Thursday, February 28

Bah! One of Them Days

Today has just not started well. Nothing in particular detail, but just.... bah!

Computer chair broken. Hungover. Allergies. Being tired.

Screw it all. I am going back to bed for at least an hour.

On a good note, taking PT out to lunch today.


Wednesday, February 27

Think It's Funny? It's Snot

Seems like Spring is officially here in AZ already this year. For the past few weeks, we have been experiencing some weird warm/cold fronts, but even though it has gotten chilly enough to wear a jacket, it's nothing compared to the snowstorms others across the States have been getting. However, with this type of weather here, added to the bit of rain we have gotten, and everything starts growing. What does that bring? My allergies. Yesterday was surely just a sample of what I will be enjoy for the next few months, until Summer brings the heat that kills everything. Already this morning I feel the sinuses clogging up, and have began blowing the nose, wiping at the eyes, and pretty much feeling miserable. I think when I set up my next doctor appointment I will be asking for the allergy shot (kentalog, I think).

Though, today I am up almost two hours earlier than usual. For some reason, the 10 year old thinks he can sneak into our bed the past few nights. Of course, because he shares a room with his (now) 7 year old brother, the younger on joins him. We have a king-sized bed, but the younger son tends to be a kicker. That means I get woken up often. I have threatened them to not be sneaking in, but it has basically been ignored. I think the next step is to cut out their computer time for each incident. I know that should make a difference, instead of me not getting enough sleep. Life is hell enough without adding me being tired and grouchy to it.

We went out last night for pizza, and the boys played games for quite awhile - at least until the tokens ran out. Afterwards, we came home and gave the birthday boy his presents. Within minutes I was off to bed to read before falling asleep.

Today shall be interesting. I am up early so believe I will be heading to the gym. I need to weigh in this week, though I am not looking forward to it after eating pizza last night. Right now I am trying to kill some time before going, to beat the regular pre-work rush that goes in.


Tuesday, February 26

A Little Something Special

Today is the youngest son's birthday. David turns seven years old. Most of his presents will have a dinosaur theme, or be dinosaur in some way, of that have no doubt. That was all he could think of when asked what he wants for presents. He has been on that kick for ... well, for most of his life. Between that and Star Wars that is. With today being his birthday, he gets to pick where we will have dinner tonight, and already he is leaning towards Peter Piper Pizza - a pizza place that has lots of interactive games. Sort of like a Chucky Cheese joint, but the food is a little cheaper (not by much though).

Edit: Thought I should throw a pic in to see how gosh darn cute he is!

In trying to think of a particular funny story about my son, I seem to gloss over so many things. I think about the injuries (self-inflicted, and those from his siblings). Many of the things he has said, or how they were said. I think I will share a few of those today.

(On Religion about 3-4 years old): Rusty (the cat) was curled up in the sink. David turned on the water and said, "There, Rusty, now you're baptized!"

(On kisses): 1/12/10 - David (in his most innocent 3-year-old voice) whispers: Kisses will get me out of trouble ... hugs will get me out of trouble, too.

(On hygiene): 3/2/2010 - Our most recent Superhero proclamation: "NakedBoy will brush his teeth ... FOREVER!!!” (compliments of David following a shower -- refused to put his PJs on before brushing his teeth)

(On finances): 04/4/2010 – The Wife had been doing laundry, and at one point had loudly asked the older boys if they had left any money in their clothes. Before anyone could answer, David firmly says, “It’s mine!”

(On parenting issues): 06/9/2010 - The big boys had been sent to bed, but were not quieting down. David went to their door, and in his most serious, scolding voice said, "this is your last choice -- go to bed now, or stay up all night!" When they responded with, "Yea! Stay up all night!", David said, "OK, this is you last choice -- go to bed now, or die!"

(On candy): 07/01/2010 – The question came up about jelly beans. Daddy says to David, “Well, what’s my favorite kind?” David, without missing a beat says, “Mine.”

