Friday, May 22

Just a short post today

I know. It's late in the Friday afternoon, and you are only stopping by here because you don't want to finish out working this afternoon. That's fine. I ain't got much to say anyways.

I had two cameras developed this week. One had about 8 pictures left to be taken, so I had taken a couple of the cat, my car, the house. The only ones that turned out were of my car and the grass in the front yard. Nothing else. What a waste. Of course, I have no idea how old that camera might have been. The other one had about 10 pics that came out from one of the camps they kids attended probably about 3 years ago or so.

Kitty is on crack today. This past week we have been allowing him full-time outside the pet cage, instead of just when we were home before bed. I can't find anything that he could have gotten into, but this morning, and still now this afternoon, he has this ton of energy he hasn't displayed before. Maybe he is just getting ballsier - I dunno.

Memorial Day Weekend is here. The Indy 500 is on Sunday so I will be on the couch watching that. Monday we are going to my sister's for the afternoon. So I guess Saturday I need to get some bday shopping done. Yee Haw.

Have a good one - I'll see ya when I get back here.


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