Tuesday, July 30

Feeling That Age Thing

This morning, the oldest son and I were at the school to register him for his sophomore year. The process went fairly quick, which surprises me somewhat, as the district (and this school in itself) have always seemed to not have things organized as well as they should. This morning showed that every once in awhile, they can do it better than usual. My only problem now is we need to adjust a couple of the son's classes, and there was no way to have a counselor available to do that this morning. Why? Because they were not allowing it. I was informed I had to call and make an appointment. Instead, after completing the registration process, I went to the counselor's office. There, the receptionist lady tells me they are not guaranteeing any class changes. I politely looked at her and said, 'Yes. You will do the changes we need to his schedule. Since we are changing from a couple of the Honors/AP classes to the regular level ones. Failure to properly place my child in a curriculum he is able to complete will not only get decrease the school's rating for good grades kids get, but will piss me off, that I have to go to your boss and tell them what happened."

She was not happy with me. And though I was not able to actually talk to the counselor, I was able to leave a note explaining what classes needed to be changed to what, and my number for her to call me. I suppose if I don't hear from her today, I will be making another trip there tomorrow morning to ask to see her once again, and if needed, leaving a bit more demanding of a note. I know it is registration time, but I don't see how counselors are going to be over-busy with it. Not everyone is changing classes, or are new students to the school. Unless someone can explain what is more important for their job at the start of school, I would love to hear it.

While waiting in line at the different sections, I got to thinking about just how old I am feeling. Many parents I saw this morning were younger {looking} than how I see myself, and as this is my second child through the school, I am assuming this is their first (or maybe only) one doing the same. Then got to thinking about how I still have two more boys to go through this process with over the next 10 years. Sigh.

Yesterday the middle son and I went to tone of those health clinics at the Walgreen's near us. He needs his updated T-DAP and Meningitis shots for school. Turns out, even though his birthday is within 10 days, they would not administer the shot until he is actually 11 years old. Huh? Yeah. So, though the trip didn't cost me anything, I have to do it again after his birthday on the 7th. More bureaucratic crap I guess.

Think I may go have a coupe beers tonight.


Monday, July 29

That Kid Is Going to Get Shot!

The countdown to school starting is now at two weeks. The oldest son started full days of band camp, which will go the next two weeks, including evenings. Tomorrow morning is his registration for school as well. The middle son is staying at home today, as I need to run him to get his immunization shots updated before the start of school.

The Wife brought me home a nice package yesterday. The Reverend Mother had made cookies Saturday, and today I have a ziploc bag full of cookies next to me here at the computer. I probably shouldn't be eating them, but I can't say no to most cookies. They call my name too much.

Feeling a bit mopey today. Not sure why. Just sort of tired, and blah.


Friday, July 26

Clearing Debt

Earlier this summer I ranted about how much the last band director at the oldest son's school had pissed me off. The damn fundraiser stuff. Well, since we got stuck with like 6 of the cards, we have managed to sell four of them, thus "reduce" the debt to the school by a larger portion. Today I have to go in and pay the bill, so that the son will be able to complete registration on Tuesday. I am not happy about having to spend the extra time and effort to go to the school to pay this. They won't accept payment over the phone viz credit card, and will not allow me to just pay it with the other registration fees next week. I do not understand sometimes why school administrations make things harder for parents, whether it is in things to get parents involved, or whatever. For having putting one child through the whole school thing in this district, we have had more complaints in the past few years than ever before. I guess it is another thing that our society is coming to ...

Today is a bit of quiet time for me. The boys have all gone to the MIL's today, so I will be able to relax and have some time to myself - after I go to the school and take of said item above. That means I should be able to get a couple hours of nap time in this afternoon before heading to work tonight. Maybe watch a movie this morning ... I don't know what to o with all the time I have. Not!


Wednesday, July 24

Reconditioning for Early Mornings

The oldest son starts Band Camp today. That means he needs to be at the school by 8am each weekday now, pretty much until the start of school (Aug. 12th). I am usually up before that, so it is not too much effort to get moving, but getting him up ... that's a whole different story. Either way, once school starts, the morning time will be 6:30am that he needs to be ready to go at school for Zero Hour. That's the one I am not sure I am ready for.

