Thursday, January 28

Wrecks, Near Misses, and Total Annihilation

Woke up this morning to having a number of texts on my cellphone. Aside from the usual handful (traffic updates from the local news radio) there was a string started by the Reverend Mother. My first thought was she was going to ask some minor detail of me, but there were several from her. Once I opened it up, I realized it was a group text, thus the many responses.

Seems RM was rear-ended this morning on her way to work. She says she is fine, but the van won't power over 40 mph and making a racket. Just now she says the insurance adjuster says the tailpipe is bent over about 10 inches. Could be the cause of the power loss and racket. My siblings told her she should go to the hospital either way to get checked out. I'm staying out of that argument. I guess she is now trying to get someone to pay for the rental car she will need.

Though I am not usually out driving at the time RM goes to work, I do have to occasionally. If I remember right, most of the way to work for her is freeway, and that moves sluggishly, rarely getting over 40 most of the way. But hearing now the tailpipe bent that much... sounds likke maybe they were clipping along at a good rate.

With me driving all over the Valley in a daily route, I think about how many times I have come near to having an accident, be it my fault or theirs. At least twice comes to mind, of near misses that could have resulted in tragedy. I have had spin-outs on the free way at 65 mph happen right in front of me, and missed it. Sitting at a red light and that one guy making a left not quite making it, and getting spun out right in front of me. I still don't know how his car missed me. Let's not forget all the regular stuff that happens: people changing lanes without looking, cutting me off, sudden stops. That 16-foot box truck doesn't stop on a dime.....

Anyways, I need to run. Be safe out there.


Monday, January 25

It's Monday Again

How about them two big upsets in football yesterday? Did I care? No. My Redskins have been out of the playoffs for awhile.

Hung out a bit yesterday with one of my buddies. While together, we went over and visited another friend, one that had broken his hip the weekend before. He'd had hip replacement done Tuesday. Seemed to be getting around good with a walker.

The Daughter and SIL were in town this weekend. The SIL had other plans, so on Saturday we took the Daughter out with us to Olive Garden. The boys love being around their sister, and the three older ones seemed to do nothing but giggle and make fun all night. I guess that is good. Could be worse ways to act with your siblings.

Still trying to adjust a bit to the "new" work hours. I have been starting later, but still finishing up a  bit early. Mainly because I had one tech that was out sick all last week. Hopefully he will be back this week, and I can see how the change in hours should generally affect me.

Guess that's all for today.


Thursday, January 21

Making It Later

The other day when I arrived at work, I wondered at how my day was going to go. The first thing I heard was that my Boss wanted to see me. I didn't think much of it, knowing I hadn't messed anything up (that I knew of) and maybe he had some special request of me (special delivery, extra drop-off/pick-up, etc).

There are a couple of newer techs that I deliver to for the "west side". Believe me, we are still a bit short on techs ... but that is another story. One of the two newer guys leaves waaaaayy, waaayyy out on the west side ... about a mile further than the previously 'furthest west guy'. Due to the way I run my route, and times that I arrive, this new tech can't seem to be home by the time I get there. Unfortunately, I cannot make a return trip to him the same evening (due to distance) so he ended up not turning paperwork in for (according to my boss) three days. So how do we fix this problem?

Boss' idea is to make me start work an hour later each day, thus, making me deliver an hour later. Which also means, I make it home an hour later. So instead of being home by 9'ish at night, it is now 10'ish. Maybe even later. Last night was the first night, and already I don't like the extra drive time I have as I leave right int he middle of rush hour (4:30'ish) and have to cross half the town for the first stop. Not liking having to be home later. I hardly see my boys as it is due to my work hours, and school for them. The Wife was not entirely pleased either. But the Boss and I could not figure out a better way to solve the issue at this point, and per the Boss, it is supposedly temporary - to get the tech up to speed. Though, I did point out to him that the end result was going to be he takes advantage of the "extra time" and not rush to meet me.... which will call more delays in the long run.

So that left me this morning with an extra hour to kill before going to work. Actually, it will be that way for awhile. An extra hour to sit here and wait for time to go to work. Joy.

On the plus side, it has been near 70 most this week....


Friday, January 15

Yup. Figured.

So, I shall share the great news. I didn't win the Powerball lottery Wednesday night. Not even close. I even had the ticket checked yesterday morning, and didn't even win a dollar. Yep. Figured. Now the jackpot resets to 40 million, but I don't want to play. Seems I only play if it gets up over 100 million, but it probably is a waste of money everytime I play. Oh well.

I'm glad it is Friday though. Feeling pretty worn out from work this week, though not because of any specific thing. Maybe it is the stress of daydreaming of winning the lottery, then having those dreams dashed to the ground when I found out I didn't win.... Yeah, right.

No major plans this weekend. Think I am going to avoid doing as much as possible. Crawl into bed and only get out to eat & use the restroom. That'd be nice, because it will never happen.


Wednesday, January 13

You Can't Win, If You Don't Play

Powerball Lottery drawing tonight. Prize is at an estimated 1.5 BILLION dollars. With the cash option, it is around $930 Million .... I believe they said after taxes (for an Arizonian) it is around $633 million, if you are the single jackpot winner. Wow.

I had posted several months ago about daydreaming about wining the lottery. It was at a high amount back then. A piddle in the puddle compared to this week. Simply said, I have been daydreaming, again.

Last Saturday, at $700 million, I bought a few tickets. Not one, not two, but ten. Yeah, waste of $20, but .... yeah. I heard Sunday morning that there was no winner, and waited until Monday to have the tickets checked. I won $8, and promptly re-invested it into 4 new tickets for tonight. My chances better? Not really.

