Thursday, February 23

So That New Guy....

Here I am all excited there is a hire for my replacement. Transition looking good. I just finished my second day with him. I'm putting my head in a hole, like an ostrich, but the hole is Hellfire and will scorch the life out of me. This guy is not a COMPLETE idiot, but, as I will speak to the Boss tomorrow, he has a hard time grasping the idea of this particular job.

The driving part, he had his first night driving today. Wasn't bad. I showed him last night, gave him addresses of the stops, so tonight was not bad. But it is that part before driving. The making sure you have "ALL the work orders for parts, and ALL the parts for those that we deliver to, PLUS the guys we don't" thing. He actually admitted to me, that his is extremely slow about reading something, and transposing to another form.... such as, reading a part number, and marking it on an inventory sheet that you took it out, which is basically a "check mark" that, yes, you pulled it out. But he says he has a hard time with it.

I consider myself of mild intelligence. This job, in my opinion, is too flipping easy for the regular person. I understand a slower time as you adapt to the job, finding out how things work, where they are, etc.... but this guy.... I don't know. I feel I have no choice but to share how I feel with my boss. AND if they decide to let this guy go, how long until they find another... and that puts me back to doing the job, preventing me from getting to where we (as a company) need me to be.

I really want this guy to work, but .... after two days, I don't think he has it. I got to tell my Boss that tomorrow.

Oh, Yee Haw.


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