Monday, April 30

Monday almost done ...

I am soooo glad this day is almost done. Actually for me it is pretty much completed as there is not much else I can accomplish. Besides, the Lenders just want to push it back til tomorrow anyways.

For Arizona, today arks the last day you can smoke in a bar, unless it is on an outside patio, fenced in. So yours truly is going out tonight to watch all the sorry suckers enjoy their last night smoking in the bar - at least the one I go to. Supposed to be effective at midnight, but I don't think cops are going to bust down the doors of every bar in town to make sure they are complying. Heck, I might even light one up for the hell of it!!

I picked up about 7 books this weekend by PAtricia Cornwell. She has a character that she writes about in several books. I had only read the first few, and maybe the two newest. So I went to the bookstore and found all the middle ones. I already have two done. Plus my SciFi club books came in finally so I have another 3 books to ready on top of that. Finally I will be busy for awhile.

My wife went down to the MVD on Saturday to pay the registraion for the minivan. She happened to take my daughter to help with the youngest. I was watching the two older boys. Anyway, my Wife decided to get some reading material for my daughter - the Drivers License manual. Yeah, I know, she is fifteen, but still. I son't want to even think about insurance rates going up, and letting her use our vehicles, or worse - buying her one. I am just not ready for that stage. And her school doesn't offer Drivers Ed. So I would have to go to some outside source to do that as well. More money. Shit kids is just too damn expensive to enjoy having it seems. I am still waiting the $300+ glasses she had ordered last week to come in. I suppose I am going to try to get my eyes checked and glasses done this weekend.

Two and a half more months until OTL - Gees I can't wait! We hit 100 degrees here Saturday, so I am looking forward to San Diego.


EOM - and Monday clashing

Today is going to be a different one I can tell already! End of Month and being a Monday to boot... I already have managers trying to get me to rush stuff that should have been done days ago. Inconsiderate lesser mortals!

I will be popping in and out of here today with little bits and pieces as I have time. So until then...


Friday, April 27

New Story Site

Okay everyone, I have most of the previous stories over and posted at the new Story-Only site.

Click here to get there.

I still have more to post there, I am just getting tired of re-reading and re-posting after finding all them old ones. I'll let you know when the rest are in there as well.

Finally Friday!

Yes, the end of week is here, and I am late getting any type of post in to you my readers today. Work has been slowly getting better, and today I was asked to move my desk. Now I loved my spot where I was - out in the middle of the office, if I needed someone, they were close by. If they had a quick question, I was right there. But they decided I no longer needed to be there and without a chance to argue, they moved me into my own office.

Yes! My OWN - single desk and chair - office! Now mind you there is no window, but it has a DOOR!!! I can set my desk so no one can sneak in and see what I am doing on the computer. Plus I get some nice extras -coat cabinet, mini fridge, nice office decor. I guess I am amounting to something in the bosses eyes finally and they are giving me what I deserve. Sheet! I forgot to mention I even have my own printer now!

Life is good today!

I want to give a big Thank you to MrsJoseGoldbloom for the wonderful idea she presented to me. I went out and created another site for my stories/novellas today (another reason why I am late posting). It never dawned on my that Dragonlady did that, and MrsJ pointed it out. A nice big THANK YOU, MrsJ!!! I will pass on the site info after I tweak it a bit and get the stories I have done over there and posted. See if I can get it to make some sort of sense when reading there.

The weekend is approaching and I have no major plans. I guess the regular drinking, softball and race on Sunday, and who knows about Saturday. Far as I know the Wife has no plans that include me doing anything around the house. I did pick up about 7 more paperbacks whilst I am waiting my last book order to come. $15 for 7 books - not bad - I love the used book store, and having credit there. Most were Patricia Cornwall - Kay Scarpetta series which I had missed a lot of books on.

Hope y'all have a good one! If not, try to get it better!


Thursday, April 26

Thursday Treat

A special treat for you, my favorite readers. I have finished another installment of my writing project (which I am still not sure where it is heading) and have decided to post it for you, and welcome your critiques, ideas, opinions, and even put-downs and lift em ups. So without further cheap admonishments, let me present to you chapter 2.

It was a simple pocketknife. Two blades, one a bit longer with a sharper point, yellow coloring on the outside. Plenty sharp, since I had spent the better of 2 days sharpening it correctly on a whetstone by hand. Nothing like good skill used correctly. I flick the hand up and spin the blade over end and catch it open-handed. A quick half turn and I fling it out side arm and it thunks into a dartboard at head height, just a couple inches under the bulls eye. I smile touches my lips, but not my eyes as I get up and pull out the knife. I close it up and slip it into a pocket. The other hand ranges along the belt and I feel the lock blade and the 12” Bowie. I check to be sure my jacket covers them well.

Walking down the street, no one notices me. Not many people out on a cold and cloudy day. The skies are looking like they want to drop rain or snow, but it is not destined to be per the reporter on TV last night. I call them reporters – they never guess the weather correctly enough to be a forecaster. I turn into the local corner mart; glancing back quickly to be sure no one followed me.

That’s always been a habit of mine. Since that one time two punks jumped me – but that is for another time, when I can remember what happened. If I start thinking about it now, the blackness will fill my head and I will lose track of what I am doing. I cross the street again and head up two more blocks. Turning left I see the police car coming from up the street. Lights not on. I tuck my chin into my jacket and pull the zipper higher. I head straight for the liquor store. As I pull open the door, I see the patrol car turn down this street.

“Hey Pops,” as I unzip the jacket. “ How about a fifth of Jack?”
“You old enough to drink? I’ll need to see some ID.” He sets down the paper he was reading and gives me a look through his glasses.

A glance out the glass door shows the cruiser going by, not stopping. I reach back into my pants pocket and feel the knife. I give the old man a nice toothy smile. “Sure Pops. Got ID right here,” as I pull up my wallet and show him a driver’s license. After a quick glance, he hands it back and turns to get my order. I hand over a $20 dollar bill and he makes change. I grab the sack and change, fastening up my jacket. At the door I turn and look at him. Already bored he has gone back to reading the paper, leaning against the counter.

The black cloud fills my mind. I try to get out the door, but my body has already stopped moving. How long is this going to last this time?

Ready to learn the next lesson?

