Tuesday, August 4

When Life Gets Busy

I guess you could say my last days off was this last weekend. As a rule, I get those off work. But it still doesn't change the fact I feel like I haven't had a day of rest in quite awhile. Between getting school registrations done, school shopping, work, other things that need to be done, social events with friends, etc.... I am just beat. I admit it, I have been trying to take advantage of the extra hours I have at home prior to going to work, as extra sleep time. Those 5:30am mornings don't start until next week.

That being said, next week will start a more regular schedule, I am hoping. With the kids in school, I am sure the concert calendar will replace much of whatever else life the Wife and I might have had.

Only 7:30am now, and I think I am going to go lay back down for an hour.


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