Sunday, July 7

Some Late Night Rambles

Yesterday I got to spend a late lunch and part of the afternoon with My Ginny (like Forrest Gump would say it) since she is in town visiting. It was good to have some one on one time together, before being joined by some other friends. Looking forward to having a bit more time here in about three hours with her again, and a couple of our friends.

Other than that, the pay-per-view UFC fights were tonight. I am not really into the whole MMA style fighting, or even regular boxing. Even before I was working at the pub, if I was there during these nights, my buddy Don & I would flip a coin to see who gets to pick the first match, then bet $1 on whomever we ended up with. The pick for each match would go back and forth the rest of the matches, and we'd usually throw in a shot for the winner on the final match. Having worked two of these UFC nights now, it has been good, as that there have been no fights (in the bar). We don't get to sit and bet, but making a few dollars more is well worth giving it up. But like I said, the good thing is there has not been any major problems the almost two months I have been working there. I don't know if it is due to my work in part, or just the nature of 'that time of year'. Who knows what may happen once the heat really gets turned up here and tempers flare. I am hoping that we can nip any in the bud that do start out.

I had some other thoughts going through my mind tonight, but I can't seem to recall them now. I get too much to sit and ruminate at different periods of the night, and though a bit busier, still had too much time to do it tonight. Guess I should go read or something for a bit.


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