Sunday, January 29

And Just Another Thing ....

It's after 3am... and I am eating cold left-overs (which are good, mind you) and dealing with deliberation.

I posted early on Friday,about he start of the day. Little did I know the Boss would call me into the office. I had just finished a nice breakfast at Dennys, and was fueling up the truck, when I was called. Said I as about 15 mins away. I was in his office in 12, but he just smiled.

In my head, thinking, what did I do wrong, or what was wrong that I get in trouble...? Neither. He offered me a regular daytime position in the parts dept.

The Wife and I are still discussing details.

I'm feeling too old to do some of the stuff I do. The Wife won't see this. Yeah..... long talks,


Friday, January 27

Getting Funky With the Dumb Monkey

I went to the pub tonight. Mostly to meet up with one of my good buddies, as he finished playing competitive pool at another close-by location. I had not had a chance to 'hang out' with him in awhile, so we made time tonight. And it was good.

After.... the brother got in touch with me. It was late, but being the person I am, I went to hang out at his place. I love my brother.

Now it is 5am, and I have to head to work in less than an hour for a meeting, that has nothing to do with me, more than likely.

But I enjoyed that time with my brother. Tried to tell him, but he couldn't wrap his head around it.....

Sometimes life sucks. And I still have to answer to my Wife.. for tonight. Somebody call/pray for me.


Thursday, January 26

Negligence My Middle Name

I have been bad about blogging. When I was employed, prior, I had time to do it from work. Followed by a time I was unemployed. There was lots of time for me to share  But in the last, let's call it this, three years, it has been few and far between.

Does that bother you? Do you live vicariously through me?One of my best friends would always "spout" that to me, He was about fifteen years older than I, but we shared years of softball, and OTL, and ,....stuff. That was his comment. He passed a couple years ago.

April. That month I am expecting my first grandkid. The Daughter is due around the middle of April. She lives about a 4 hour drive from me, and I am trying to figure out ... everything. The Wife wants to be there for it. So do I... But, I got two kids in school that week, and though the college-aged kid could handle it. with help from my MIL, it is still quite a bit. Sigh.

The foot is almost healed completely. Still have a scab that gets smaller, but have noticed I have some nerve damage. The three toes between the large, and the pinky, experience sharp pains, randomly, throughput a day, and sometimes not felt for a few, then  several episodes. Not debilitating, but enough to notice. A bit more pain than the arthritis gives me.

Grandma's funeral went well, which I traveled back for earlier this month. Was good to see family that I had not seen in a long while, and though Grandpa seemed to be doing better, honestly not sure how long that may last. I am unable financially to do another trip if he were to pass soon, as well. In some ways, it rips my heart. I am the III, my son id the IV, and Grandpa is the Sr. But I have no choice.

Doom, Gloom, and Death have been on my mind more than I want of late. Understandably so.


Thursday, January 5

Time Flies .... No It Doesn't

I guess it has been awhile since I posted. A bit over three months ago was the last one. I would love to take the time and share all the fun stuff I have been doing, and post pictures of where I have been traveling to/from. But, I haven't been traveling (to exotic or to places other than work, or hospital). I haven't had tons of fun, like being on a beach in some tropical, all-inclusive resort. No, mostly just been doing LIFE.

But over the past three months, there have been some events going on I am able to share ... which means I probably am going to, so if you don't want to be really bored, quit reading.

I found out that I am going to be a Grandpa! The Daughter and SIL are expecting their first in April of 2017. In November, an ultrasound revealed that they are 90% sure it will be a girl. Just this past weekend, they shared the name they have decided on for her. The first one I didn't recognize, but the middle is the same as the Wife's first name. The kids had decided some weird thing about including grandparent names in whatever way to get the child's name. I just said whatever. I'll end up calling her some nickname I make up anyways. Heck, the boys around here are Buddy, Booger and Monkeybutt. I'm sure I'll figure out one for her when she arrives.

Thanksgiving went fine. We had gone over to the SIL's parents home for lunch, bringing my MIL along as well. Then the day after, we shared another meal with my parents. Then earl.y December, we had a fire. Saturday around 2am, our middle son woke us up with "Mom, Dad .... the shed is on fire". I went tearing through the house and out the back barefooted. Our wood shed was completely engulfed in flame, as well a portion of our back wooden fence. Fire department was called and arrived, in time to have the electric line to our house burn through. Somehow through the mad dash I did to the back yard, and trying to hose down the fire (which was pointless with a garden hose - as I couldn't get within 20 feet of the blaze) I ended up slicing the arch of my right foot, as well as de-gloving completely the little toe of the same foot. That means I had a 2 1/5" gash and a little toe that had skin ripped off of it from the base of the toe, over the tip to the nail. I was so pumped with adrenaline, the Wife finally asked if I was cut as she saw spots of blood (as big as the gash) around the cement at the front door/driveway area, where we were waiting for the Fire Dept to finish. After FD had left, the power company was able to restore a line of power tot he house within a couple hours, but the phone line had been burnt/fused so we had no Internet/phone at the house. While power was being restored, the Wife took me to the ER, and I ended up with eight stitches in the foot. I was told to stay off it for minimum of a week, and then gradually start walking on it. Yeah right. I called my boss, and explained it would hopefully only be a couple days and I would try to be back in to work. Need less to say, it took 4 days to even be able to get a shoe on, and I was off work that whole week. As of today, the stitches were removed a couple weeks ago, and it has scabbed over pretty well. I have barely a limp when I walk, though with the thick scab, it feels like a pebble in the arch when I step on it. A couple more weeks and I hope it goes with the scab. Overall, we lost the shed, and about 20 or so feet of wooden fence. And my injury. The house and everyone else was fine. Phone services were restored by Tuesday. Official conclusion by the fire inspector is "unconfirmed source" as to the cause. However, and the inspector was aware of this as well, the neighbor behind us, who's chain-link fence abuts our wooden one, had two clay "ovens" (made of clay, with a round-ish body, and a chimney that people use sort of like a backyard fireplace) right next to the fence, and the chimneys had soot on them. Meaning they had been used. Though the inspector was not able to check them out, as they were on other property, and I am sure that neighbor was not allowing them access. So, we are int he process of figuring what kind of shed we will get to replace the one, as well as fencing options. The Wife wants block, but the cost.....

Christmas came and went. I scored pretty good on summer sausages and T-shirts. There were fewer presents as everyone is pretty hard to shop for, my family or the extended families. The Boys have gotten older, and their tastes more expensive, but I think overall everyone was satisfied. We did the usual home, MIL, then my parents trips that day, ending with lunch at Reverend Mother's. New Year's eve we just stayed home, as well as NYD. Sis invited everyone over for NYD lunch, but I had declined as we had tentative plans that didn't work out.

So not much has been going on. Waiting on the oldest Son to figure out his classes for the spring semester at the local community college so we can pay the fees. The other two boys return to school on Monday, I believe. Had a nice free breakfast this morning where the boss treated. We were going to have a small meeting with the techs, but of the seven, only one showed. Their loss. Either way I am killing time before I actually need to head to work. At least another hour plus before that time comes.