Friday, May 29

Get The Cheese Ready ...

Whine Alert: Yes, I am *still* scanning pics. I am down to half the last the package to complete, then only our family ones. Someday, too, it will be completed.
Okay, the whine is out of the way. What's new and for the agenda today? Well, let's see - it's Friday!!! Not that it makes a huge amount of difference in my world. Heck, Wednesday I had to ask someone two or three times to remind what day of the week it was.

Today has started off kind of rough though. I awoke about 4am unable to get to sleep again (must be the afternoon naps). Being the productive asset to society, I figured I could do something. I booted up the computer and started scanning more. While scanning I am cruising around the net, reading blogs, checking mails, looking at junk stuff. Yee haw.

The kids are all out of school now. The daughter now has her "I am a senior" status (in her head). She is performing with the band at the ceremony today for the HS. Then has a friend's party afterwards. Her boyfriend's party is tomorrow.

I have finally gotten my dates finalized (almost) for my trip to Indiana. Looks like I am going the 10th thru about the 19th. part of this morning has been going through the travel sites for discounts so the actual dates my drop a day or two. Fly into Indy, then north thru Frankfort and on to Elkhart, north to Paw Paw, MI area, then back to Indy. Yeah, be good to see some family and friends again. I may even borrow a laptop from one of the kids so I can keep updated.

Rusty, the 'Spawn of Satan' has a booster update this morning. He has been getting some weight gain going on, and his energy levels have gone sky high. I wish I could go a day or two without scratches either on the hands/wrists or feet/ankles areas. Here are a couple recent pics of him.

As you see here, he is attacking the youngest son David with a ton of energy. And another example below....

Not sure if that is a "Screech!" or a look of utter, malignant evil. Reminds me of Gene Simmons a bit with the tongue.

Okay, I think I am out of here for the day. Got some books from the bookstore the other day. Plus I got three books by an AZ author, and he signed each 1st edition copy for me. Nice! Pub time will be as soon as they open today.


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