(On verbal manipulation): 9/11/2010 - David: mom, can I have a pudding? 
Mom: Maybe.
David: Yes means yes, and no means no. Am I smart?
Mom: Yes.
David: You said Yes! Maybe means Yes! (and off he ran to get a pudding)

(On avoiding trouble): 12/4/2010 - Mom: David, what are you hiding in your pocket?

David: Nothing
Mom: So, if I checked your pockets I wouldn't find anything?
David: Yep
Mom: So, which pocket should I check first?
David: This one... two times.

(On training pets): 08/13/2011 - ‎(Overheard David singing a home-made lullaby to Daisy): Calm down... don't lick us in the ears ... go to sleep ... I love you so much .. be very, very nice ... you are my puppy ... I love you so very, very much ... just calm down and give some kisses to us ... don't bite .. just give kisses ...

(On being compassionate): 03/15/2012 - I love my son's soft heart. David saw his extra backpack at Grandma's and was talking about transferring everything over to it (Star Wars - he loves it), but decided to wait until later. The next day, he came home talking about his friend at school who "has to carry his papers home in his hands every day, 'cuz he doesn't have a backpack". David told Grandma that he wanted to bring him a backpack. After Grandma showed him several extras she had, he decided to give him his new Star Wars backpack (because his friend likes Star Wars, too).

As you can see, sometimes it is pretty hilarious being around my munchkin!


Monday, February 25

And The Oscar Goes To .....

I never really understood the movies award shows. The television, or music ones either. I haven't grasped why there is a need for a small group of people to decide what movie/song/album/TVshow is the best in whatever category there is, and then give that artist/actor/person/group/director some icon, be it a gold statue or whatever. That being said, last night I once again missed watching the Oscars. I have missed all the award shows for the past several years to be exact. No, I don't care who looked glamorous, or had the most expensive dress. I don't care that Daniel Day-Lewis won Best Actor for his portrayal in 'Lincoln'. If I have an interest in a damn movie, I will watch it and make my own decision. Why should someone else tell me what I think is good or not? More government mentality.

This should be a fairly uneventful week. The oldest son has AIMS testing, so has half-days the first couple days. The two younger ones have dental check-ups I will be taking them this afternoon. Yeah, and that is all I see on the calendar this week.

The thing I hated most about this weekend? The jury summons I received on Friday for next month. Bah!


Friday, February 22

Feeling Adventurous? Not Me!

Today, our youngest son is going on his first school field trip. They are headed to the Desert Botanical Gardens here in the Valley,over by the Phoenix Zoo. It is a garden (obviously) of many of the plants local to our desert environment, in their natural setting. Basically, you pay to walk around and read placards about the plants. I am sure since it is school related, it has something to do with something they are learning. Back at the Parent-Teacher conference a couple weeks ago, his teacher had mentioned about it, and that they could only take three chaperones due to the seating, number of kids, and the limited number of buses the district was allowing them to use. So with that small number, I don't know how the Wife got picked, but thank everything it wasn't me. Of course, I wasn't stupid to volunteer. We would probably be a few kids short when they did a headcount for the ride back.

So that means my regular Friday routine has been altered. Not that I am complaining this time as it is in my favor things changed. I haven't decided what I am going to do with the extra time on my hands. RM would say to do something positive and constructive, but I know my limitations.

In other news, I made it to the gym this morning, even if I felt a bit frozen walking in there. IT was like 42 out this morning. I decided to weigh myself today, even though I just did it Tuesday. I am down to the lowest I have been in years. Really helped me put a little more into the workout this morning, and I feel more worn out from it, which I prefer to think of as a good thing.

I got nothing else today. Have a good weekend!