So I guess the big question is, if I win, do I take the annuity or the cash option? I was just glancing at the website, and I don't see an option on the menu to determine how the annuity works, as far as % of payout, and if it is annually or monthly, etc. It would be interesting to check that out, and how long it lasts. Getting only about half of it all in cash is crappy, even if it is$600+ million I don't have now....

Drawing is tonight .... while I am on the road. Guess I will be checking my tickets when I get home.
If I win the big jackpot, anyone that makes a comment here prior to the drawing tonight, I'll send you a million dollars ....


Monday, January 11

Again?! Already?!

It is Monday once again, and this one is a bit different for me. I usually don't mind getting up and going to work, as I like my job. Today though, I'm just .... eh. Maybe it is because my Redskins lost the first round of playoff games. No. Maybe it is because I drank too much yesterday. No, I didn't go out at all, except to pick up pizza for dinner last night. Maybe I didn't sleep good .... well, maybe but I don't remember tossing and turning much last night. I don't know.

The new year is off to a roaring start. Powerball has rolled over a few times. I actually bought a few tickets this last time, and though I am not the big winner, it looks like I may have wona  few dollars of it. That is, if I read the payoff chart correctly. guess I will check with the clerk at QT this morning when I stop for gas. Always try for Wednesday's drawing ....

Well, guess I stared at the screen long enough. Off to work ....


Thursday, January 7

Am I Able?

Moving today, is actually a little worse than yesterday. It seems whilst driving around (aka my job) Monday night, I had a 'little slip' and bruised the muscle on the backside of my leg, up near/under my buttock. Not enough to discolor the skin, but enough that it isn't a pleasure-feeling I get when walking around. Luckily, within a few steps it backs off (the pain). However, sitting for 20 minutes, and climbing down from the cab of the truck... not fun. Last night was bad. Getting out of bed this morning was not enjoyable either.Feels worse, though I know it isn't.

So should we talk about things that are a pain in the ass? What would the average male say ... mothers-in-law (though I love mine), taxes (well.... yeah can't argue), and people that don't properly chill a pinot noir wine.

What average guy is drinking wine? Let alone know the proper chill point?!? Be happy it came from a bottle instead of a box!

No idea where that all came from.... I must be slipping mentally (go figure).

Off to watch a movie before work.


Wednesday, January 6

Dreary Week

It's Wednesday in what is turning out to be one heck of a dreary week. Back to work on Monday following a holiday three-day weekend. I was ready to get back to work, but evidently no one else was in the office. Seems half of them were hacking/coughing and the other half, just didn't seem to be wanting to be there. With all that around me, it was hard to want to be there myself.

El Nino has shown up for part of this winter here. It has rained everyday this week, and we are to expect more through Friday (as I last heard). So overcast skies (whether it is raining or not) so that kind of blahs things. Through in the idiots that don't know how to drive in wet/rain conditions .... enough to ruin my 5 hour drive each day. Monday I saw more accidents than I had in maybe the last 30 days... and it barely rained that day.

RM is a big coffee drinker. I mean, as in she really enjoys her coffee. I had to quit drinking it several years ago, due to it causing some stomach pains (my thought it was the coffee because it stopped when I quit drinking it). A few short years ago, I learned I could handle a couple of cups a day again. While I was unemployed, I would have those each day in the cooler months (Dec-Feb). Since I started working, sleeping in for an extra hour or two is more important it seems. However, last night I broke out the instant coffee. It was like seeing an old friend after a long time. Having a cup, maybe two this morning since I awakened early (damn leg cramp).

Off to fix that second cup ...


Friday, January 1

New Year

I made it through yet another holiday season. The kids were happy with Christmas. I presume most of the extended family were as well. In a way, it doesn't matter now if they were or not, because I am not taking anything back.

Broke the new year in last night by staying home and waiting until midnight. The oldest son had gone to a friends for some kind of get-together, so it was the Wife, myself and the two younger boys. The males played on the computers, while the Wife had a nap for a better part of the evening. We all watched the replay of NYC's ball drop at the appropriate hour for AZ. Went to bed shortly afterwards.

Resolutions? I don't do them. Goals? Don't do them either. Pretty much by the seat of my pants for this next year, and hope it goes well. My side of the family were getting together today at Sis', but the Wife had to work today, and wasn't sure if it would be a full day or not. That being said, I opted to not go with the boys. I'm sure there will be some left-overs, and RM will bring me by some of the cole slaw - since I am about the only one in the family that likes it. Maybe I'll get some ribs, too...

Been trying to get through as portion of my e-book library I have amassed. At one point I had around (but probably more than) 2200 e-books. Many are series. I have maybe knocked it down close to 100, as I try out the first book of a series and decide if it is something I want to read, or if it is just not my style. Mostly that means, since I read quite a bit of paranormal, urban fantasy, that is there isn't a lot of romance crap pin the story. I don't mind a little, as sometimes the story needs it ... but when we are talking borderline smut, pages and pages long with detailed description .... No. I am not interested. And there are a few authors I have found, that write that way in any series they write. Must be for those really, lonely women.

On the negative side, I have probably added another 50 to the library. you know, updating book seven of that series, even though I haven't started it yet. Because if I like it, I don't want to have to go hunt down the book(s) again later. Or there are new books that sound interesting. I may never get my library back to a more manageable side.

The oldest Son received a used Kindle Fire from RM for Christmas this year. We threw in the stipulation that he would need to pass his regular Kindle to the next brother. They both help keep books moving along in the library. They seem to have similar tastes in fiction that I do, and we are able to swap ideas/books easily.

Well, almost 4pm, and haven't heard from the Wife. Guess she had to work all day. One of my buddies and I might get out a bit tonight, but haven't heard from him yet either. He said something the other day about maybe having to work today as well. I'm glad to have it off. It'll be another five months before my next holiday off (Memorial Day), but I know I am planning to use a few days of vacation before then.