Tuesday, May 19

There has got to be a way ....

I have just spent the past hour and a half scanning approximately 50-60 pictures into the computer. Granted, I am using a flatbed scanner, and not having intensive, artsy-fartsy, hi-tech knowledge, I have to scan each picture by itself. I have no clue - or maybe even the software to do multiple pictures, and have each one still saved individually. Did that make sense? It does to me, and that's probably the saddest part.

So I started doing this project this morning, thinking 'No prob. I should be able to get through at least half of the stack I have been given." Oh hell no. Maybe about 1/7th 0f just THIS stack. The Wife is still going through pics and picking certain ones to be scanned. I am sure the in-laws have BOXES upon BOXES of actual photos that someday will need to be put to disc, but I sure ain't the one for that job.

Brain Fart : But hey, I wonder if there would be a service provider that people would actually pay good money to, if it could be done in a timely manner.... I could maybe create myself a job.... : Air Cleared

I know our time limit on this project is running down, so I am hoping there won't be a ton more to add to this stack. Maybe this way I could get it done by June 1st. Or sooner.

But I wonder if there are places out there that do this sort of conversion for a decent fee. I haven't seen any here in the Valley offhand. But it has got to be a service someone would need...

In the meantime, since I am fuzzy headed from the monotony of scanning the pics, and reading the bloglist here, I am going out to drop a couple cameras off at the store to get developed. Maybe find a book. And head to the pub. No idea what the pics are of. One camera is dated 2004.

There might be some interesting pics in the next couple days....


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