Saturday, June 8

Just... Blah

Still not feeling back to normal. Able to keep food down, but still doing a trip to the restroom at least once an hour.... for 5 seconds of work. The Wife mentioned she is starting to have to make multiple trips to the bath now today, and that leads us to think a stomach bug versus something that was eaten. Great. Just need that to go round and round the homestead for weeks.....

Moving is still in progress and will be for the next forever. This inventorying before removing at the new house is a pain, but will prevent future squabbles. At least the phone is changed over and the internet will be in place by Wednesday, which means I will be moving the computers over then.

Not much else happening...


Friday, June 7


I've been off work sick the past couple of days. Seems I caught some bug, or bad food, that has me constantly going to the restroom to either sit, or throw up.The Daughter and Doodad have it as well, and we believe it may be the result of some bad food from our dinner Tuesday night. Either way, today I did have a granola bar, and so far is cooperating by staying down. Feeling dehydrated and overly hungry since I couldn't keep anything down yesterday.

That being said, short post today.


Thursday, June 6

Yep, Summer Made it Here

After the last post, it sure didn't feel like a regular summer in Phoenix.... but that has changed. been over 100 the last few days. Yeah, it's warm, but I can tolerate it okay until we start getting to 112+. That's when I get pissy. Dry heat or not.

Stayed home from work today as I just didn't feel like going.Still have not had any luck on finding a job closer to home either. Spending some time at the old house to get some searching done from the computer.The Wife FINALLY got the phone into our name at the new place, and I will be calling tomorrow to get internet service set up. I'm sure that can take up to another week... then I can finally move the computers over, and cancel service at the old house.

I did the reading challenge again this year. Goal for the year is 150 books. Currently I have read 80, which puts me as of today at 53% - 16 books ahead of schedule. Go me.

The Daughter and Doodad came up to help out at the new house for a couple days earlier this week. It was good to see them again. With our weekends taken up with moving and making space, I don't when we will be able to go visit them this summer.

Guess that is about all I have today.


Saturday, June 1

Summer is Here?

Usually by June 1st, here in Arizona we have had around 20 days of triple digit temperatures. This year we have only had two. And that was in April I think.Next 100+ day is supposedly tomorrow. I have enjoyed the spring this year, even if the rest of the country is having extreme rainstorms, flooding and tornadoes.

Was off the week before the holiday to try to move the majority of the large items from the house.... but that didn't work so hot. I moved probably 95% of my personal stuff (clothes, items, desk items, etc) and at least the king size bed. The Wife, Youngest Son, and I stay at the new home, and the two older Sons are staying at the older home... at least until we get more of the stuff from the MIL cleared out for room for them.

Work is sucking. My co-worker is on short count until she is gone... probably by mid-June. Since March she has been training someone to replace her. The trainee is a twat. She doesn't seem to catch on complete procedures, missing key details and when pointed out to her, all you get is a small "Oh, I'm sorry" before she goes back to doing whatever wrong she was doing before. Mentioned it to the Boss, but he and my co-worker are ecstatic about the Twat's work. And no, she is not a young hot babe, she's in her 50's and married. Should I add on while I am ticked off, she is supposed to know how to do my job as well.... but has not even begun to learn it as she can't do the other stuff (which I do do and know how to do). Frustrating as Hell... which brings up job searching.

Still not having luck finding a job yet. Sent out several replies to jobs with no answer. Have had a couple offers that requested additional information through their website applications, which I completed, but the declined my application. One because it paid too low, and the other because they wanted some one with a college degree. Been nice to know that before I applied and got my hopes up when they asked for more information.

Someday soon, Life is going to get better. We'll be all moved into the new home, and the old one sold. A new job will come along that is closer to home and pays better. That's all I want for the next short period of time...


Saturday, May 18

Getting Older

Today is the oldest Son's 21st birthday, and tonight he has allowed his Dad (Me) to take him out for the first legal alcoholic drink. Looking forward to that this evening. Might even go do some karaoke.

Life is Life. I am on vacation this week. Purpose was to move from our house to the new one, but I don't know how much of that will get done. Renting a small Uhaul for the big stuff a couple days. Luckily we are only moving about a half mile. The two other boys finish school about mid week, and will then be able to help.

Still not happy at my job, and still no job offers have come around. Still searching....


