Thursday, June 30

Nearing the Weekend!

I'm getting ready to head out for miscellaneous running around today. Got to get my friend's truck in for the oil change, and meet another friend this afternoon. Been sorta crazy the past couple days...

My daughter has yet to move into her apartment. Originally we had said this past Monday. That got moved to Wednesday, as it supposedly wasn't ready for new tenants yet. Tuesday she called to check on it, and was told it was going to be another week. So I called the office there. The fellow we had been dealing with had been out the past couple days. No big deal, except his story didn't match the one I got from the person that I spoke with. Seems the unit she is to get STILL has tenants in it. We were lead to believe it was empty when we signed up for it all. Supposedly, the tenants are to be out today (the 30th) and by Thursday, it will be prepped/cleaned whatever in time for my daughter to move in. So, I will wait until tomorrow morning and follow up that it is empty, and that they can start on Friday to get it ready. Then call each morning and evening to check status, since this is a holiday weekend. I got a verbal guarantee it would be ready Thursday at the latest, and supposedly they are giving us the first month free (instead of half off) due to the problems of getting her in it. The daughter has been staying in town there with her boyfriend's aunt, but has to come home today for an ortho appointment, and will be staying with us for a few days, before heading back down with another load of stuff.

I guess Monday we are going to Sis' for lunch. I know the Wife wants to go somewhere to watch the fireworks show (if anywhere in town is still doing them).

About another week before I leave for OTL in San Diego. I am getting a bit anxious.

I guess that is it for now....


Tuesday, June 28

Feeling Beat

I remember being younger, and being able to put my body through a hellacious amount of torture, physically and mentally. I have come to realize that age has finally caught up to me, and the hells I put my body through, are becoming more and more evident. I am not just talking about my weight, though, in a weigh (heh) that is more true of most of the physical than anything....

But no, I sit her tonight, just after midnight, feeling wide awake. Granted my normal bedtime is like 9:30-10, though occasionally the 11 will come around if I have a good book I am reading. Oh yeah, and those nights at the pub when I am drinking til close - man, those nights hurt badly the whole next day now. I should be tired as all out though, today. Up at 6am, big gym workout, packing/moving, working outside in 105+ temps for several hours.... No drinking alcohol. No nap. Yet here I am wide awake, though physically, I keep yawning, and just feel beat. My arms and legs feel like lead, and muscle ache.

So I am tired. Rather, I feel tired. I don't feel like doing anything. I just want to go to sleep. But just lying there in bed, I can't seem to "get comfortable", or too much thinking going on, or ... hell, I don't know. I just can't get to where I drop off.

I was hoping writing here would help, but I don't feel any different. Sigh.


Monday, June 27

Pre-Fourth of July Week

Many of you are actually looking forward to getting the work week done. Next weekend will be a 3-day holiday weekend for you, to have that extra day of no work, filled with barbecues, family and fireworks. I am not sure what our plans are, but I am guessing will end up at Sis' for BBQ. I just know by then, I will be more than ready for some relaxation time.

Monday brings around the weigh-in I do each week at the gym. I feel like this week will be a bit of a setback. I only made it in last Monday, as the other days I go, stuff came up that had to be taken care of. In theory I don't have much of an excuse, as the gym is open 24/7, but I got the mindset that after certain times of the day, I ain't working out. I'll know for sure in about an hour or so....

Afterwards I am headed over to my friend's house to open it up for others that are coming by for things, or to help pack. She'll be back sometime Friday night, to pack up and get out of town. I don't mean it in a bad way, but I will be happy when she is gone. I have asked a few of our friends to help her load up that Saturday, but I am not sure if I will make it there, as other things are going on for me.

My bro Scotty B is not needing the Saturn now. I guess due to a change in living conditions (apt to a house) their location changed enough, they had to make a decision to get his wife a car. So, the plans of them being town for part of this weekend have changed, and they will not be down this time around. Looking forward to maybe another trip they can get back here later on in the year. But now I have a car to get rid of. Of course, that eases up on the things I need to do a bit, as I won't HAVE to have it cleaned out this week. That helps relieve some of my stress, though I am sad he won't be down.

I guess I have bitched and whined enough this morning.


