Friday, February 24

Is He Any Good?

Tonight, the new guy said he was ready to go solo - meaning, I was riding along. Personally I was happy. Though I checked in with him via text/calls as needed. A couple mish-mashes... but easily corrected,

I have a weekend ahead of me, one where the very pregnant daughter is in town. I see them spending more money. Mostly, I don't care, but want more things saying "Grandpa", or, as I choose because of how I was raised, "Papaw". Kid is due in mid-April, and I dunno what to do. They live like 4 hour drive from us.

I'm done tonight. This transition to day-shift, and time.... Give me a week or two.


Third Day of New Guy

I hate training people!

I'm ready to kill myself. Aside from the fact I have to hold myself from jumping in and doing the job quicker, he is REALLY slow. The supposed 'transistion' of reading information, and marking it on a sheet, is his slowest work. Reading anything, he admits, is bad for him because he has a hard time transposing it, into either a check mark, or to just confirmed he looked at it (like scratching a name off a list).

Tonight, I let him take the 16 foot box truck home. Meaning I got home about an hour before he did, because he dropped me off. Tomorrow, since I don't have to pick him up, I am going in early, not to maybe start training a bit about my new position, but to talk to my boss. I KNOW I am not the best judge of who can do this job.....I'm more worried about how this guy may not be the best one hired for it.

Feel somewhat bad for the kid, but, gotta have someone competent to do the job, and I don't think he is. Which could bring it all back to me doing that job until the company finds some one. Sigh. I don't want that. Deal with stupid shit, and then be asked to go back when he can't do the job? Fuck.

Right now I hate Life.


Thursday, February 23

So That New Guy....

Here I am all excited there is a hire for my replacement. Transition looking good. I just finished my second day with him. I'm putting my head in a hole, like an ostrich, but the hole is Hellfire and will scorch the life out of me. This guy is not a COMPLETE idiot, but, as I will speak to the Boss tomorrow, he has a hard time grasping the idea of this particular job.

The driving part, he had his first night driving today. Wasn't bad. I showed him last night, gave him addresses of the stops, so tonight was not bad. But it is that part before driving. The making sure you have "ALL the work orders for parts, and ALL the parts for those that we deliver to, PLUS the guys we don't" thing. He actually admitted to me, that his is extremely slow about reading something, and transposing to another form.... such as, reading a part number, and marking it on an inventory sheet that you took it out, which is basically a "check mark" that, yes, you pulled it out. But he says he has a hard time with it.

I consider myself of mild intelligence. This job, in my opinion, is too flipping easy for the regular person. I understand a slower time as you adapt to the job, finding out how things work, where they are, etc.... but this guy.... I don't know. I feel I have no choice but to share how I feel with my boss. AND if they decide to let this guy go, how long until they find another... and that puts me back to doing the job, preventing me from getting to where we (as a company) need me to be.

I really want this guy to work, but .... after two days, I don't think he has it. I got to tell my Boss that tomorrow.

Oh, Yee Haw.


Wednesday, February 22

With Hope, Possible Replacement

So ... got a new guy, to replace me today. Starting today. As any newbie, walking into something with no knowledge. In a way, that's good. No prior, we can train him into the ways we do things. It is only Day One for him, an d I did my best to not overload with info. Kept it simple to what we dealt with this day. Explained those well (in my opinion). Also said there will be other things that come up, and we will work through them. I will be there to help, as he learns the position, even if I am not on the drive.

So, my next few days are instruction. Maybe I learned things faster, or easier. Giving him a buffer. not everyone can grasp things as I do.... or as fast.

My worst thought, is if he does not work out. Do I need to go back to doing that job if he doesn't?

Trust me. I am doing my best to hope he holds the job. He may need a couple more days than I did, but I don't care. I'm teaching him the best I know.

We will see in next few days what happens.


Monday, February 20

What Ya See...

It is an early Monday. By that I mean like 3am. Heh. I did the bar. I also did with a good friend, coming in from North Dakota.

Does it make it right? I don't care.

