Friday, May 29

Get The Cheese Ready ...

Whine Alert: Yes, I am *still* scanning pics. I am down to half the last the package to complete, then only our family ones. Someday, too, it will be completed.
Okay, the whine is out of the way. What's new and for the agenda today? Well, let's see - it's Friday!!! Not that it makes a huge amount of difference in my world. Heck, Wednesday I had to ask someone two or three times to remind what day of the week it was.

Today has started off kind of rough though. I awoke about 4am unable to get to sleep again (must be the afternoon naps). Being the productive asset to society, I figured I could do something. I booted up the computer and started scanning more. While scanning I am cruising around the net, reading blogs, checking mails, looking at junk stuff. Yee haw.

The kids are all out of school now. The daughter now has her "I am a senior" status (in her head). She is performing with the band at the ceremony today for the HS. Then has a friend's party afterwards. Her boyfriend's party is tomorrow.

I have finally gotten my dates finalized (almost) for my trip to Indiana. Looks like I am going the 10th thru about the 19th. part of this morning has been going through the travel sites for discounts so the actual dates my drop a day or two. Fly into Indy, then north thru Frankfort and on to Elkhart, north to Paw Paw, MI area, then back to Indy. Yeah, be good to see some family and friends again. I may even borrow a laptop from one of the kids so I can keep updated.

Rusty, the 'Spawn of Satan' has a booster update this morning. He has been getting some weight gain going on, and his energy levels have gone sky high. I wish I could go a day or two without scratches either on the hands/wrists or feet/ankles areas. Here are a couple recent pics of him.

As you see here, he is attacking the youngest son David with a ton of energy. And another example below....

Not sure if that is a "Screech!" or a look of utter, malignant evil. Reminds me of Gene Simmons a bit with the tongue.

Okay, I think I am out of here for the day. Got some books from the bookstore the other day. Plus I got three books by an AZ author, and he signed each 1st edition copy for me. Nice! Pub time will be as soon as they open today.


Thursday, May 28

Almost the End of the Week

Yes. I am still scanning pics.

Today though, I will get a bit of a break. The Reverend Mother has asked me over (at some point in time today) to help her locate some pictures she has "lost". Seems the computer doo-dad I bought her for Mother's Day works too well. It was a USB plug-in that reads the memory chip from cameras, etc. She had gone and transferred some photos from her disk, and somehow in the process of moving them around, lost them. I am going over to see what I can do to find them. Bad news is they are already cleared off the memory disk. So I have my work cut out for me, and I may even stretch it into a lunch with RM. At least maybe grilled cheese sandwiches the way mommy makes them....

Life otherwise is dull. I got three books yesterday by author Zeke Crandall for $25.00 and the author was nice enough to sign each one for me. They are sort of short books, but when you get 1st editions, and signed to boot....

That's all I got today. I am off to finish my computer stuff then off to RM's to find some pics.


Tuesday, May 26

Today could have been a Monday

I worked on scanning til about 4 this morning, then went to sleep on the couch. I awoke to the sound of the TV, so I shut it off and headed to the bedroom. That's when I noticed it was 10 after 7 and everyone was late. I rushed the daughter to band whilst the Wife rushed the boys to grandma's, then on to work. I went back to bed then.

But I got up and started scanning pics again this afternoon, and right now I am quitting for the night. too many hours sitting here on my bum doing that boring job. But I am a third of the way done.

So the issue with the daughter... ha! She comes home tonight, and immediately comes over to me (where I am scanning damn pics) and begins something about how Grandpa gave her the wrong dates for VBS.

Me: So.

Her: Well, that means that the 9th for the baseball game is open for me now.

Me: So.

Her: (best try at a puppy dog face) Dad, I am really sorry about getting mad at you last night about this, but now I am able to go.

Me: Says who? I don't know any details, you haven't asked me, and last night you explicitly tried to tell me it was none of my business.

