks up.

Sis and I plan on getting the kids together this week, as her's are out of school as well. I am thinking tomorrow. My boys want to spend the night there, too. Hey, I could do with fewer kids at home for one night... Maybe, the Wife will think it a good idea too.... Here's to hoping!

This week I will have our traveling dates set. So far, the Wife stands a good chance to get all the days off she needs in July. I get to be the lucky one and set up where we are staying, and when. She's along for the ride. (laugh).

I am heading out this afternoon to pick up one of the Daughter's graduation presents. I'd tell you what it is, but lately I have a suspicion that she has been reading here. I don't care if she does, but I like to keep some surprises up my sleeve.

That's it for now.


Thursday, March 11

It only hurts for a little while

Whew! I finally got the spare tire on to my car Tuesday. Of course, in the process, I pinched a nerve in my back. It ain't turning into my week at all.

So I was getting the 4 yr old out of the van, after picking up the kids from Grandma's and running to the station to put air in the spare. And just did something wrong. Damn near dropped the kid as I locked up and couldn't move for a few minutes. After about 30 minutes of being able to sit inside, I got back out there and taught the oldest son how to change a tire. He did a majority of the labor for me. A little constructive Daddy-Son time.

Then I wen to the pub and was feeling no pain when I came home and went to bed.

Today, oh boy! Yeah, the back still hurts, and I found out it is difficult to sit in a chair for more than an hour. And walking around doesn't seem to help. Ibuprofen - I swear that my body just ignores it. I think I had too much back when my teeth were giving me so much pain, that they body just ignores it. I had a couple naps today to help give me somewhat of a "pain-free" time. But that has double-crossed me by not letting me sleep tonight.

Gonna have to stay awake all day tomorrow so I can sleep tomorrow night now. PITA.

I am thirsty as something else today too. Don't know why. Nothing seems to quench the "need" for drink. Water, soda, juice, tea.... nothing fits the bill. I hope I shake it soon. Going to be draining fluid for days it feels like.


Tuesday, March 9

I'm Craving

No, not craven...that's something a bit different. But seriously, I am craving. A nice, cold beer, in a big mug, at the pub. It sounds so good right now. I must sound like an alcoholic, but I don't care. It has been almost a week since my last drink... that's good for me.

Still trying to plan out dates for the family trip to Indiana this summer. Seems I get dates all set, and something happens that we gotta change them. Then I go back to the calendar and try to re arrange everything. This could be a full time job in itself. I hope to have it done with by the end of the month.

The Wife has been home yesterday, and again today, as she is feeling a bit under the weather. I would say what she has, but it would embarrass her. Needless to say, she has spent alot of time in the bathroom, so I wonder if we are going to have to redecorate soon.

That's all I got for now. Back to facebook, and watching country song parodies on youtube.


Monday, March 8

Thank Goodness for School

I am sooooo glad today is Monday, and spring break isn't here, and it is not a holiday. This weekend, I just had enough of the children. Knowing they were headed back to school, really helped me get through yesterday.

It wasn't like they were killing each other, at the top of their voices, and breaking everything they touched..... or showing their siblings how much they love them by pushing, shoving, and hitting ..... and just plain talking back to the Wife and I, yelling and making excuses, and let's not forget the lying.

And I am talking about all four of them, at different points throughout the past three days.

But, I made brownie points with the Wife. She went Friday night to catch the last presentation of "Clue" that the daughter was performing in, and then Saturday night, she attended a get together of a high school that closed before she graduated. Both nights she was childless basically, and had a really good time. I was at home with the boys, getting the level of my frustration starting to new heights.

But it is Monday. I smile slowly to myself as I sit here, listening to the quiet in the house - Dammit Rusty!! You damn cat! Quit knocking stuff off the counter!

Oh well.... it couldn't last forever.


Friday, March 5

Nothing There

I am at a complete blank as to what to post. Been this way for a few days now. Seems my life has just gone plain.

Enjoy this little bit. Be back later.


Tuesday, March 2

The Call Finally Came ....

Yesterday felt a bit wasted. I sat around most of the afternoon waiting on that call from the garage saying the van was ready. It never came. By 3pm I finally called. They were still working on it, and would call me back in about an hour or so. When 5pm came around, still no call. The wife called me, I said just plan on it being there overnight, as they close at 6.

We were on our way to the concert when the garage calls me. I am a bit surprised, as it is after hours. Seems the intake manifold came up with another problem/issue (of course) and they were going to have to order a different part. Of course, it costs more... another $35. But, they say they can have it done by mid morning Tuesday. I am like, just get it fixed, please.

I figured I would give them until noon today to call. It is now 10:30am, and they just called 5 minutes ago. The guy is out test driving it, and if I want to come up within the hour, it'll be ready. Finally. I don't know if I want to go. That's alot of money to pay.

Sigh. Oh, I know I will hitch up my pants and drag myself there. Now I gotta figure out how to get the Sis's van back to her, do the kid car seat switch and all - on a convenient time schedule for everyone. Sounds easier than it me.


Monday, March 1

Today is Less Day

Welcome to Monday. For many, it is a thrill-LESS day. For me it is a vehicle-LESS one as well. I ran our minivan up to garage so it can be problem-LESS hopefully by the end of the day. Of course, in that process, it makes me closer to penny-LESS, and have to get by with LESS for awhile.

Let's talk about FUL (FULL), and maybe how today is a one of those days as well. My Sis, wonder-FUL as she and her family are, loaned us their minivan for the weekend, plus, until we get ours back from the garage. My FIL, as he is able to assist me in rides to/from the garage for the van. And lastly, FULL is what I hope my spare tire to be, once I get to changing the flat on my car.

Yeah, okay. It all sounds cheesy, but I had to fill some space somehow today.

Saturday night I went and watched the performance of my daughter's school play "CLUE". Being how it was a high school play, and open to the whole school, I suppose it wasn't bad. My daughter, and another actor stood out in my memory as being extremely better than the rest. And I include my daughter, not because I am biased. I am pretty critical of her (I am told) but her performance as Mrs. Peacock was very entertaining.

Tonight, both my daughter and son are performing in a school district wide music concert. The daughter plays clarinet for the HS and the son plays French horn for he elementary school. Plus I found out he was selected for the district-wide Honor Band.

My youngest had a very nice birthday. Unfortunately, due to the finances due to van repairs, and the schedule of things to do this weekend, we were not able to go out and celebrate. HE did receive many gifts he had wanted (for a 4 year old) and has only broken one a little bit. Not bad for only being 2 days past his birthday.

Okay, I think I am out of regular thought for the time being. I need to go through my notebook and see what is going on this week that I was told about, or actually wrote down to remember.