Wednesday, May 6

Non-Digital Pictures Make Me Unhappy

Several years ago, my brother, Stuman, had given the Wife and I a very nice Christmas present of a flatbed scanner. If I am not mistaken, it was at least 4, if not 5 years ago. It could have been longer. At the time, I had no desire to be hooking it up and searching through the boxes for all the pictures we had as of that point. If I remember correctly, we had just gotten a digital camera about that same time, so it was no big issue for me.

I think you might already see where this is headed. Let's see if I can give the facts without giving anything away to a possible reader(s).

The Wife came up with a project. Obviously, if involves scanning many items. No, not our pictures. I would rather do that than this project. Somehow, I got drafted as she thinks I have all this spare time on my hands. Has she no idea the amount of time I need to spend between napping, checking emails, blogging, and playing Texas Hold 'em online that I really don't have free time? And what if I decide to go to the bar for a few? Anyways, I am getting a bit off subject.

So a few days ago I FINALLY hooked up this scanner. Spent about 2 hours going through a handful of photo/image software programs I have gotten over the years (with cameras, computers, other photo stuff) and found the one that works best to the needs of the time. I scanned some pics I found nearby and things are working good. This morning I did the first batch of the project. Not too shabby of I may so. Only spent about an hour and half scanning about 30-40 items (this counts a few goof ups on operator error as well). And I was able to accomplish it whilst doing miscellaneous other things online. I am getting good! No time lost yet!

Okay, okay. I had mentioned about the Prom coming up for the Daughter (who is a Junior in HS). One of the pics I came across was from the Senior Prom for my HS that the Wife and I attended (the good ol' days prior to marriage). What do I remember of the actual Prom? Well, let's see: theme was "Hold On To The Night" (hence the song by Richard Marx) and they had dancing, but we only did one slow song. We sat with my best friend Scott and his date. Scott was the only person at my school that my Wife knew at the time.

Anyways, before I get too far into stuff back then, here's the photo, circa 1990 of that night. It might even embiggen if ya click it. I dunno.

And the Wife is just as beautiful today as she was then - though she disagrees. Myself, well, her good cooking has made me a bit more filled out. And the lack of using a razor lately makes for a bit more hair. That, and I am old enough to grow some.

Enough for now. I am thinking of going and searching the storage room for my old albums to see what I can scan on my own time. I remember some funny pictures from this one time..... Might even get a story out of it.


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