It’s that damn voice again. What was it saying the last time I heard it. Something about being faster… I can’t remember. Now a pain starts to rip through my mind. My eyes open, seeing the old man leaning against the counter – frozen in place it seems. Suddenly my hand is gripping the Bowie knife and pulling from its sheath. Watching in a daze of confusion and fear, but with a sense of knowing what is about to happen, I throw the knife at the old man.

Everything moves in slow motion as the knife flips through the air to land point first in the man’s temple. Time speeds up to normal. I hurriedly reach out and pull the knife, side-stepping the spray of blood. Spinning around I get behind the counter and pop the drawer, grab the cash and turn to leave. The knife is still dripping blood. I go to wipe it on the man’s shirt, but instead I find myself plunging it in his back and side several times. I force myself to wipe it off and sheath it. Sweat is dripping down my face, and I am not sure if it is that or tears I am tasting. Definitely something salty. Quickly I step around the counter and head out the door, cramming the wad of bills into the coat pocket.

Did you learn the lesson?

Again I am frozen and the blackness swoops in. I think back to what just happened. I killed someone. I stole. Without thinking just violently killed and mutilated another human being. Someone I didn’t know, had never met before. And I stole money. Not like it was lying out for free, I made an effort to get the drawer open to take it. What lesson is this supposed to teach?

How do you feel about the power of taking a life?

What?!? How do I feel? Just once why don’t you show yourself? I feel the blackness darken and seemingly solidify near me. I start shaking in fear. I start thinking about how it felt to have the ability, the control to end someone’s life. It does feel sort of good deep inside – more that it was a person than an animal. Imagine if it were someone I knew, or better yet, was emotionally attached to – imagine the rush as I killed them! Yes, I learned a lesson.

Was it the correct lesson?

Yes. I feel the presence in the darkness move away somewhat. The feeling of power fades from me, and I slowly start to hope this can still be saved.

I am stepping out on the street from the liquor store. I stop and look around. I still see the cop car about a half block up the street. Should I go and get him? It’s to late. I quickly reach into the coat packet, grab the wad of money and run back to the door. Flinging it open I toss the cash in, and grab the Bowie. I wipe off hopefully all my prints and toss it by the body. No time to cover my tracks, as I take off down the sidewalk, mixing my steps in with the multitudes of others as I hurry home.

Wednesday, April 25

Wednesday is going to be a long one

Yup, sure feels like this day is going to take forever to get to quitting time. It's only been 1 hour, but feels like three. Yes, you need to click the pic to see what the little dog is saying ....

I have done my daily reads, and I still ain't got much to say. GuyK had an e-mail about racism. I would comment, but my opinion is the same as any other white-skinned American. In fact, I give up on racism and have just become a Bigot - I hate everyone equally. Now I can bitch about whatever you do no matter your color. That's right - I actually liked Archie Bunker!!

I presume Hoosierboy ain't caught his snake yet. But ya oughtta check out the funky photo from 1980. And I thought my prom photo was bad.... Freddie is on vacation, but has Dazd helping post some archives it seems. I don't remember some of them.

Here's a couple pics for you to laugh at. Lord knows I did, and ya may have to click to enlargen. Best take care until I get back here with maybe some more stuff today.


Tuesday, April 24

Check it out! My ass in tight blue jeans!

That's right ladies!! Ralphd00d is in the house with NEW jeans and to quote Dax - Just Damn! I look good!

I rushed out of here for the lunch hour, hoping to find something across the freeway at Targ'et. No luck. Nothing my size in length. So I jetted a few miles down the fwy to the other local favorite store Big K (Kmart). Yessirree Bob! I found my size for 3 pairs of jeans, on sale, saving over $20 total - I stocked up, plus bought 2 new belts. Yes, it all sounds like one hell of a shopper's deal, don't it? It gets better .... I went down a size in waist!! DAMN! I probably looked like Frank Astaire dancing down the aisles with clothes in my arms happy as a jaybird because of 2 inches. All you guys is just jealous - look out girls... my curves are getting fine tuned!!

Anyways, so I am in a good mood. That and I got a shitload of problems on my desk right now. Wonderful when you tell your owners that you are bored with nothing to do. At least I am earning my money, and have something to do besides fall asleep. Life just grabs you and gives ya such a good boost sometimes! Today is my day!

Tonight I am out to the bar, some video golf, some drinking, maybe some singing and dancing. Gotta do something ...


Today is my Monday

I woke up this morning, on time, feeling okay. I was still a bit tired, but the effect from too much sun on Sunday was fading. I hadn't even gone out last night as I didn't feel well. Now ya know I was near sick!! Anyways, I'm getting dressed, and notice the button for my jeans is gone. What? It was here when I took them off yesterday....? I looked around and found it in the bathroom. How'd it get there? I had lots of time to ponder it, I thought. Okay, let's get my other pair of jeans ... oh wait! I tore the pocket and half the ass out of them last week. I don't have another pair of jeans!

I got stuck wearing some new jean shorts I had bought over the weekend and headed into work - 5 minutes late now. The bosses are not time crazy like some, but the eyebrows went up because I wm in shorts. I explained what happened to the last 2 pairs of jeans I owned. I have to run to Tar-Jet no to Think I will go for blue ones. And a new belt - this one not working well anymore.

Yeah, I know - boring! But I got nothing else today. Be good.


Monday, April 23

Post Weekend Update

The weekend has gone by , a little too quickly for me.I think I needed a couple more days to get things that I wanted to get done. Friday I spent the evening with the family. Started to watch "Men in Black", but after a few slices of pizza, it was off to la la land for me. Saturday, the Daughter and I were going to get eye exams and glasses, but that didn't work out. We could only get her in, and that came out to $320 (including eye exam, lenses, and frames). And that was AFTER the $100.00 coupon we gave!! Now I know how much it is going to cost me - and I don't have another $100 coupon. Maybe I will just wait to get glasses.

The step dad had fun Saturday evening for his Bday. He got some nice presents and had Mexican for dinner. I proceeded to finish a large bottle of Lord Calvert Whiskey to get things moving. Needless to say, when we left there about 10 or so, I was ready for bed. Sunday I got up and was at the Church. I helped umpire one game, until my hips began to hurt too hard. Was up at the bar afterwards for golf and food. Pude had gotten me a couple new 8 hats from the race Saturday night - Thanks Pude!!! I now can dress okay until November when I will need new ones - I sweat too much! Plus I won $50 for Hamlin coming in Third at the race - woohoo!!

