Tuesday, May 31

Feeling Discomfort

It's 3:30am here. I was awakened about an hour ago with some pretty intense discomfort in my mouth. I'm waiting for the full effect of the ibuprofen, hoping it will alleviate the discomfort enough that I can crawl back to bed and get some more sleep. It's coming from where I had had a couple crowns done about a year or so ago. I am not sure if the tooth furthest back along that side is having issues, and throwing the pain forward a bit, or if maybe I inadvertently "bruised" the gum/bone area under the crown by some unfortunate amount of pressure (ie. teeth clenching, or accidentally biting extremely hard on something - though I can't recall doing that). Either way, I know my regular dentist is on vacation until the 6th - next week. I am going to try to get through the next few days using ibuprofen, and see what happens. I am hoping it is only the "bruise" and it will decrease in discomfort over the next day or so. If not, I will struggle through to next week, and see how fast they can get me in to check for possible other factors. I cringe at the thought of yet another root canal and crown..... All I know is it started being a bit of problem yesterday early evening, shortly after having a nap. I sometimes grind my teeth (I'm told) at night, so maybe did this while napping.

Sunday I watched the Indy 500, or at least the most interesting last 30 laps. I should check later today to see what the final results are, if they are out. I heard there was an issue about who gets the actual win, due to the possibility of a caution, and the passing of the car. Afternoon I went up to the pub to watch Nascar with some friends. As the race ended, my Sis calls and turns out my brother was up at her place for the night, and they were going to play some poker, so I went up there for the night as well. Drank more beer, played cards, and ended up catching up with Stuman for most of the night. Family came over later in the morning, and we had a good family day.

Aside for the issues of my discomfort, this week doesn't appear to hold alot of interesting things. I take Daisy in for her next series of puppy shots, and schedule Rusty, aka Spawn of Satan and Crack Kitty, for his yearly.

Ibuprofen has seemed to start kicking in. I am going to head back to bed and see if it is enough to at least let me get some more sleep.


Sunday, May 29

New Tunes for a Sunday Morning

I like Sunday mornings, in the way that I have a couple hours of quiet time before the family returns from church. This morning I found, downloaded, and listened to a 2 CD set from Darrel Scott, "A Crooked Road". I am impressed. Good music. You should check him out somewhere.

Later today will do some shopping for foods that we are taking to Sis' tomorrow. Daughter boyfriend is joining us.

Indy 500 today. Found a place to watch it live on the Net.


Friday, May 27

Memorial Day Weekend

Another holiday weekend is upon us. A weekend we all should take in reflection for being able to celebrate. To honor the veterans, and current service personnel in our armed forces. Many veteran cemeteries will have programs and speeches to honor those there. Many flags and flowers will be placed on tombstones that mark resting places of those that have fallen, be it in the line of duty, or after there service time. My grandpa is one of our vets still living, and I am proud. My Dad, though no longer with us, is one of them, and I am proud. My brother is another, though he is still serving, and I am proud.

Appears like we may have no major plans for our weekend here. I think we may end up at Sis' for Monday barbecue and just hanging out. I know over the next couple weekends I want to try to get the Wife out to look at minivans so we can pick another up. Otherwise, it is, once again, flying by the seat of my pants as to what happens around here.

Okay I gotta get going... time for the gym.


Thursday, May 26

Here It Comes Again

It's 2am and I am wide awake. Another possible bout of insomnia starting up again I fear. Slept good last night, and cannot figure out why I am so awake tonight. I read for about an hour, and felt tired, all at the usual time, but laying in bed for a couple hours wasn't enough to fall asleep. Usually I am out in like 10 minutes or less.

