Thursday, September 29

Getting Cooler

This morning I made that phone call to an AC service company. Fortunately, they had an opening to have the tech come by sometime between 11-4. Yeah. Five hour spread of time. I just don't get that. Of course I told them that I would home for whenever they arrive. Not that I had plans to be anywhere today. I really didn't have any plans. I did feel elated for a short time, however, when five minutes later the company calls back, and informs me that there was a cancellation, so the tech was being routed over to my place at that moment. Yeah.... some good news!

It was short-lived though. then the dread feeling started in... that internal debate of how bad is it going to be, the cost(s), etc. Within a few moments of being here, he had down the blower & motor from the unit. Yeah, motor is shot. We discussed a few issues regarding the unit. Mainly, that it is an old one, and obviously he suggested that it should be replaced with a newer unit. Price range for a comparable unit (new) about $4000. Sigh. After discussing it a bit, we agreed to replacing the motor for the blower now, and everything else will have to come at a future date, as I know the Wife won't be okay with me just telling them to do it. At least at that kind of cost.

So, the tech is back now, as he had to run to the shop for a part. thankfully it is 'just around the corner' and soon I will have cold air in the house again. I'm tired of sweating while I sit here typing. Not that I don't do that when the air is on, but this is without me even trying mental concentration.

Now, I need to figure out about getting my van fixed....sigh.


Wednesday, September 28

Getting Old and Falling Apart/Stimulating the Economy

Twenty years ago I made a trip to the hospital. It was 'sort-of' an emergency, and it took place in the pre-dawn hours of the morning. By 8am everything was good though, and phone calls were made to reassure family that things were fine. Also, to share joyous news that my daughter was born. I remember in those fast, few minutes as her lungs were cleared, and breathing started; the nurse didn't stop to rinse her off as they quickly did those first tests they do with newborns. It seemed within seconds the nurse was handing her into my arms, pink, mucus-covered, little thing, with her legs literally sticking straight-up by her ears. Tears were flowing form my eyes, as I leaned over as careful as I could to show her to her Mom. Our daughter was a breech baby. They had tried internal, and external manipulations to flip her around, but to no avail. Being her first pregnancy, and our regular OBGYN being out of town, the Doc on call (old-fashioned doc) made the call to do a C-section, rather than the possible attempt our regular doc had discussed with us. It's still a very sore point with the Wife.

So now the daughter is 20, has an apartment in another town, living on her own (though with monetary assistance from us). I'm 40 and though am trying to get my body back to healthier version of me, still somewhat falling apart from the use, abuse and agedness (that a word?) of my body. Kinda like my house. And my van. Speaking of house and van .....

I took the van up to the garage this morning after I did the work-out at the gym. About 3-4 weeks ago I had an oil leak that was due to a pinhole in the oil filter. Everything was good for about a week or two, then puddles started showing up again. I had other things keeping my attention, that I had to wait until today to get it in to the shop. Turns out there is a coolant leak at the gasket seal of the water pump. There doesn't seem to be an issue with the function of the water pump, but that will be looked at when they take it off to replace the gasket. In fact, I just called there to see if the quote they gave me includes the replacement of the pump - which it is full replacement of pump, gasket, coolant, etc. Plus they will check the misc hoses near that area for possible wear/tear/damages. Another several pretty pennies when all is said and done to fix that. 

Then..... Monday, I was out watching the game with friends, but when I got home, the Wife let me know she and one of the boys smelled like a 'burning rubber' type smell coming through the ventilation system of the house. Stepping outside they couldn't smell it in the air in the neighborhood, so the Wife shut off the AC. Turning it on later, there was no smell coming from the vents. Actually there was nothing coming from the vents. I am guessing the blower motor has gone kaput on us. Today I am calling some places referred by friends & family to get pricing for a service call, and possible repair. So far, I am looking at the near the same cost as it is to fix the van. More pretty pennies.

Soooo, tonight the Wife and I will sit and discuss where we are financially, and which one of those two things take the priority in getting fixed. 

If nothing else, I sure feel like I have been stimulating the economy this past year.


Monday, September 26

Monday Morning Stimulation

Isn't that what so many of us need on Monday mornings? Some mental stimulation to get us going, whether it is to work, or to get the kids up for school, etc. Today I need it. I laid in bed, telling myself to get my fat butt up, dressed and to the gym. My butt won though, and I didn't. After about half an hour I did get up though. My back and knees feel sore today. I am sure it is from the unusual amount of time I spent on that damn disposal yesterday.

