Monday, January 11

Again?! Already?!

It is Monday once again, and this one is a bit different for me. I usually don't mind getting up and going to work, as I like my job. Today though, I'm just .... eh. Maybe it is because my Redskins lost the first round of playoff games. No. Maybe it is because I drank too much yesterday. No, I didn't go out at all, except to pick up pizza for dinner last night. Maybe I didn't sleep good .... well, maybe but I don't remember tossing and turning much last night. I don't know.

The new year is off to a roaring start. Powerball has rolled over a few times. I actually bought a few tickets this last time, and though I am not the big winner, it looks like I may have wona  few dollars of it. That is, if I read the payoff chart correctly. guess I will check with the clerk at QT this morning when I stop for gas. Always try for Wednesday's drawing ....

Well, guess I stared at the screen long enough. Off to work ....


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