I had watched a television show called "Longmire" which plays on the A&E network, through Netflix not that long ago. I forget what made it catch my eye, but I enjoyed it, and have been watching it weekly the day after it airs (online at the station's webpage). I had downloaded the book series it is based off of, and am now on book four (of about 10 books). I am a bit surprised I have been enjoying them so well, as I guess it would be considered a mystery series, with a Western flair. Shrug. Doesn't matter as long as I like them, I guess.

My Pool League season is drawing to a close. I think we have about three weeks of play to go yet. I am not sure what we are doing about a possible next season. I know I feel my pool playing ability has been in a downturn this past season, and again I am sure I will bring up the option to have me replace with a better player. My buddies had turned down that offer last season, stating it is for fun so my bad playing is not anything to worry about. That sure is nice of them. I think they only want me to stay on as I handle the responsibility of collecting/turning in the monies and score sheets, etc. No, I know they mean it. It is nice to have a night we can hang out and catch up between friends.

Well, I guess I should get off of here and start making sure the son has everything together to head to Band Camp.


Monday, July 22

The Near Ending of Summer

Friday evening turned out to be pretty nice, for Arizona. There was a nice 15-20 minute downpour that happened in the area of the Valley where I work. Followed by another 20 minutes or so of steady rain. Though the night ended up feeling sticky due to the humidity, it was nice that it cooled down, and provided some needed precipitation. Saturday brought out a little more drizzling, too. Basically, it looks like what we call the monsoon season, has returned this year, even if we didn't hit X amount of days meeting Y requirement, as per the new formula they use to calculate when it starts.

The oldest son starts Band Camp this week. They are a bit behind schedule, and thus, there is a pretty bust schedule for the next few weeks before the actual start of school. It brings about the end of summer pretty much for him, as most of these days will be filled with practice for this fall season.

Today the middle son is staying home with me. He has already woken me up to ask about playing on the computer. I told him there were other things that could be done besides playing on the computer, like cleaning, or reading, or whatever. He was not thrilled I wouldn't say 'Yes' to the computer. I gave in and let him. I know he will spend most of the day on there, which is fine with me.

The middle son's and the Reverend Mother's birthdays are coming up soon here at the beginning of August. The Wife and I have been trying to come up with ideas for the son, as to what to get him for a gift (s). So far, nothing much has come to mind. As for the RM, I never know what to get her. I know she is planning on a dinner out somewhere, that all the kids (with their families) come to, as she enjoys the whole getting together thing. I always feel like a hell if I don't get something, but I am bad about shopping. I know she is happy with just a card and our attending, but my conscience doesn't let me live with that. I suppose this next week I will have to try to get out and find something for both birthdays.

One of my good friends is turning 57 tomorrow. I have known him for 15 years, and coincidentally, he is 15 years older than me. I plan on getting out for a drink or two with him to celebrate. I should stop at Walgreen's and get him a card as well. Another good friend (of both of us) hits his 57th this November. I just find it a bit weird that it has been about 15 years we have known each others, and they are that number of years difference in age. I know it all will change once next year gets here. One ofthose rare number/year things I guess.

Welp, guess I should head out for now.


Friday, July 19

Twiddling Thumbs

Another Friday has come around, and at the 8am hour, I am just feeling blah. Not like sick blah ... just sort of, empty blah. I suppose I need to 'catch my wind' and get the energy to do anything today. The middle son made it home from camp yesterday, and I let him stay home today since he has been gone nearly all week.

Last night we had a band parents meeting for the oldest son. His school hired a new band director (thank goodness!) just a few short weeks ago, and he wanted to introduce himself, meet the incoming new students, and explain band fees, etc. The Wife and I feel like he is motivated to take the band to better levels than before, and shows a real interest in teaching. The "new" instructor they had last year just seemed bored all the time, and had problems with scheduling events, starting on time, and just seemed lazy in general.