Thursday, February 21

Too Old to be Doing This

I realized this morning, I am not able to do things I once did in my youth. In this particular instance, I am talking about being out late at night and drinking. Last night was our pool league, and as usual, we hung around having 'a couple' more after the games were over. When I next realized the time, it was near midnight, so I headed home. This morning at 6:30'ish, the Wife wakes me to drive the oldest to school, and I just couldn't get moving. I was able to get up and take him, then once I returned home, went straight back to bed. Yeah, going to the gym was not an option today. Needless to say, by 10am, I was feeling much better, and able to face the world.

And it is a cool one at that. Yesterday brought the temperature down to the low-mid 50's, and showers throughout the day. In fact, the eastern part of the Valley got snow, as did all the mountains around here. The Daughter sent a phone picture of the snow Tucson got as well. I personally did not see any snow falling, but that was because I was inside where it was warmer than the outside. Of course, the snow didn't stick around long, as the temps are supposed to be climbing back up to be mid-70's by next week. Weird weather for AZ.

I have been feeling conceited the past couple days. I had met up with one of my buddies, and through the course of our multi-directional conversation(s), we got to talking about his daughter, who is a new YA genre author. My friend mentioned he thought I should write a few novels, and that he thinks they would be good as he had read some of my short stories and enjoyed them. Makes me feel like Tolkien, or some other author that is so well-known for writing an epic work of literature. But now makes me wonder: could I do that? Would I be able to create a story long enough for a novel? Then the thoughts of self-doubt come along, and problem after problem forecasting, the what-if's, and the fear of failing. Yeah. Not so smug about myself now. Shrug. Oh well, Life goes on.


Tuesday, February 19

Return To the Grind

Another Monday that the Guvamint calls a holiday has passed by. Almost makes me want to get the calendar down and see how many of these unnecessary holidays there are, but why waste the time? I would rather spend it wasting yours.

That brings us to Tuesday morning, and the regular trip over to MIL's for her to go shopping. I also get to do an extra one tomorrow as the Wife has a dental check-up to go to. The Wife 'conveniently' though she set the appointment for later, but Noooooooo. She did it early enough in the morning I have to go help out. She might have done it so she wouldn't have to help. I don't know.

Had a great breakfast with PT yesterday. I even ended up bringing about half of it home as I couldn't eat it all. Last time we had met there, I scarfed it all down, but not yesterday. The oldest son had my leftover when I got home. I also had all three boys home yesterday. By 5'ish, I was ready for them to kill each other, and if the attempt(s) would have been made, I would have let them do it with no obstruction from me. Just the usual sibling arguing and yelling/play screams gave me such a headache, and put my nerves on edge, I just wanted them quiet, and I didn't care how. Maybe that makes me not a good Dad, I don't know, don't care. I just can't take that screaming and all. At least the house is back to it's quiet self today.

Looking to hear from a prospective employer today. A friend gave me a good lead on a job, and I contacted them about employment opportunities. Nothing heard from as of yesterday, so maybe today. If no contact, them maybe I shall call them tomorrow to follow up. Would be nice to get back to working: on the checking account and just in general.


Monday, February 18

Got To Love A Free Breakfast

Today is President's Day, and for those of you that have had, or have, children, you know today is a day they are not attending school. In making plans for today, I had not even thought about that issue. But things will still work out fine. Thankfully one of them is old enough to watch the others while I am out. I get to collect on the SuperBowl bet Preacher Tom and I made. It's a breakfast bought by the loser from a restaurant called Fast Eddie's. Not a bad little place. I had breakfast there once and it was very filling and good.

We had both planned on meeting up at the gym this morning, then going to breakfast. I was going to wake he older son up to be awake at the time I normally drop him off at school. But before the alarm even went off this morning, PT was saying he was not going to the gym, due to doing a long walk yesterday, and was going to go later instead. I let him know that was fine, we would meet up for the breakfast still, as I had forgotten the boys were out of school anyways. Needless to say, I am not going to the gym, instead choosing to bless you with this drivel this morning.

