Friday, November 30

New meaning to "hurts so good"

It has been a few years since I have heard that song from John Cougar Mellencamp. In case you don't remember it, here's a glimpse :
So what is so great about hurting good? I was at the gym last night for one of my classes. This particular one is called 'BodyFlow' and consists of mainly tai-chi, pilates, and yoga positions/stretching for an hour. I usually sweat more during this class than any other, it truly is difficult. By the end of the hour though, my body is humming, and you get this little thrill of euphoria going on. By far a damn good workout...but I need to lose more of this fat... Anyways, I am getting off topic. So we are in the this phase change from 'Dog to the Moon' (or something) to 'Plank" (which is push-up position) and lowering slowly, when my shoulder emits a loud 'POP'! My shoulder crumbles under me, and all my weight flops down onto the mat, making a nice belly-flop sound (amidst a shower of perspiration flying off my face/head). I quickly roll to the other side to check my shoulder. The instructor, who is on a hands-free mic blurts out "Oh, somebody is feeling some movement today!"

I wanted to slap the shit out of her. I glance around and a few people around me are staring my direction to see if I literally blew the shoulder out. I rubbed it and swung my arm around. It actually had a better range of movement than before, so I tried to get back into the routine, but every time we came to the push-up, I couldn't support the weight on the shoulder. So to make a longer story shorter, I went home and had that hot shower, with extra attention on the shoulder, took some ibuprofen, and went to bed. This morning, it feels like I hit it against a door jamb, and flares when I am lifting something of weight higher than my shoulder. I was talking to one of my bosses (the one that rags on me constantly about getting into the gym, etc) and he mentioned it was my first "rib" pop. Basically, the muscles had not been worked/shifted from regular position in so long, that with just the small workouts I have been doing 'popped' the muscles into a better position to allow more movement. Hurts a bit, but for a good reason. I will go with some minor pain and greater range of movement - as long as the pain will disappear like a bruise.

Ain't it great hearing about my overweight out of shape body? You know you love it. Especially when I say anal warts. That just brings out such a nasty picture don't it? I had to see how gross that condition could be, so I did a google on it. I couldn't stand to look at some of the pics.... barf-o-rama!! Thanks to any higher power I ain't got that on my ass! The 15 pounds extra I carry there is bad enough!

On to bigger and better things. I scheduled my update meeting with the nutritionist last night. They regular one at the gym had to relinquish her position for family matters, and now the owner is doing them. So he mentioned that to me last night and says, "Usually I have them bring in what they have been eating, but in your case, Ralph, I already got a meal plan for you!" Fucking sucks to have your boss friends with the owner of the gym, who is now also your nutritionist, and no way to cheat on the plan at lunch or anything. Not that I want to cheat, but being ragged about what I am eating is pure bullshit. It ain't damn boot camp.

Tomorrow, geez, is going to be a full day. I will have to do a work out in the morning, nutritionist meeting at 10, Video Golf tournament at 1, and who knows how long that will last. Then Sunday I have softball, followed by another workout in the gym that afternoon, so I guess I won't be drinking at the pub watching football games. ::sigh:: Probably better for me anyways. I'll find a way to make up for it I am sure. The pub is having a real golf tournament coming up the 15th so I wonder how my newer muscles and range of motion will affect my swing. I can think it will only improve it - you should seen how I played before!

I watched a decent movie last night. I had picked it out on a whim from Netflix. It is called "Neverwas" and has a few big namers in it : William Hurt, Jessica Lange, Ian McKellen. The oldest son sat down and watched it with me as well, and at the end he said he really liked it. I also recently watched 'Children of Men' which I recommend as well. The other one this past week was 'The Five People you Meet in Heaven'. John Voight is in it, so I thought it would be good, but I was sort of let down. I mean, the story line wasn't bad, just didn't meet the expectations I thought the movie was going to show. I still have Spiderman 3 (waiting on a good family night to watch it) and 'Live Free or Die Hard'. Perhaps I will get to watch one of them tonight - who knows.

