Wednesday, February 1

Another Late Nighter...

It's true. I just came home from the pub. Words may not be spelled correctly, but ... I'll try my best.

Just got a job promotion ... of sorts. Instead of just prepping the parts for all techs for the next day, and delivering to about seven of them. I am going to be "in shop" and helping ordering, will-call, etc. I just need to wait for them to hire my replacement, and my short training time with them. It is a major shift for me, meaning, instead of going to work at noon, I now need to shift to like 6am. it'll be an adjustment, but I get to leave work at like 3-3:30, so I have evenings now. I have not had a chance to see any of my kids' concerts/plays/etc unless it goes on a Saturday for the last three years. I know ... pros and cons... but we all love to see our kids perform, music, theater, whatever, even if we don;t like it, we know the kids are in it.

Yeah. Some that means some life changes. I can make Happy Hour now! LOL! also means a major adjustment to my sleep schedule. The Company is compensating for the lack of a vehicle and gas card, in a 90-day probationary period, and I okayed that. I just recently got a nice raise. Between that and a larger one in 90 days, I was okay.

Not bad for one without any college.

I know I am not the money-maker of my family. But after almost three years of this job, at least I can get back to seeing my family, before they go to bed.

The Wife and I agree this is all good. and after 90-days probationary (for the new position) I am looking at another increase (even though I just got a raise). It is deserved, and if they didn't offer more, I wouldn't take it. More "involved and meticulous work". That's how I explained it, though I know half the job already.

Sounds like a good day. Let's end on that note.


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