I hate we did the late night,but loved having the time, He has impressed me with what he has accomplished. A great guy.

I'm not trying to sound like anyone, but my buddy has done good. I just can't say. And I asked him, about other things.

Like, see a beggar on the street. Whether begging for donations for a funeral, or whatever. Don't give. The beggar at the freeway exit? Don't give.

Here in AZ, we see many of those circumstances. Literally. So how do you choose to help?

One word,"Help", because, not one word, or the act of one person, can change the society we live in. BUT *one* person can change how it is dealt with.

I'm sure it does not make sense the way I type it it ....but... think about it.


Friday, February 17

Looking Forward To Free Time

We have a possible replacement for me! I guess the Boss interviewed someone yesterday morning, and that person is to contact him back today as to accepting the position or not. I'm trying to not get overly hopeful, because no idea if there are other possible applicants waiting if this one does not accept. And if he does, I still don't know a start date as of yet. Hopefully will only  have to do this maybe a week longer.... Like I said, trying to not get my hopes up just in case.

Other than that, Life is. Working on replacing the whole back fence, that had been partially destroyed by the fire back in December. Also decided to buy a shed versus the idea of the Wife and Son building one from scratch. I did agree that it could be a pre-fab one, that still needs to be assembled.

I have been lucky to not have caught the cold/flu bug that has been around the office a couple times already (knock on wood). However, my allergies have cropped up pretty bad. This last week has been a pain with the watering eyes and runny nose. With all the rain we had last month, everything is growing and blooming in this mid-70's weather. More rain expected tomorrow, so more growth... longer allergy season. Oh boy.

Free time. Seems like I don't have much with the hours I work now. But with this new shift change, though I will be going to bed earlier, it still gives me more time to do things I want to do. Like, see my family. Go to kids' school functions. Have dinner out besides a Saturday/Sunday. Go shopping if I need something, other than from Wal-mart. Yeah. I know there are many other things, too...

Guess I should head into work a bit early today. Have quite a bit of trash to clean out of the truck before a new guy starts....


Tuesday, February 14

No Idea

Still waiting the replacement for my position.

I noticed today, that others have to fill the vacancy, because they have not filled it. I was asked, did you ask the boss, if he had people. I admitted I had not. when I came in, he was in closed door meetings.

I, as well as others, would be splendid if we could could fill that position quickly. Lord knows I wanna do the better job sooner.

...and so we wait.


Thursday, February 9

Let's Call It Stress

Aside from yesterday's outburst (which I am still pissed about), they say Life moves on.

Still awaiting to be assigned to me new position. I know I have to wait until the have a replacement driver for my current position, but this is shit. Management said 2 Tuesdays ago, they were wanting to move me up. This past Tuesday, they said they finally put an ad out. Huh? Who puts an ad in the paper, that no one gets anymore? And we already lost a week. This position is one I cannot leave without making the Boss do more personal involvement. I am not happy.

The guy I replace has been "in training" for the last week plus, and I believe the person he is replacing is leaving at the end of this week. Which means, everyone else is going to have to do double-duty, meaning overtime pay, to cover it all. I already said I won't work 14 hour days just to cover the basics of both positions. I love the overtime, but, my God..... 14 hours plus a day, 5-plus days a week? I'm young at 45, but even I could not do that.

It is what it is, and the company will have to adjust to what they have to between needs, and availability to fill it. And there ain't no one jumping to help. Yeah... typical company where everyone is about themselves.

Other than that, Life is. Got kids trying to say they are sick to avoid school, when they aren't. Got kids sick, and shouldn't go to school. Trying to replace the back fence that got burned out in the fire we had, plus re-building a shed structure. And replace fence structures torn down during the fire, and maybe a gateway, that needed to be repaired/replaced.

I'm tapped for awhile. I'll probably bitch more than anything, but some is better than none. Oh, and let me add, the Wife heard a "clunk" loudly in her driver side door of the minivan tonight. She's scared to use the controls to roll down the window, thinking it might be the noise. Note - we have replaced the window motor before (on my own) and the window is up, though she has not tried to use the motor controls since hearing the noise. I told her to wait for Saturday, when I have daylight to see if there is an issue.