Well, for lack of anything much else to complain about today, this weekend is supposed to be a rainy one for the Phoenix area. they are saying 90% chance tomorrow, plus showers off and on today... leading into Sunday. Maybe no softball then. Hmmmm. I love the rain, especially lightning shows in the desert... but the fuckers that do not know how to drive on wet streets here in the valley is the worse I have ever seen! It could be blinding rain and they will be going 65 mph down the freeway, with no lights on. And you can't hardly see the painted lines here when it rains. They are made to be visible in the sunlight, not rain.... Oh well. Nothing I say is going to change things. I just buckle up and play defensive driver.

Alright, I think I have said enough for one day. I hope you all have a good weekend, and get all your Christmas stuff done! Oh sheesh! I forgot I got a party coming up for that soon too. Definitely need to get my shopping done!


Thursday, November 29

Feeling closer to the end of the week

I am feeling better. I wonder if it has to do with there only being one more workday this week. Whether that is the case or not, I finally am kicking this head cold. Today I can actually smell somethings, and no sinus pressure. I guess taking off half the day yesterday helped tremendously.

So what are the exciting plans for the next few days? Not much. I haven't been to the gym since I have had the cold, so tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday will be my make-up days. Saturday afternoon I have a Golden Tee Tournament I am signed up for. Blind draw for partners and first place is around $280. Not bad for a $20 entry. Sixteen slots in total, plus the bar is putting up prize money as well.

Hopefully there will be a check for me tomorrow and will be able to get some more Christmas shopping done sometime over the weekend. I think I will let the kids put up the tree earlier than normal this year. Usually I only let it up 1 week before, and it has to come down prior to New Years. Christmas is not on my list of favorite holidays. But for some reason (might be the meds) I am feeling generous this year.

Barely after 10 and I am done for the day. Yee haw. Sit here and try not to sleep for the next 7 1/2 hours. Don't you wish you had my job?


Tuesday, November 27

things taken again

Stolen from Parkwayreststop.


Nothing seems funny today

I am still feeling this cold. Last night it seemed I woke up every two hours, usually from some weird-ass dream (probably induced from the medication I am taking for the cold) so I am a bit irritable today. With this being EOM week, you'd think that would cause mass amounts of problems for my co-workers, but this week certainly is not going to be a ball buster. I have hardly anything to pressure for closing this week. Not good, but makes for an easier week being sick.

I have been reading the newest release from Stephen R Donaldson the past few days. I am sure some of you remember the Thomas Covenant series (there were two trilogies). Well, a few years back he decided to do one last chronicle. the first book was "The Runes of the Earth", and the second book was just released a few weeks ago titled "Fatal Revenant". I am only a third through the book and am anxious to see how it ends. But seeing how it is a new release, I am taking my time and reading this book only prior to going to bed. Most of my other reading time is amongst whatever books I can get my hands on from friends or whatnot. My book reading has put my magazine reading behind, so today I brought a stack of about 20 magazines in to work to review whilst on downtime here. I am already a third through that stack today, adding movies I want to see to my Netflix queue.

I am actually looking forward to another extra day off soon. Unfortunately that won't be until Christmas. I see it falls on a Tuesday this year, so I wonder if I will get Monday off as well. Would be nice to have another 4 day weekend, then followed up possibly the next week for New Year's as well. Probably too much to ask for, but I am hoping.

Speaking of Christmas, it is time to start shopping if you haven't already. The Wife and I try to get most of ours done by the second week of December, but you know sometimes how that can get messed up. I am trying to order stuff from online, but have to watch what I order. Noting for the wife since she sees the bank account. But I did pick up a couple good book series for my oldest son, and a nephew of the same age. That leaves many more still to go. I suppose this weekend I will have to sit with the Wife and see what stuff she has been able to complete early this year, and then we will go from there. Since my sister and brother read here, I am not getting you any presents, and expect the same from you. I am just concentrating on kids this year, outside my immediate family.