Not much going on this week. Be at the bar top collect my winnings tonight. Not sure of anything else going on this week. Welp, until I can figure out more to share, have a good one.


Friday, April 20

I am just too good for you!!!

No, that isn't true, I just need to bribe you as much as possible so you keep coming here making it look like I have an interesting place... That's why I am so good to you today. For sure this is Picture Friday!! I have found a few more that got me busting gut today. Feel free to steal if ya wanna - I did!


Friday has arrived, with pics!

I honestly had a frickin' hilarious picture to put up today, and I went off and left it at home on the speedstick I carry. Damn me for ruining your Friday! But, to make up for it, I went hunting for a few other ideas, and came across this pic for you.

I stole this from somewhere I forgot to give credit to ... it was a googled image. I found it humorous ... maybe you will as well.

With the weekend upon us, I feel I will have a pretty slow one. I was offered NASCAR tickets (prime seats) last night, but cannot go to the race now. Turns out the Wife and Daughter are going to some dumb dance recital for my daughter's friend. No one bothered to check with me, but we were planning to go to my sister's for the Step dad's 70th Bday. Now, I have to babysit the boys, go to the party, wait for the Wife to come back from the recital, before I can do anything. I think that will be a Jack night, starting about 4pm - or maybe earlier. Sunday is softball. Thank any gods that the Race is Saturday night, as softball starts at 10am for us, instead of the early games. I am not sure I am still going to be able to make it after a Jack night, but I probably will so I can go to the bar with the guys afterwards. Monday is going to hate me.

That means tonight is family night. We'll probably order pizza and watch a DVD. I have "The Departed" right now, plus "The Pursuit of Happyness" and "Rocky Balboa" (which I thought wasn't that great). Okay, here is one more pic for you cat lovers, then y'all go and have a good weekend!!


Thursday, April 19

So this is what a normal work day is like ...

What a day already! I am loving it! Since I have walked in this morning, I have had something to work on, and am currently only taking a break before having to go back and do more! Sometimes it is good to have work!!! So since I am in a super wonderful mood at present, I wondered how I could get myself across to make you, too, feel as good as I do ... and I couldn't think of a thing. Nothing for you - bad dog, no biscuit!!

I could always post the 100 things about me - BWahahahaha!! See how long it takes for you to un-blogroll me, and warn me to parents in the neighborhood, and maybe even contact the authorities for restraining orders... maybe it would be wort all that. I only have to figure out about 30 more things about me. We will see, we will see.

I have noticed in some of my reads that some good writers have received this "Thinking Blog" award. Congrats to you all!! A few worth mentioning are Freddie, StraightWhiteGuy (Eric), Jim at Parkway Rest Stop, Elisson, and lastly V-Man. Go check their sites out for some good reads!

NASCAR is in Phoenix this weekend, and I have no tickets. Probably a good thing, considering the walk from where you have to park, would be best construed as being exercise, more than a leisurely walk. Good thing I have a few people I know that are willing to pick up some new hats for me. The ones I have are getting a bit worn, and they are from last November.

Four and a half hours to go. Don't think I can stretch the work that far, but see what I can. Y'all have a good one, and see ya laters.


Wednesday, April 18

The Middle East

I stole this from somewhere, and just recently found it in some archived files I had. Thought it was good enough to share... and another that my brother Scotty B sent to me.


Lack of Ideas leads to boring posts ...

As if you, my esteemed and valued readers, were not aware of this, especially at this blog. I have been living a boring life - trying to stay out of the spotlight for awhile I guess you could say. Nah, that don't sound right to me either, but it seems to be the course for right now.

It is Wednesday, and with all the free time that has been allotted to me during the course of my regular work hours, today I have a short excerpt I am working on. No name for it as of yet, and I am not sure where I am going with it, but the daydreams I get whilst sitting here at work and then typing them in sure come up with some really weird stuff. Must be something they put in the Coca Cola .... So without further delay, here is the Short Story for Wednesday.

Morbid illusions drift like dark blue and red smoke intermingling across the abyss of my mind space. I feel it prodding and asking me questions just below my hearing level as I sleep. My eyes snap open and the shadows that have lunged close to hear the answers suddenly snap back into place: the lighting on the door frame; the shirt and skirt hanging on the closet door. My eyes roam across the room, as I prop myself upon my elbow. It’s early yet, not even 3:00am. I feel the sweat roll off the back of my ears, and down my neck. Sleep won’t be back for quite some time.

I close my eyes and lay back flat on my back. At least I didn’t wake up shouting as I usually do, and the wife is still asleep. What was the voice saying? I try to bring back the moment in picture in my mind, but it is still slipping from my memory. There will be no capturing it tonight. Tomorrow I can try again, if it shows up.

I drift off to sleep, scenes of moral or ethical issues racing across the mind’s eye. Again that voice just out of hearing… “And this? React to this one by …” It’s like instruction given subliminally. Is it trying to change me… and if so, change in a good way, or a worse way? Before I have a chance to worry about it everything goes dark.

“What ya gonna do now you mother fucker?!” Eyes snap open. I am standing a few yards from a corner of a building. A white man, about my size is standing about 5 feet in front of me waving a pistol at my head. A pistol? Where am I? “Hold still before I decide to just end your fucking life, you sonuvabitch!” Saliva is dripping from his mouth. I see a body on the ground already, and I wonder if it is someone I know or not.

“Chill out dude. I ain’t got nothing to do with you,” I try to calmly explain. Keep him from shooting was my ultimate goal. “I don’t know what is going on here, but we can go our own ways. Just put down the gun and walk.” I have my hand s up partway, trying to help show him the direction to put the gun. There’s some blood on my knuckles I notice. Can’t tell if it is mine or not.

“YOU’RE FUCKING CRAZY! You beat the shit out of my buddy and I am going to waste your ass now!!” Again the gun comes up waving, pointing occasionally towards my head. I step back a couple steps “Where you going? You ain’t going no where! We going to finish this!!” Saliva flies from his lips and he begins to step nearer to me. I take the chance and look down.