Sunday, May 12

Death and Holidays

Today is Mother's Day, and it will be a long one. The Wife has mentioned even earlier this week, with tears, that this is going to be a rough day for her.And with whatnot still going on, I didn't get out to get even a card from the boys for her.... let alone a card for RM. I guess a text message will have to do.

Still working on moving. I'm off in another week, where we will rent a truck for a couple days to get the larger stuff moved between houses. I have no idea when we will be completely moved though. It is taking a longer amount of time to go through things there for the Wife. I'm not allowed to help as I think it should all just go to the trash or Goodwill. We did end up getting the car though, so my middle son is happy. It will be given to him once he has his license.

Still looking for work. Seems there is not much on the market closer to home for me. At least at a pay level I am acceptable with. Have a couple other ideas I am workign on this weekend.

That's all I got for now.


Sunday, March 17

Reasonable Update

After that last post... my MIL has passed. The Wife is Executioner of the estate.

That being said, she has 4 older brothers, and thankfully, there has been no contest of anything. The Wife received the house (deeded to her as rights of survivorship, set up back when my FIL was on his way to bad health). And the house is obviously not part of the "estate", and we decided we wanted to move there from our home. It's only about a 1/2 mile from us, mortgage-free, and larger. Plus it is the Wife's family home. A win-win.... though now I have to deal with clearing it out, then moving.

The rest of the estate is basically stuff that I don't care about. The brothers aren't voicing dissension about anything as of this point, and I don't expect them to, until financial things come up. Everything is pretty cut and dry, except money MIL had loaned out, with promise of repayment, now coming due. I'm sure those people may protest that... but not a point this week.

We have been going through the new home, unpacking and re-organizing the multitude of boxes that MIL and FIL had had in the house as storage. They were always collecting clothes/materials to distribute to the community churches that FIL had overseen. Though Dad had passed a few years ago, MIL had not gotten rid of much... so that falls to us, as we make room to move in. Much of it is clothing, which as we sort through it and organize, will be given to local charities such as the women's crisis center, etc. We are trying to stay away from Goodwill and other donation drop-offs as they make a profit, versus the non-profits. Though I am sure there will be a point that there are things we will have no place other than them to leave them at...or go to the dump.

Needless to say, between these events, and regular work, looking for a job, and just life in general, it has stretched me far and thin (though I haven't lost weight-damn!). I have a lower tolerance for my siblings (aside from other incidents that I may have posted about before... not sure). Reverend Mother I am sure prays every day for me (and the other siblings) but even my contact with her and PT has been limited due to us needing to get stuff done. RM knows this... and she'll read this and get reminded.

SO my days are full. And I am getting tired. Of everything. Too young to retire, and not enough monies to do so anyways.... sigh.


Sunday, February 10

Welcome... to Death

I know it has been awhile since I posted. Life. Well, that's kinda what has been going on until this last week or so.

My MIL went into the hospital about a week and a half ago. I was at work, got a text from The Wife... that she was at the ER with Mom, and she'd update me when she knew more. My first thoughts were, did MIL fall? Hurt herself some other way? I know she is frail (dealing with osteoporosis) but what caused an ER visit?

Later that night I find out she was admitted, and had pneumonia. Ok. I understand our more elderly are more susceptible to it...

Then things got worse. Multiple strokes. Throwing clots. Reduced vocal ability (due to strokes), reduced mobility. Doctors unable to do any surgery to fix anything because of the multitude of other health issues. Thursday the main Dr said call family in to see her. This is The Wife's family... who just lost their dad about 3-4 years ago.

Calla went out. Three of the four brothers flew in/arrived. I took Friday off just to support The Wife. I spent the day sitting in the waiting room, and main lobby of the hospital. I kne the family needed to decide what they felt was best. Their decision came down to getting Mom back to her house, and hospice care there. Yeah, that means, almost no chance of recovery, let's ease your way out. Saturday, equipment arrived, transport was done, and Mom is back home. For however long.

At this point, I have so many bitches and complaints about what is happening/going on,  that I am so worked up. I getg angry thinking about it, so I won't expand.

I'm also emotionally spent. The past week and a half, I have been trying to be the good husband and being the strong support for The Wife. This is her second round with parents at this stage. I was doing good until tonight. I had swung by Mom's (she's only like 1/2 mile from out place) and sat and held her hand awhile. I lost it. Memories of my Dad dying in the hospital... my FIL passing in Hospice... and just it all in general. I literally walked outside and bawled my head off for awhile.

Been a pretty shitty week so far.... no idea what this week will bring....

No peace this week....