Friday, June 24

Feeling Bitter, and Starting to Stress

My stomach is churning. You know that feeling, were it's not butterflies, but that sickly, churning that the thought of eating would make you feel nauseous. No, it's not from bad food, or like most of you think, from me drinking too much... it's from friends. 'Huh?' you think.

I mentioned my friend Ginny moving to NC. She is supposed to be flying back the 1st, loading a U-haul trailer, and driving back to NC... all by the 4th. A mutual friend was staying at her place, trying to help get everything packed, etc, but they have had a falling out, and as of today, "kicked" the friend out of her place. So, though most of the house is packed up (in many boxes) there are still a couple rooms or so that need to be packed, and the garage. I went over today, as I was to put the hitch on the truck, and take it for an oil change. I put it off until Monday. The friend was telling me "everything" she thought I should know to tell Ginny when she gets back, because as of now, she is no longer speaking to her.


So, I am the only one with the Ginny's truck key. I am now the only one with a house key. At least 2 people are supposed to be by sometime - no clue when - to get the washer/dryer, and the bedroom suite. I fortunately am friends with both, so can make arrangements with them in order for me to be there to open the door. But now I feel like it is all down to me, as a friend, to finish what everyone else has been doing, just so she can leave on time to get back to the job on time, because she supposedly can't miss any days of the training. I know there is no way all the boxes already packed, will fit in the 6xwhatever size trailer she is getting. U-haul won't let her get any size larger due to the type of truck she has.

So, I am stressing out a bit about it all. How far as a friend to I do things.... and is it proper to have to draw the line. I guess it depends on 'how good of' friends I feel we are..... sigh.

I am screwed.


I Have Become ....

I know it is little. I mean, I got my younger brother (really only brother) to start 'blogging' just as a way to stay in touch a bit. Those that read here, I mean, when I reference Stuman, that's him.

Sis is referenced here every now and then, but she ain't got a blog. She says she has no time to do one. Which is true, but if she quit playing games, she could... heh, know what I mean?

The Reverend Mother. Whew. Two big words. She has decided the internet needs her viewpoint, and has entered the 'Blog-world'.

As I told her tonight, not only am I the one that always disappoints her, the one that posts 'pics that not are appropriate' for her friends to look at, and lastly, that I am not changing anything.... she says, I am not asking you to change anything.

Wow. I mean, the Holy Roller ain't asking me to change, though she did make the comment, she may not link me. Go figure. (innocent look) I have no idea why not.

I will link her though. Edit: link corrected "Reverend Mother's Musings" I think is the right link. If not, I will fix it later today, after I move 7 tons of crap, 14 oil changes, and all the other crap I am 'supposed' to do, to help a friend. Yes, I am bitter, ask next time.


Thursday, June 23

Thirsty Thursday

Well, the Dr. appointment went VERY well! I had lost 17 pounds since last visit (early March) and he said it is the biggest loss he has seen a patient have in the past year or more. Blood was drawn, to re-check the cholesterol & triglycerides, though he felt they would have gotten to the levels they need to be at compared to the last draw (March). Blood pressure was down from 140/80 to 130/74 so that was a big improvement, though he wants to continue on the BP pills (Lisinopril) for just a few more months. Maybe by the end of the year I will be off them. Not a bad trip for once. He was happy about the changes going on.

Today, it is all about others. Here in about an hour I will be taking the daughter through the emissions process here in AZ. Not that it is difficult, or anything, just that she is so unsure as she has never been. That and taking me along means I pay for it... of course, if she paid, we'd end up putting the money back in her account anyways. But then she will be headed to Tucson. She should be moving in the apartment on Monday, but needs to be down there to get some furniture she bought on Craig's List before tomorrow. She'll be staying at her boyfriend's aunt's place, or another girlfriend down there... as far as I know, and I don't want to know more unless I have to. She'll be loading up her car after emissions and hitting the road.

Then, I need to head to the pub (go figure) and pick up my friend Ginny's spare key from the bartender. No, she didn't leave her keys, the bartender is her best friend. Then tomorrow I will be taking her truck to get the oil changed, and tires checked. When she comes back out on the 1st, and loads the U-haul to head back to NC, should be in good order. Plus I have to help another friend of her's move some furniture to his place or storage with her truck Friday, too. I think I might do little "me time" at the pub today, since the next one is busy.


