Friday, September 28

Years in the Making

Not only is today Friday, most everyone's favorite day of the week, but it has a bit more specialness to it as the Daughter turns 21 years of age.

Hard to believe it was that many years ago that she came along. As a parent, I understand what they mean when they say "They grow up so fast".

Yup. She growed up pretty good. She is getting ready to start clinical rotations for her schooling in Respitory  Therapy next week.

So, I am off to celebrate with her today as we head over to the DMV to get her official over 1 license. Later tonight we plan on finding someplace to go ahve a few drinks and do some karaoke.


Wednesday, September 26

Looking For Content

As I sat here eating breakfast in front of the computer, I wondered what should I use today for content. It is Wednesday, Hump Day, and I thought, 'Ya know, I haven't posted some boobs in awhile....' so I thought maybe today would be the day. Then I remembered Reverend Mother reads the blog (pretty much daily it seems) so maybe I shouldn't post boobies. Then I thought, I'll just post a warning for her, to not scroll down so far. Then I thought, maybe I just shouldn't do it at all. Those two little shoulder helpers sure are making things difficult already today. One would think one of them would lose, but I think maybe it is a bit of a win-win situation.

The Daughter is headed back to Tucson today, for a fingerprinting session. She is starting her clinicals for school, and the first location is at the VA Hospital, and since it is a gov't facility..... That means only a year of school left for her, and it will be mostly clinicals. She shall return to the Valley on Thursday, and stay through the weekend I think.

Okay, RM, don't scroll down further....

Here's today's dose of Boobage. I decided to make it a win-win situation, by not showing any naked boobies. Random pics from Google Images....


Tuesday, September 25

Another No Win Situation

Yesterday I wrote about going into the store of the service provider for my Daughter. The whole cable modem deal. I was on edge as I did not want to get so angry that I was yelling, and throwing around explicatives. Though, by the time we left, I sure thought that it was stupid of me to hold back. After awhile, I realized that I saved things somewhat, by holding back. Cox is the only provider for services in the area of town where the Daughter lives, so if I had lost my anger bad enough, she could have ended up without service at all. But I am still very disappointed in the company.

We set up their service just a little over a year ago. The package deal suscribed to was for up to 18Mbps download speeds. For one person there, it was working fine. However, anytime someone else was over, and at least 2 computers were on the service, things would freeze up and the modem had to be reset constantly. Last week, the Daughter found out the modem she had been given at the start of service, was only capable of handling up to 10Mbs, hence the lock-ups when more than 1 person was trying to be on the internet. The easy solution, was for Cox to just swap out the modem for one that can handle the service we have been paying for. Instead, the declined to do so. The asshat had the balls to tell me that at the time we started service, the 10Mbps modem was the only product they had - even though they were selling services for a higher amount! To top that off, they now had modems to handle the higher amount, but it was going to cost me ANOTHER $130 to get one, and I could not trade in the current modem for any credit.

Needless to say, we left. I went over to Fry's electronics, found a Motorola modem for less than they were charging. And now I plan on writing a letter to the corporate offices, letting them know what I think of their low-level dealing. They should have told us that in their product (the modem) would only handle so much, and if we wanted better, we should purchase our on our own, a different modem. Instead they just sold us one (because I paid $80 for the modem) with no warning of the lower limits.

Yeah, I am still a bit peeved. Best I can hope for is maybe some sort of coupon for credit on a billing. But I ain't holding my breath.

Today is looking to be a long one. I don't what it is exactly yet, but my allergies are making life pretty crappy about now. The particulate count in the air today is terrible, and I am coughing and blowing my nose constantly. The drainage is turning off any desire to eat anything. Lucky me.


Monday, September 24

Working It Like Having OCD

This morning feels great! I feel rested and ready to tackle whatever is coming this week. I don't usually feel this way. It is ... different.

This morning's main task is to work on the weekly agenda, and I started with enthusiasm, but it has waned in the past 20 minutes. Between the youngest son's rehearsals for the church Christmas musical (yes, they started already) and The oldest son's band practices & football game, we have the Daughter in town this week - well, most of the week - and there are things that need to get done with her. Then the Wife has next Saturday and Sunday filled with continuing education classes. Yeah, my excitement at what this week will throw my way has just about completely disappeared.

There will be easier weeks. There will be busier weeks. Sigh.