This is when it got good and she started giving me details, and then asking about some grad party for a friend on Friday afternoon. Plus she had to know tonight so she could call the rides she would need. So the wife and I were discussing all the activity she has been planning, but her chores around the house weren't done. The daughter overheard us and immediately went out and mowed/weed-eated the front. Of course I pretty much approved her going out as long as her mom said she could and had chores done.

Amazing how a mis-date can bring up that apology for a know it all teenager. Wish I had that chance with my dad when I was growing up...

Tomorrow is Wednesday. I am going to the pub to celebrate a friend's bday. After I do some more scanning of course.


Will it ever end?

Most of you that know me by now, know - I can be a damn whiner. And here goes a big whine!!!

The Wife gave me two more huge envelopes to scan. I thought the one was enough, but no. Two more, then we have to do 'our' family. This was a nice idea when it started, until I found out I was the one doing 99% of the scanning. Then I send the pics (after being scanned) to the brother actually doing the project. Then all he has to do is pick the pictures he wants, and that is it. Not a fair trade as I see it.

But it makes the Wife happy. Bet yer ass I am doing it. Hence the 3am AZ post. I am scanning pics.

Of course, stuff happens in-between .... well sometimes.

The family had a good day today at my Sis's place. For the first time, none of my kids cried about leaving there. I thought that was a bonus. I did manage to piss off the 17 yr old daughter though. She brought up in the vehicle, that she couldn't do her baseball thing. I had no clue what she was talking about, so I asked, what baseball thing? The daughter proceeded to tell me it was none of my business. (rut-row)

I simply said, no prob, Mom would tell me later tonight. Then the daughter blew a gasket bitching about how she was invitied to a Diamondbacks game on a certain date with her boyfriend, but she was going to be unable to attend. She had made prior arrangements to help her grandfather with VBS schools in parts of AZ. I said, well, that wasn't so bad to tell me was it? Considering, you had not asked about going yet anyways.

Of course that made her angrier. (sigh) I can't win. I am just going to tell her, if she would ask me first, we could go around mom. You ask mom, she runs EVERYTHING through me. The Daughter just has not realized, that even though I am ok with her boyfriend, she thinks I won't let her do things.... she needs to grow up, and just tell me. I ain't stupid.

So, of course half my family is reading this, but I don't care. Maybe they will realize that all that bitching that comes from the females in my house are not entirely my fault. And if they don't, well they're prolly idiots anyways.

I can't stand stupid people. If ya did something stupid, and you make the next chance better, that's good. That's improvement. Do the same old shit, that's an idiot. Hello daughter.

This post helped me waste time scanning 10 pics. That's all.


Friday, May 22

Just a short post today

I know. It's late in the Friday afternoon, and you are only stopping by here because you don't want to finish out working this afternoon. That's fine. I ain't got much to say anyways.

I had two cameras developed this week. One had about 8 pictures left to be taken, so I had taken a couple of the cat, my car, the house. The only ones that turned out were of my car and the grass in the front yard. Nothing else. What a waste. Of course, I have no idea how old that camera might have been. The other one had about 10 pics that came out from one of the camps they kids attended probably about 3 years ago or so.

Kitty is on crack today. This past week we have been allowing him full-time outside the pet cage, instead of just when we were home before bed. I can't find anything that he could have gotten into, but this morning, and still now this afternoon, he has this ton of energy he hasn't displayed before. Maybe he is just getting ballsier - I dunno.

Memorial Day Weekend is here. The Indy 500 is on Sunday so I will be on the couch watching that. Monday we are going to my sister's for the afternoon. So I guess Saturday I need to get some bday shopping done. Yee Haw.

Have a good one - I'll see ya when I get back here.


Thursday, May 21

Somethings take too much effort

Yesterday we received a piece of mail from the dentist office where the Wife and kids go. Normally, you would expect such as a bill after services rendered (if not paid up front). But this one was in a different type of envelope. It was addressed to the Wife (as she is the one that takes them - I'm too scared to go), so I waited until that evening to find out what it contained.

