Friday, November 28

What a Day!

Phew! Damn, I need more turkey for that trip-whatever they say makes ya sleepy! Good excuse for the Wife!!

I had a wonderful holiday with family, and the Reverend Mother's giblet gravy (I have Ziplocs of it to take home). Sis did damn good with her green bean casserole, and the winner is me and my two older boys. We ended up staying this night at my sis's whilst everyone else went home. I think it had to do with the two boys playing 'World of Warcraft' for the first time, and me, just hanging, watching movies and drinking the big ass bottle of Gentleman Jack the BIL picked up (I Love him so much!).

So here it is about 3QAM AZ time, and the oldest son and I are both doing mail/blog things. I am trying to get him offline to bed, but it is taking awhile. Meantime, I have been checking movie trailers. Lotta good stuff coming out - well, more bad than good, but some good stuff mixed in there.

BLACK FRIDAY - geez, that is tomorrow. The sis said she would drive me and the 2 boys home sometime, which is good for me. No shopping for at least a couple days. Okay - oldest is heading to bed - gotta go.


Thursday, November 27

Countdown to the Gravy

Happy Thanksgiving Day! Be sure to remember those who won't be home for this holiday in your prayers, and what a fine job all the vets have done for this country.

I am counting down to time for the gravy. The Reverend Mother makes the best giblet gravy....


Tuesday, November 25

My Favorite Week

Thanksgiving Day is only 2 days away and I am excited. This is my favorite holiday of the year. I have been pacing myself preparing for the food that is going to be presented and feasted upon throughout the whole afternoon. I may fore go alcohol just to get more turkey and deviled eggs down - oh and the giblet gravy too!!!

Last week I pretty much accomplished avoiding the Wife. Which is why there were not any updates. Wife and computer at home means no way to access unless I went to someone else's house. Only prob is the other person actually has a job. Hopefully that is changing soon. I received a nice lead from a someone I know for a position selling vacation packages - no cold calling - and only 5 minutes from home. I am checking it out as soon as I am done here. You, my esteemed readers, come first.

Saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra Sunday night with the three older kids. The youngest made it halfway before falling asleep. As my buddy Smitty said, I was not too impressed this year. Seemed the same type of show, with few changes. I still enjoyed the second half when they play several of the well known songs. Either way the kids liked it again, and that goes for a major portion of their Christmas. They seemed okay with that - for now anyways.

Thanksgiving - A time I feel one should reflect and think about what they are thankful for over the past year. My list is pretty basic: My Wife and kids, a home for us, and many extra things (like a computer, eating out, etc). I try to keep it simple.

Thanks to you readers too. It's not always interesting here, but I am sure you have laughed at some point. I'll be sure to have a quick thought of you between forkfuls of turkey and pumpkin pie. Happy Thanksgiving!


Tuesday, November 18

To Not Be Seen or Heard

That's my goal this week. To avoid being detected anywhere near the Wife this week while she is on vacation. Yesterday morning I feel I did more than I did all of last week! Honey-Do's are not my favorite things. So I spent yesterday just hiding out with a book at the pub. Today, I am safe so far. Just watched "Kung Fu Panda" and am heading to the shower. My allergies are kicking up a bit today, so I may be able to get out of a few things.

Nothing much new to share. But I am sure there should be more to tell about tomorrow, if I don't stay outta the way today. Be Back Later!


Wednesday, November 12

Another Mid-Week Day is here

It is Wednesday once again, and I find myself in need already to return to the library for more books. Something I will have to plan out this afternoon I am sure. I spent yesterday re-reading and finishing "Rising Sun" just for lack of anything else to read at home.

The boys have a half day today so I will be picking them up around the noon hour. I figure then run them over to Dairy Queen for a treat and then maybe the library. Of course, then no one would want to go home, but we would have to, and the younger one would start throwing fits. I can almost see it all already.... sigh.

Not much else happening this week. This weekend looks like it will be our first to be able to sleep in possibly past 8am so the Wife and I are looking forward to it. Her more than I, I am sure. Next week, the Wife is taking a weeks vacation time so posting may be erratic. Depends on how much she bothers me I guess.


Sunday, November 9

Another Season comes to a Close

This weekend marks the official end of a hectic season around the d00d household, and I am celebrating in secret with untold amounts of joy.

The son had his last football Saturday in nearby Anthem (only 30 minutes north of our home - thank goodness was close). Unfortunately, they lost, but did receive a free T-shirt just for playing. He has only the end of the year party to attend in December to be done with this team. To make the last game even more special for him, he had slightly injured his hand earlier in the game. Kind of a combination of bruise/smash around the thumb and wrist area. By the near start of the 4th quarter, the Wife (a physical therapist) and myself had checked him and he wanted to play more. They were able to get him in a couple more plays before the end of the game, but he never got to complete his total of 10 plays. After the game, I was not right there, but his uncle (one of the coaches) got up into the "main asst coach" and gave him holy hell about it all. I am just happy we are not going to associate with this league any longer.

The football games for the HS have finished as well for my daughter. The last home game was Friday. Saturday she competed in the State Marching festival in (opposite side of the Valley) Chandler. They received an Excellent rating. Marching season has ended pretty much for her, and now will roll over into the concert band season for the remainder of the year. Still have to get up and deliver her for zero hour at 6:30am (sigh).

So that brings in the new season of Thanksgiving (and *shudder*) Christmas. I know the whole Christmas thing is going to be small around here. But we were able to already obtain big gift presents for each of the kids - that much is done and out of the way. Not sure what we are doing for Thanksgiving yet. Usually it is at my sister's - but she may not be able to host it this year. The Wife's family usually do something up north in Clarkdale/Cottonwood, but there has not been any news about it yet this year. Who knows, maybe for once we will just do our Tday here at home. Not sure if the Wife likes the idea of having to fix that many dishes, but at least the kids can help her clean up afterwards!