Other than that, today I only have rambling thoughts I need to take care of, like :

- I need to stop and get air in the front tires - they are looking a bit low. But no gas station on the right side of the road on the way home.

- My younger sister (about 11 years younger than I) has met a guy that is closer in age to me, then her. I need to sit down and think about that...

- Should I start sending out my resume again, especially if work doesn't start picking up?

- Tonight is Poker night - wonder if I should go feeling the way I do. I need to win 2nd place again so I have 2 more free steak dinners as I used my last one up on Sunday.

- Ugh! My hair. Should I buzz it down again, or actually let it grow out. I should shave the beard too since it has those off centered grey patches coming in. I don't know.

- I need to plan my next trip to somewhere. I can't decide - Indiana or Montana? Geez, will I have the money for the airline and rental car for either?

Okay, enough ponderables for now. Obviously I have my plate full enough for the moment. Have a good Tuesday, and maybe tomorrow will be better for both of us.


Monday, November 26

Some humor and other things ...

It would take 43 bottles of Budweiser (U.S) to kill me

It would take 38 shots of Whiskey to kill me

I phoned up a really gorgeous ex-girlfriend of mine
the other day.

We lost track of time, chatting about the wild nights
we used to enjoy together.

I couldn't BELIEVE it when she asked if I'd like to
meet up and maybe rekindle a little of that magic.

Wow!" I said "I don't know if I could keep pace with
you now! I'm a bit older and a bit balder than when you last saw me!"

She giggled and said she was sure I'd meet the

Yeah," I said, "Just so long as you don't mind a man
with a waistband that's a few inches wider these days!"

She laughed and told me to stop being so silly! She
teased me, saying she thought tubby bald men were cute!

"Anyway", she said, "I've put on a couple of pounds

So I hung up on the fat bitch.

Back to the regular programmed world

It is Monday, and I am sure not liking life today. I am coming down with a cold, so I have the stuffy head, clogged sinuses, headache, and body ache thing going on. Plus having to get in to work since I have stuff to take care from having 4 days off. ::sigh::

Thanksgiving was alright. I had made 3 pies of my dessert specialty, one went to my sister's, the other two went with my family to Cottonwood where we had dinner with the Wife's family. Weather was nice and the trip wasn't too long. I ate heartily, and was careful about how much of stuff I ate. I had been tot he gym that morning for the weekly weigh-in - lost 1/4 inch and gained a pound. My shoulders are getting bigger and the arms/chest a bit more defined. I don't know if I am going to continue the gym thing though. I don't like having to waste time waiting on a class to start, and having to work at their pace only. I'd rather a work out at my own pace. I haven't decided what I am going to do, except no classes while I am sick.

Alright, I am outta here to go make some phone calls to put out fires. Maybe be back later for some more drivel.


Wednesday, November 21

Pre-Holiday wrap-up with pics

Welcome to Wednesday, the day before my second favorite holiday, TurkeyDay. The first is St Patrick's Day (an excuse for good Irish drinking if I ever needed one) in case you were wondering. For most of us, I am sure today is the last working day of the week , going into a nice 4 day weekend. Of course, many of you are having family over so that is one less day, or two, depending if they come from out of town or not.

Myself, well, the familia will be heading north to Cottonwood for our lunch. We decided to go to the Wife's family dinner this year. It will be a grueling 2 hour drive there, and probably longer coming back. For some reason, holiday traffic coming into Phoenix gets very backed up and traffic delays are just terrible. As they say here, we are like 20 years behind in freeway development compared to the population growth. Luckily we are only going for the day.

My older sis is nice sometimes. Today, she had her husband come out to my office to pick something from me, and she sent me chocolate chip cookies! Too bad I really can't have any - the diet regime and all. I was the nice guy though and offered everyone in the office some. Now I have the container on my desk with about 4 cookies left. I hear them calling for me to eat them - but I have resisted so far.

Well, it is mid morning now, and I am still waiting to see if the bosses are going to come in. Everyone is talking about how early we may get out of here today, and I am one wanting that to happen as early as possible. There is nothing for me to work on at the moment, and I do not foresee anything coming across my desk today, especially with everyone worrying about leaving early rather than working.