I have pretty much finished up my morning routine, so  guess I should finish up here as well.


Thursday, July 18

Not Forgotten

I have been neglecting the ol' blog of late. Mostly for lack of content to post. So much for my rule of 'try to post something every day' that worked for so long. I have no excuses, and actually, I am not trying to find any.

Today I pick up the middle son, as he returns from his first camp experience. For some reason, I have truly missed him while he has been gone. Here I thought we would probably not miss him being gone, but I have. Of course, I don't have to tell him this. Wouldn't want to feed his ego any.

I have started watching the HBO series called "The Newsroom". I don't know why, but I have enjoyed it immensely. I will probably end up watching the rest of season one today.

See? I told you I didn't have much to write about ....


Monday, July 15

Tidbits of Nothing

Here it is the middle of July already. If I am not mistaken, until recent years, the monsoon season herein AZ would be starting about now. They used to say t started about July 15th, and lasted through some date in August. Now it is calculated by X number of days above Y temperature. Shrug. Doesn't matter. But the past couple days have felt 'sticky' even though it isn't monsoon season, and yes, I know it is a dry heat, but we do get humidity sometimes. Trust me, with all the sweating I have done the past couple of days, we get some humidity.

The middle son is gone for most of this week to camp. He left yesterday morning, and is due to return mid-day Thursday. Today I have both the other boys at home, so hopefully with there just being two of them, the fighting and bickering will be at  minimum. Next week the oldest starts BandCamp and will be gone most of the day.

Gee. I can't think of anything else.


Friday, July 12

Drama At The Office

For all the years that I have been going to bars, the one consistent has been all the drama when one becomes a 'regular' at one. I mean, the stories you hear about what so and so did the other night, and how trashed what's his name was ... it gets old after awhile. I used to pride myself that I was never part of the rumor mill, as no one seemed to have any "trash" on me. To this day, it still is that way.

The pub I work security at, is a decent place. Obviously I like the environment and the other workers, or else I would not go there as much as I do. I get along well with all the workers, even if there are one or two that I don't particularly care for. Being the door guy, it seems most of them make it out to me for a smoke break and spend it by letting go their gripes about other employees. My usual reply is something along the lines of, 'Sorry. But no idea what you want me to say.' I don't like the fact that they share so much with me, but it is somewhat interesting that they do. At least I can sort of see the fires coming before they happen.

I am sure tonight will not be much different. Wonder who I will hear about on the verge of being fired, or breaking some other rule, or is spying on so and so for the owner. Sigh. Sometimes it is such childish stuff.


Tuesday, July 9

Twiddling Thumbs and Other Forms of Amusement

I have a routine for most mornings when I awake to face the day. Aside from answering the usual call from Mother Nature first thing, I generally amble out to the computer and fire it up. While it is doing the regular boot-up sequence, I get me a cup of coffee, or something, and by the time I return, it awaits my attention.
From that point, my mood dictates what order I going through my regular things: email, Facebook, Goodreads, doing the blog, etc.

This morning, I am here (at the blog) a bit later time-wise, but earlier than normal by routine. I guess one could say I was a bit more bored with things, though, it took me longer to do some of them. Yeah, that doesn't make much sense to me either. I think it is because of my notebook. I keep it near at hand when I am at the computer, for when I come across a book I want to get, or I see a release date for a book I want, and I want to mark it down to remember it. This notebook, is for my books only. I have a separate notepad for other random notes. I have the notebook broken down into months of 2013, that lists in each month, the books that are released that month for series I have read, or authors I like. It's really quite interesting.

And I will admit, I don't purchase all my books. I find them using P2P sites, torrents, etc. I would never be able to afford all of them. Does that make me a bad person? A 'pirate'? Is it stealing because I didn't pay for it? I don't think so. A library card is a free thing, and I could read the book through the library, so what's the difference? And I am not saying I don't buy books at all ... Sometimes I can't wait to read them, and I buy them before their release date.

I spent time going through my list of books for July this morning. There must be about 20 on my list I would like to get. I found 3 of them searching around this morning. Many are not out yet for July (it is only the 9th). I even found one book from last month's list, and another from my General list, that is books already out. Kind of a good morning. Reminds me I need to read more so I can get to these books.