Sure enough, another male of similar build is laying face down on the sidewalk, sprawled out. I see from the side of his face that is upwards, there is some blood from the nose and mouth. I glance at my knuckles again. Could be. I see my wallet on the ground. At least it looks like my wallet.

“You and your buddy trying to rob me man? You want the money? I will give you the money. Just put that gun down.” The man just eyes me wildly, and the gun is not going anywhere but hanging in an elliptical orbit his hand is doing of its own accord.. I start to bend down to pick up the wallet and the guy steps forward and presses the gun to my forehead.

It is dark. No, not quite pitch black, I can feel more than see, some smoke weaves across the space in front of me. I reach out my hand and feel nothing. No change in temperature, or sensation of touch. Are my eyes open. I think so, but I could not be sure. I reach for a pocket, but realize I have nothing on. Straining my ears, I hope for a sound of something, be it a scuffle from me, or a drip of moisture – something to put a limit to my boundaries. There it is! The whispers have come back. You can here the ss sss sss sounds but they are just low enough I still cannot make out what is being said, or asked, or explained. I feel the smoke wrap sinuously around me, giving the look of being clothed, but no one has presented them selves to me.

A flash goes through my mind. The man holding a gun to my head, as I am slightly stooped over reaching for the wallet on the ground – frozen in place.

How does it feel?

I swear I heard the voice, but there was not physical ness to the sound. Almost as if I heard it directly in my head. I am not sure anymore. “How does what feel?” I ask aloud, my voice seemingly to fill the area, and yet sound tiny.

To die. To die, for nothing.

I start to feel my breathing starting to speed up. I think it might be a panic attack, but am not sure. I never had had one before. Am I dead? I rub my hands on my forehead, over the spot where the gun seemed to be held – nothing. I feel my chest and arms – no wounds. I see no blood anywhere, or scratches. Did I die? Was it for nothing?

The scene again flashes through my mind, only this time it is going about 2x fast forward. I see my hand grab the wallet, which flips open to reveal a couple one-dollar bills, and a loud roar as the gun went off – then darkness.

Heh heh heh….

I say nothing, but work on controlling my breathing. Slowly I get it back under control, but the voice doesn’t speak anymore. Time seems to have no limit here, and there is no feeling of standing too long, or hunger. Just a sense of being there, waiting for something.

To die … for nothing.

The scene again flashes through my mind, only this time it is going about 2x fast forward. I see my hand grab the wallet, then flip it off to the side. The eyes of the gun holder follow it. I reach up with my left and grab the gun hand, twist and remove the pistol from his grip. His eyes have turned back to match mine. I stick the barrel against his forehead, just above his eyes. His eyes. Red rimmed, watering, pupils dilated to nothing. His breathing started getting raggedly as if he had been running.

For nothing …

The eyes. I could see inside him. See his fear, what he had thought was power; what he had hoped he could do to me. My insides turned to ice. I pulled the trigger.

Click. I pull it again. Click. The once-attacker gasps then starts to back away, turning to his side to start running for his freedom. Click. I lower my arm. Sirens erupt around me as police cars come careening to a halt. I hear several voices yelling to drop the weapon, but I have no idea what they are talking about. What weapon? I hear another voice saying to raise my hands, which I do, and shots ring out. I feel the body twist in different directions, and amidst splashes of red feel myself fall to the ground.

To die … for nothing.

“Holy shit! I’ve been – “ I snapped upright in the darkness. My heart is beating like to come out of my chest. Sweat is rolling from my brow. A quick glance all around confirms I am in my bedroom, and it is barely 3:25am. The wife is still asleep. I sigh, and use one hand to wipe the sweat away from my eyes. ‘What is up with these freaky-ass dreams?’ I wonder to myself… knowing I will never have an answer. Then there in the back of my mind I hear that voice again “To die … for nothing.” I don’t have time for this crap to psycho-analyze some damn dream I am having, that doesn’t last but like 20 minutes, but feels like forever. I get up and head for the bathroom. I quick cup of water, and I head back to bed, quickly closing my eyes, and trying to clear my head. I feel myself slowly slide off to slumber.

Tuesday, April 17

US Citizen ALERT!!! Time is Ticking Down!!

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock. I know that you need to have your taxes postmarked by today to receive no penalties!! It's about 10am here so that leaves just under 14 hours to rush them tax forms to the Downtown post office, the only one that will stay open til midnight to date stamp for you damn procrastinators! The Wife is dropping ours off on her way to work, or rather did, this morning. I was surprised, but this year we actually get money back. I told her it was because I was out of work several months last year, but she doesn't think so... duh! No work, no pay. I am glad though, that I don't own a business, or have to pay employee taxes, etc. Without a CPA or Accountant to do that for ya, it would have to be a mess. Huh Tony?

Mark has volunteered to be the 2nd Questioner. He asks, "If you could have the chance to meet one living person, who would it be?" I took a few minutes prior to posting today to think on this one. If I could meet 1 living person, I would hope that living person is me! But if other people were alive, I would answer my grandparents on Dad's side. Both of them are getting up in the years, and it has been several years since we have visited. I grew up learning much from my Dad, and my grandparents, and seeing them now would be a good thing. As far as someone famous to meet ... show me someone that is not busy doing what makes them famous, and we'd probably have a good time. One person that has passed away I would have loved to meet - Mark Twain. Especially in his later years. I love his style of humor.

So feel free to keep on asking if there's anyone wanting to know anything. This is an open thing on-going, never-ending, unless I am that boring. Meantime, I am headed over to the list on the right and doing my reads. Be sure to check out that list - sometimes it gets added to daily.

Y'all have a good one! I am heading out for beer and video golf tonight. Supposed to get me some more cookies this week too from my favorite bartender - Hey Pude!


Monday, April 16

Are Your Taxes Completed?

That's the question I am sure hundreds of thousands of Americans are asking themselves today, and then frantically try to get a figure that will be happy with and rush to get them in the mail by tomorrow. As far as I am concerned, my taxes are done. However, the Wife would not say that. She has taken over that aspect of our shared financial responsibilities several years ago. Something about how she feels we save more money by itemizing, where I just don't see a significant amount to agree with her. Especially if we are still paying either way... Must be one of those things I just don't understand.