The boys finished up the school year today. The older one made Principal's List with all As (4x this year) and the middle one had all Es & Ms ('Exceeds' and 'Meets' - why they don't use a grade scale for kids in elementary anymore, I have no clue). The middle one also brought home in his end of school stuff a 2nd place ribbon that he won in the APEX Chess Tournament. APEX is the 'Project Potential'-type program for advanced kids - he goes about once a week to another school for this program. The Wife and I decided that with good grades from both, we should do dinner out, and went to a place I had not been in for several years, called Fuddruckers. It is a hamburger-type sit down restaurant. Has different size burgers (1/3, 2/3, 1/2 poundages) and other custom order types, then a huge condiment bar where you put all sorts of things ya want on your sandwich and fries. I forgot how much I like that place, and it is fairly close to home, too. The boys had no idea - of course, one was real young, and the other 2 non-existent the last time we went there - but the two younger ones really liked it as well.

Welp, I am off to try to find something else that may help get me sleepy. Already am Facebook'ed out, and I feel random crap building in my head that I am sure most of you don't want me to share.


Tuesday, May 24

All Set for OTL

Yesterday I spent quite a bit of money (for me). Got my airline ticket for San Diego. Set the room reservation for my friend and I. that was a bit pricey, but because my friend had dickered around for a week, the prices of the hotels had gone up about $30. Plus, the place I had originally planned to stay at was out of the rooms we needed. So another hour of researching, and found another hotel with room available but I had to prepay all three nights to get eh best rate. That was damn near $500. He has offered to pay me his half prior to going, but I don't know. If I ain't got it by the time we get there, he's paying his half the room at the counter...lol.

So that's all set up. Still no clue what is going on this weekend. My family was talking about possibly getting together, but I haven't heard anything. The Wife's family, who at Easter gave her a guilt trip since they claimed we 'never' go to their family events (not true) and no one ever sees us (not true), have still not said if they are doing anything, and if they aren't, well, then we will go to something else. Frustrates me how some families can be that way. We have checked with them the last 5 major holidays (that we wouldn't normally see them) and they don't bother to ask us if we are going until the day of nearly.... usually it is after we have already committed to other plans due to their slowness in letting us know. Family. Sometimes I just wanna move away from them all... (sorry Sis, Stuman and RM... it's true).

I was up at 4am this morning, no clue as to why. Couldn't get back to sleep, so I got up on the computer. My buddy going to OTL with me, I guess he'd been up all night - closing the bar, and still up. He started texting me like crazy about these other guys wanting to go, and sleep on our room floor.... I was like "NO" and finally told him I was going back to bed for some more sleep. He'd sent me a couple more texts after that I guess because I saw them when I got up. All I can do is shale my head and wonder why I do things sometimes.


Monday, May 23

Life Happens

I been away from here for a few days. I guess it is one of those things that just happens every now and then. I was busy doing other things in life.

Brief recap: well, there isn't much to tell. I was just doing things.

I need to work on getting my flight and room reservations in for my trip in July to OTL in San Diego. I had a buddy back out last week that was going to room with me, but I think I got him talked back into it now. He was supposed to get his flight yesterday, and let me know the details. Suppose I will be calling him in a few.

Today was my weigh-in at the gym I like to do every week. Another 3.5 pounds off the body! And I got to admit, I am starting to get comments about the loss. Starting to see more of it myself in my face, as well as the way some of my clothes fit.

Not much else happening.


Thursday, May 19

Feeling Tired

We had a nice family dinner out last night. I had the Garden Salad (I love their dressing) and of course, it was unlimited refills. So I had about 2 1/2 bowls of salad. Then we came home and the son opened up his birthday gifts. He scored pretty good for a birthday.

I ended up watching the "Harry Potter" movie 7 part 1 last night, then off to the bed where I ended up reading until about midnight. Much later than I usually am up. I still got up about 7 this morning, and here it is about 9:30'ish, and I am feeling a bit tired already. Another sign I am not as young as I used to be.

The Wife has the day off today. Her boss texted her about 6:30 this morning, asking if she would like to use a vacation day for today. Seems the 'patient load' at her work is a bit light, and no sense in sitting around doing nothing. I have no clue what that means for me though. I know we need to do some laundry... Daisy made a mess on our bed yesterday evening, and during this morning already has done it again (on our bed). Again re-emphasizing why I didn't want a dog in the first place. I know, she is cute, but this trying to get her housebroken is pissing me off more than anything. Tired of picking up crap, and cleaning up puddles. Add to that now, the extra laundry. It's not like we don't take her outside often enough.