Turns out the middle son (6yrs) had had his name pulled in a drawing and won the stuffed attachment on his neck (it truly is not a tumor). The office had thought it was cute and sent us a copy of the pic (which was very nice of them). Notice, he was at the dentist, and he has a 3-tooth gap in that mouth... hehehe. No, I didn't feed him knuckle sandwiches, though at times I want to.

And since I have nothing better to waste our time with, here is another photo from the recent past.

This one is of Myself and my StepDad when we played a golf tournament a few years ago. In case you couldn't tell, I am the younger one.

So, it is Thursday and nothing special is happening today. I should get over to the local Walgreens to pic up some pics. I dropped off two cameras to be developed that I had found at the house. I still have two others to take in, but the Wife has them in her vehicle. Maybe I'll just wait until she is home to run up there.

I am still working on scanning pics. It is such a boring job.

Last night I completed watching the "Boston Legal" TV show on DVD. It had a nice, funny ending that clinched 5 seasons of what I thought was a good show. Now I am at a loss of what TV show to watch next.

By this time next week all the kids will be out of school. I don't know if I am looking forward to that. I may continue to send them to Grandma's house during the day as I don't have the patience to put with them all, at once, for long periods of time. I know, I am not the greatest father, but at least I know my limitations prior to possibly killing them.

That's about all I got today. Come back tomorrow for the fun update of how I spent today...if I do anything fun that is.


Tuesday, May 19

There has got to be a way ....

I have just spent the past hour and a half scanning approximately 50-60 pictures into the computer. Granted, I am using a flatbed scanner, and not having intensive, artsy-fartsy, hi-tech knowledge, I have to scan each picture by itself. I have no clue - or maybe even the software to do multiple pictures, and have each one still saved individually. Did that make sense? It does to me, and that's probably the saddest part.

So I started doing this project this morning, thinking 'No prob. I should be able to get through at least half of the stack I have been given." Oh hell no. Maybe about 1/7th 0f just THIS stack. The Wife is still going through pics and picking certain ones to be scanned. I am sure the in-laws have BOXES upon BOXES of actual photos that someday will need to be put to disc, but I sure ain't the one for that job.

Brain Fart : But hey, I wonder if there would be a service provider that people would actually pay good money to, if it could be done in a timely manner.... I could maybe create myself a job.... : Air Cleared

I know our time limit on this project is running down, so I am hoping there won't be a ton more to add to this stack. Maybe this way I could get it done by June 1st. Or sooner.

But I wonder if there are places out there that do this sort of conversion for a decent fee. I haven't seen any here in the Valley offhand. But it has got to be a service someone would need...

In the meantime, since I am fuzzy headed from the monotony of scanning the pics, and reading the bloglist here, I am going out to drop a couple cameras off at the store to get developed. Maybe find a book. And head to the pub. No idea what the pics are of. One camera is dated 2004.

There might be some interesting pics in the next couple days....


I can't believe I am not drunk ....

Yes, it is true. I am sober at the time of this posting. I am usually not up at this hour, but tonight I spent late night watching the first 4 episodes of season 5 "Boston Legal". It just came out - been waiting months to watch the final season. That, and I was kicking some major ass on poker palace.

Now it is Tuesday, so I think I shall backtrack a couple days. Saturday I attended my friend's party and had one hell of a good time. I finally made it home after 4 am. So needless to say, Sunday was a rest/sleep/catch up day. My sister had bought a Harley and decided being the needy person she is (yes I know you are reading this) she just HAD to bugger me all weekend about it. First she calls me Saturday whilst I am at the party - first time I told her I was happy for her and would see it on the 25th. Then she calls back wanting to know what bar I am at so she can drive it there to show me. I explained I was at a party. Then Sunday she shows up waking me up to show me the bike. I was like "Fine. It looks nice. I am going back to bed."

Some other people's children.....