The Wife mentioned to me this morning, that she had not slept as well as normal. Seems she was having some pretty weird dreams. I commented that I, too had had a couple weird ones, one of which I woke up from, with half a shout going on. She had fixed a nice dinner yesterday - pork cutlets, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes. nothing there I would have thought that would cause the dreams. Maybe it was because we watched 'The Walking Dead', even though our dreams weren't about zombies.... Who knows.

I'm outta here to get ready for breakfast.


Friday, February 15

A Puzzle in Mind

Another Friday is upon us, and I have nothing. Actually feeling a bit weird this morning and plan on kicking it on the couch doing some crossword puzzles. Beats hearing constantly about the meteorite that came down in Russia. I have seen a couple videos this morning, but I wonder if there is one somewhere of it actually hitting the Earth. That would be cool to see.

I'll leave you to ponder about that other meteor that is on its way, and if it hit.


Thursday, February 14

Spend Your Money Here Day

Oh geez. It's that time of year again. Another Hallmark Holiday* is upon us, and like the crowd of followers, I, too, spent money. I know I didn't spend as much as some of you, but I did spend a little. The Wife is getting a store-bought card and a candy bar from me. A candy bar, you ask? Yes. There's a little story behind it - nothing personal, just mundane - and after picking out a card, I went and found a particular candy bar for her. Needless to say, it shows the thought behind it all, and that I was thinking of her specifically. Not that she might notice, but, hey ... it's worth a shot.

No plans today. Or tonight. I think the Wife gave me a present of letting me sort of sleep in this morning. This morning, she didn't wake me to take the oldest son to school, so I am guessing it was on purpose. Either that, or I was sleeping so deep she couldn't wake me. That has happened at times, but not of late. I know it was the best sleep I have had in at least a week or more. I think the beers last night helped.

Guess that is all I have for you today.


*The term "Hallmark Holiday" is a stolen item from Joe.

Wednesday, February 13

Lies, Propaganda, and Lies

I know I am going to dislike the next couple days. Today more than the next ones, but like everything, it will gradually die down. Yeah, you guessed it. Logging into Facebook. Those people I know that are a bit more politically outspoken than I, will have posts galore about 1)if they are Republican and hate Obama, 2) if they are Democrat and are defending Obama, or 3) they just want to put their two cents in. I wonder how many of them I will turn off, as in not accept their updates anymore. I have a feeling there will be a few.

I think this will be the last day I am not going to the gym. I still have a wee bit of congestion going on, but I think I can still get my workout done tomorrow. I will weigh myself on the home scale today, though I am not sure how accurate it is compared to the one I have been using at the gym. Personally, I think it reads about 3 pounds heavier, but gotta do what I gotta do.

So back to the political stuff. Did you learn anything? I didn't. I chose not to watch it and be bored. I have said it before I do not care for our current President, and times in the past I have heard him speak, it feels more like lies and wishes than what it should. I am not saying that he is any different than any other politician...

It's Hump Day. I know a place where some beer is going help me get through it.


Tuesday, February 12

Heheheheeeee.... Wipeout

Well, I guess it is more wiped out. I am tired. I feel better than yesterday, not as good as I did on the weekend, but I am just tired as heck. All I can figure is the body is doing extra work to kick this damn cold. I hope that means burning up some calories, too. I have been too tired or achy to go to the gym the past couple mornings, and hope to be able to get out tomorrow. Need to weigh myself to see if I get the $1 I bet each week with my buddy Jan.

Other than that it is a typical Tuesday morning for me. babysitting here in a couple hours for the MIL. I am really starting to hate that. Wish I could find a job so I wouldn't have to do it anymore. Then she'd be screwed, and who knows what would happen. Oh I know what would happen. the Wife would get her panties in a wad, and be mad because she would have to do it in the evenings, or on Saturday morning. That's how the Wife's brother got out of doing it... he said he work required more overtime, so he couldn't do it anymore. Piece of shit.

Well, now that I have gotten myself all pissed off, I going to get me some coffee.