Wednesday, May 18

The Angst Begins ...

Thirteen years ago, my oldest son was born. I remember arguing with my Wife when it came to choosing a name for him. She won, while on in the midst of delivery, when the doctor asked what his name was going to be. It was one of those looks. Guys, you know what I am talking about. I just shut up and nodded. Hence, he is stuck with my monniker, with a "IV" tacked on the end. Years later, I feel the pride of that number.

Last night I had asked him where he would like to go for dinner tonight, so once everyone gets home, it will be off to Olive Garden. That surprised me a bit. I was expecting something like Old Country Buffet, or maybe one of the steakhouse kind of places. But then I remembered, he loves the sausage and pasta plate they have there. I personally love the endless salad bowl, as their dressing is fantastic.

The daughter and I went shopping for birthday gifts, and came home with quite a few items I know he will enjoy. I suppose I will be wrapping them once I get back home from the gym. Well, my wrapping consists of putting stuff in gift bags and putting some color of tissue over the top.

One week until the boys are finished up with their school year. I know the middle one is ready for it. Some time back, he was pulling the stunt about fighting going to school. Well, he pulled it again Monday, so has been grounded from quite a bit at home. He is upset about it all, but he knows why he got in trouble. Sigh. Sometimes....

Wish my Dad had been around all these years ....


Monday, May 16

Beginning of the Week (again)

Happy Monday to all of you that hate them. I have started to sort of actually look forward to them. After a couple days of weekend stuff, I am sort of glad to get back to what I consider my 'regular routine'. I never know what is going to go on when the weekends are here. Spur of the moment stuff, "gotta-get-this-done" runs, and other miscellaneous that comes up.... it can get hectic sometimes.

I'll be heading to the gym after completing this post this morning. Time to do my weekly weigh in and I feel good. Since I am so pessimistic, I have the feeling that the change won't be good. It will be another reason to have to work-out harder. Spockgirl commented a few days ago that maybe I should change the way I confirm my (for lack of a better term) 'weight correction'. She mentioned maybe I should do a measurement of my girth (sounds like, and is close to the same size as Earth) or set a weight-loss goal over a larger period of time. I appreciate the tip, but I like the weekly weigh-in. Since I have the tendency to over eat, and not exercise enough (hence the weight gain) This helps me focus on food control, and pushes me to exercise. Yeah, I know. I never said I was a normal type of person, but this is what is working best for me. Don't stop commenting though! LOL!!

Still working out some of the fine details for this summer's return to the Over The Line tournament in San Diego. A friend is working on the airline tickets for our 'group' and I am working on the room reservation for myself and a friend, if he is still going. He was talking the other night about not going now. Told him to let me know, since it determines if I get a double or a single room.

Nothing else in the world worth sharing. Well, actually I am pretty sure there is, but I don't know what off the top of my head. Besides, I need to get headed out.


Update: This week's weigh-in resulted in 3 pounds less!!!

Thursday, May 12

Feeling A Bit Disappointed

I have been checking prices for hotel rooms in the Mission Bay/San Diego area for this July for the Over The Line tournament. I haven't been in 3 years, and am making a trip this summer taking along a friend that has never been. Finally sorted out the details on where we are staying, though I need to get the reservations set. Checking on airline flights/cost now.

One of the things I had always done previously was the Circle of Champions, at the OTL. It was a ticket only place to drink and eat free all day. I would sit there and 'reserve' a table for all my buddies out playing ball. It was nice, sit at the shaded table, drink beer and bourbon, check out all the pretty ladies. I guess last year, my buddy that gets the mailing for the tickets, had not gotten any. Evidently, they removed him from the mailing list this year. We were texting about it this morning, and he said he was worried as normally it had arrived by now. I went searching and found the website. They are completely sold out for the Saturday we will be there. Damn,

What is nice though, as a possible alternate, is his girlfriend's brother owns a bar over near there. He does a "beer tent" and if he is doing one this year, we might get into it... (crossing my fingers).

