Friday, July 5

Seeing Some Great Friends

I have been lucky in life to have some great friends. This weekend, one of them has flown into the Valley to spend time this weekend. Looking forward to hopefully having the chance today to spend some time with her before I go to work tonight. Another friend is flying in from Michigan next month, as she has a conference for work out here.

That has got me thinking about the whole 'friend' thing. you know, how far would you go for people you know, versus who is truly a friend and would go that far for you as well. I am sure I have pontificated on it before, so won't waste time today. It's a good feeling to know that there are people out there that feel that way about you, and knowing you would do the same. I only feel bad that I don't keep in contact as good as I probably should. I am not one that likes to talk on the phone, so those conversations can be pretty short, and one-sided. I suppose email would work, except, lately I feel there isn't anything of excitement to write about. Maybe I should just write boring emails either way ... it's all about just being friends, right?

Great. Now I am talking myself into feeling guilty about something. Way to go d00d.


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