Monday was the oldest son's 11th birthday. We celebrated by going to the restaurant of his choice, which turned out to be Lonestar Steakhouse. Dinner was awesome. I did not embarrass him by letting them know, and singing/dancing/clapping for him did not take place. He opened presents when we arrived home.

That brings us back to this time of the morning. I need to work on doing a bunch of scanning of pics for the Wife. Do some of it tomorrow. The remaining 3 discs of "Boston Legal" should arrive by Wednesday - Thursday at the latest, and I shall be engrossed in them and not here for comment. That's your pre-warning.

In the meantime, have fun.


Friday, May 15

I'm Glad it's 5 o'Clock Somewhere

Whew! Made it through another week! Now that it is Friday, I need to get myself prepped for the weekend.

Saturday I have a party at a friend's house I will be going to. No, Smitty, the Wife won't be along. But should still be a good time.

Other than that, the weekend is for resting up and doing a few small things around the home. Today will be spent at the pub I am sure.

Anything better than that? If so, I don't know of it today!


Thursday, May 14

Playing Favorites

Geez Louise! I make one small comment yesterday and my siblings just go ballistic! All I have to say about me being the RM's favorite is you guys sure had your excuses ready for not being the one. Using DISTANCE as an excuse? C'mon.... and just because she spent Mother's day with you means nothing - it was a free meal she didn't have to cook. That doesn't mean you are the favorite. Sheesh! Get real you two!

So now that that issue is cleared up, it's Thursday and I ain't doing anything today. I am wrapping this up and headed back to the bedroom with a book.


Wednesday, May 13

Pre-Warning Reverend Mother

Welcome to Wednesday, the Hump Day of the week. Since a hump is like a bump, I'll have to include a pic of one prior to logging out today. Hence the title of today's post!

What's wonderful in my world today? That damn cat Rusty has already pissed me off this morning. Dumped a plant that the Wife 'conveniently' left on the desk. So now I have potting soil to clean up. Then he spilt his water in the carrier we keep him in overnight. Another mess to clean up. I am just not happy with that kitten. Told the Wife she should have ran him over. Spawn of Satan - indeed!

So as I am updating here, the Reverend Mother and I are IM'ing. Seems she is spending today as a work at home day. Supposedly that means she brought work from the office to the home to be done. However, she is already telling me she is allowed a lunch hour and is possibly wanting to meet up for lunch with her most favorite of her raised children - ME. Sorry Stuman and Sis, you just can't compete with this package. I told RM that I needed at least another hour's sleep and I would call her.

Soooo, that's the excitement for the day. Clean up cat messes, possible lunch with RM, and maybe an afternoon at the pub with my new book that arrived yesterday.

The son's concert last night was good. He had a solo playing "The Entertainer" on his French Horn that I did not know about until I arrived there. The Wife went to the daughter's choir concert and said it was good. Then we all had a late supper at Denny's. nothing like a lumberjack slam at 10 at night!

I decided not to upload the bump of the day, especially since I told RM that I was updating here this morning. I am sure she will be here within the hour to see what I posted.


Tuesday, May 12

What to do, What to Do...

Another wonderful boring Tuesday has arrived and leaves me here wondering whatever am I going to do today. Yesterday I went shopping and got the Reverend Mother her computer doo-dad AND went to her place and hooked it up. Sunday afternoon the family and I had went and watched "X-Men" at the theatres. The kids were happy they got to see it there. Now they are bugging me to see "Star Trek". I told them they would have to wait a few weeks until at least it came off the special engagement category.

Life in general is good. I am still working out the dates I will be going on my trip come August. Rusty the kitten is getting fatter, and more of a pest each day. The daughter and oldest son both have concerts tonight at the same time - different locations. They scheduled them that way AGAIN this year - damn schools.

That's about all I got today. Go read some of the links on the right.