The Daughter is in town though, and today's foray we will do together, is to the Cox Store. When we set her up in Tucson, Cox was the only available internet/cable provider in that area of town. So we set it up, providing basic cable and internet service. Nice package deal, and he internet speed was even better than what we had at our house. Anyway, the past couple months she has been having problems with her internet, where the modem was constantly having to be reset repeatedly. I told her to take the modem to Cox there, and see if they could check it to be sure nothing was wrong with it. Turns out, the modem is fine. It can handle download speeds up to 10Mbps. Problem is, her internet speed goes to 18Mbps. So, when she and the boyfriend are both on the computer, it locks up the connection, forcing them to reset it constantly. Okay, well, Cox then wanted to charge her $80 for the proper modem she needs. What?!? We paid $80 when we set up the service, and they gave us the wrong modem, and now they want to charge us for their mistake? Yeah, well, when I found out what had happened, they had already gone to Best Buy to price the proper modem needed. Looking at around $100. I checked another place that would be a little cheaper. But then I got to thinking, I should go talk to someone at the Cox store and get this straightened out. I am a bit more demanding of my rights than the Daughter is. So, she brought the modem up and later this morning we shall embark on our adventure.

Maybe some of that excitement that waned is coming back for today!


Friday, September 21

A Little Bit of AuH2O

The old people in my house (meaning the Wife and I) are a bit excited for tonight. Turns out both of our high schools are having their Homecoming events tonight. Mine I had known about for several weeks. Hers she just heard about I think like Monday. Granted, my graduating class from the public school was about 10 times larger than her church school.... Either way, we are both a bit excited to be going to see old friends and do some catching-up and reminiscing. The boys will be going with her, as I know she likes to show them off, and how big they are, etc. And besides that, some of us alumni band members are meeting for drinks after the game, and I can't take the kids.

The Daughter is hitting 21 years of age in a week. It is also the week she is on school break from where she attends. Kind of nice to get the week of your birthday off! We are working on setting up some plans for time with her, and maybe even her & I get out to celebrate her 21st at the bar, doing karaoke. Maybe even let her have a frou frou drink or two as well.

I had a new drink mix yesterday. It is called Mio, and it is some kind of energy drink stuff, you add to water. I did the green one, meaning, I thought it would be like a lemon-lime taste, as the darker red one was black cherry. I learned I should read the bottle, as this one was packed full of caffeine. I fixed my drink about 5pm, and I ended up awake until 4:30 this morning. I had tried a couple times to lay down and sleep, but gave up after an hour. Needless to say, I spent plenty of time playing on the computer last night.

So, the AuH2O reference in the title? I'm a proud first full-class graduate of Barry Goldwater HS. Still doesn't make sense? Au=gold, H2O=water and it is also part of the school fight song that gets chanted!


Wednesday, September 19

Obligations and Guilt

I am a bit guilt-ridden today. No, Reverend Mother, it wasn't you. I have given myself this built of guilt. It is a guilt by a feeling of obligation. Does that make sense?

I have mentioned before about how my FIL has Parkinson's Disease. It is pretty advanced, and since there is no cure for it, all the docs can do is prescribe medicine that help ease some of the symptoms (like palsy, etc.). The MIL has been the sole caregiver since he was afflicted, and the strain it is having is immense. Months ago I started helping by sitting with Dad while Mom went out to do grocery shopping once a week. Nothing major, just a couple hours on one day. It was mainly to be sure Dad didn't fall and hurt himself, or roll off the couch. These days, he sits/lays on the couch most of the day, as most motor controls, balance, ability to verbalize have all pretty much left him. This school year, I have added in more time to sit with Dad while Mom runs over to the school to pick up my boys. She does it as they stay at her place until the Wife gets off work. Since I don't have AC in my van, it worked out with this arrangement for all of us, as Mom gets a break and out of the house for a little while as well.

Today was a bit more busy than most days. As soon as Mom left, Dad proceeded to throw pillows onto the floor, and to try to get down and crawl around. We try to let him do this, as several times he has fallen and hurt his knees, even hit his head. The whole balance and motor skills thing. So I spent most of a half hour getting him back to sitting on the couch, which consists of quite a bit of physical work - assisting him to rise and turn, plus from the floor level. Dad has lost a lot of weight, but still....

So to the part I am feeling guilt about. I had told Mom I would not be able to sit with Dad this Friday afternoon for the half hour she goes to get my boys. Part of it is, I have been doing this for awhile, and frankly, I am tired of it. I wanted a day off basically. And after today, which has been the worst yet when watching Dad, I am really tired of it all. It would be nice to get Dad into a LTC or other assisted living place, but money is a big issue. Even with small assistance from us, Mom & Dad would not be able to afford it. So bottom line is that our arrangement is going to go on indefinitely.