This was a nice weekend. The weather was nice out. The Wife finally finished the roof. I won 2nd place in the Nascar pool ($100) and still had some time out with friends, and family. I am a little more tired today than usual, but I think part of that is my body still adjusting. I have not had any cigarettes since the pneumonia. I have tried off and on, but I just can't get the inhale. All in all a good thing. I spent quite a bit of time on the computer this weekend. I receive PC Gamer magazine, and each issue has a demo disk, plus extras. I went through about a years + worth and loaded some demos to play. Call of Duty 2 looks good. I may try to get home early enough to play some tonight.

Hope y'alls week is starting out decently. Maybe we won't hear anything about them jackasses Sharpton, Jackson and Imus this week. I know sure as shit I am tired of them already. Y'all have a good 'un!


I don't get it

Look out for the



Anyone else figure what this one means? I stopped over at Bad Bad Juju and he had this posted up. Does it mean I am A-Hole? Hmmm, much thinking to do about this one.


update: sometimes the damn pictures just don't come posting up correctly. That sucks.

Friday, April 13

Questions Answered - People Shocked

Welcome to Friday! Best damn work day of the week, except I have to stay here all day, with nothing to do it seems. Supposedly, production is to increase very proportionately today, but I have yet to see anything. It won' get to my desk until sometime next week if I am lucky.

It's nice to know sometimes in the blogging world that someone actually pays attention to what one person says. On that note, I promise to quit stalking you HB. I was using that term more for the possible search hits, but none happened for "stalking". ::sigh:: But some day I may take you up on the 411 just to satisfy curiosity, but now would rather read some more of your writing...

Dazd - central Indiana - got your attention. Should have, that's where you are too. And MJG, and Freddie, but she's a bit more north. Funny how many people I have picked up on reading are from the Indiana area. God I miss home. I'd rather have the snow than the 110+ degree heat - the 30 minute drive to the grocery store in the county seat, rather than 1 1/2 hour on 4 lane freeway to travel across the valley from work to home in rush hour. Yeah, Indiana over Arizona any day.

This brings us to the very FIRST question I have been asked. MrsJoseGolbloom has the indisputable honor of this blog's new event. She asks : What are the 3 things that irritate you most, and why?

1. Stupid People. I cannot tolerate, or have any patience with a person that does not have the intelligence, or the sense to care enough about whatever the conversation may be. Ninety percent of the time, it is a fellow employee trying to impress me with everything he knows about interest rates, etc. I politely look at them and say "Go sit at your fucking desk, and only come talk to me when you have actually closed a single loan."

2. Talking on the phone. I have never been one that can sit on the phone for hours on end talking about nothing. Most of my calls are like Hey, it's R. What night we playing poker? Tues? 7? Cool. I 'll bring some beer. PeacE." My wife hates that I can convey all that info into like 6 grunts and a "Wassup!". Even at work, I am off the phone as fast as possible. I am not here to kiss some title company's ass in California to get my loan closed in NY. Do your job well, and I might send you a $50 dinner card to some restaurant there, but I am still not talking extra on the phone. The only time I can think of where I would be on the phone a lot, was when the Wife and I were dating, but 85% of that time, it was silence as either of was trying to think of some thing to talk about.

3. Crumbs in Bed. With a 1 year old, and a dog, it is almost impossible for me to go to sleep at night without having to strip the blankets from the bed, and sweep off the days accumulation of cracker crumbs, dog food bits, hair, whatever the dog tracks in, other food crumbs, etc. Since I usually am the last to bed, the Wife, I think, sweeps it all to my side so I have to do it each night. There's nothing more irritating than taking a shower, then laying down and rolling over and feeling all that crap on the sheet, or falling off you. UGH!

There are the three main things that irritate me. Other than that, I am generally a pretty likable guy. Thanks for playing! Anyone else wanna go next?


Thursday, April 12

100 things about me - Bullshit!

I have just spent the last 45 minutes trying to complete one of those lists where you just jot out 100 things about yourself. I am on #41. And all I can draw are blanks. How do people actually finish those things?

Hell, who would want to know that much about me? After all I think it was a buddy, Jan, that said whe I listed just 5 things about me, he said he wasn't sure he would have wanted to know, but now it was too late - he saw the list! Bastid! j/k

So, if anyone is interested, ask me anyquestion you want regarding anything. Every question gets an answer even if I don't know it, or I say I am not answering. Some things are meant to stay quiet (like the number of guys in Lake Michigan with cement boots). Topics are endless, be sure you phrase it correctly, and I will answer next time I am on. This is not justa one day thing.. it can go on for as longs as anyone wants to ask.


Stalking - my newest hobby

I sometimes get my teeth so gritted onto something, I don't stop until I pass out or I solve it. Every once in awhile, Richmond gets me on one of them damn puzzles ... but let me get off that topic and back where I mean to be. So I avidly research everything I can on whatever has my deep interest, until I can understand it to the level I need to, or til I show it is non-exist ant/impossible to follow such a thought. Sometimes I even do this stuff just for fun like on which has had some very hard puzzles to work out.

I mentioned stalking though. Yeah, stalking like a predator following his prey, noting habits, traditions, times when alone or not. Who, and more importantly, why? Beats the fuck outta me. And the person is Hoosierboy. Yes you big hunk you... No, and it isn't really stalking either, just a hunt for information. I get curios about people sometimes... it's a distraction for me. It all started back one day about a year or so ago ....

I had just started into reading blogs, and Fat in Indiana was one I had found early somehow, that I found was fun to read. I had it in my faves list for a long time before I ever got the nerve to comment on something. Anyways, shortly after I started up my own blog, and between comments on the two places, I found out HB and I had "chewed some of the same dirt" on where we grew up at in central Indiana. I would mention a place, and HB would be 'Yeah, that was next door to ......' so it just sort of creeps me out that we were that close proximity and if we ever met when we were younger. Weird are the thoughts that go through my head during a boring day at work....

Like any good researcher (as HB would know since he used to work in a Library) start with the basics about the subject. I spent the last couple days reading all his archives. I tell you what, there are some damn good posts back in his early days. *NOTE* I would like to see the next chapter about the VP if the US being at the Indy 500.