Welp, it was bound to come around, and here it is. Time for me to head out for the weekend. I'll try to get back in here Friday maybe, and see how everyone else had fun on the holiday. Reverend Mother, don't read further - but everyone else can iffen ya want. For the holiday I posted some pics I have stolen from different sights. Enjoy!

In the meantime, THANK YOU for stopping by and letting me share my thoughts with ya! Have a good TurkeyDay!


Tuesday, November 20

I fart in your general direction!

If the last week could have been considered National Gas Week, today would have been the top day of the week. Seems like every 30 seconds I gotta get up and walk outside, or to the restroom, and pass gas from the nether regions. Nothing really bad and smelly, just loud and funny as hell. Must be my body accommodating for the change in eating and food habits I been putting it through. Lord knows it isn't from too many beers.

It is almost lunch time, and I have spent all morning trying to get a Texas loan done. Texas is a state I hate - in terms of doing mortgage work. It's right next to New York and Georgia. I am *still* waiting on the lender to call me back for a change in documents to make sure our settlement sheet balances. 6 messages left to 4 different people, and no one calling back. Fucking ridiculous.

I am hoping that this is not an indication of my luck streak for the day. Tonight is poker, and it would be nice to get some more free steaks. I had my first one last night for the first time in weeks. Damn sure was tasty!!

Alrighty then. I am outta here for a bit. Think I will head up the road and get me some Subway sandwich.


Monday, November 19

Some Holiday week humor for you ...

I came across this one in some email I received from a friend. Nice to know I am not the only one with this kind of humor, so I share with you!

A newly-wed couple wake up on the first morning of the their honeymoon in the Caribbean and decide to take a stroll down the beach.On their way they pass a shanty house, and sitting on the front porch is an overweight woman, stark naked, legs akimbo, eating a slice of watermelon.

The husband sees this and liking the idea of his new wife exhibiting her body in public asks her whether she would do the same.The wife looks at him in disgust and refuses.

The second morning they pass the shanty house again and, sure enough, the overweight woman is sitting on the porch stark naked, legs akimbo, eating another slice of watermelon. Not being put off be his new wife's refusal, the husband inquires of his wife, "Why don't you go over and ask that woman what it feels like to sit there naked, letting the air waft over your pussy?"

The wife again refuses.

This continues each morning for two weeks until it is the last day of the honeymoon. Each morning they would pass by the woman, each morning the husband would try to persuade his new wife to copy her and each morning the wife would refuse.However, it being the last morning the husband gives it one more try and inquires of his wife, "Why don't you go over and ask that woman what it feels like to sit there naked, letting the air waft over your pussy?"

The wife finally gives in, opens the gate of the shanty house and walks up to the overweight woman on the front porch. "What does it feel like to sit there naked, letting the air waft over your pussy?" she asks, hesitantly.

"I don't rightly know, replies the woman, "but it sure keeps the flies off of my watermelon."

Mommy is back! Yea!!

I never thought I would be so happy to see my wife again. I mean, it almost brought tears of joy and happiness to my eyes at the airport as I watched her coming down the walkway. The kids were excited she was back too, and I have every guess as to why. No one likes Daddy in a bad mood.

Friday night started off well. The 'Men' went to Lonestar for steak dinners. Leftovers were taken home - picked up the daughter from theater in time. Everything went ok. Saturday I was up early for a gym class, then took the kids to Denny's for breakfast. We went to the bank, got gas, went to Wal-mart and did some shopping. Followed that up with a trip to the used book store, where I turned my daughter onto Dean Koontz (she has problems putting down "Fear the Night"). Lunch soon followed at Dairy Queen before we finally made it back home to rest for a couple hours. Ran the daughter to school for theater, and went back home. Back to pick her up about 8:30 and then home for the evening.