Monday, February 11

The False Feeling

When I got up Saturday morning, I was feeling pretty good. The cold I had seemed to disappear. I still felt a little weak and achy, but figured that would soon be gone as well. Sunday I realized I was not quite over everything. The Wife had her cold move down into the congested chest mode, and yesterday I was starting to feel a bit there as well. This morning shows me that yes indeed, there is some congestion in my chest. Sigh. I am hoping to shake this all by midweek, but who knows. I just hate thinking that I was over it just because I felt better, then the next day back to feeling crappy.

Nothing big on my schedule today except for the oldest son having a dental check-up this afternoon. Leaves me time to take a nap as I am sure I am going to need it. Already I am feeling tired again, and I have only been awake an hour. I do admit to not sleeping well last night though.


Friday, February 8

I Am Standing Right ....

... in front of the fan, especially when the shit hits it. As if being sick wasn't bad enough....

The Wife had to run out to her place of employment to pick up her check, so it could be deposited. Don't ask me why she doesn't have the auto-deposit from work.. I think they did not offer it. Another story for another time. So, she's on her way to the bank branch, which is conveniently located inside one of the chain grocery stores, one that we actually like to shop at. On her way, the low tire pressure light warning comes on. No worries, it happens every once in awhile. A couple pounds low on air, no worries. She arrives, gets out, and hears the air hissing out of the tire. Great. What does she do? Calls me. I am at home with the two younger boys (young enough I prefer not to leave them unsupervised at home) and asks me what to do. Duh! Go deposit your check, buy the TP we needed at home, buy a can of fix-a-flat and get it over to Discount Tire a couple miles away before they close. Note: it is like 4:30 when this happened. Needless to say I am a bit peeved, as it's not like she has never had a flat before. Heck, I even told her to put the spare on instead of getting the fix a flat. She's at the store, so surely someone would help her.

Finally I agree to go over and take care of it myself, and she can drive back home with the boys in my van (because I would bring them with me). I go out to my van, what do you think is wrong? My front tire is flat. I shit you not. She has a flat, I have a flat. Now I'm pissed. The boys quieted down real quick. I called he back and told her. I then tried PT, but he was out and about and couldn't make it. I called the MIL to see if my BIL had made it in to town yet. No. My friend was at least another 15-20 minutes from my place, so it wouldn't do any good to try him. I needed to get the Wife's van to Discount before they closed at 6pm. I called back to the Wife, who just remembered there was a can of fix-a-flat in my van. I never remember seeing one in there, but there was. So I used it, got my tire half full, drove over to the MIL's, used her car to meet the Wife at Discount.

The reason I had to meet the Wife at Discount was because she had forgotten (I do not know how, but she did) that her bank debit card had expired, though she had a new one to be activated for quite some time now. Since it is on our account, and mine expired in August, I am sure hers did, too. She prefers to pay cash, I prefer debit.... might be why it is an issue. Either way, she would not be able to pay for the new tire as she didn't have that much cash on her. So I met her there. She drove the MIL's car back to the MIL, used the portable air compressor on the tire on my van, and drove it back home with the boys. I had to sit at Discount. With a cold. During rush hour. Sigh.

Needless to say, $150 (approx.) and an hour later (so ended up to be just after 6pm) I am finally on my way home. With her van, not mine. Now I need to figure about getting mine to Discount to get the tire looked at. Though, I just checked it a bit ago, after sitting for a few hours, and it is still holding air, so maybe the fix-a-flat sealed it. I could find no punctures,so maybe I got lucky. Guess I will know more in the morning. In the meantime, talk about frustrations!

Tomorrow has got to better. Maybe I will be healed and not sick anymore. I prefer the Wife be better than me, but will take what I can get at this point.