Found the piece of piping that the dog had carted off. It is not chewed up (thankfully) so last night I tried to get it all back together, again. Another failed attempt. I have no clue haw the guy who lived here before was able to  literally fuck all this shit up. This pipe just basically 'sat' there - no connectors, no cement, no putty, etc. No way could that provide a seal. But somehow, it was working. Though I cannot get it to a repeat performance. Again I will be doing the trip to Lowe's to see about some proper connections, length of pipe, even maybe some advice on how to do it properly. More stuff I don't want to deal with.

Looks to be a pretty light week for events this week. Friday the Wife has her Homecoming Game, which I know she will want to attend, taking the boys along to "show them off". I told her this year I didn't really want to go. She was okay with that. I guess this way I wouldn't be there telling her I was ready to go, and being a bump on the log. What can I say, I am good at that.


Sunday, September 25

Winding Down from the Weekend

Sigh? Yawn? I am not sure what to call that exhalation of air from my mouth. The Wife is back home form the weekend visit with the Daughter, and so far has claimed nothing but a good time occurred there. In our brief conversation in the vehicle (trip explained later) I filled her on on what we 'men' accomplished while she was gone. I think the trip did her well, and gives her a nice breather.

So that trip? It was to Lowe's yet again. Wife came home, and had her flip the power while I switched over the wiring for the garbage disposal I am installing. Five minutes or so, no major deal. Went to physically hook it all up - to the drain, to the sink, dishwasher.... and I am missing a piece of pipe about 9 inches long. It was part that went from the disposal drain pipe, to the sink trap piping. Cannot find it anywhere amidst the other pieces and tools laying around where I am working. I had removed it the other day, so I know it was here.

There was a flash of white I caught from the corner of my eye. Daisy, the dog. The Chewer of Things. The Destroyer of all things she can reach. The Anklebiter Prodigy. I am sure she is the cause of the missing pipe piece. So I had the Wife drive me over to Lowe's to get a replacement. I measured so I would be sure of the right size pipe piece I needed, found it, got some pipe cement in case needed as well as a new washer and nut for the piping. Got home and went back to work. I didn't calculate the difference of about 2 inches that the piece would overlap in connecting to the one side, so it is now too short. I needed the other, longer piece. Store is now closed. So we are another night without the kitchen sink. Tomorrow morning after the gym I will head over and get the right piece, and hopefully finish up this whole weekend job.

Wife is home though. I'll sleep better tonight having her near me. That's the best part!!


Saturday, September 24

While the Wife Is Away ....

The Wife left this morning for Tucson, to spend the weekend with our daughter. A little trip both the daughter and I encouraged her to do. I think the time away from "near home" and alone time with the daughter, will be good for her to sort of recharge a bit. I'm glad the daughter thought it up, and helped me push the Wife towards to doing it. I think this morning she was actually excited about going.

So she is gone, and I have all three boys (13, 9, and 5) at home. I also have a garbage disposal replacement to take care of over the two day period. No big deal. Of course, those are semi-famous last words.

I had noticed earlier this week, that in replacing the disposal, there was a leak along the 'drain sleeve' that I was hoping to not have to worry about replacing. Okay, so now I needed some extra stuff from Lowe's (plumber putty). I picked that up yesterday. I know have all tools and stuff I am pretty sure of needing.

I get down in there today, unhook all the piping work that needed, loosened up the bolts for the drain sleeve...popped it out. Started cleaning the previous (and now pretty much non-existent) layer of plumber putty; only to discover a hole. No, not the drain hole, silly! On the metal through the edge about an 1/8th-inch in size. No way is simple putty going to not leak through a hole like that, at the juncture that the seal meets the area where water is to be. Sigh. So, another trip to Lowes today to get some stuff called WaterWeld (like JB Weld) that they said should work for that environment. I am waiting another half hour for it to set up so I can see if it hardened up good enough to finish the install tomorrow.

Hopefully, it will be ready to finish, and I will be able to do so. Shouldn't be anything unexpected now, unless something electrical happens I think. Yes, I know, I just cursed that part, too.