Sunday was a busy day. I woke everyone at 7:15 and headed for the ballpark. A quick stop at McD's for breakfast, then we were at the park for a double header softball game. The kids behaved well there and things were going pretty good. After the park I took the boys to church for play practice and then we followed that with lunch at Top Shelf - a Mexican type restaurant. After lunch we went home. I was tired, worn out, and ready for a nap. About mid-afternoon, the oldest boy comes in and timidly wakes me up.

"What's up Bud?" I ask him.
"Dad, we were playing in my room and I was tossing the ball up on my bed when brother hit it with his pillow and it broke the window." Instinctively, he winces back.
"YOU WHAT?!? Broke a damn window?!?!?" Now I am awake and following him back to his room.
"Dad it was an accident."
"How could it be an accident if you aren't supposed to be throwing the ball in the house anyways? Now be quiet for a minute."

I surveyed the damage. Of course. It had the be non-regular sized window. ::sigh:: I gave up and called the Wife. She was at the gate waiting her flight home, so I explained what to expect when she got home. I told her it was safe. I was refraining from anger until she got home.

The kids walked, sat, and did everything else on eggshells that afternoon/evening, especially when we headed to the airport. The Wife was going to see if her father could run it up to the Home Depot and get glass cut for it today. I hope it gets done - I have no clue how to do that stuff.

So it is off to the gym tonight after all that eating out this week. Though I did take it easy, and did not overdue it. Still I think I could stand a couple more pounds off especially this being Turkeyday week. At least I only work 3 days this week.

Okay I am out of here for now. Got some checks to turn in so I can get paid later.


Friday, November 16

Ding! Dong! The Wife is Gone!

Euphoria! That was what I was feeling until I got home last night. Here I was set for a weekend with the older kids, and my bubble got busted. Imagine if you will .... I went to the gym after work, then over to the pub for a couple beers (figured would be the last until the Wife is back home). I get home and first thing is I am handed an itenerary for the kids - not the Wife, the kids. Daughter has Theater, Oldest son has a church play practice, etc., etc. I am looking at this thinking 'Where am I going to find time to go get me a steak dinner?'


Either way, I am too tired to do much today/tonight. Been up extra early to get the Wife to the airport in time for her flight, then to work. I have a couple loans to get out and signed, but no one can access the database this morning. The bosses just arrived, and I have no idea how long it will take to get it up and running again. I just want to go home and take a nap.

Have a good weekend - come back onday to listen to my hellish weekend!


Thursday, November 15

Not much today ... just drawing a blank

Earlier this morning on the way to work, I had several ideas to write about today for your entertainment. I find myself doing that a lot lately on the drive to work - thinking of how to entertain you. Anyways, the traffic is rolling at 15 miles an hour (in a 65 zone, 3 lane freeway) and it's 3 miles to my exit. Several good ideas, but as soon as I pulled into my parking spot, my mind went blank. Literally. For a brief moment I had to figure out where I was, what day of the week it is, and what was I doing. That was a scary 30 seconds.

Yesterday I HAD to go to the gym. It was halfway through the week and I had not made any of my classes yet - too sore from walking at PIR on Sunday. I did the cardio workout class, and felt it. I was still a bit sore from Sunday, but I got through the class. DING, DING!! Good news is I lost another inch (total of 2 1/2 now) and 3 lbs. I have another class tonight, then finish up early Saturday morning.

Okay, nothing else for you guys right now. I may be back with more - depends on how busy the day gets.


Wednesday, November 14

Wow! Two in as many days!

Go check it out over here. Another one for you to see an inside glimpse of my childhood.


I need to go back and study 'The Gambler'

Geez, last night was not my night for cards. Unless I was playing low card winner. I guess some nights you got it, and some ya don't. I still have the 2 free steak dinners from last week, so I guess I shouldn't complain - too much anyways.

Tonight is the weigh-in at the gym. I am a little bit worried since I had a long weekend with no workouts. And the beer I drank. And the other stuff I drank. Yeah, I am a bit worried. Hoping to lost more of the waist, but not sure at this point.