Sunday, May 10

Happy Mother's Day

A happy shout out to the Wife, Reverend Mother, Sis, all those other relatives and friends, that deserve the honor for today. I am actually up early for a Sunday. I had to be sure the Wife received her gifts prior to leaving for church. "The Kids" had gotten her a lovely 'Aurora" necklace, and a matching silver bracelet with stones. Needless to say, she was very happy. I spoke to the RM yesterday, and was unable to get out to pick up her gift, but will be doing so probably tomorrow. She is wanting a USB plug-in memory card reader (for her camera card). I will head to Fry's Electronics and see what I can find.

The Daughter had her Prom last night, and man, was she pretty when she left her early in the evening. I know the Wife got a couple quick pics, so I hope to have those able to posted in just a couple days. In the meantime, I told you we were going through old photos. Here's one to scare you!

It was early in the 2000's, and as you can tell I am at the pub (when by law we could smoke in there) and holding the two most precious drinks to me - Budweiser and Jack Daniels. It must have been a Sunday since I am wearing a softball jersey.

Okay, I think I am going to go burn one, then head to bed for a couple hours of catnap. Yeah, kitten is being cool lately.


Friday, May 8

Early Happy Mother's Day wishes

I know it is only Friday, but since I am never sure on the weekends if I will get a post in, I am throwing out Happy Mother Day wishes early.

And for a change, I have an action packed morning today that actually is somewhat interesting. So, I know you are suspenseful waiting to hear the details, here we go...

For starters, the kitten has officially been named Rusty. I was hoping more for Spawn (suggested by Maeve), or ones (thrown in by Hoosierboy), but the family decided on Rusty. He has an appointment at the vet this morning to start his vaccinations. His cold has cleared up and hopefully they will start anyways. I am tired of giving him meds 2-3 times a day. I know he feels better because of the scratches on my hands, arms and feet from the lil F'er attacking them throughout the day.

After Rusty's appt. I am dropping him off at home and headed to the used book store. I am sure I can find a handful of books to turn in for credit, and I need to get some new reading material. I am tired of doing puzzles all the time. So, I figure get me a good 5-6 books.

Then, it should be late enough in the day that the pub will be open and I will head down there to begin reading one of the books, have a few beers, and lunch of Roast Beef on toasted white. Then head home in the evening.

Real exciting, huh?

For the weekend, I know the Prom is Saturday for the daughter. Sunday afternoon we are going to see the new X-Men movie. Saturday I still need to get out shopping for my mother. The Wife has been taken care of, but not the Reverend Mother. I have no idea what to get her. If I ask her, she has no clue either.

That's all I got for now. Have a good one, especially you Mother's - I could've phrased that a bit better I am sure.


Thursday, May 7

What a boring Thursday

Today was definitely not a normal day for me. I woke up feeling really pissy, and that didn't get fixed until I had slept in a couple more hours. Then I just felt blah. I tired to finish watching "The Last Templar" that I had started yesterday. No good. I still fell asleep 15 minutes into it again.

I have been able to stay awake watching the "John Adams" documentary that I know a few of you bloggers had mentioned. I am only able to get about an hour a night in, as the older son is interested in it as well.

I think that is all I got for you today. I am going to try to talk the Wife into ordering pizza delivery for dinner.


Wednesday, May 6

Non-Digital Pictures Make Me Unhappy

Several years ago, my brother, Stuman, had given the Wife and I a very nice Christmas present of a flatbed scanner. If I am not mistaken, it was at least 4, if not 5 years ago. It could have been longer. At the time, I had no desire to be hooking it up and searching through the boxes for all the pictures we had as of that point. If I remember correctly, we had just gotten a digital camera about that same time, so it was no big issue for me.

I think you might already see where this is headed. Let's see if I can give the facts without giving anything away to a possible reader(s).

The Wife came up with a project. Obviously, if involves scanning many items. No, not our pictures. I would rather do that than this project. Somehow, I got drafted as she thinks I have all this spare time on my hands. Has she no idea the amount of time I need to spend between napping, checking emails, blogging, and playing Texas Hold 'em online that I really don't have free time? And what if I decide to go to the bar for a few? Anyways, I am getting a bit off subject.