Otherwise, things are looking good for the trip.


Wednesday, May 11

Another Hump Day

It is another Middle of the Week and I there is obviously, nothing of exciting value to read here today. See ya next time.

On my calendar... actually, I don't mark it on one, just keep the day in my head kinda thing, it is a Gym Day. So I have been in already this morning and did a good workout. I am feeling that... rubbery, exhausted kind of feeling over most of my body. Sort of a good feeling, ain't it? considering, it didn't just 'happen' like a stroke or something. Still, in a weird way I wonder why I do this to myself... though I know why. I actually considered weighing myself today, but I talked myself out of it. I know I feel good. I don't want to get my hopes up that a HUGE number of pounds is going to drop off of me in 2 days...unless I had my leg amputated, or something similar. Mondays are for the scale.... Wed & Fri are for fixing what the scale tells me I messed up on (meaning, to work out harder since I was being bad and gained weight).

I guess my niece is having a party this weekend, though her birthday isn't until June. I think they wanted it to where many of her friends could be there, as I assume some are probably doing vacations/trips at the time of her  bday. In fact, I think Sis mentioned some church teen camps her kids might be going to attend. I can't remember for sure. It just sounds right. Not sure if my oldest is going, though it is his cousin, and a "teenager" party. I should know tonight.

Rusty, (Spawn of Satan, aka Crack Kitty) has adapted well to having Daisy in the house. Though he is about twice the size of her, they literally chase each other through the house.... dog after cat, then back through with cat after dog, until Rusty gets tired of it, and jumps up to where Daisy can't get him. Several times a day I hear the noise... bark, bark, bark.... bark bark bark ... bark bark bark. I need to teach Daisy how to be quiet. Any clues? I don't want to punish her, as she is a pup and is just having fun, but the barking gets n my nerves. Heh, be mean and use one of them 'No Bark' collars... no. I couldn't do that.

Okay, I am out of here. Stuman has today off from work, and since we both play the same game on Facebook, one called Farmville, and I am helping him out get some items. Laters!


Tuesday, May 10

Social Networking Slut

I admit it. I spend way too much time on Facebook. It's not like I don't have absolutely anything better to do, I just get distracted so easy... when I don't have a job to do that is. I check into my FB account more often than my regular email. Actually, more than any of the places I have email addresses. Truthfully, more than anywhere else - including here.

The part that is even sadder? There are truly ZILLIONS (my estimate only, though it feels like a low one) worse than I when it comes to be Facebook addiction. I admit, I play about 5 games regularly on there. Daily. Sometimes up to several times a day. But I don't live on there. I know some people that log in, and never log out. And they respond at all different hours. I have heard of "bot programs" that do something like log you into games, and does routine stuff so you don't have to do them.... But I am talking real people, just on all the time.

I have never been a person that enjoys just "chatting" on the phone. I am not a real social person (until I get some beers in me). But I have no problem keeping up with reading/responding to status updates from family & friends. Or playing games, sending you gifts int he game, or requests to come play it with me. It's all FREE aftera ll... isn't that the great part?

Sigh. I think it is becoming an addiction, like gambling. I wonder.... one min, gonna go Google something.

Heh. Why am I not surprised to find all about Facebook addiction. Here: http://www.wikihow.com/Defeat-a-Facebook-Addiction

I am slow to get on this subject evidently. Oh well. I know I am not an addict from the basic symptoms discussed on that site, and a few others I browsed. I use it too much, true. I think I am going to limit myself better. Heh. If I go to the gym more/longer there would be less time available and would do me better.

Okay, so lame topic. But are you on Facebook? Gonna send me a friend request? Hunt me up!


Monday, May 9

Yay Team ME!

I was feeling a bit low last night. I was dreading this morning's trip to the gym, where I would somehow manage to get my mass onto the scale. I knew last week was not a good one for me. I had a great workout on Monday, then things happened Weds, and Fri, that I just didn't go to the gym. One day of workout. Then to top all that, it was more fast food over the weekend than I needed. Truly, I hesitated doing my weigh in today.