Hoosierboy is in a place I wish I was this week. In fact, it helped remind me to drop a line to my grandparents. you would think with conveniences like e-mail you wouldn't necessarily get behind being in contact with people. But not me. I put off letter writing as a chore I guess.

Today is turning out to be a slow one. I have read 3 magazines, wrote 1 long letter, visited other mail drops on the internet, toured Myspace, and still it is only half way through the day. I am thinking an hour lunch is coming soon and I will head up to Subway for a 6" sub and read my book. At least it will get me away from here for an hour.

Two days until the Wife leaves. Last night I get informed of all the details that the kids have going on. So much for an easy weekend. Daughter has theater Fri and Sat. Oldest boy has church play practice Sun morning. But - I can still make the softball game prior to church and then take them there. Now I just got to figure dinner schedules around theater ... hate to eat that late at night.

Wife also reminded me to empty the camera prior to her leaving. I guess I will do that tonight. Maybe there will be some cute kids pics in there I can post up here for you to look at and say "How cute!". Yeah, my kids are like that.

Okay, I am off to lunch, and then back here to finish rolling through my blogroll for reads. Hope your day is going better than mine.


Tuesday, November 13

Here's something to waste your time...

I posted a little story about my First Trip ever to Mexico. Go laugh and see how stupid I was when I was younger.

I wondered where my mentality was ....

cash advance

I don't know if it is because I use smaller words, or what. Couldn't be from lack of swear words. Gotta be the word size.


Have I been missed like a bad case of Diarhea?

I'm back amongst the living today it would seem. Yesterday was not a vacation day, unlike many of you Federal/State paid employees. No, I was sick. And I mean pretty bad. Too much sun this weekend I think.

Saturday we spent 3 hours in the sun, watching the daughter's State Marching Band competition. Her band ended up winning a Superior with a caption for musical performance. They were only a 0.5 point from a Superior with Distinction. Out of all the bands we heard, they definitely were the best sounding, and I (though I may appear biased) though they had the best show as well. Prolly a good thing I am not a judge! But where they held the competition... I don't care to make that drive again. Forty-five minutes away, at the "end of a freeway, in the middle of nowhere.

Sunday worked as good. I managed to land my ticket to PIR for the NASCAR race. Damn if I want to do anymore walking though. There were trams from the parking lot, but they dropped us at turn 2. Our seats were turn 4, halfway around the track. So we had time, we moseyed, got some free stuff, and finally made our seats. I managed to stay there for an hour pre-race and 30 laps into it. Then I was done. My forehead was burnt, I was feeling a bit sick from too much sun, and I was crowded as hell in the seat. So I ended up doing the walk-about checking things out, looking for souvenirs. About halfway back to the trams, one of the golf carts were nice enough to see me and offer a ride which I took. By then my back was killing me and I was tired of hobbling about on the cane. I rode the trams for the last hour of the race, talking to people. I had more fun doing that than sitting watching the race. Amazing how far some will drive for a race.

By the time I got home, I was worn out. When I woke Monday morning, there was no way in hell I was going anywhere. I ached in places the gym hadn't found yet. I was sick. I ended up sleeping most of the day away. Today I feel a bit better, but still am sore from the walking, and not in the mood to eat anything, though I know I need too. I didn't have anything yesterday at all.

Well, tonight is Texas Hold'em at the pub, so I will be there tonight. Since I didn't work out last night, I am going to have to cram classes again this week. This class thing is really getting to be a pain in the ass. I f I got gym membership, I could do all this on my own time, and STILL lose weight. Hell, I don't know.

The Wife is leaving Friday for Nebraska for a friend's wedding. Luckily she is taking the baby, so I will only have to deal with the older kids. I see suppers out, and maybe a Saturday at Castle N Coasters ( a putt-putt golf place with rides). Or maybe we will go watch a couple movies. I will have to see what is going on this week.

Glad you all could make it here and stuff your brains with my drivel. See ya next time when I talk about the rainbow colored poop I had not too long ago.... NOT!