Thursday, September 22

A Slow Afternoon

Today feels pretty mild. It's not as 'hot' feeling as it has been some of the past weeks, sun is out, looks nice. I have nothing 'pressing' to do today, so I jumped around on the blogs doing some catch-up, played a couple games, and brought myself here to put down some words. But since I really don't have much to write about, I'll just throw in some random thoughts I had.

I wonder if I will be able to see the falling satellite tomorrow... or will daylight be too bright to see it? They say trackers will only have 2 hours to know the exact location of where the biggest debris will hit. Glad I am not in the fall path....

Garbage Disposal project has turned into more. Need to get plumber's putty to install a new 'drain attachment' piece to the sink as well. Need to pick that up today.

Two pills left on the prescription med I take. Guess I will be heading to the store soon.

Started a book - "The Laws of Our Fathers" by Scott Turow. It's a hardback that my MIL sent over thinking I may like. Five pages in, and seems okay so far.

Think I may hit the pub this afternoon. Discounted beer from 12-3 and 3-6 is free chicken wings, and they are good!


Tuesday, September 20

Take Another Piece of Me

This October will be a year since I came to the decision I needed to do something about my health/weight. Since that time, I am down a bit over 35 pounds, have improved my feeling of health, increased the amount of energy I feel, and lowered my cholesterol and blood pressure. Overall improvements that are contributing to me being healthier, and hopefully, extending my numbered days so I can spend them watching my children grow up. A year ago, I would not have believed *I* could have done these changes.

But, it wasn't just me that made these changes. Yeah, I was the one that decides how much of a workout to do, how much to eat, etc, etc. Truly though, it was those around me that did the hard part. The support of family and friends, compliments from people, especially when you need them. All were (are) contributing factors.

As I near the one year mark of my little journey, and move into the second, I just want to say thanks to all of you.


Kinda a mushy post, but that's what you get today. It's just how I feel.


Monday, September 19

Just. Can't. Win.

The Wife posted those three words, with that punctuation, last night as part of her Facebook status. It sums up very well the feeling we have about our house sometimes. Well, actually, most of the time. We moved into our current home back in 2000. It was our first home, as we had been renters for the previous 9-10 years, at several places. As any first home for first-time buyers, it was an exciting time for us, and a big step, not only financially, but in that whole 'family dreams' idealism. 

Like probably most first-time home buyers, we should have informed ourselves better about somethings, and learned to look at homes better. But, I admit, we were anxious to get out of where we were living, and settled pretty quick on our home. It is a bit older, built in 1962 if I remember correct. There are a couple additions to the home, that when done were not properly 'permitted' or even done completely correct. Some of that is in evidence now of minor repairs, etc we have had to do. Most of which seem to be from things 'wearing out' like water pipes.

How does this all relate? I'm not entirely sure, but goes along with my thought process. It just feels like we can't get ahead, and things seems to set us back just that bit, to bring us down. Pretty much Life, I guess. Last night, the Wife discovered a leak under the sink. She was able to track it down to it coming from where the garbage disposal connects to the sink underneath. At least it isn't a water pipe.... but (the inevitable but) the leak wasn't discovered until it had been bad enough to soak everything underneath, and seep out from under the cabinetwork. Hence, how she found it by feeling the water at her feet.

So, today got assigned a project. to replace the garbage disposal. Why replace when it only sounds like it needs to be re-tightened, or maybe put on some teflon tape? Because it doesn't work. It was a project I had not gotten around to doing, and we have the new disposal already here. Now, no better reason to not get it done. My procrastination and laziness about it can no longer talk me into waiting. Though, at 5am, I think I will still wait a couple hours before I get in there and tackle it all.

My Redskins beat AZ Cardinals this week in NFL. Next Monday we get the Monday Night slot against our rival, Dallas. Looking forward to beating them, in Dallas. The Wife is going down to the daughter's next weekend for an over-nighter to do girly things. The boys and I will be on our own, so I am sure the restaurant industry in N. Phoenix will have a sudden increase in business. 

I'm still trying to figure out the earworm I had a few days ago. Nothing I have come across is helping, and it is irritating me. I just want to find the damn song and will be able to 'let it go' once I have the title. In the meantime, this one was running through my head this morning.....


Friday, September 16

Another Early Morning

I wish I had an explanation for my erratic sleep schedule. For weeks I will sleep (for me) normally, then nights like tonight, up at 1:30am for no apparent reason, and unable to return to sleep.

