Tuesday, July 30

Feeling That Age Thing

This morning, the oldest son and I were at the school to register him for his sophomore year. The process went fairly quick, which surprises me somewhat, as the district (and this school in itself) have always seemed to not have things organized as well as they should. This morning showed that every once in awhile, they can do it better than usual. My only problem now is we need to adjust a couple of the son's classes, and there was no way to have a counselor available to do that this morning. Why? Because they were not allowing it. I was informed I had to call and make an appointment. Instead, after completing the registration process, I went to the counselor's office. There, the receptionist lady tells me they are not guaranteeing any class changes. I politely looked at her and said, 'Yes. You will do the changes we need to his schedule. Since we are changing from a couple of the Honors/AP classes to the regular level ones. Failure to properly place my child in a curriculum he is able to complete will not only get decrease the school's rating for good grades kids get, but will piss me off, that I have to go to your boss and tell them what happened."

She was not happy with me. And though I was not able to actually talk to the counselor, I was able to leave a note explaining what classes needed to be changed to what, and my number for her to call me. I suppose if I don't hear from her today, I will be making another trip there tomorrow morning to ask to see her once again, and if needed, leaving a bit more demanding of a note. I know it is registration time, but I don't see how counselors are going to be over-busy with it. Not everyone is changing classes, or are new students to the school. Unless someone can explain what is more important for their job at the start of school, I would love to hear it.

While waiting in line at the different sections, I got to thinking about just how old I am feeling. Many parents I saw this morning were younger {looking} than how I see myself, and as this is my second child through the school, I am assuming this is their first (or maybe only) one doing the same. Then got to thinking about how I still have two more boys to go through this process with over the next 10 years. Sigh.

Yesterday the middle son and I went to tone of those health clinics at the Walgreen's near us. He needs his updated T-DAP and Meningitis shots for school. Turns out, even though his birthday is within 10 days, they would not administer the shot until he is actually 11 years old. Huh? Yeah. So, though the trip didn't cost me anything, I have to do it again after his birthday on the 7th. More bureaucratic crap I guess.

Think I may go have a coupe beers tonight.


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