Tuesday, June 21

Doctor Day

It makes things so much easier, when you can call a pet(s) and they come to you. This morning, I pulled a mean trick though, and called for Rusty, aka Spawn of Satan & Crack Kitty, and, considering he is a cat, he came in from the back room, giving me the friendly 'Meow'. I petted him, then picked him up and put him in the pet carrier. Daisy was already there sniffing around, thinking 'What is this box? Can I chew on it?' so I just tossed her in as well. Then we made the trip to the Vet's office.

Needless to say, Daisy was seemingly fine, being a dog, and sniffing around like crazy. Rusty was a bit miffed at me, and just did not want to get out of the carrier, without manual intervention on my part. Either way, they both received good reports, got shots, and are done for the year basically. Daisy will make a trip back Aug-Sept for her spay.

I am about ready to leave to head to my Dr. appointment. I finally got around to scheduling that follow-up from March. I think today I will ask about some prescription for my allergies (no Sis, I have decided that I am not going to see that allergist doc). Lately, it is just a day or two, here and there. Today  is one of them.

Not much else. Maybe update later with what news Doc gives me.


Monday, June 20

Some Summer Soaker Fun

Whew! Feeling good for a Monday morning! Got my gym workout in, and this week's weigh-in brings me down another 2.75 pounds! So, since my original weight at the doctor's back in Oct. I have lost 21 pounds total. Though, the gym only has been the past month and a half. I have 25 pounds to lose before September for my goal. That's like a 3+ lb/wk...going to be hard, but it is a fair and good goal.

I am getting the boys ready this morning to head over to the church. They are doing a Summer Soaker event there from like 10-2. Each Monday, they have some event going on for kids during the summer. The oldest boy may be over the age limit, but if needed, he said he could stay and help with younger kids. If not, then he will hang out with me until time to pick up the other 2 boys.

The Reverend Mother has brought up some news. She is thinking of getting a blog started. I don't know how she will want to set it up, but Thursday we plan tentatively to get together and sit down for me to show her the basics. When she first shared with us (Sis, Stuman, and myself) that she was thinking of doing this, she mentioned a possibility of topics she would be write about. I don't remember what they were, but I think some of the options were like stories of growing up she remembers, maybe some important ideas on sermons, and maybe just some random topics that cross her mind. (shrug) Shows how good my memory is. She isn't even quite sure of a title yet, but the bottom line is it should be interesting.

Well, I have nothing much more of import to share. Trying to get the youngest awake and eating so we can leave in like 15 minutes. Fricking grouchy little pain in my ass....


Sunday, June 19

Kicking the Kid Out

Ahhh... Sunday. Father's Day to boot. And her eI am writing this instead of something I want to do. Wait. I do want to do this.

Anyways, yesterday we tripped down to Tuscon, and found an apartment for the daughter. Nice 1 bedroom, utilities included for a good price. We didn't have to co-sign for her, which in its own way is good, as she will be able to start showing rental history and build up somewhat a credit history. She is excited. The apartment won't be ready until the end part of June, so it will be at least a week before she starts moving out. She has mentioned that she is planning on doing it all herself. I had offered to take a load, filling up the minivan. But she said she should be able to do it in a couple trips. I was like, okay. I hate the 2 hour drive (one way) and she would get better gas mileage in her car than I would in the van.

My friend, Ginny, has left for NC on a job transfer. She left this morning. She will be back in 2 weeks over the holiday weekend to load the U-haul and drive it back there. I'm a bit bummed by her leaving.

Guess that's all I got.


Friday, June 17

Heading Into the Weekend

Whew! Taking a breather after the gym! Got a day planned out, that feels full, but most of it isn't. Headed to Preacher Tom's to help show him the basics of using Facebook, then we are off to the movies to watch 'X-Men: First Class". It was going to be "Fast Five" but yesterday I overslept, and now that movie has left the theaters that we go to.

