Tuesday, February 12

Heheheheeeee.... Wipeout

Well, I guess it is more wiped out. I am tired. I feel better than yesterday, not as good as I did on the weekend, but I am just tired as heck. All I can figure is the body is doing extra work to kick this damn cold. I hope that means burning up some calories, too. I have been too tired or achy to go to the gym the past couple mornings, and hope to be able to get out tomorrow. Need to weigh myself to see if I get the $1 I bet each week with my buddy Jan.

Other than that it is a typical Tuesday morning for me. babysitting here in a couple hours for the MIL. I am really starting to hate that. Wish I could find a job so I wouldn't have to do it anymore. Then she'd be screwed, and who knows what would happen. Oh I know what would happen. the Wife would get her panties in a wad, and be mad because she would have to do it in the evenings, or on Saturday morning. That's how the Wife's brother got out of doing it... he said he work required more overtime, so he couldn't do it anymore. Piece of shit.

Well, now that I have gotten myself all pissed off, I going to get me some coffee.


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