Friday, February 8

How to Feel Miserable

Hypochondriacs have got to be the only people that like being sick, and they can't help it. I have reminded myself (again I might add) how much I hate feeling sick. I spent most of yesterday in bed, with the Wife, but definitely for a good time. We slept most of the morning, and she even napped more in the afternoon. Mostly because I believe she is sicker than I am. This is where I would say 'In her head, for sure'. At least my temperature is down. As of last night it was at 100.3, and I have not yet checked this morning, but based on how I feel, I would say it has returned to normal, or as near to that as possible for me. Maybe another day or two convalescing and shaking the last bit of the sinus issues (draining, clogging, etc.) and life should return to normal - I hope.

In the meantime, it is Friday. No one likes being sick on a Friday, as it sort of takes away from the weekend just because you don't feel like doing anything. So, that being said, enjoy some videos since I don't feel like saying much else.

Alright, I am going back to bed for some more rest.


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Joe said...

based on the musical theme, I'd guess you are horny.