Thursday, August 27

I Repeat ... I Repeat ... I Repeat

I can think of quite a few times in the past years, that while listening to the radio, a new, popular song comes on. Listening along, I like the beat. Words seem pretty cool. I sort of like it. Later on, that song comes on the radio again, and I think, cool - and sort of hum along with it the best I can. Days go by, and the frequency that that radio station plays the song goes higher. By now I have all the words memorized, am able to sing right along with it, in key, and know both the LIVE version and the station version. Another short while goes by, and you realize you start to hate the song. BY the time a couple months have gone on, you never, ever want to hear that song played again. For some of us, since I was a karaoke host at one time for this happening, even after the radio quit playing the song as much, everyone seemed to want to sing it at the bar - off key.

I been feeling this way lately with the media. Mostly the news talk media I listen to on my drive int he afternoon/evening. I mean, I know it is talk radio, and to they talk about major events going on in the US, or related to the US in some way. But I am tired of hearing about the CO theater shooting. We knew a couple weeks ago that he was not going to be executed. Why waste my time going over (every 30 minutes it seemed) about how the he was sentenced to 12 life sentences, plus another 3000 years? The VA shooting of the reporter, her cameraman, and wounding the interviewee (that a word?) ... Yeah, I don't mind hearing about it. I don't mind hearing new info on the case that comes along every few hours. But to spend an hour plus talking about it? Enough already.

Hillary Clinton's emails - Donald Trump and his presidency run - I'm sure there are others I can't think of off the top of my head, but these are things I don't need to be reminded of every 15 minutes. Let me know at the top of the hour if anything NEW has happened. It is supposed to be NEWs.

And why does it always have to be sensationally bad news? A school shooting gets play-time over and over, but that small fluff piece they did for 30 secs? Been and gone. Of course, I really don't care about 99% of the fluff pieces either.

Maybe I should stop listening to the radio - whether it is news talk, or even just music. I have a cassette player int he truck .... but not much on cassette anymore. Hard to find them, too, except at the pawn shop, or a thrift market. Most times that stuff is all Spanish music anyways. I could not play anything, and just think about stuff while driving. Yeah, I don't think that would be such a good idea .... who knows what sort of trouble that could bring me.


Tuesday, August 25

Who Is Pointing Fingers?

I have been very lax about updating here. Aside from the blog name, I had also gotten the web thingy name. Had it in a special deal, got it for another year through another service. And now, got a mailing from Internet Domain Name Services. I don't think $85 a year is good to save my domain. Willing to let it go. But I have until November to figure it out.

That all being said .... I have not been a good writer here, a poster of 'whatever' ... a master of wit, a conundrum of idiots. A blathering of politics, a rebel yell to the sensibility of humanity.

I have failed.

It has turned into a diary, of my pathetic life.

So. No, I don't think I will renew the domain name. No. I don't think I will placate any of the masses with less than my opinion. NO! I will not stop posting ....

Yeah. Somebody give me a cyber-slap, and tell me that, even if it is drizzle, and it bores you to shit, you still read it.....

Nobody likes that.

Things are a changing ... again.

For you, hope it isn't something your mother-in-law likes.....

Be forewarned.


Sunday, August 9

A Day of Rest

Sunday. No football. Nothing on my agenda except chilling and relaxing pretty much. Work wore me out pretty much this past week, with the high humidity and temperatures we are having. Got some rain, but never long enough to cool things off good. Friday was the middle son's birthday, so I took him out yesterday to see about letting him pick out a bday gift(s). Ended up with a couple books, and I okayed a digital purchase of a game he wanted for the PC. Took all afternoon and night to download, but started up good this morning. He is anxious to play it, but won't be able to until after church (where they are now). Did the Texas Roadhouse for his dinner out selection. I love their fried pickles.

Today is also the Reverend Mother's birthday. I texted her once I was up this morning, and sent her another happy bday on Facebook. I screwed up though and have not gotten a card for her as of yet. Maybe I will remember to get it done next time I am out and about. I'm just so bad at remembering to do things like that anymore.

The Boys start back to school Monday. Back to the early mornings of running the oldest to band. Everyone is pretty much ready for school. The middle one I will take in on the first day, as the bus route they have him on is not the one we want. Since he will ride to/from the MIL's house, he will need to be on a different route. We have had to do this for each of the kids almost every year once they got to Jr High and had to take a bus.

Guess that is about all I got at this time.


Tuesday, August 4

When Life Gets Busy

I guess you could say my last days off was this last weekend. As a rule, I get those off work. But it still doesn't change the fact I feel like I haven't had a day of rest in quite awhile. Between getting school registrations done, school shopping, work, other things that need to be done, social events with friends, etc.... I am just beat. I admit it, I have been trying to take advantage of the extra hours I have at home prior to going to work, as extra sleep time. Those 5:30am mornings don't start until next week.

That being said, next week will start a more regular schedule, I am hoping. With the kids in school, I am sure the concert calendar will replace much of whatever else life the Wife and I might have had.

Only 7:30am now, and I think I am going to go lay back down for an hour.