Delayed for a couple days. Works for me. Plus I got all that fencing in the backyard, and forgot to buy posts.... no idea when I, or we, will get to that, but we need more material.

Starting to feel overwhelmed.


Wednesday, February 8

It is 1am And I Am Pissed!

I spent the last thirty minutes trying to log into blogger, which is linked to my Google account. I have only accessed this from my desktop at home, however, tonight it would not let me. had to do some kind of phone verification. I said yes. I immediately got a text, saying to say yes if it was me, so I did. And waited. Nothing on my desktop, nothing on my phone. Did the same process like 5 times, in about twice that span.


Sent a comment to Google about how this was not needed before, and how I am logging in from the only device (my desktop) that I ever have for Google, let alone Blogger, surely in their God-ness, could see that....

There were like 5 options. I finally did the one with email, which within like 15 seconds I had one, and I entered a code (which being online at the desktop automatically moved to the code entery screen), and was able to throw out my drivel.

But now I am so pissed I had to do this process, that took 10 minutes to figure out how to get to this spot, I forgot that exciting things I was going to share. Instead, you get anger.

I understand protecting accounts. Glad it was in effect for mine. Did I need it? No. If I were hacked would I care? No. You would read some drivel by someone else, and unless they were drunker than I was, you would probably never know.

Fuck Google.


Thursday, February 2

Sometimes Good Things Happen

I got a job "promotion" in the last few days. I use those quote marks loosely. I'm moving from a job that relies on delivering parts, in the evening hours, to one where I order the same. Lots to learn. And adjusting to the "new" hours.... yeah. late nights are gone. So in theory, are the drunk posts here. Again, pro and con.

In the meantime, still doing the job. I have to, until we get a replacement.

So How about Trump?

Good? Bad?

My opinion, coulda been worse. I have no offense about any Executive Order he has made. I agree some would have been better with some more explanation, but.... for the most part, I agree (though I admit, I don't follow politics alot, so I could be way off).

Yeah, I'm thinking about the date night my Wife wants to do. I told her tonight, that I am very un-original about ideas. Told her to pick whatever she  wants to do, and we'd do our best to do it, with or without  a dinner after. So an early afternoon thing, may not get dinner. I told her I needed to know by tomorrow, so I could plan. Like the burials if she wants to skydive, because I told her no way in hell was I going to do that. She laughed. Fricking demons.

Life is.... life. We all have it.


Wednesday, February 1

Another Late Nighter...

It's true. I just came home from the pub. Words may not be spelled correctly, but ... I'll try my best.

Just got a job promotion ... of sorts. Instead of just prepping the parts for all techs for the next day, and delivering to about seven of them. I am going to be "in shop" and helping ordering, will-call, etc. I just need to wait for them to hire my replacement, and my short training time with them. It is a major shift for me, meaning, instead of going to work at noon, I now need to shift to like 6am. it'll be an adjustment, but I get to leave work at like 3-3:30, so I have evenings now. I have not had a chance to see any of my kids' concerts/plays/etc unless it goes on a Saturday for the last three years. I know ... pros and cons... but we all love to see our kids perform, music, theater, whatever, even if we don;t like it, we know the kids are in it.

Yeah. Some that means some life changes. I can make Happy Hour now! LOL! also means a major adjustment to my sleep schedule. The Company is compensating for the lack of a vehicle and gas card, in a 90-day probationary period, and I okayed that. I just recently got a nice raise. Between that and a larger one in 90 days, I was okay.

Not bad for one without any college.

I know I am not the money-maker of my family. But after almost three years of this job, at least I can get back to seeing my family, before they go to bed.

The Wife and I agree this is all good. and after 90-days probationary (for the new position) I am looking at another increase (even though I just got a raise). It is deserved, and if they didn't offer more, I wouldn't take it. More "involved and meticulous work". That's how I explained it, though I know half the job already.

Sounds like a good day. Let's end on that note.