Tomorrow shall be a somewhat long day. Heading with the family to Tuscon to look for apartments for the Daughter. I should look up some other places tonight when I get back home. Then next week, as I am sure we will find one this weekend... and if it is ready, I know she will want to move in as soon as possible. Heck, I want her to, so she will get off my couch. That, and we will be finally able to get my oldest son into the room she will be vacating. PT has agreed to help with the loading/unloading on the subsequent trip with her stuff once she can move in. That'll be a big help! Fewer stairs for me!

I finally got around to scheduling the follow-up appointment with my regular doc. It was supposed to be back in March, but I just put it off with the whole insurance change that we went through. Now I will have some positive stuff for him... like lowered Blood Pressure (maybe I can get off my meds) and obvious ones like the weight-loss, working out, better diet.

Still pulling out shorts that I haven't been able to wear for nearly a year. It's almost like a whole new wardrobe, and makes me feel really good. I set a personal goal to try to lose 25 more pounds before September. I need to start pushing it at the gym, watching what I eat a little more, curb the portions down a bit more, and concentrate on that goal.

No plans as of yet for July 4th holiday. I know my bro, Scotty B, is coming down to claim the car I am giving him. I still need to get it cleaned out. I got the front of the van I drive partially done now... it just gets too hot throughout most of the sunlit day to work out there doing that. Though, part of the car is done, now as well.

Okay, I need to get stuff done before leaving the house.


Wednesday, June 15

Another Hump Day!

Whew! Welcome to Wednesday, and boy am I tired! Well, more like, muscle-tired, compared to just sleepy tired. Already done with my trip to the gym....

I am spending today with the middle son. I expect we will do some stuff together on WoW, and maybe some stuff off the computer. Not sure what yet though.

We are planning a trip down to Tuscon this Saturday to start looking for an apartment for the daughter for this next school term. I need to get busy looking up alternate places to the only one I have in mind....

Tomorrow Preacher Tom & I are headed to the movies to watch "Fast Five". He is not into the whole sci-fi like I am, and comic book heroes aren't his thing either. It is about the only thing playing besides "Bridesmaids" that isn't based in either of those genres. Hmmm, I should include Fantasy as well, since "Pirates of the Caribbean" #4 is playing as well....

I will start working on cleaning out the Wife & kids stuff from the van I now drive later this evening once it cools off a bit more. It's getting to warm to be outside doing it now. Then, maybe by Sunday I can start getting my car cleaned out for Scotty B. I feel a little bad that I just haven't the time to do it all at once, so he can come get it sooner....


Tuesday, June 14

Tuesday Doldrums

I took the youngest son back to Labcorp yesterday. Seems when we were there about a week ago, or so, they didn't get enough blood from the draw for both tests they needed to run. He was a good trooper about it, though I think it was more because I told him we would go to Dennys afterwards. I don't care, he held up well (he's only 5). Then we went home and had the rest of the day together.

Today I let the oldest stay home. Shall be a fun time playing some WoW together. Tomorrow will be the middle son's turn.

Nothing exciting going on. Trust me, I am NOT complaining!


Monday, June 13

When the Shit Hits the Fan

Yeah, what a 'stress-free' Saturday I had. Everything was fine until late night, when we discover puddles of water coming from the hallway bathroom. Turns out we had a pipe in the wall with a leak. Great.... here comes the expensive plumber bill, being a weekend, emergency call.... let alone the regular prices they have.

From the time I called them, to them leaving here, it was under 2 hours, easily, and about 1/3 of the price I was worried they were going to charge. No extra fees for emergency, Sunday appointment.... I was like, WOW! I am in the process of writing a letter to them, thanking them for such great service and prices. It's taking me awhile, as I have never written a "nice" letter before. Speaking of letters, I have yet to hear back from Lowes.

Back to the gym today. Did my weigh-in, and once home I added today's to my chart. Considering I have not worked out the last 2 weeks, I still lost 3/4 of a pound. So, I am at about 19 pounds down since I first went to the doctor in Oct 2010. Yeah, incentive to workout harder now too!

Looking for some good things to be happening for awhile now since we had a few bad things happen (in like 1 weeks time).


Saturday, June 11

Stress-Free Saturday

Last night was a nice time. Visited a bit with the uncle in town, had a good dinner, and watched some TV. The two older boys stayed the night at Sis', which they had been waiting for all week.