I don't want to be doing this. Granted, I generally am not doing anything of importance at the times I sit with Dad. I just don't want to deal with this. Maybe it is issues of having done similar things with my Dad, before he passed. I don't know. I just don't like doing it. I know it is helping Mom out a lot, though. And over the past 20+ years, they have helped us out in more ways than I can count (babysitting all the kids is the biggest one). I feel obligated to do this. Feeling Guilt based on Obligation.

Sigh. Mean to think it, but sometimes, it seems things would be much better if Dad would pass away. I hate thinking that, but it would be better for Mom, due to the stress she is under in care-taking. Yeah, more self-guilt. Or is that self-pity? I don't know. I just know I feel like shit because of it.


Tuesday, September 18

Drainage and Wind Damage

Arizona is known for being a desert land. No one really associates the forests of the northern part of the state, just the Grand Canyon. That, and it is always being hot is the other typical thought. Granted we do have deserts galore, and two things that go with deserts is drainage and wind damages. Maybe not so much wind damage as, say, the Sahara. I mean, yeah, Yuma has the sand dunes there, and they kick up some scouring sand particles. Mostly I would say it is just the hard, sun-baked topsoil, that the wind helps strip away. and that topsoil, that's where our drainage issues come from. Any time we have a large downpour, the rain just is not soaked into the earth as fast, causing flash floods, etc.

About 20 years ago, all these combined damages, and I am sure some other things that even I don't understand, created the effect of me having allergies. Weird I know. Back in the day (or so I read) if someone had bad allergies or whatnot, they were told to move to AZ for the dry air climate. Myself, I grew up in central Indiana and never had an allergy problem. But a few years after moving here, I have developed one, and it does not like me.

The Doctor says it is just 'general allergies' meaning, no reason to really test for what is exactly causing it, as it is more than likely a seasonal pollen of some sort. I don't know, but they are year-round, and granted, some seasons are worse than others. OTC drugs don't seem to help anymore. My next option is go get a kentalog (sp?) shot form the doc that should help for a few short months. Yeah, you know me and doctors don't do well so that ain't happening too soon.

A few days past, we had a day of higher wind speeds than average, gusting upwards of 30 mph. Doesn't sound like much, but it is more than enough to kick up the pollen count, and other undesirable elements in the from the ground and plants. To counter that, I have done my best to be indoors more, so as to not be affected so much. Now, several days later, I think some of that undesirable crap in the air has worked it's way into the ventilation system. How do I know? Because this morning's activities have been a large amount of sneezing and blowing of the nose. And drainage. Nothing like having snot run down the back of the throat in a seemingly constant trickle.

I know, I know. You think that is gross, but its snot.


Monday, September 17

A Little Bit of This, and A Little Bit of That

I have no clue why society always makes Mondays sound like a day of hell. I have come to a conclusion that it must be related to the fact that most regular jobs have Monday as the starting day of the week, ending a nice two day break. But for some of us that aren't working, it's just another day. Well, sort of. I mean, I still need to get the boys up and ready for school, etc. Otherwise, I have been known to lose track of what day it is (weekday, not the date, though that happens, too).

Today is no different than my typical Mondays. I have nothing of special note that needs to be completed. At least, that I can remember, and I don't see any notes laying around with reminders on them for me. Which means I am going to pretty much waste my day between reading a book, and messing around on the computer. I am sure there are millions of more constructive things I could be doing. I know my lawn needs mowed. But I am using the excuse that it is still a bit hot to be doing that this late into the day (it's only almost 10am). Guess that means it can wait until tomorrow... if I feel like it then. I should get into the gym again as I have been 'blowing that off' for another week now. I might do that tomorrow instead of mowing the grass. Though, would probably be exercise if I just mowed the grass at this point. I'll go somewhere else to exercise, rather than do it with a better result at home. Yeah. Lazy. You got it.

Wow. I think I just posted the longest bit of writing I may accomplish this week. Hopefully something more exciting will happen for tomorrow.


Friday, September 14

<---- Wants To Be An Only Child

For those of you that have siblings, I am sure you have had the thought of wanting to be an only child several (million) times while growing up, and maybe not so much as an adult, but it still comes popping into the mind every now and then. I look back on my childhood, and I don't recall thinking it that often, but since becoming an adult, it happens way too often. Since Sis and Stuman read this (occasionally) I should explain.