So a few days ago I FINALLY hooked up this scanner. Spent about 2 hours going through a handful of photo/image software programs I have gotten over the years (with cameras, computers, other photo stuff) and found the one that works best to the needs of the time. I scanned some pics I found nearby and things are working good. This morning I did the first batch of the project. Not too shabby of I may so. Only spent about an hour and half scanning about 30-40 items (this counts a few goof ups on operator error as well). And I was able to accomplish it whilst doing miscellaneous other things online. I am getting good! No time lost yet!

Okay, okay. I had mentioned about the Prom coming up for the Daughter (who is a Junior in HS). One of the pics I came across was from the Senior Prom for my HS that the Wife and I attended (the good ol' days prior to marriage). What do I remember of the actual Prom? Well, let's see: theme was "Hold On To The Night" (hence the song by Richard Marx) and they had dancing, but we only did one slow song. We sat with my best friend Scott and his date. Scott was the only person at my school that my Wife knew at the time.

Anyways, before I get too far into stuff back then, here's the photo, circa 1990 of that night. It might even embiggen if ya click it. I dunno.

And the Wife is just as beautiful today as she was then - though she disagrees. Myself, well, her good cooking has made me a bit more filled out. And the lack of using a razor lately makes for a bit more hair. That, and I am old enough to grow some.

Enough for now. I am thinking of going and searching the storage room for my old albums to see what I can scan on my own time. I remember some funny pictures from this one time..... Might even get a story out of it.


Tuesday, May 5

Couldn't think of one

I just realized last night how fast the lids are growing up - again. We sat down to have a "family meeting" and seeing them all together at once and how they've grown just makes me feel more aged (like a good bourbon).

The Daughter is going to her first Prom this Saturday. I know sometime this week someone (hopefully not me) will have to take her shopping to find some shoes that match her dress.

JediRalphIV (the oldest son) has a band concert Tuesday, as does the Daughter have a choir concert the same night. Two concerts - two different locations. Go Figure.

That's it today. I need to go see what the damn cat is getting into.


Monday, May 4

Typical Monday

I have nothing for you today. My mind is fuzzy and I cannot seem to complete any normal thought. In fact, this is probably cut and pasted from a different post.

Kitten update - thanks for the couple suggestions so far. The kids have been working on a name all weekend. Meantime, the lil guy has probably quadrupled his weight since we found him (he was skin & bones - literally)! With the anti-biotics the vet gave me, he is clearing up all the cat cold symptoms he had as well.

That's all I got today. Come back tomorrow and maybe I'll share what I ate today.


Saturday, May 2

Goin' ta play the Name Game

It's official now. We are keeping that spawn of Satan, the bringer of evil, the feline from hell. Gee, I make it sound bad, but only after spending $350 PLUS at the Vet, I guess I should be happy that the fucker should live - right?

HMPH! Either way, we now know it is a boy, about 5 weeks old, with a damn feline cold. So now it has 3 different meds for that, before we can even start the vac shots. The kids are excitied and are now trying to figure out a name.

So that brings out a little sporting in me. I will try to have a post up later today (Sat) with a pic of the beast. In comments, throw me your best name for the lil thing. By Wednesday, the family will consider all given suggestions plus our own and decide on a name.

If you win, you don't get anything but the satisfaction of a job well done.

And if you live close, maybe the first chance to shot at the damn thing if I decide to boot it out the door ... wait, that is supposed to be a joke. Notice I supposed to be.

I have two name considerations up already: Rusty (cus he's sorta rust colored) and DC (for Damn Cat).


Friday, May 1

The Spawn has arrived!

Yes, you may laugh at my trembling and shaking voice, but I truly tell you the Spawn has arrived! I thought the Wife had only found a defenseless little kitten that needed help - but NO!

I was reading over at Maeve's and this post proves it! She posted a pic of her feline, when in was in a smaller form, and I swear I have it's twin sitting just 5 feet behind me. Behind me? Maybe I better move the pet carrier.....