What can I do to motivate myself better? To force myself to get out and get to the gym. Many friends say things along the lines of 'get something at home, like a treadmill, or a home gym.' But I know that just having it at home, though it may be easier to get on it and do things, will be a constant "I can do it later" for me. That's why I decided on the gym membership - it forces me to make time, to drive there, to workout. Unless other things come up I have to take care of, it seems.

Either way. I was there today. I lost 1.25 pounds. Yes, I definitely mention the 0.25 pound, as that was the gain I had last week from the week before. So, week 3 and down a total of 5 pounds. I jumped in eagerly to a workout that again I modified a bit. I was able to double the distance, and some more, on the treadmill. Did a good upper body workout. Feeling 'muscle-tired' now at home, but not so bad that I will be like, this will hurt tomorrow. Anxious for Weds to get here, to go again. Sadistic, I know.


Sunday, May 8

Weekend Wind-down

Sunday night... finally. I was doing good until today with the boys. Today I was cranky, irritated, and just not feeling up to the normal bickering/whining/fighting/crying that goes on. Though I will admit, it didn't worse until the Wife and son were home, because then the older one started in on them.

We did Dennys for dinner, just so the Wife wouldn't have to worry about a meal. They were 2 hours later than the scheduled time, as last night the drivers of the charter buses had to have a minimum of 8 hours sleep before driving again. The Wife is trying to get some things organized for work (for her) and school (for the older son), and yet unpack from the trip. (shrug) It was only 3 days, but you know how some women pack.

I get to run Daisy up to the vet tomorrow morning, then the moment I am not looking forward to - the weigh in at the gym. I have tried my best to not eat unhealthy as the boys and I ate out this weekend. But I still feel like it is a lost cause and I probably gained a pound.... more like 4-5 I am thinking. I just feel that way. But I should be able to get back into a routine this week, as the last 2 weeks have had other stuff come along and interrupt the routine I was trying to set.

Who knows. Maybe I can do it still...


Saturday, May 7

What to do....

Gotta love kids. On any other school day, they are the hardest things to awaken and get moving. Today, the boys were up at 6am...sigh.

So I have done my morning rituals online and it is only 9am. I guess I need to figure out what we are going to do today (if anything). I mentioned shopping for Mother's Day, and we might do that after lunch. Lunch, hmmm.... wonder where we will go for that.

Oldest should be going to Disneyland today for the concert, and the day of fun. Hope the Wife gets some good pics.


Friday, May 6

Boys Weekend - Day One

What a great Friday! Dropped the Wife and son off at the school at 6am, for the trip to Cali. They won't be back until Sunday afternoon. Got the next son to school about 7:15am, then the youngest and I went to Denny's for breakfast. the waitresses were all over him, saying how cute and nice it is for him and Daddy to have breakfast together.

Afterwards, we went back home and back to bed. I had been out the night before, and was bone tired. we napped until early afternoon, then picked up the son from school about 2:30. From there, we went out and watched "Thor" at the movie theater. It was pretty good! Can't wait for the Capt America film. The boys enjoyed it. Thought about dinner out, but I think we were so full of popcorn at the time, no one was hungry. If anyone wants anything tonight, it will be leftovers or ramen noodles.

No plans for tomorrow, except maybe to get out and see if I can find anything for the Wife from the boys for Mother's day. I have no clue what to get. I hate shopping for gifts.

Catch ya later!


Thursday, May 5

Trash, Allergies, and a Boys' Weekend

For some reason, I was a bit tired more this morning than usual. I felt like I had slept good through the night, but when I went to get up at the usual time, I was just tired. I thought I would stay in bed just a bit longer than usual, but thanks to the City of Phoenix, there was no way it was happening. This week is Bulk Trash Pick-up, and they started early. They were next door by 7:20am. And they aren't the quietest of workers. Though, I am glad they picked up the 4x4x6 package we left them. Now I have a slight lawn discoloration there... but that should disappear int he next few days.