How to Feel Miserable

Hypochondriacs have got to be the only people that like being sick, and they can't help it. I have reminded myself (again I might add) how much I hate feeling sick. I spent most of yesterday in bed, with the Wife, but definitely for a good time. We slept most of the morning, and she even napped more in the afternoon. Mostly because I believe she is sicker than I am. This is where I would say 'In her head, for sure'. At least my temperature is down. As of last night it was at 100.3, and I have not yet checked this morning, but based on how I feel, I would say it has returned to normal, or as near to that as possible for me. Maybe another day or two convalescing and shaking the last bit of the sinus issues (draining, clogging, etc.) and life should return to normal - I hope.

In the meantime, it is Friday. No one likes being sick on a Friday, as it sort of takes away from the weekend just because you don't feel like doing anything. So, that being said, enjoy some videos since I don't feel like saying much else.

Alright, I am going back to bed for some more rest.


Thursday, February 7

It Was Bound to Happen

The Wife and I are both sick. Last night I had a temp of 101.7 and this morning, I ache, sore throat, sinuses clogged, etc etc.



Wednesday, February 6

Not A Happy Camper

I was awakened several times over the course of the night. The Wife is coming down sick with a cold, and her hacking seemingly all night long left much sleeping to be desired. Fortunately, today is my off day for the gym, so in theory I could sleep in to catch up on some of those missing Z's. Alas, that is not meant to be, as upon waking, my sinuses are clogged up, and I feel the beginnings of a sinus headache. I have come to the conclusion, that the Wife may have passed her cold on to me. Damn the Woman! So, she has taken some Dayquil, and on her way out the door mentions she may be back sooner than she plans. In her line of work, being sick the least bit gets you sick time, and she sounds bad already. Me, I am going to take some dayquil and try to avoid feeling any worse.

The Wife FINALLY got around to getting her phone updated last night. We had been with Alltell until Verizon bought them out. The Daughter and I had more recently updated our phones, but the Wife had not. For the past 2 months or more, Verizon has been texting and mailing the Wife about how she needs to upgrade her phone from the Alltel one, to a Verizon one, as their changes go in to effect Feb. 7th. These changes would basically kill of her ability to send receive pictures and other data, but texts and regular calls could still be done. She needed an upgrade anyways, as she was past the 2 years mark. So now she has a data phone. She changed our whole plan around so now all of us have the unlimited texts, plus 1 Gb of data per month amongst all phones (though she has the data phone, not us) all for about $10 more a month than what we had before. I say - Whatever! Either way, I get the extreme joy of taking her pictures off her old camera to save, as I am the one with an SD chip. And having to save the pics one by one to disc....UGH! I am down to about 80 to go yet, so should be done in the next 45 minutes (I hope).

So what else is going to be a bummer for me today? No fricking clue. I'll probably lose at pool tonight bad....


Tuesday, February 5

It Happened Again

I won't bore you with the sore muscles I have today, but I will admit they are there. I felt them as I awoke, before I even got out of bed. But I still went to the gym again today. Which brings me to my other sad point. I weighed in, and had gained about three pounds. Granted, I did eat more this weekend than I should have, and what I ate more of, was probably not as good for me as most foods. So I deserve it. Still pisses me off a bit. I could understand one pound gain, but three?!? C'mon....

So, since I am such a glutton for punishment, I decided I am going to try to stop smoking again. Yesterday morning I finished the last cigarette from my pack, so the first 24 hours is over. Not really craving any so far, but I am sure that will change especially tomorrow night, when I am in the bar. Will have to see how that goes.

It's Babysitting Tuesday, so here in about an hour I will be headed over to waste my morning sitting with the FIL. Yee-fricking-haw.


Monday, February 4

Time to Recuperate

Oh, man! I had a great time yesterday with friends at the party I went to for the Super Bowl. By halftime, I had given up watching the game, and spent my time conversing with people, and stuffing my face. Like previous parties, the amount of food available was outrageous, and it was all good. I attest to this because I dang near had a bit of each, and some a little bit more than I should have. My buddy Don had made some bacon & cheese jalapeno poppers that were very tasty. Another buddy Jan had made his chili, and toss in some extra diced onions, and a bit of the nacho cheese sauce.... MM MMM GOOD!