Friday, November 9


This is the big race weekend here in the Valley. PIR is hosting the NASCAR race and yours truly is doing his damnedest to get a fricking ticket to go. Last weekend, my favorite bartender said she was going to have extra tickets and offered me one, but as of yesterday, they had not come through. So I am hoping to hear later today. If it falls through, I guess I won't be going to the race, but oh well. I haven't been to a race in over 13 years anyways.

Meanwhile, today is Friday, and I hope to get out of the office a bit earlier than normal. My desk has been slow, and I don't see why I shouldn't leave early. I am not hourly or salaried after all. I wonder what the chances are of that happening...

I finished my gym requirements for the week. With the weekend as busy as it is, I am thinking I may need to get in late Saturday for a half hour workout or something. I know at the race I would be drinking some brews, and possibly tonight. Monday is my weigh-in for the week. I don;t want to be over a lot. Some is okay, as I am starting to notice some muscle mass gain in my arms. Hopefully I will have lost some more in the waist as well.

Saturday we are attending the State Marching Band competition being held in Mesa (across the Valley from me) for my daughter. The band is to perform around noon, so it is going to be some beautiful weather. High of about 80 they are saying. I wonder how crowded it will be. I totally dislike large crowds - shit, I didn't even think about crowd at the race. You know that will be huge. ::sigh::

Oh well. It seems if you want to enjoy something anymore you have to give something up to do it. Y'all have a good one, and hope to see ya back here Monday for another boring installment. Maybe I will have some boobie pics from the race... now there's an idea!


Wednesday, November 7

Halfway through - feels like a Monday though

Hard to believe today is Wednesday. I woke up this morning feeling like it is Monday, and hating it all day. Had a 4 hour seminar to attend, that I learned nothing new from, and the boss that went with, agrees. Waste of time. Free luch though.

I went out last night for my regular Tueday poker and took 2nd place. Again. Which means I get 2 free steeak dinners at the pub when they have them. I usually do them on Sunday mornings after softball, whilst I am watching the Race or one of the football games. Nothing like a 14 oz ribeye with scrambled eggs and toast!

Tonight I have a meeting with the nutritionist at the gym. Why I have to meet withthem I have no clue. Not like I eat well enough or anything.... Then I had to rearranbge my schedule and stay until 8 for a class. All so I can go to the Daughter's state competition on Saturday.

Okay, I am out for the day. I have a couple things to finish then I am headed to the gym for hours...


Tuesday, November 6

And the music plays a celebratory tune

My daughter had a band invitational last night. I didn't get to attend since I have to do these work out classes, and their schedule is not the best for me between work and home. No awards were given, but she said they received a standing ovation. I hope that is a good precursor to this weekend, as Saturday, they attend the State Competition. The Wife laid it on thick this morning that I should be there, but that would mean rescheduling my Saturday class to a Wednesday night at 9pm. Who the hell wants to work out that late?

Speaking of working out ... I did the weight and measure last night. So, after one week, which consisted of three classes, I have a total weight-loss of 0 pounds. No loss, no gain. I weighed in at the same. But, I did lose 1 1/2 inches off the waist, which means I am building muscle and burning the fat. And last nights weight class wasn't as bad as last week, though I am still a bit sore this morning.

I need a vacation soon. Work is getting slow, and they hired another processor, when there isn't enough work for me. I don't understand that one. But there is the seminar we are attending tomorrow that if the bosses decide to go that route, could mean a lot more business. I don't know. I just know I need a weekend out of here to someplace - but that too would mess up my workout schedule. ::sigh:: I can't win for anything.

Alright, it is early and there are things I need to do. I may be back later with some jokes.


Monday, November 5

Monday, or the beginning of Hell Week #2

What a way to start this week with record high temps for Phoenix. Today's estimated high is 94, which breaks the previous record of 92 from back in 1980. Tomorrow is guesstimated to be the same, another record breaker day. I am glad we still have the AC on at the office.