At least it is Friday. I am going to head back to bed now (about 3am) and try again to sleep. I will be headed to the gym about 6:30, and having breakfast with PT afterwards. It is nice to do breakfast about once a week, and have some mano el mano talk.

Since it is the wee hours of the morning, as you can see, I have no topic today. Maybe something will come up later on...


Wednesday, September 14

In Search Of .....

... the earworm continues. It has really gotten aggravating trying to find this tune. Being unable to put the sounds to words, makes the search even harder as I can't share with friends, or anyone, online. Through the searching I have done though, I wanted to share these two good ones I found....

 and another good one....

Great songs both, though not the earworm that eludes me....


Seasonal Issues

The 'seasonal' allergies I get from time to time, have struck again. This time they have gotten to be so bad, it has started to move into my chest. Other friends I have communicated (miserated?) with agree it is allergies, and not a virus. Needless to say, allergy meds, some Vick's vapo-rub, and naps are in order.

My oldest son is 13. Today, he has an early release from school, so we have planned to sit down and do the 'sex talk'. I have mentioned trying to do this before, but things just haven't worked out, or the time didn't seem right. The Wife told me over the weekend, now is the time. I guess she caught him on the internet checking out some porn site. So I talked with him, so is aware what we are doing today. He actually seemed interested in what I have to say (a first for anyone! LOL!). I am a bit nervous.

Maybe that was a bit more personal than what I should share.... nah. I think everyone in general knows they get the sex talk usually from somewhere, if not their parents, then it is friends or school. My Dad was nearing this last days when I got my talk. Due to complications with his speech (brain tumor) my Uncle was asked to do the duty. I remember that day we went out walking, and he brought up the subject. I was able to let him know that I had already heard plenty from friends at school, and he made sure I knew of the basics. That was it. I was glad someone took me "under their arm" and made an effort to be open to any questions I may have wanted to ask. I hope my son uses that advantage as well, as it will always be open for him.

This will be good practice for the next two boys, too.....

...and the earworm is *still* bothering me.....


Tuesday, September 13

The Big Bad Earworm

Thanks to some late day wind disturbances across the Valley, Monday was a day I had to deal with a severe nasal problems with my allergies. Of late, they had been doing good and not bothering me too much. Now it is is just plain irritating to have to blow my nose every 2-3 minutes, and constantly wipe some drip coming out as well. Needless to say, it is interferring with my sleep schedule, so I find myself up again at 12:30am and later.

The Earworm. Seems like everyone gets it at some point. Sometimes more than once. And we all know how it can go round and round through friends, co-workers, etc, and come back to us. This one is driving me a bit crazy though. I have spent he past hour or so trying to locate anything close to it, but no luck so far. So, maybe if I can try to put a song into words, maybe you readers can help out...

It is instrumental with a trumpet (I believe) being the main instrument. I remember one of the places I heard it many times was the theater, when they are playing background music before the movie starts. It was a pretty popular tune... makes me think back to Floyd Cramer on the piano kind of stuff. I can't think of what more to add to the description, as I can't seem to put a word to indicate the sound....sigh. Maybe I should check out some Herb Alpert tunes and maybe it is one of them...?

Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: I just went through 24 pages of videos, and about 400 songs in iTunes, but no luck finding the one song that fit the tune. I am pretty sure it sounds like Herb Alpert though.

Edit: Joe just sent me thru several albums of Al Hirt, and though I found several new songs I liked, not the earworm... it continues to roam...


Sunday, September 11

Church of Holy Beer and Softball

It is Sunday, and once again, our seasonal 'church' has started. I like to call it church, since it is on Sunday mornings, and I go to it, rather than real church with my family. To clarify a bit more for you readers that can't figure it out, the bar softball league has opened season again.

I've played for probably 6 or 7 teams over the past 10+ years. I have met many people, most I can never remember their names, but they know mine. I haven't played the last 3 years, due to being overweight, and getting hurt. Though, with all the recent slimming down I asked to play again this season. Today I am regretting that a bit, and am debating going ahead and pulling myself from the roster for one more season. I am closer, but not just ready yet to play I think.

Our season usually consists of double-headers (2 games) back to back each Sunday. Beer is BYOB, as we have the permit for having alcohol in the park. The rest is a good time. Season goes usually to about February, where we have a tournament. Yes, of course we break off for holidays. First game starts in 40 mins, and I am here still debating even if I want to go watch.