What did I come up with after researching archives and other sources available? Absolutely jack crap. Well, not really. I have many details of places we would have shared area, have a bit on his family history - which brings me up to more direct questions if we are even related by slight chance.... and a few miscellaneous facts that would only matter if I were considering him as a marriage partner (which I am easily glad to say neither of our wives would be happy about).

Alright, enough of that. As you can tell I have been stuck on this chase for 2 days, and therefore have nothing of interest to write about. My life is boring as hell right now. I've given up smoking cigarettes (it hurts to much to continue to try to smoke them after the pneumonia) and at least I have not given up drinking, though the drinks now taste different. Must be from the not smoking. ::sigh:: I don't know what to do.

Here's a short entertaining story for you. My daughter was about 2 1/2 when we bought her "The Fox and the Hound" video for some reason. She really enjoyed watching the movie, and one day I figured I would tease her. When she was younger she had a lot of empathy for everything. Near the beginning of the movie, you see the mother fox bring the baby over the fence, then slink back out to the woods. Then a moment later you hear the rifle shot the supposedly concludes her life (at least I always thought that way). So I was commenting with daughter:" Ohhh, there's the fox. What is it doing?"

"Bringing the baby fox to the house".
" And now she is running away - how come?"
"So the baby fox can grow up at the house."
About this time I pause waiting for the sound of the gun. POW! "What was that?"
Daughter turns at me and expecting her to tear up and cry about how the momma fox is dead, she says" It was a gunshot dad." - Here's my sign.


Another one bites the dust

Moment of silence for this one.

I had read a large number of his books, and really enjoyed them.

Wednesday, April 11

Places of Professional Sports

This was harder I think to compile. I had a list about a page and a half long before I realized I was only listing places I had been to see a sport at, not only professional level, but collegiate as well. Nope - no can do. I had to spend a little time looking up some of the previous names of the stadiums/places of play for some of the teams, but this pretty much is my small list of where I have watched professional level sports.

US Airways Center (America West Arena, Veterans Memorial Coliseum)
– Phoenix Suns (NBA)
- Phoenix Mercury (WNBA) Arena (America West Arena)
– Phoenix Coyotes (NHL)
University of Phx Stadium (Az State Univ)
– Arizona Cardinals (NFL)
Chase Field (Bank One Ballpark)
– Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB)
Victory Field (Perry Stadium – Bush Stadium)
– Indianapolis Indians (MLB – AAA for Pittsburgh Pirates)
Phoenix International Raceway – Nascar
Indianapolis Motor Speedway – Indy 500

There were other ones I have watched on TV, but that doesn't count either. How is your list?


Renaming of the Blog

Tony of "Blah, Blah Blog" is having a new contest over at his place to create a new name for his place. Take a quick gander, and throw him a comment of a good name or two he can draw from a hat. I like the ideas of the prizes.. COOKIES!!! I gotta couple submissions in, but so far I think one has been shot down. Oh well, I sent another, and if Tony doesn't use it, I may keep it and run a separate sight as well. That'd be interesting if I could keep up with it....

I have updated my blogroll a bit by adding some more places I have found. Beauty and the Beer is a pretty cool place. I found her looking for some other bloggers in Arizona. Funny how she is giving a radio interview (via phone) this weekend about her blog. Small warning, if you don't like swear words, don't read there. Hell, if that was the case, you wouldn't be reading here!!

Elisson is nearing his 200,000th hit at his sight. Give him a click and help push him over the limit. Besides, he has some damn good sounding recipes on there every now and then.

Don't forget all the other people I am not mentioning right now as well. There is lots of good reads and stories that you don't want to miss.

If you are not on my list, let me know and maybe we can rectify that situation ... then again, maybe not.


Whew! What a day!

Yes sirree Bob! It sure is a somewhat busy day for me today. I have perused the regular reads and have some ideas I have stolen from others, and maybe even created a few of my own to share with ya. So don't be surprised if there are several posts with todays date, and be sure you jump in and volunteer all the info ya wants to with everyone!

First off, I liked the idea Hoosierboy had with the list. Here is my list of places been.

Los Angeles
Las Vegas
New York City
Washington DC
Puerto Penasco, Mexico (Rocky Point)
Kings Island
6 Flags St Louis
Magic Mountain (6 Flags LA)
Astroworld (6 Flags TX – Houston)
Cedar Point
The Children's Museum in Indianapolis
Grand Canyon – hiked it 5 times
The Painted Desert / The Petrified Forest
Meteor Crater
Four Corners (CO, AZ, NM, UT)
Franklin Roosevelt Estate
I have swam in the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Gulf of California
Santa Monica Pier – CA
The St Louis Arch
The Indianapolis Speedway & Museum
Phoenix International Raceway (PIR)
Sea World – San Diego
Yuma Territorial Prison
OK Corral
Boot Hill
Montezuma’s Castle
AJ Foyt Sr’s home

Not bad for just sitting here for about 20 minutes trying to remember anywhere I have been that might be noteworthy. Go one and share your list of places.

UPDATE: Here's an idea too... make a list of all the Professional Sports Arenas you have attended a Pro Sports game at. ie) America West Arena - Phx Suns (NBA). It can cover all sports as long as they are professional. Many arenas change names over time, so if you only remember it as the former (or latter) name, it can only be counted once even if for more than 1 sport ie) America West for Suns, and NHL Coyotes - only an be counted once. Let's see who has been to the most sport venues!!!

Tuesday, April 10

Lots of Stuff for you today

I just realized I have posted like 2 or 3 times today. I couldn't beleive I had that much fodder in the mental department to work out. Well as I wind out my last 45 minutes of the workday, we'll through some humor your way. I deleted some #'s as I didn't agree with what they said, but most of these ring fairly true.