Fridge finally got here about 2:10 yesterday afternoon. Took me a bit of wiggling and adjustment, but got it all the way into the kitchen where it belongs, loaded up stuff from the coolers, took a quick shower, then off to Sis'. I was just so pissed at their service. At least I had a generic partial reply from Lowes already - in response to the  email I sent them. they have forwarded to that store location, for them to respond to it. Will see what happens with that.

Today I don't have much planned. I think the Wife is going to be re-arranging how I put everything in the fridge. I will head out to pick up the boys later this afternoon. Mostly I just want to relax after being stressed (more pissed than stressed, I guess) after the crap all this week.

Monday will bring back the weekly weigh-in and gym work-outs. With the ear infection I missed that whole week, and this past week, due to vehicle insurance issues, and the fridge delivery, I didn't get most of the week in the gym. I still have been trying to keep an eye on the food intake, so I hope to have lost a couple pounds (if not more) in the 2 weeks I missed weighing in. Couple days ago, I pulled out a pair of jean shorts I hadn't been able to wear in nearly a year, and they are definitely a size too large now. So I am seeing good physical change around the waist, and lately been getting alot of compliments that others are noticing it too, in the facial area. Yeah... feel good stuff.

Welp, I think I am out of here for the weekend pretty much. See ya Monday after the gym!


Friday, June 10

Family Friday!

One of my Uncles from the Reverend Mother's side of the family is in town. Tonight we all are getting together at Sis' house so he can see all the kids. I will load up my kids and head up there sometime this afternoon, since I now have the oder minivan and can cart them all around.

Sometime in the next 4 hours our new fridge is to be delivered and I will be putting it in the kitchen, then re-loading it.

Edit: Four hours, my ass. at 11:30 I called the store and was told I was third on the delivery list, and that they were probably just delayed. The driver would call me when they are 30-45 min from being at my house. at 12:15 (note, this is after they were to be here already) I get a call saying they would not be here until 1:30 because they were "running behind". I wrote Lowes Customer Service, and explained my dissatisfaction with this whole mess. I doubt they will respond.

Update: It's 1:40 - no delivery yet. I just got a call from the driver, that they are now "enroute". Another 30-45 mins to get here? Fucking assholes.

One of my buddies' mom is having her birthday this weekend, and it is a big family party. He invited me to go, and finally meet 'Mom' so I am thinking about going. He is to let me know when and where.

Just under a month to go for OTL in San Diego. Getting excited.

Other than that, I got nothing today. Have a good weekend!


Thursday, June 9

Giving Up Hope - Not Really

It's Thursday. The Wife took a vacation day so is home. I got a call about 10-11 this morning, from the salesman at the dealership, that our van should be ready this afternoon. I wanted a more specific time, so inquired, prompting with "so by 2-3 this afternoon?" And of course, he says "It should be ready by then, and I will call you." It is now 4:15, and still no phone call. Reverend Mother bought her van through this place, and had nice things to say about them. I was pleased with the service we received when we were LAST SUNDAY and bought the van. We were pleased that certain things were being repaired/replaced that needed to be done prior to us 'breaking down' on the road. But this is starting to wear my tolerance thin.

The boys have VBS tonight at 6, and I think if I haven't gotten the call by then, we are going there and demanding, if nothing else, a rental car, until this van is done.

So, you'd think that this whole van situation sucks.... I can top it yet.

Edit: At 5 o'clock, I got the call that the van was ready. So now it is at home. The Wife has not stopped bringing up every little thing that she is finding wrong with it now. I told her that she should have said stuff before, but she admits she hadn't tried those things then. It's all small stuff for the most part ('book-type' light on drivers side not working, missing remote for the dvd player, etc). They spent over $2500 (their discounted prices) in getting it fixed up.... I have yet to drive it....

This morning our fridge took a shit. Quit running. Period. We knew it was on the downhill slide already, but were hoping to make it last til this fall. Nope. So, the Wife and did the trip to Lowes and bought a new one. It is supposed to be delivered tomorrow morning between 8-12, so I gotta figure when I can get to the gym and still be here when they deliver. Of course, I have the feeling I am going to be the one to switch the stuff over to the new one... bah.

Tomorrow night the family are all getting together to visit with my Uncle who is in town a couple days. Going to be carne asada on the grill, and lotsa good eating.