Growing up, I never had the thought of wanting to be an only child. I pretty much was one. With my parents divorced, I was living with Dad, and Sis & Stuman lived with the Reverend Mother. For a few years, there were the weekend exchanges of kids, etc. Regular divorced family stuff. But after they (Sis, etc) all moved out of state, it changed things, and I was pretty much on my own with my Dad, until my younger Half-sister was born. I was 11 then, so I was still pretty much an only child.

After Dad passed away, and I moved out to AZ to live with RM and family (I was 14'ish) I became the middle child again, though, I wouldn't say I felt crowded enough, or whatever, to want the only child wish. That happened more when I was out of school, married and on my own.

I know much of it is more of how I am, more so than just being a sibling. For some reason, they look up to me in ways I don't understand. Sometimes they value my input, more than they should. My opinions matter more than their own. It's a pain in my ass. My own family gives me enough worries and stresses that having to function with the added "responsibility" to deal with sibling (an at times feels like parental, too) issues... Sigh.

I don't know if you, the reader, are able to make sense of this. Heck, most times I can't make sense of it all.

Other than that, it is Friday. My buddy just called and wants to meet up for breakfast. Think I shall.


Wednesday, September 12

Mid-Week Crisis: Breakfast, or Not?

Another Wednesday has rolled around. This morning I was able to rest in bed, though not really sleep, for at least an hour more before I felt the need to get up to relieve the bladder. That one hour can sometimes make a large difference in how much of an asshole I am going to be for the day.

I have gone through my regular morning routine, in a shorter amount of time than usual. I don't know if that is a hint of things to be, or just that there wasn't as much interesting content (kinda like around here). I find myself debating an important feature this morning.... whether I should have breakfast, and if so, what.

Most mornings, a simple cup of coffee along with my four-way-too-many pills. Other mornings, I feel ravenous and toss back maybe a cup of juice and a bowl of cereal. On special mornings, I have a couple left-over pizza slices. That was yesterday, and the left-over pizza is all gone now. Dang kids. Nothing like a couple slices of cold pizza to start the day. This morning's selection that sounds half way decent, is a small container of what appears to noodles, ham, and cheese.... or maybe just the cup of raspberry lemonade kool-aid. I haven't decided.

Hmmm, I better decide something soon. The big tummy is growling....


Tuesday, September 11

Topic-less: An Improvement?

I really have nothing to gripe about today. It rained good last night, and just finished up another shower that lasted a good half hour or so. It's overcast, and obviously a bit muggy, but at least the temps aren't over 90 to make things feel miserable. With the new AC unit, it wouldn't be bad inside at least.

I decided Sunday evening to try to stop smoking, again. Today is only the start of day two, and shouldn't be too bad. I get the worst desire to smoke when I am out having a few drinks. That won't be until Wednesday night. We will see how that goes.

I started watching the "Hatfields & McCoys" mini-series that was on a few months back. The one with Kevin Costner & Bill Paxton (and others). I have gotten through the first disc, which had parts 1 & 2. I'm am not sure what to think. I see how easily this viewpoint shows the feud got started, and even how it was made worse by parties not directly involved. So far, I get the impression this is a bit sided with one family more than the other, but I am not done watching it, and have no proof either way. I'll probably be watching the last bit tonight once the Wife gets home. She started getting into it about the middle of the parts I watched last night.

That's all I got. I need to get organized to head over to the MIL's for the weekly shopping trip.


Monday, September 10

Sunday Football!

I spent a good portion of yesterday down at the local watering hole with friends watching the first Sunday of this year's NFL season. Most of my friends and I cheered on the Redskins to their victory, though, there were a few people that were there for other teams. It was a fun time sharing comraderie over drinks and free food. It'll be my last day out for awhile. Well, until Wednesday night anyways.

This morning I will be spending time watching 'War Horse'. Or rather, maybe I should say trying to watch it. The Wife had watched it the other evening with the boys, and said it was rather slow. I may bypass it for something else.

PT has invited the oldest son and I to a Men's Breakfast at the church this coming Saturday. Also invited were Stuman, the BIL, and his son. My son cannot make it as he has a Saturday band practice, so I thought I would be able to get out of going, but I feel I won't be able to do so. The Wife mentioned that I should still go, as it would be following the time I drop the son off for practice, and since I was there (school & church are near each other) that I might as well go. Not sure if I want to go. It's a free breakfast (donations accepted) and then you have to listen to some speaker. Not my idea of a fun morning. I should be nice and go, since PT wants the bonding time, but I dunno. I think the others are still going... not sure. Maybe I won't be alone.