Need less to say, I spent extra time at the gym doing a bit more than my usual workout, in order to burn off some of those goodies I had yesterday. So, at this point in time, I am feeling a rubbery, though completely refreshed after the gym and a shower. I am sure I will be griping about how much I may hurt tomorrow morning, but it is so worth it.

Nothing great going on this week. Football is completely over until August. Baseball doesn't start for a few yet, and the only time wasters for ESPN now is hockey and basketball. Both of which I could care less about. Gives me more time to read, and maybe watch movies. Bonus. Next week Preacher Tom will be taking me out to breakfast at Fast Eddie's. It's a nice place that has some good food, and the coffee doesn't taste like dishwater. I get the breakfast as winner of the wager on the game yesterday. I ran into PT at the gym this morning, and we will figure out a day next week.


Saturday, February 2

Getting Ready for Commercial Day

Today is Saturday. The day before the "Big Game" in football-ese. Tomorrow is the Biggest of Bowl games. THE Super Bowl. Who cares.

The past several years I have had the chance to attend the festive gatherings of friends and family that congregate (and yes, some even worship) the Super Bowl Sunday. Personally, I could care less. My team, The Washington Redskins, has not made an appearance there since 1992 (where we beat the Bills) so you do the math. We made play-offs this year, so maybe in the next two years or so, we may have a chance to be there again.

In the meantime, all the Super Bowl means to me is the celebration of 'Commercial Day'. Bowl-time is when all the companies that have large advertising budgets, try to go and out-do each other with a commercial for their product/service that will be remembered more and longer than the competitors. Movie Trailers try to rearrange the clips from the movies to make their movie more interesting. Who really wins? Ohhh, the food and drink guys. Everyone is eating and drinking, making lines at the bathrooms at Aunt Sally's, praying the guy in front of them didn't have to drop a log. And they miss all the commercials because of waiting in line, or refilling their paper plate with foody goodness, or trying to find the last Miller Lite in a fridge full of Budweisers. They miss the glory of how that car was made with loving detail to sound and perfection; the simplicity of trading stocks online; yet another action clip of why 'Die Hard 5' is wanting to be good with aging action star.

Then it all ends. Those with computer and internet access will be able to watch the ones they missed the next day. Heck, television will be replaying them for weeks since the companies blew most of their advertising budget for the first half of the year on this one commercial. Then six months later, most of us forget about the product, or service, and football season starts again. Weird cycle, huh?

But I am participating. I have been invited (actually a standing invitation til they no longer do it) to the party being put on by one of my good friends (Jan, btw) BIL. I have been in past years, and it is much fun, good food, beer, and the Game (with commercials). No fault of theirs I have to wait until Monday to see the commercials (too much good food and drink, plus it gets so loud it is hard to hear the commercials anyways).

Yeah, actually looking forward to it.


Friday, February 1

What Do I Think About ....

I sit here this morning, trying to figure out something to fill this space with, that would be considered content. So far I have come up with nothing. There are several topics on my mind, but most of them deal with issues more personal than I care to share about, and for once, I don't feel like showing our dirty laundry. Yeah I know, that's a surprise.

Heh, nice little break there. Sis texts me this morning, asking for a song that could be used for background music for my niece's verbal presentation today at school. The presentation is on the Treaty of Versailles. My first thought was 'Lux Aeterna' by Clint Mansell (from 'Requiem of a Dream'). I changed it to an MP3 and emailed over to them to see if it would work. Hopefully it will. For those of you that are not familiar with this piece, here's a vid:

These tune has been used for many different movies, trailers, etc over the past few years. Her presentation is only to be about two minutes long, and the version of the song I have is just under four minutes, but best I could do. She shouldn't have to play the whole thing at least.

So, that brings me back to the beginning now. I don't feel like adding much, so here's a few videos for your entertainment.

I couldn't get this one to be located via the video plug-in here, so here is the link.