Funny thing after my last post where I mentioned about stocking up on firearms and ammo. I heard last week on the morning NEWS/Talk show that firearm sales had increased over 27% since the election on Tuesday. The majority being automatic firearms because that is the first type the legislation will be passed to restrict the sales of. F'ing idiots. Now I gotta hurry and find a job so I can raise the cash to get my share....

Today the NASCAR race is here in Phoenix - and I was not able to score a couple tickets to take the oldest son to his first race. Not even sure if it will be televised on the regular channels here. I think I am going to head to the pub to watch it. That and to get out of the house.

I think that that is about all I have for today. I am sure I will be back in a day or so with more. I still need to d/l the pics from the camera from Halloween to show ya costumes the kids had. It's hard to get that thing away from the Wife.


Wednesday, November 5

Time to Re-Stock

It is finally over. Yes, I am referring to the whole election BS that has been going on. Did my candidate win? DUH! Seems in my opinion (stress that) some dumbass just got elected.

Ya know, I don't want to hear shit from any of you democrats about how great this is supposed to be, or how much of an f'ing asshole I am because I voted for McCain. I still think there is a grassy knoll somewhere in the near future - and if there isn't, well there should be. I brought up the idea of a running pool to see if the muslim makes it to office at the pub. For some reason, the bartender told me to hush up and even out back smoking cigarettes, we were told to hush. Hey! Easy way to possibly make some cash! It is either that or it goes to welfare....

Okay, maybe I exaggerate a bit about the welfare thing. But I am sure I am not far off. Hell I been outta work for several months, and you don't see me going to the welfare office. And I got kids too!

Alright - bad subject when ya have had a few, eh Ralphd00d? Sure. I still wonder though, would $20 get someone to light one of those laser pointers on his head during his speech tonight be cool, or what?

Needless to say it is now late, and I am tired. Tomorrow I am spending the day cashing in whatever easy assets I have, and talking to the Wife, and looking to start purchasing handguns for the coming years. I figure I have at least 2 years to teach the youngest kids how to handle the weapons, and the others to hit a target better. Then we need to concentrate on who are our neighbors I guess.

Sound extreme? Could be. But I am not building a nuclear bunker in the backyard....

Come back for more later. I might be a bit less sane.


Tuesday, November 4

Going to Hell in a Handbasket

Today is Election Day. I get to spend the whole day doing nothing. I voted 2 weeks ago by early ballot to avoid today. The Wife has to go wait in line. Some places here in the Valley are already 2-4 hours waiting. I gave my Wife the info the news channels were giving everyone: bring water along, wear comfortable shoes, and best times to go. Then I gave her the most important advice - if you vote for Obama, don't bother coming home. Nothing like starting the day with "that look" from the Wife. I did say afterwards I was only kidding - sort of.

This is the last week for the son's football practices. His last game is this Saturday. The daughter has her last home football game Friday, and then State Marching Festival 0n Saturday. Of course, the football game for the son, and the State thing are on complete opposite sides of the Valley. And knowing my luck, be at the same time.

I did my regular run to the library yesterday and was able to find about 9 books that interested me. Should keep me busy for the next couple weeks.

Well, guess that is about it for today. I think I shall head to the pub for some a couple brewskis and lunch today. Y'all have a good one.


Saturday, November 1

Weekend Update without Kevin Nealon

Ahhhh! It is Saturday evening and I am sitting back to relax for the day. Just the past 24 or so hours seems like it rushed by pretty quick, and I know it wore me out. The Wife and I actually had to take a nap earlier this afternoon (and yes, it was to sleep - not just get away from the kids).

When the Wife gets back from the store in a bit, I'll have to see about getting the Halloween pics from the camera to post one up. Kids had a wonderful time as we stopped at about 4 different church events and they loaded up on the Trunk or Treats. In fact, the last one we stopped at around 8:20 and they just emptied whatever candy they had left in to the buckets as the people wanted to go home. Final figures?
5 - number of total stops (4 churches and Reverend Mother's place)
3 - happy boys for going out
1 - garbage bag (kitchen size) full of candy
1 - lesson to be taught this weekend about the differences of Republicans and Democrats using candy as "money" and Daddy as the "Gov't". (The kids always love taxation equations this way - ha ha)

The daughter had the away football game where instead of uniforms, they were to dress up for Halloween. My daughter went as Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz". I am hoping we have a picture of that on the camera as well, but am not sure. Needless to say, after the fetching of sugar delights, and picking the daughter up, it was near 11 when we got home. I took a trip down to my regular hangout and got to see some interesting costumes. Not too many really stuck out except for one guy that came as the transvestite from Rocky Horror. Shaved his legs and all for the costume. I think he had near $20 hanging from the panties he was wearing as everyone kept slipping them in. I closed shop there and made it home shortly after 2.

Seven came early and we hit the road to head to Chandler across the valley for the football game. They lost. But with it being a "Bowl Game" my son still got a T-shirt that says something about the Youth League that the team was part of. One more week of football, and end of the season party, and it is finally over. Next week we should be closer to home as it is a "home" game. Still about 20 miles away, but close for Valley standards.

Tomorrow is Football and NASCAR. I should get my as out of bed earlier and head to the softball game, but don't know if I will or not. Rather rest up for the drinking afterwards. My Redskins don't play until Monday night, but in the race pool I have Carl Edwards #99 so hopefully he will place int he top three for a cash payout.

Hmmmm, anything else to share at the moment? Oh yeah - if you want to see that new movie "The Happening" with Mark Wahlberg - don't waste your time. I watched it the other day and I thought it was pretty damn stupid. I know, just my opinion - but don't say I didn't warn you. Alrighty then. I am outta here for now.