Tuesday, August 13

Still Vehicle-less

Still without a vehicle of my own. I contacted the insurance yesterday, as I expected the check last week.... it was "held up in processing" and I now should expect it "in a few days". I needed it last week. Fortunately RM is letting me use her van for getting to work since she is on vacation this week. Though, PT pissed me off when they dropped it off. Trying to treat me like I was 16... "Only drive it from work to home and no where else". Fuck off. I'm about ready to just tell him to get the hell out of my life and die. I know RM... cruel, but I am just getting tired of his shit and demands. I'm almost 48 years old... and I can only drive the car from work to home.... Now I'm angry. Great. Thanks for pissing me off more Tom.

Don't want to write anymore now.


Saturday, August 3

Monsoon Season Blows

It is Monsoon season here the desert valley. Due to some stupid reason, this season is June 15th through September 30th. Either way, right now we are in the thick of it. The humidity has been high, and with temps nearing 110 it makes my warehouse pretty miserable. I'm pretty tired of sweating all day.

I don't have much to share today. Still working on moving between houses. My car is considered totaled, and I'm only getting about $3700 out of it. Guess I'll be hitting craigslist once the check gets here. Still haven't had any good job offers. Current job is definitely taking a toll on me physically and mentally, but nothing I can do about it at the moment except quit.... which I can't afford to do. Sigh.

Middle son turns 17 this next week. Doing our birthday dinner tomorrow night at the place he chooses. All I know right now it is going be steak, steak, or probably steak.My guess is Lonestar..... We bought him a Hurdy-Gurdy playable build-it-yourself kit for his present. He likes some band on youtube that uses this instrument, and thought it would be something he could build and play since he has mastered a number of instruments. Hope he likes it.

Been a couple weeks since I saw my Doodad. Never thought I would miss like I find myself doing every now and then.After all, I am not raising her, or even live with her... must just be that Papaw thinking or something. Was hoping to take a trip down there today, but I had to work a few hours, and their plans were busy enough I didn't want to burden them with us coming down. Maybe they can make it up next weekend....

Guess that is about all I got for now...