The youngest son is home with me today, and currently, he is still asleep. It's only about 8:15 so I will let him sleep on for a bit. Nothing major planned this week, except to get more reading done.

Anyone one else use torrents, or have certain sites they use for their ebook downloads?


Sunday, July 7

Some Late Night Rambles

Yesterday I got to spend a late lunch and part of the afternoon with My Ginny (like Forrest Gump would say it) since she is in town visiting. It was good to have some one on one time together, before being joined by some other friends. Looking forward to having a bit more time here in about three hours with her again, and a couple of our friends.

Other than that, the pay-per-view UFC fights were tonight. I am not really into the whole MMA style fighting, or even regular boxing. Even before I was working at the pub, if I was there during these nights, my buddy Don & I would flip a coin to see who gets to pick the first match, then bet $1 on whomever we ended up with. The pick for each match would go back and forth the rest of the matches, and we'd usually throw in a shot for the winner on the final match. Having worked two of these UFC nights now, it has been good, as that there have been no fights (in the bar). We don't get to sit and bet, but making a few dollars more is well worth giving it up. But like I said, the good thing is there has not been any major problems the almost two months I have been working there. I don't know if it is due to my work in part, or just the nature of 'that time of year'. Who knows what may happen once the heat really gets turned up here and tempers flare. I am hoping that we can nip any in the bud that do start out.

I had some other thoughts going through my mind tonight, but I can't seem to recall them now. I get too much to sit and ruminate at different periods of the night, and though a bit busier, still had too much time to do it tonight. Guess I should go read or something for a bit.


Friday, July 5

Seeing Some Great Friends

I have been lucky in life to have some great friends. This weekend, one of them has flown into the Valley to spend time this weekend. Looking forward to hopefully having the chance today to spend some time with her before I go to work tonight. Another friend is flying in from Michigan next month, as she has a conference for work out here.

That has got me thinking about the whole 'friend' thing. you know, how far would you go for people you know, versus who is truly a friend and would go that far for you as well. I am sure I have pontificated on it before, so won't waste time today. It's a good feeling to know that there are people out there that feel that way about you, and knowing you would do the same. I only feel bad that I don't keep in contact as good as I probably should. I am not one that likes to talk on the phone, so those conversations can be pretty short, and one-sided. I suppose email would work, except, lately I feel there isn't anything of excitement to write about. Maybe I should just write boring emails either way ... it's all about just being friends, right?

Great. Now I am talking myself into feeling guilty about something. Way to go d00d.


Wednesday, July 3

Late? No, Just Early For Next Time

I'm a little later in the day getting this post out. Not that anyone really cares, because it gives them something to do, checking back here every half hour to see if I post anything.

I'm doing things later this morning because I slept in. It wasn't intentional. I think the alcohol in my body made me do it. That, and I had no reason to get up early. I went out last night to the pub. Got a good 150 pages read in a book, and helped promote the economy by buying (and thus drinking) some beer. Of course, there were some shots done, thanks to a few people.

Needless to say, that doesn't ruin my whole day. I'm on track for tonight. But no major plans for tonight. The pool league is on break this week for the holiday, but I told the boys if they wanted we could meet up, shoot a few rounds, have a few beers. Good for the bar that sponsors us.

RM made some salsa yesterday. I got a text last night that if I wanted some I should get in touch with PT today to get it. I suppose I should give him a call, and head over there in about an hour or so. She said on her blog this morning that she made it a bit hotter than usual. Way cool.


Tuesday, July 2

What Would Make It Interesting

Another Tuesday morning has arrived and I find it no different than the many others this year. Today the middle son will be having his day at home with me. I have a few things lined up that need to be done, and I am sure he won't be ecstatic about them, but he will complain the least of the three boys about getting it done. He's usually the early riser as well, but today, he must be feeling tired as he is still abed.

All that being said, I have nothing else to contribute. Think I shall go see what I am able to find for breakfast.