The Asshole Bill of Rights
As an ASSHOLE, I proclaim the following:
#1 I will live my life the way I deem fit, screw political correctness.
#2 I have the right to choose my religious path if I choose one at all.Christianity be damned.
#3 If I want to eat a cow, I will eat a cow.
#4 I have the right to hang up on telemarketers midsentence and not havetoworry about whetheror not I was polite.
#5 If I think someone's an idiot, I will tell them they're an idiot.
#6 I have the right to tell children that their parents aren't raisingthemcorrectly. (Think of howmany times you've been at a supermarket and heard a screaming child theentire time...whatexactly would you want to say that'd be any nicer?)
#7 If you don't know what you're talking about, shut the hell up
.#8 You may have the right to speak, but I don't have to listen to you
.#9 If I want to be rude, loud, and obnoxious, it's a free country.
#10 If I want to go to a bar, destroy my liver with alcohol, clog myarteries with junk , and have unsafe sex with the woman/man I just met, I ought to be able to smoke while I'm at it.
#11 I may be fat, but you're ugly, and I can go to Jenny Craig.
!#13 Denis Leary should be proclaimed God and given reign over society.
#14 Your daughter just got drunk at a party, made a slut of herself, andyou're worried about my religious beliefs?
#15 Before you tell me how to run my life, be certain that your own is squeaky clean.
#16 Just because you work at McDonald's doesn't mean you have an excusetohave an I.Q.under twelve.
#17 (Courtesy of George Carlin) Just because you're a student does notmeanthat you're anymore enlightened than someone that works at Blockbuster.
#19 If you're stupid enough to give me credit, deal with theconsequences.
#20 It's ignorant to charge someone $25 if they bounce a check for $5.(If Ididn't have the $5,what makes you think I'm going to have $25 you retards!!)
#21 If you don't like the way I drive then at the next red light get outfrom under my car.
#22 If your dog or cat is so smart, then why do you talk to it like it'sanewborn baby?
#23 If I shoot you while you're committing a crime, and you try to sue me for it, I'll shoot you again.
#24 Courtesy of Ben Franklin: Anyone who would give up freedoms and liberties for temporary security deserves neither freedom or security.
#25 If you live in Tornado Alley, don't whine when you get hit by a tornado.

Am I just that sick...? Or what?

This morning, amidst the tons of paperwork, the files, the free time I have available, the truth has leapt from the mouth of the raging beast and planted itself in front of me, roaring it's ugly voice and preparing for the leap that shall drop me to my death. Yet I dare to stare down it's maw, to show not a mote of fear that I may be feeling, and to plant the seed of doubt and discord upon its back. There is now hope though, as this creature knows it has me, as it does many others, and will only tighten its fangs around the jugular, not even mercy in a quick kill.

This creature is valley fever. No, not *that* valley fever, that doctors can't explain, this is more of that " I need to get out of the valley and away from everything" type feeling. I swear it is what I need. It has been since January that I had the Mexico trip. OTL won't be until July. I need a trip out of the Phoenix area where I can spend the night somewhere and do whatever I feel is relaxing. Maybe a overnight trip to somewhere like Casa Grande and party in the bars. Hell, I don't know what I want to do except get out of town.

Too bad that is not possible at this time. I just had last week off due to illness, think they would give me another week because I said I still needed to feel better about things? Ha! That would be wonderful though ...

So since I am sitting here suffereing through another afternoon of doldrums, and dragging you down deeper into the darkness with me, what should we do? Attempt to untwine the madness tangle until we realize there is no end to it? SHOUT out to the demons that run amok in the hell hole of my abysmal mind; DARE to FLAUNT and attempt to CONTROL what no thing has been witness to, nor heard of in any time period of any living thing. To BREAK beyond the barriers of the known, and REIGN the the great unknown and decide to call myself GOD! Dammmmnnnn. Sometimes I feel so conceited.

And you thought it would be safe to read my post here today? (Laughter) Child, you must be prepare yourself for that journey, as it may be your last.

Monday, April 9

Typical morning at my house....

I woke up. What for? Did I need to cough, or go pee? It's plenty dark yet, wonder what time it is.

I sit up on the edge of the bed, let out a little yawn and rub my hands across my face. 'Pee or what?' I ask myself. Hmmm, body heard - pee it is. I get up and stumble the few steps to the restroom doorway, flick out the hand along the wall for the light and wince as the single bulb comes on. Two steps forward - complete business - shake, shake. Turn around, be sure to get the light. Pause for the eyes to adjust and glance over towards the Wife's head for the clock. A nice bright 5:25 stares redly back at me. 'Sigh'. I sit back on the bed then decide it isn't worth sleeping over. I stretch out on my side and watch my wife.

She's so soft looking there in the early morning light that barely penetrates the drapes. Evidently she was warm and has kicked her blankets off, and I reach out gently to rub her leg softly.

" -neath the light of a neon moon. Ohhhhh if youuu looosee your one and only - " Damn! I can't reach the alarm. I let it play out at 3/4 volume for a minute, then reach over and nudge the Wife. A hand rises from the shadow of where she lays and flops on the snooze button. I know she has got 10 minutes until she gets up to make sure the daughter is up and getting ready for school. Which means I can nap for about 30 more before I take her to school.

I reach out again and softly rub my hand against her thigh. "Stop it." I freeze. I move my hand down towards her knee, and rub again. "I said stop it." Uh oh.

"Why hun? I just miss being able to cuddle with you, " which is technically true. I have been on the kids the past 4 nights about being in bed on time so Momma can come to bed. As it is, she doesn't come to bed until after I am asleep.

"You ain't wanting cuddling, and I want to rest as long as I can. You can't fool me with your ulterior motives." I glare at the lump on the other side of the bed. She has not once raised her face to the sky, or moved except the arm to shut the snooze. "If you're good, maybe tonight." What? A consolation prize? I don't need no steenkin' prize!

"Sorry, but by then that will be too late. Today is the last day of that sale down the street from work. You know, the one at Benji's Boob-a-rama ...." I let the voice fade and decide it is time to just be quiet.

A muffled sound. I swore it sounded at first like the first rumblings of a lioness' roar as it would build through the throat, but as you could tell, I hadn't watched enough of them nature shows to know better. "Ha. Ha. Do and die."

I rolled over to my back. Whatever happened to one of the most primal urges that help separate homo sapien from some of the lower class mammals? Has our generation just retarded those tendencies so that they are no longer necessary? I feel like I have lost part of actual being by not being able to get that growl -from-the-gut UGH! UGH!UGH every now and then! The feel of the fist as it pounds on chest of the muscular male!! Let that Bull Ape Yell ring free from the midst of your being - (insert favorite Tarzan yell)!!!

