Wednesday, February 27

Think It's Funny? It's Snot

Seems like Spring is officially here in AZ already this year. For the past few weeks, we have been experiencing some weird warm/cold fronts, but even though it has gotten chilly enough to wear a jacket, it's nothing compared to the snowstorms others across the States have been getting. However, with this type of weather here, added to the bit of rain we have gotten, and everything starts growing. What does that bring? My allergies. Yesterday was surely just a sample of what I will be enjoy for the next few months, until Summer brings the heat that kills everything. Already this morning I feel the sinuses clogging up, and have began blowing the nose, wiping at the eyes, and pretty much feeling miserable. I think when I set up my next doctor appointment I will be asking for the allergy shot (kentalog, I think).

Though, today I am up almost two hours earlier than usual. For some reason, the 10 year old thinks he can sneak into our bed the past few nights. Of course, because he shares a room with his (now) 7 year old brother, the younger on joins him. We have a king-sized bed, but the younger son tends to be a kicker. That means I get woken up often. I have threatened them to not be sneaking in, but it has basically been ignored. I think the next step is to cut out their computer time for each incident. I know that should make a difference, instead of me not getting enough sleep. Life is hell enough without adding me being tired and grouchy to it.

We went out last night for pizza, and the boys played games for quite awhile - at least until the tokens ran out. Afterwards, we came home and gave the birthday boy his presents. Within minutes I was off to bed to read before falling asleep.

Today shall be interesting. I am up early so believe I will be heading to the gym. I need to weigh in this week, though I am not looking forward to it after eating pizza last night. Right now I am trying to kill some time before going, to beat the regular pre-work rush that goes in.


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