Well, nothing much else to say today. It's Monday and we are expecting scattered showers through Wednesday, so it's gloomy and overcast. Reading and sleeping weather.


Saturday, September 8

Momma Made Me Cry

The Reverend Mother is at it again. Going through my regular morning routine, I stopped by her blog, and she got me getting all teary-eyed. I hate it when that happens.

The weekend is here, and I have no major plans. the Wife has already asked me what I plan on doing today, to which I replied that I pretty much had nothing planned. I guess that means she will do her best to find something for me to do. Sunday I am headed up tot he pub to watch the Redskins play the Saints.

Content around here has been lacking a bit of late. I think mostly because I don't feel like trying to dwell on and bring up some memory to share. Maybe I shall bless y'all with one this week... maybe not.


Thursday, September 6

It's my Birthday

Today is my birthday. Another circle around the sun. This time around makes 41. I never thought I would live past 35 (when I was younger). So far today has been good. I woke up with a hangover from hanging with my buddies last night... Oh man. I know I embarrassed myself too.

So, whilst I recover, read some older stuff, or check out the links on the right.....


Wednesday, September 5

The Battle Begins ...

Football season officially starts tonight with the NY Giants vs the Dallas Cowboys. I personally wish both could lose, as they are both in my division, but obviously that ain't going to happen. I will be down at the pub watching the game with some friends, and doing a little early celebrating. I was going to do all the celebrating tomorrow night, but decided not to do so. I think we will do dinner out somewhere instead.

I am headed out the door to go to RM's to put some more water int he pool as they had asked me to while they are gone.


Tuesday, September 4

Celebration Week

Labor Day turned into a decent day. I ate way too much food, but had a good time. Even kicked it and watched "Armegeddon", then came home to find out one of the actors, Michael Clark Duncan, had passed away yesterday. That was kind of a bummer.

I forgot how the family sort of clumps birthdays together with holidays/family events. This time around it was for me (this week) and the BIL (7 days after mine) for pretty much the September birthdays, though the Daughter's is the 28th, she wasn't grouped in with us. But since I forgot about it, I failed to get even a card for the BIL. Guess I will have to do that over the next few days. From him and Sis, I got a lunch at Olive Garden, so maybe I can figure out something to get back to him. I also scored a Subway card from RM & PT, and an Amazon card from Stuman. Wasn't too bad a day at all.

Today I feel like I will be busy. Sitting with FIL so MIL will be able to get some shopping done, then I am off to get a haircut. This mop on my head has been bothering me for a couple weeks and I am getting it taken care of finally. Then I need to swing by the pub to see if they dropped off my packet, as we resume the second half of the pool season this Wednesday. It would be nice to know where we are supposed to play at. Then back to the MIL's this afternoon for the regular picking up of the kids, and then the oldest has Tuesday night rehearsal I have to have him there by five. There hardly feels like any ME time today....


Monday, September 3

Labor Day 2012

The end of summer. That is probably what I have always associated with Labor Day. Well, that and my birthday (which is later this week). Back when I was a young one, school wouldn't be starting until after the holiday, but where I live now, and in this day and age, they started three weeks ago. I always thought the labor in Labor Day was about having babies, too, for many of my younger years. I was born on Labor Day, and I think that was why.

No tremendously huge plans for today. The family is getting together at Sis' new place for lunch and hanging out. PT's brother & wife are out visiting this week from Indiana, so they will be there, before the 4 of them head up north for a few days. Kids will end up swimming, and the adults either sitting around talking, or watching a movie.

Guess that is all I have for 8am. Y'all have a good day!


Saturday, September 1

A Day of Remembrance

Today the Wife and I are heading to a memorial service for my buddy Smitty, who had passed away a short time ago. It's the ideal thing I want to do, to start a holiday weekend. Actually, it is not something I think anyone wants to do at anytime. But it will be good to get that little bit of closure this will bring.

The son (and the band) seemed to do a fine job at their first performance last night - though the football game was a loss for the home team. I am not sure I particularly like the music selection that was chosen for the band this year, but then, I don't know to what limitations there are for the division/band size/etc. that they have to work with. According to my son, it sounds like they are only about a third of the way through learning and executing their marching show.

The Daughter is headed up to spend the weekend here in the Valley. The boyfriend is coming along as well, but I don't know if he will be joining our family or his for Monday.

The excitement for next week is beginning to build! See ya later!