The allergies are kicking in again. Sis keeps telling me to go to this allergist my nephew goes to see. Heck, the doc is only about a mile from home, I should do it. Our insurance cards/info finally came. Of course, the Wife followed up on it around the 30 day mark, and it seems the insurance company had "missed" our info somehow, but within 3 days, we had our info.... . I'm going to call after this post and set up the allergy doc.

Daisy has her next shot in the puppy vaccination series on Monday. Rusty not due til end of June. I am going to wait another month or tow I think before setting up my PCP appt. Was supposed to in April, but it was more just a follow-up. I think it would be better to get some more weight loss, and all, before going back in for a follow up. By then, should get a better report, especially with the blood pressure.

Tonight will be busy. The Wife and oldest son will be packing for their trip to Cali. The son is getting excited for Disneyland. They will leave early Friday morning, and that leaves the 2 younger (8 & 5) with me until Sunday night. Going to be quite a bit of eating out this weekend. I am going to need the Gym bad come Monday I think. I wonder what else we can do this weekend... maybe a movie? I don't know.

I didn't make the gym yesterday as I had to be home for a pick-up. By the time he got here, I just wasn't going to go to the gym. I thought about going this morning, but decided not to. want to stay on my regular schedule, so will go tomorrow morning. They have child care there so I can drop off the 5 yr old while I work out. I don't pay for it in my membership, but otherwise it is only like $3/hour. Then he and I can maybe do an early lunch somewhere before picking the other one from school that afternoon.

So, got a few busy days ahead. Not sure how much I can get in here to write. So, see ya Monday if not sooner!


Wednesday, May 4

Bored Already

It's only about 8:30, and I am already tired of waiting for this guy to show up. I feel like if I start anything, he'll show up and interrupt it, so don't want to get anything started. But if I don't nothing will get done. I hate this.

So basically, I am sitting here in my workout clothes, and just messing around on the computer. Hoping he shows up soon, so I can get to the gym. But, because I want that to happen, he won't be here until like 4:30pm.

Sigh. Some days I just can't win.


Tuesday, May 3

Tomorrow Will Probably Be Wasted

Don't just nod your head and say,"Thats't the Ralphd00d I read about. Wasted again!" Go back and read it right.

I decided today (actually a few weeks back, but finally got around to it) to take myself off the oxygen concentrator that is setup in-line with my CPAP machine at night. It's expensive. Already this year I have paid over $500 for the rental of it, due to insurance deductibles, and now, with the Wife at a new job, the insurance changes again, and the deductibles are there again. No. I'm done. For it being on the lowest setting the machine has (1L) it's ridiculous! And the fact that I had to use the CPAP alone for a week before they ever got the paperwork sorted out and brought it to me, there was no difference adding it on.

Several weeks ago, I did a oxygen-sensor thingy to see how my oxygen levels were at night, with the oxygen machine turned off. The Wife said every time she checked it, it was fine- in the 90's, where it is supposed to be. Why the hell would I need the oxygen ...?

So I called and paid the $150+ for the recent billing I received (still paying deductible from the previous insurance). Then I told them I needed someone to come pick it up. They tell me I am required to have a doctor's order to stop treatment, and that they wouldn't come get it. I put on my stern voice, and told them, in certain terms, that I can do whatever the hell I want. Of course she brings up I would have to sign some sort of AMA form (I presume it will read that no one but me assumes responsibility for taking myself off the whisper of oxygen without doctors orders). I told them to send it with the driver, and make sure he has a pen.

Sigh. Then I called and canceled the pulmonary doctor appointment I was to have in a couple weeks. This is the doc that made me get on the damn oxygen based on a report from the sleep study (where I did it without the CPAP until late in the night - so of course my results on oxygen were bad) and he had never met me. My PCP is the one not stepping on any one's toes, and told me I would have to talk to this doc about the oxygen, but I just circumvented the whole plot, saved myself a few hundred (new patient costs, deductibles, etc), and just ended that circle now.