I finished the third class finally on Saturday, and realize that this 8 weeks is going to be hell. Well, at least the first few weeks, as the body gets adjusted. This was cardio workout, and I had to stop every now and then to get the heart to slow down, and catch my breath. But afterwards, I did feel better. Tonight I return to the weights and will probably be sore again tomorrow. I need to figure out my schedule and the classes as they now changed the times of them throughout the week for this month.

I think after just one week I can see a bit of difference from this program. I feel like I tend to have a bit more energy than before. My pants don't feel near as tight. I have been sleeping a bit better. Tonight I will be weighed and measured, so I will see if there has been a difference.

I will be adding to my knowledge this week. The bosses and I are attending an FHA seminar about the benefits and how to start doing FHA loans. This should double/triple our business once we get the tricks of doing them down. I am a little happy about that, but think about the extra steps we will need to do to complete one of those types of loans. A lot of dotting I's and crossing T's.

Welp, I have a couple calls to make, and it is lunchtime. Funny how my clocks didn't need to be reset - HA HA!! Y'all have a good one, and we'll see ya later.


Friday, November 2

I finally think I am beginning to see a difference

I got up carefully this morning, making sure I didn't strain any sore part of me. Yes, I did my second class last night. It was actually really good - having to do stretches like in Yoga and Tai-Chi. I think I had a harder workout with that class than I did the weights. I sure sweated more.
Anyways, I am dressing this morning. fastened my pants, bent over to fasten my sandals (casual day at work), stood back up and my shorts fell. I kinda stood there a moment and pulled them back up, realizing I sorta had to push the belly out to hold them in place. I checked the belt, and it is on the last notch, with room for more. Damn that makes me feel good!!

I'll go in tomorrow for the third class of the week, and have myself weighed and measured again to see how I am doing. I also need to get out today and get some blood drawn for the Dr. I keep forgetting to do that.

Only an hour and a half into the work day and I am bored. Not a good sign. Especially for a Friday.

Alrighty, I am outta here for a bit. Y'all have a good one and have a good weekend.


Thursday, November 1

Learning things in fun ways

Last night was an eye-opening event for my kids. Especially the 5 year old. The two older ones knew what was coming, and tried to squirm out of it. Everyone was home after a night out collecting goodies, so of course it was the best time to teach the kids a little about real life. That’s right, using candy. And what would be the topic of education?


It’s simple and easy to show kids how it works. The bag is your paycheck, or to make it easier, it represents the whole amount of money you earned working over the year. Now, Uncle Sam takes a portion for Federal, and then the State takes a bit for them. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the Medicare that comes out. The daughter tried claiming she didn’t have as much candy as she had helped do some other things rather than collecting candy. She really tried for an exemption, but I spotted a couple tootsie rolls and still made her pay up. The oldest son, he tried to grease my palms with some tootsie rolls, plus a couple candy bars, but I wasn’t let him get off that easy! The 5 year old, he kind of sat there not really understanding. I felt sorry for him. Actually, I gave all their candy back. But it was fun watching them argue with me about it.

The older son, he actually was asking questions about what happens to the taxes he pays, and I told him we would have to save that for another day.

The Reverend Mother was good to me. She sent home a ziplock with some candy bars and a bag of flavored tootsie rolls. And here I am trying to lose weight. ::sigh::

Coming up in December I will be able to get out and play some golf again. The pub is having another tournament that the step dad and I will be attending. It is only a 9 hole round, but fun to get out, and the dinner afterwards is good too.

Tonight is class #2 for the exercise program. I am not sore as bad as the past couple days. Tonight’s is stretching doing Yoga and Tai-Chi exercises – an hour long. Then I think I may go in tomorrow night to ride the bikes, then Saturday for the third class. Monday will start the cycle over again…UG! Not looking forward to that night again. At least the PT said my shoulder issue was mainly tightened muscles, and same with the back and hip. After a couple weeks I am to be re-evaluated if I feel pain there still. Hopefully, some weight loss will have happened and I won’t be hurting as bad.

Okay, I need to go do some work. I am caught up, but was just handed some stuff I have to go searching through funded files for paperwork corporate needs. Y’all be nice and clean up after yourselves.