Wednesday, June 8


This afternoon I was sitting here, just waiting for the call that the new minivan is ready to be picked up. By 5pm, I hadn't heard anything, so I called up the salesman we have been working with. Seems he is off earlier today (no biggee) but last he had heard was it would not be ready until tomorrow afternoon. Huh? Yesterday it was to be ready today. I mentioned that we were not happy as we were down to 1 vehicle for our family for the past 3 days thanks to all this taking longer than originally told.

So he gives me a number to call the person at the garage area I need to talk to to see if maybe it w3as ready today. I call, and he tells me tomorrow afternoon now as well. Seems they are supposedly 'finishing up' the mechanical stuff that needed done, but it is in need of a very good detailing/cleaning. I agree it is due that. But to add another day and not bother to contact us pretty much pissed me off.

On the good side, we got a call about the youngest son's lab work he had done about a week ago. Everything came back normal and good.


Today is the Day

Yesterday afternoon, I received another call from the salesman at the dealership. It seems our newer vehicle was not going to be ready until Wednesday, due to some 'extra items' that had to be replaced. When we purchased it, we knew they were going to do their 500 point inspection. In addition, they were replacing the front tires. Other than detailing/cleaning, we thought that was pretty much it. Now they have replaced the steering box, new brakes, replaced the sliding track on one of the side doors. The Salesman mentioned it has been over $2500 in repairs/replacements. I just smile a little bigger and say, "Uh-huh." Either way, today everything should be done, and we can pick it up once the Wife gets home from work, and we drop the kids off at VBS.

Reverend Mother is off work today, though she claims it is for cleaning house. Her brother, my uncle, is due in town tomorrow through Saturday, with all of us getting together Friday night. I have the middle son home today for son/dad time...sooooo... who knows.

Skipping on going to the gym today. I set up the insurance, thinking the newer van would have been home by now, so dropped the coverage on my car. The Gym isn't far, but I don't trust other drivers. If there was an accident, me without coverage would not be good. One day shouldn't hurt too much....


Monday, June 6

Monday Evening post

What a crazy 24 hours the last have been. The Wife and I did purchase a used minivan yesterday. A Chrysler Town & Country, 2007, pretty loaded. Got a good price for it all to boot. Now we just have to wait another day or so as they have to complete the detailing, and the 500+ checkpoint, etc. I know they are replacing the front tires as well. Today I took care of getting insurance on it, and removing my car. SO I guess I won't be driving much the next couple days until the van gets home.

Spending tomorrow with my oldest son here around the house.


Sunday, June 5

Sunday Shopping!

Well, I have slowly been "getting better", considering I still have no clue what is wrong. The ear infection idea is more in effect just due to some of the symptoms (like blowing my nose, or 'popping' my ears) has slowly decreased in the amount of pain, and the duration. Yesterday it wasn't bad until evening, then it was just a distraction more than leaving my in agony, crying in bed. This morning it was bothersome, but some ibuprofen and more sleep fixed that. Depending on how today and tomorrow go, will determine if I waste the time to go to the doc. On a funny note, I guess Sis read the blog yesterday, and sent the BIL over with some vicodin pills to help out.... though I didn't use any.

Today the Wife and I are headed out to check on a couple minivans. Saw a couple that were decently priced at a place near the homestead. Hopefully, one of them will work out price-wise and all so I don't have to spend extra time researching info, and traveling to look at them. Either way, I end up with the van we have now, and the Wife gets the new one. At least I get rid of my Saturn.... and have AC for the summer!

Nothing else for you today. I am off to finish eating my stuffed chicken boobies for lunch...


Friday, June 3

The Dreaded 2am Trip

I broke down and did it last night. Yesterday I had been feeling so much better - no pain, or at least bearable. Then about midnight it started in... bad. By 2am, I had had enough that, and did the drive to the closest 24 hour Walgreen's. Luckily, it is only a couple miles or so away. Did 5 minutes perusing the OraGel selections, settling upon the Maximum Strength, Longer Lasting for Night time use, with Chamomile. Of course, I get back out to the van, and it is one of them tube tops you have to cut the tip off of... and I have nothing to use, so had to wait until I got home. An Hour and a half later, there is still no relief. I am thinking this has got to be one hell of a fucked up tooth situation I got going on.

