Tuesday, May 31

Nothing Better To Do ...

Up early this morning. Pain was pretty bad waking me often through the night (again). Just waiting now for the doctor's office to open so I can call to get an appointment with him, and get this MRI done. I am hoping for both on the same day....

Overall, I felt fractionally better this morning, but still a long way from being fixed.

Okay, enough about me.


Update: My PCP is not able to get me in until Monday (six days from now). I cannot schedule an MRI without seeing him. I cannot renew prescription for pain without seeing him. Pill rationing has gone into effect, just in case.

On the good side, my Boss has got my paperwork started for work comp. I went down to Concentra (urgent care for the company) and did a whiz quiz per company policy. They did not require I list any drugs I have had, meaning I am sure the morphine will show on the drug screen. Good thing I told the Boss they gave it to me.

Boss said he is coming by tonight to pick up my truck and keys as they have arranged another worker to get my deliveries done until I am able to work again. I wonder how long that will be....

Monday, May 30

Happy Memorial Day .... for some

Take that moment of silence for all fallen veterans, whether it be while in the service, or not. Normally I get out early in the morning on today, to visit a couple friends that are buried at the National Cemetery here in town, but this year I am not able to do so. 

Time has a way of taking hold of a person, and spinning them into a whirlwind of things that need to get done, places to go, people to see to, and no time to sit down and catch one's breath. At least, the past couple of months have seemed that way.

Since Easter, The Wife and I celebrated our 25th Anniversary. We took of work for three days and went north to Sedona for a little get-away. It was nice to get away and not have to worry about pets, kids, work, or anything else. We also exchanged silver rings (because the 25th is silver anniversary. 

Once we returned to the Valley, it became a period of increased hustle and bustle. The Boys (all three of them) had concerts for the Spring, plus the oldest had Jazz concerts/competitions. The Middle had a trip to Disneyland with the 8th grade wind ensemble (the Wife went as a chaperone for that one). The middle of May brought the Oldest's birthday around in which he turned 18. Last week, had me taking another day off work (Monday) as we had to attend the Middle's 8th Grade Promotion in the morning, and the Oldest's high school graduation in the early evening.

This past Thursday I was injured at work. At first, I thought it was a muscle strain in my lower back. I hadn't lifted anything heavy, but was sliding it on the floor (it was a washer tub piece). I didn't think much of it at the time, other than I must have strained a muscle. Friday I took some ibuprofen to help, as it still felt sore, but not as bad as the day previous. I worked a regular day. Saturday found me having painful difficulty rising from a seated position, to standing. All in that same lower back area. As Saturday progressed, the pain grew worse.

Sunday came around, and when the Wife returned home from church, I informed her we were going to the ER. Once there, they IV'ed me, hooked up the ecg/ekg, popped the oxygen meter on the finger, then looked at my vitals. BP was high (212/100-something). immediately the gave me some BP lowering med and some morphine in the IV. From there I had a chest x-ray, then a CAT scan done of my abdomin (to make sure the aorta was okay) and the lower back. I think I went in about 2pm, and by 7pm the ER Dr. was back to let me know what they determined.

I have a protrusion in my lower back, and another spot that is "narrowed" near it. Around the L4 & L5 discs. The protrusion is causing the inflammation and irritation of the nerve there. I guess it is similar to a herniatic disc. Fortunately, this is only causing extreme pain for me - no tingling along the legs, or numbness anywhere. However, it also means I am barely able to walk (with cane assist) and sitting/laying in most positions hurts. Small adjustments to sitting/laying send spikes of pain. They released me with a small prescription for some BP medicine, and some Percosets, as well as orders to contact my PCP Tuesday morning first thing as I need to get an MRI set up to find out more details. My PCP will be adding/adjusting to my BP meds I am sure, as well as any pain management needed going into treatment(s) once we find out more.

My main worry now is about work. Obviously, I am not able to climb into my work truck, let alone carry/lift/deliver parts to the technicians. Also, because it is work comp, I don't know what kind of hornets that will be stirred up from that whole ordeal, since it wasn't discovered the extent of the injury until later. Top that off with my boss is out of town until Thursday this week, and he is the one that covers when I am on vacation days. Basically, it was not the best time to have this happen (though, no good time for something like this).

First thing this morning I emailed my boss the details of what happened, starting from last Thursday. Then I sent a text to him, to let him know I was injured and definitely would not be there tomorrow, and maybe most this week, pending the results from my PCP, and that I had emailed him the details of what happened/is going on. I feel bad bringing this bad news on his vacation ... but what else should I do? He needs to know ASAP.

For now, I am just waiting until tomorrow to get in to see my PCP and go from there.

Happy, happy, joy, joy to me .....