I should. At least it is getting out of the house.


Friday, September 9

We Buy Gold!

Driving down the street yesterday, I counted no less than 5 of these signs in about a 5 mile stretch. Over the past 3-4 years, places that display them have grown in number in and around where I live. They even pay people to stand on the sidewalk, doing that sign spinning and flipping, out front. Every store is getting into the 'buy gold' phenomenon, from cigarette stores, to corner markets, to even a few basic businesses. It's almost like they are adding another source of income for themselves.

So what is the deal with all this 'We Buy Gold' stuff? I have seen in movies, newspapers, and heard as advice from stories and people, that gold is always the base currency. The depression hits, well, gold will be worth more than our 'paper' dollar. Better than credit. Been used for hundreds of years. Has the best monetary value in any market (being as a solid currency). Should one go out and start stockpiling gold in their bank deposit box? I don't know.

But with the increase in everyone wanting to buy your gold, and the fact that our US economy is not great, so people are selling their gold.... does it signal an oncoming crisis? An event that is approaching that would tear the financial world apart? That gold would once again be the only form of currency that would stand through such a crisis? Could it be so catastrophic, that maybe gold wouldn't even be good enough?

I have not sold any of my gold. In fact, I don't think there is even any amount of physical gold in my house, aside from maybe a few pieces of jewelry my wife has, and that is probably just a cheap plating of it. Nope, can't think of any piece of Au, aurum, shiny yellow stuff... in my house. My gold is my kids and my wife. My gold is the love we share, that feeling of family and togetherness. That we will be together no matter what crisis comes along, in heart if not in body. That's real gold. And yeah, that's worth alot more than some shiny metal. Maybe others need that kind of love.... and are just trying to get it.

'We Buy Gold'.... makes a little more sense now.


Tuesday, September 6

Happy 40th To Me!

Today is my birthday. I am turning 40, though no history book will ever mention my name, the date I was born, or any event caused/created by me during my life here on this earth. Does that depress me? NO WAY! I would rather not be noticed!

I was searching around, found a few things that happened on this date:

1819 - Thomas Blanchard of Springfield, MA patented a machine called the lathe. Blanchard said it was invented for the manufacturing of gun stocks. His lathe did the work of 13 operators.
1920 - The first prizefight broadcast on radio featured Jack Dempsey knocking out Billy Miske in the third round of a bout in Benton Harbor, MI. Radio station WWJ in Detroit was the station that fight fans were tuned to.
1930 - Gallant Fox won the Lawrence Realization at Belmont Park in New York and became the leading moneymaker in thoroughbred racing.
1937 - Benny Goodman and his orchestra recorded Sugar Foot Stomp on Victor Records. The tune was a Fletcher Henderson arrangement.
1943 - The youngest player to appear in an American League game was pitcher Carl Scheib of the Philadelphia Athletics. On this day, Scheib was 16 yearseight months and five days old.
1958 - Actor Steve McQueen starred on the CBS-TV series, Wanted: Dead or Alive. McQueen played bounty hunter Josh Randall. Randall was a man of few words but sure knew how to use his .30-.40 sawed-off carbine on the bad guys.
1959 - The first Barbie Doll was sold by Mattel Toy Corporation. The original Barbie, along with her pals, Ken and Skipper, are now collectors items, although new versions are continually being produced.
1969 - Singer, songwriter David Bowie debuted on U.K. charts with Space Oddity. You remember, “Ground Control to Major Tom, Ground Control to Major Tom ... Check igition and may God’s love be with you, Three, Two, One, Liftoff...” Space Oddity peaked at #5 in the U.K. The song’s release was timed for the U.S. moon landing, but didn’t make the U.S. charts until its rerelease in 1973 (it reached #15).
1972 - Rick DeMont lost the gold medal he received in a 400-meter swimming event because a banned drug was found in his system during routine drug testing.
1973 - Avenging the loss of his gold medal one year earlier, swimmer Rick DeMont captured the 400-meter freestyle event with a world record time of 3:58.18.
1975 - Glen Campbell hit #1 on the Billboard pop music chart with Rhinestone Cowboy. It had reached the top position on the country chart on August 23rd.
1976 - Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were reunited by Frank Sinatra -- after 20 years of going their separate ways. The former comedy team warmly met each other again during a surprise visit by Martin to Lewis’s annual Labor Day Telethon for Muscular Dystrophy.
1980 - Miss Oklahoma, Susan Powell, was crowned Miss America in Atlantic City, NJ. It was the first time in 25 years that Bert Parks had not served as master of ceremonies for the show. He had been dismissed because the pageant committee considered him to be too old. Former TV Tarzan, Ron Ely, was chosen to host the festivities.
1982 - Willie Stargell of the Pittsburgh Pirates saw his uniformnumber 8retired by the Bucs. It was the fourth Pirate player’s uniform to be so honored. The other three belonged to Roberto Clemente (#21), Honus Wagner (#33) and Pie Traynor (#20).
1984 - Country-music star Ernest Tubb died this day, at the age of 70. Tubb was from Crisp, Texas and was known as the ‘Texas Troubadour’. He patterned his unique style after Jimmie Rodgers. Tubb recorded I’m Walking the Floor Over You and sold more than three million copies of the tune. Blue ChristmasI Love You BecauseMissing In Action and Thanks a Lot were also classics made famous by Tubb. Other recording artists as diverse as The Andrews Sisters, Loretta Lynn and Red Foley recorded with Tubb. His 1979 album, The Legend and the Legacy, was a top-ten hit. Tubb was a member of the Grand Ole Opry since 1943 and was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1965.
1986 - Bananarama hit the top spot on the pop music charts with Venus. The tune had also been a number one hit for the Dutch group, The Shocking Blue (2/07/70).
1996 - Three movies opened in U.S. theatres: Bogus, starring Whoopi Goldberg, Gerard Depardieu and Haley Joel Osment; Bulletproof, with Damon Wayans, Adam Sandler, James Farentino and James Caan; and Sweet Nothing, starring Michael Imperioli, Mira Sorvino, Paul Calderon.
1997 - The Westminster Abbey funeral for Diana, Princess of Wales, was an extraordinary event, marked by numerous poignant moments: The people sobbing and throwing flowers at the funeral cortege winding through the streets of London. Her sons, walking behind her casket with their heads bowed. And Diana’s brother, who during his funeral oration took aim at the media, who he said made the princess “the most hunted person of the modern age.” Elton John sang a rewritten version of Candle in the Wind to “England’s rose”. The song was originally a tribute to film legend Marilyn Monroe, whose own tragic life, like Diana’s, ended at the age of just 36.

Overall, sounds like a pretty boring day...which suits me fine. Wouldn't want to share the day with some thing like Halloween, or Valentine's Day. Crap like that is just unthinkable.

Well, not much to elaborate on, just me turning 40. Having lunch with the parents. Maybe go out for a couple free beers with friends tonight.


Sunday, September 4

Dragging Through a Sunday Morning

It's middle of the holiday weekend, and I am pretty much bored. We didn't really plan anything special this weekend, so we just did things around the house. I did get out to Cold Stone Creamery to use the birthday coupon I got.

This morning a friend of mine called to ask for my 'possible' help in moving. He has been moving for the past week or so, and though I offered longer ago than that, he has not asked for my help, until today. Though, he said he may not need me - he just isn't sure if some furniture they are moving the two of them can handle.

Tomorrow will be at Sis'. I got to get out today and get some chips to bring, and at least a card for my BIL (we are celebrating both our birthdays). Tuesday I will be going out to lunch with Reverend Mother and Preacher Tom to Sweet Tomatoes - which I have never been to. Though PT and I catch up on stuff pretty much each week now, it'll be nice to sit down with RM too.

Family is off to church this morning, I'm done with my FB games, and I guess I may pop into my Warcraft to see what's going on.


Friday, September 2

Labor Day Weekend 2011

It's Friday, heading into the Labor Day weekend. The last big 3-day weekend for many of us, with just 2 main holidays between now and Christmas/end of the year. I love this weekend, mainly because in that year, I was born on Labor Day. Though, this year, my birthday doesn't fall on it's something like every 11 years it falls on the holiday.

Anyways, we don't have major family plans, like a trip or anything. Monday we are going to Sis' with the others (RM/PT, Stuman and family) for lunch and the afternoon. Today the Wife has off work, so we are going to lunch here in a bit. Be nice like a date since it will be the first time in awhile we have ate out without at least 1 kid along.

Hope you all have a good weekend!