Aye, it has been thwarted; diverted; pushed to the wayside. And all she had to do was move one arm. Sigh. If I hurry, maybe I can still get 20 more minutes sleep. Then again, there's always a chance for tonight....

What's new in the last week ...

That's a good one. I have asked myself this one nearly each day over the last week, to see what insight I can bring you from the world of pneumonia, or what funny crap can happen. I guess it just isn't me though. Besides being tired a large portion of the time, I did much of nothing. I watched several DVDs I had not watched in awhile, and finished the season of "My Name is Earl" which was stupid. I tried to read, but could only get about 20 minutes in at a time before falling asleep.

But then I think back to just that day under a week ago, when I am lying n the floor beside the bed, wheezing, trying to catch my breath, thinking this sucks, and passing out. Some good has come from this incident: I quit smoking. I was never a big smoker. Figured on the average day about 5-6 cigs a day, maybe more like a pack plus if I went out after work to the bar. Now it is zero. I tried once or twice whilst in the recuperating stages to "sneak a drag" but the burn in the lungs taught me to just say stop and get on with a healthier me. One of those good slaps life gives ya to get yer attention to get your ass in order. I sure as hell don't need a heart attack prior to the youngest boy being 5.

The Wife and FIL both worked on the roof all last week. I don't know how the Wife got the time from work, but she did. As of this morning, they are just starting the shingles. We ended up having to replace 99% of the plywood as it was all under code, and thoroughly damaged. I am hoping by tomorrow they will be done. I am waiting for the Wife to tally how much we actually "saved" by her doing it this way. I had a quote for close to $6K and 2 days. Here it has been over a week, and I don't know the $ she has spent to date.

So I have noticed that several of my friends are starting to slow down. I think it might be an age thing. I went out Saturday afternoon for a friend's Bday party (another one hitting 50, hmmm) and noticed that those people I hang around have slowed some since 5-6 years plus ago. And I was happy about that! I think I am getting that same mind set as well.

Monday morning, I am back at work. My Supervisor has caught me up to date on the 4 files I have left. I lost 3 loan officers for my team in the last week - supposedly having nothing to do with my not being there. Had to do with other office issues probably (how they were paid). So I have no wonderful month to look forward too, and no idea when they are going to hire more. I may talk to the owners about that today as well - not that I am leaving here, just to get an idea when I might have more workers.

Y'all have a good start of the week, and let's see if I can't find something good to post about later on!


Sunday, April 8

Sunday Post

Enough of Easter already. I have ate. I have had the children go googledy-eyed full of sugar. The rest of the fmaily is watching a damn chick flick of all things. I am reayd to go home.

Just a quick update for those of you that are concerned about my being alive, why, yes I stil am. No, I have not updated my will recently either. I am continuing on some medications still, but am released for work starting tomorrrow. I haev a feeling I will return to an empty desk, and nothing to do. I am sure I can find some time to update how this last week has been, but you already figured it out - with no posts.

Enjoy your evening. It's good to be feeling back up to causing problems!!!


Wednesday, April 4

Good (Early) Morning

Early for me that is. This being sick really is not fun ... a little bit it might be. But for the most part it isn't. There are "recreational drugs" if I wanted it to be just fun.

I am feeling better just short of 24 hours from seeing the doctor. Of course, 2 shots in the hips, and 6 prescriptions over the course of 24 hours should help get the patient better. I am doing breathing treatments, steroids, antibiotics, some powdery lung medicine, and some cold fluid to help break stuff up. Course this means I get to drink an abnormal amount of juices and fluids that I normally do not partake of. I am deciding loving the mixture of Tampico (fruit punch and the orangey flavor) mixed up with 7-up for the carbonation to help rinse down the throat. Between that, and as much bed rest as I want are the only two things I got going for me.

Well, that's not true. I had a VERY interesting night last night. At first I had a difficult time getting to sleep. I think it was from all the sleeping I did earlier in the day. By 3'ish I was starting to drowse off and would wake myself up having an interview, or conversations, with - this is funny - some of you fellow blog readers. I could not remember any specific conversation except one and it ended when I asked to Dragonlady474 (of Dragon's Den) "How goes the new place?". The other one had something to do with MrsJoseGoldbloom (Padded Cell) but I don't recall any of it. I know Freddie (of Warts-n-all) was in the background of one, and several others in some of the others, but I can't remember any more specifics. Then I actually get past that part and the dreams started. I can't remember much of them but lucid colors, and trying to read a blog that I could not scroll, back page, do anything to move it, except start over and read it faster as it went. That's when I decided I should get up and get some blogging out of the way. Maybe it will help.

Well, I need to get going to start up the morning routine of breathing treatment and meds. Then a follow up to the Dr to make sure my oxygen intake is higher, or they are going to admit me to the hospital. That would suck, no computer access, can't see the kids (though they only talk to me from the doorway). And no real food. UGH! Glad I AM feeling better!!

Hope y'all stay in better health! We will be back later!


UPDATE: The roof is probably halfway completed now. The Wife and father in law are doing a good job replacing nearly all the plywood sheets (99% of them were under code) and should start the paper and shingles today. I suppose that may help keep me awake today so I will sleep better tonight. I sort of feel bad I am not up there helping, but I do not have that much energy, and I am not getting on the roof for sure! Couple more days, and hopefully roof and I both will be repaired!

Tuesday, April 3

ManyThings Happen in a short period

At least for myself, MANY things happened over the last 5 days.

1.Played 18 holes of golf. Didn't win, but wasn't last.
2. Played poker and came in second place with an $80 payoff.
3. Watched the Nascar race on Sunday, and in the pool I am in, won 1st place - $150 payoff.
4. Starting coughing badly.
5. Starting getting really sick.
6. Went to the doctor today to find out I have pneaumonia.

Yup. I was sick enough this morning I agreed to go to a dr to find out what was wrong. I couldn't hardl breath, was passing out... so luckily they don't have to admit me, unless I get worse. I am using the time the Wife is filling scripts to post this. I will be too drugged up for the next couple days to post much. Which is good, because all I would think I would have is the drug-induced visions I am going to be having.

Alrighty, ya heard it here first hand. We will be back for sure in a few days. Y'all be good and come back next week.