Finally about 4:30, I am beat-tired, and the pain has decreased enough that combined with as tired as I was feeling, I could get some sleep. I get up this morning, and everything feels 'almost' normal. Slight pressure pain, but nothing else. Freaking weird, right? I went to blow my nose, as my allergies were starting up to be a bad day.... and just about screamed bloody murder. My ear canal decided to stab something in that nerve ending, and through it into the jaw joint, and further into both the upper and lower nerves under my teeth on the right side. Yeah, I think the problem is now an ear infection, or similar type malady. Thus, explains the "toothache" that roams the whole of the right side, upper and bottoms; that slight facial swelling sensitive to touch in the whole jaw area on that side, and obviously, the pain when I blew my nose. Though, by now I figure it has been going on for a number of days, and since it is lessening, hopefully it is almost ran its course. Come Monday, I know I will be calling my med doc if it persists.

Feels good having a better idea what the problem may be. Especially since I was just at the dentist maybe a month ago, and everything was looking really good. Wouldn't hurt to do a dr appt anyways, to see how my BP meds are working at lowering my BP, and maybe do a blood draw to test my HDL, etc levels since last one in March. Monday I will try to get back to the gym, since no work-outs this week due to the pain. Sigh. I need my regular routine...

Weekend is here. No major plans. Maybe the Wife and I can get out and check a couple dealerships on minivans. I will be doing some research online today. Took the youngest to the Lab place to do a urine sample and a blood draw. He's 5, and did a fine job, considering the witch must have "reset" the needle about 10 times trying to get the vein. Finally he said he was feeling sick, and lost all color. We got him settled down and sipping some water, cool compress on his head, and he was looking better. The tech tells me they may not have enough blood sample for one of the tests that needs run.... but she would include a note with it, explaining why it is "borderline" on the amount needed. Afterwards, he, the Daughter and I did a brunch at Dennys. He was a brave little d00d this morning and I am proud of him!


Thursday, June 2

Feeling Better

I am almost back to normal, well, normal for me anyways. That pain I been having for the past 2 days is nearly gone, so am still not entirely sure what the cause of it could be. Much more speculation on my part for the time being.... I just know if it comes back, there is a problem.

It has been a short week, with Monday having been the holiday. The past 2 days were pretty much shot, laying around in misery. Today I feel I can concentrate on some other stuff, but trying to figure what needs to be done first, well... I don't know. Tomorrow I know I need to take my youngest into the lab to have a urine sample and blood draw done. A couple weeks ago he had a 104+ temp, so we had taken him to a late night pediatric place. His follow up was the other day with his regular doc. They said he had glucose level in his urine sample (back from the initial visit I think) that may be an early sign of diabetes. So, they want to do another to make sure it may have just been a fluke. I am guessing the blood draw is for the other diabetes tests.

Welp, I think I may go read a bit, then get started on other things.


Wednesday, June 1

At This Rate ....

I've never been in any type of accident, vehicle-wise or other, where I can remember hurting so bad, as I have the past 24 hours or so. Seemingly millions of bicycle crashes/wipeouts, and the scarred knees and elbows, are no match in memory for what I am experiencing. And today, that is a bit diminished than it was yesterday, though, it doesn't feel like much. I have been on a steady ibuprofen regime every 5-6 hours, sleep or not, as I usually wake up when it is wearing off and ready for another dose. I am thinking it is brought on by having clenched my jaw in sleep and the steady pressure, add in an irregular bite, has "shifted" the regular position of m teeth, and that is the cause of this all. Reminds me of when I had braces, and the 3-4 days after a visit to the ortho doc, would leave me feeling similar (though, in my recollection, never this bad).

I think back prior to my root canals, and crowns, and how bad I had let my teeth get over the previous 20-odd years.... Abscessed tooth, and all, must have been a gradual pain I learned to tolerate, until I got them fixed. I remember the first few weeks after the root canals, that I was happier than I had been in months. I think it was the constant pain, though I was more used to it then, that made me so crabby, etc. It's a good theory if nothing else. Because I know right now, I am not the happiest person around these parts.

Yes. Another day of pity-party for me.