Compared to last October, I feel much better overall, and I know, it's like 'Duh!'.... but still. So now I got all that frustration out from dealing with that crap today. Oh, the post title.... yeah, I asked when they would be sending someone out to pick it up (and have me sign the form) and all I got was "Sometime tomorrow" so I can't really leave to make sure I don't miss him...even though he is "supposed" to call me before he comes over. Last time they didn't.

Figures. What I thought was working out, there's always some sort of catch, right?

On the good side, I also called the vet and got Daisy scheduled for next week on the next puppy vaccine series shot. Found out Rusty, aka Spawn of Satan, is due for his come near the end of June. The tow of them are getting along great now, and play together quite a bit, until Rusty decides he is done, makes her yelp and jumps up out of reach. Still funny to see them play.


I Don't Know What to Think

I spend way too much time on Facebook. Whether it is playing games, or just reading/commenting on the status comments of friends, just way too much time. As of yesterday morning, after being on less than 5 minutes, I was tired of the whole Osama Bin Laden thing. Now, after a full day of it, I am really sick of it, and don't know what to think anymore. Suggest a media outlet that won't skew the overall picture and place blame on whomever politically they don't like.... let them try to brainwash my deadened brain cells.

I mean, c'mon! Yay! OBL is dead! Wait, is he? I am not a newshound, following every story over the past 10+ years, so many details escape me. Okay, supposedly we killed him, gave him a burial at sea, and we know it is him from the DNA match...? What DNA match? When we're we ever close enough (supposedly) to get a DNA  sample? That one eludes me. I commented about this, and someone said to me, something along the lines of: we had a DNA sample from his sister, that this verified it was him. HUH?!? So, it is from a family member... ok. I can see how we can compare it to be at least a family member that was killed. But to say 100% it was him? No fucking way.

Then you have those out there screaming about how it was a victory for the Democrats - or Obama (some were pretty specific as to who gets the credit). Others spout back it was a soldier who did it, so it is an American victory, not Obama's. Yet others that then say it's a Chain of Command thing, that's why Obama gets credit. Blah, blah, blah.

This is why I hate politics so much, because it seems 90% of the time, someone is going to find some fact to support their view of it, from some source, whether the source is skewed or not. My "friends" are doing that. Anything I say, they are 'slamming' me with so-called facts that make their side (obviously opposite of mine - or of at least the way I stated something) the more 'correct' one.

Sigh. I have admitted publicly, I am a registered Republican. I am more conservative in my views. I support big business. Hell, at this day, I support even Small business - more so if they would hire me! I don't like Obama. I don't care for the Democratic Party - or their views. I think they are a bunch of socialists, or at least share their idealism, though they want to live in my America, and reap our rewards. I think they love to just point fingers and lay blame.

Don't like it? Quit reading here. Not the first time you fuckers get mad at me for my opinion.


Monday, May 2

Back to the Grind

I am a bit worn out. Weekend has come and gone, and was enjoyable. ScottyB and Lisa headed home yesterday morning. I stayed home and recuperated from Saturday. The Wife and kids worked on getting some of the bulk trash out to the street for pickup this week. I even went to bed early last night and slept a good 10 hours.

Today I headed back to the Gym. I hadn't gone last Friday, because I wasn't feeling good to my stomach. I will be weighing myself, and hope to have lost a couple pounds at least. Seems like everyone keeps telling e though, that because some muscle mass is actually growing (from the workout) that there may be no weight loss as muscle is heavier. I just roll my eyes at them at this point. I got enough fat, I think a couple pounds of loss each week would be expected (if not more) for awhile here... I am sure if I have good news, I'll update here.

Oldest son has his last concert of the year tonight. It is all the music programs performing, but thankfully we won't have to sit through all of it. He doesn't perform until part way through, so doesn't even have to be there until after it all has started. Only problem will be trying to find a parking spot coming later.

The Daughter is at her ortho appt and may find out when the braces are coming off today. then she will beheading back to Tucson. Her finals are coming up in about another week.

Welp, I got a bit of time to kill prior to heading to the gym. I'm going to go read.