Monday, September 30

Going to be a Long Week

The appliance repair company I work for is doing inventory this week. That doesn't sound odd. Many companies do inventory at different times, sometimes monthly, some yearly - based on fiscal year, etc. I don't know how often they plan on doing it here. I would think not often, as this is the first one they have ever done since the company was put in place/purchased/whatever back about 10-12 years ago from what I have been told. What does that mean? It means, there is a lot of miscellaneous stock (for appliance repair) that has been shelved/boxed in the parts room for that long. Think like washer/dryer sized tubs (in boxes) and shelves of miscellaneous small parts. Needless to say, over the past few weeks they have been doing small stages of preparing for the big day of counting inventory by getting rid of some stock, returning it to the place of purchase for maybe a reduced price. There are some things that the distributors won't take back, and I am not sure what our company will do with it. Either way, our big day of counting is this coming Saturday.

Which means, I won't be delivering Friday night (yea!) though I will need to work the day shift, and also that Saturday. The first part of the week through Thursday will basically be business as usual for me.

Nothing much else going on. I suppose we will find out today if our Government is going to close down because they can't settle on anything. Joy.

The Daughter was in town this weekend as her birthday was Saturday. She turned 22 this year. the end of this month she finishes up schooling to be a Respiratory Therapist, and graduates in early November.

That's all I got today.


Thursday, September 26

One Of Those Mornings

It's been an hour since I was wakened to take the son to school, and still I have the remnants of a dream in my head. I think it is because I feel more the fool for the dream than anything else.

In the dream, I was with my buddy Jan, and a couple of other guys (no one else sticks out, but I knew they were friends). We were on a hunting trip of some kind. I had a weapon in my hands, it looked like the handgun from the old Nintendo DUCK HUNT game, except it was more like a pistol-grip mini shotgun, but it was in the orange color like the game pistol but had pump-action. Our group of about 5, counting our guide, were all in a canoe, yes just one, going down some waterway. This waterway reminded me of part of the scenery from the game World Of Warcraft. So we're canoeing along, and pull up at this "hut" and beach the boat. This is the "clubhouse" for us hunters. There is a crowd of people lined up outside, and I find out it is for some video game hunt, but me and my buds decide to not do it. There is some length of time to waste before we leave, not sure, but felt like a couple hours or so, and I tell the buddies, I see a shop across the water so I will grab us some beer.

I find this little footbridge to cross the river, and head for this shop, which is on the edge of a small town. I go in to find some 20'ish lady there at the counter, I ask what beer they have available, as I see none stocked there int he store. She says anything I want. So, thinking of my buddies and not just about me, I tell her I need a case of Bud Light (yes, this was distinctive in my dream). She opens this skinny door, which opens into this huge warehouse-sized freezer, and she enters to get the case of beer. She comes back, I go to pay, and make a comment that she charged me $3 extra, on top of the tax. She said something about local politics, and gave me a receipt, which was weird in itself.

The receipt she made was sort of taped to the edge of one of the dollars I had given her (I only had $11 when I walked in there, so I was getting a good deal on a case of beer, even with the extra she charged). Then she ripped about a 1/4 inch of the bill, 1/5th of the way along the long-wise side of the bill. I asked her how come, and she said it was to prove I paid for it there. I shrugged, thinking 'back woods mentality' and left. As I got a few steps from the door, I opened the case. Instead of opening at one end though, I unfolded it like some weird puzzle box. Inside were maybe 15 containers/cups of different sizes, filled with frozen beer - no cans or bottles. I get pissed. THIS isn't what I wanted, and somehow I knew it wasn't Bud Light either. I return to the store, and wait my turn in what seems a sudden rush crowd. When finally my turn, I demand a refund. She tries to argue me out of returning the beer (already opened, etc for excuses). I show the receipt (specially made) so she finally agrees to refund me, by reaching into the pocketbook of the lady off to my side, and taking $6 from the purse and putting it in my hand. I get the lady's attention, to tell her the clerk is stealing from her, and she says it's ok, she is her mom.

By this time, I am feeling desperate and crazy in my dream, and yelling, I demand the full refund amount of $9.00, and would not settle for less. The clerk asks for my receipt, which, reaching into my pocket I realize I no longer had having given it to her before. I say something like,'Oh, you are good. You know I had a receipt and now you took it and won't refund me the whole amount.' She just smiles and says something ... I don't know what, because about that point is when I was woken up.

Weird stuff, huh? For stuff to be that messed up in my dreams, I must see/think/feel some really messed up stuff during the day. For once, I am sort of glad I am awake.


Tuesday, September 24

More Than A Little Exercise

In the past almost two years, I am down at least a minimum of 60 pounds. I say a minimum, as I haven't weighed myself since a few weeks back. I know I have lost at least an inch, maybe a bit more, around the waist in just the 5 weeks I have started at the new job. It is a bit more physically demanding than the last couple jobs I had flying a desk. In fact, I wonder if that is why my joints have started aching a bit each morning. Joints mainly being the knees, hips, elbows, back and ankles. Yeah, pretty much everywhere that would have to deal with lifting/carrying quite a bit. Not that the stuff is heavy, just that there is some days quite a bit of it. Not to mention the climbing in/out of the back of the truck.

So, I know I am slimming down, which means a good chance I have lost a nice chunk of poundage as well. I guess I should buy a scale for use here at home since I don't go to the gym anymore - and I need to cancel the gym membership still. I keep forgetting. So, in the spirit of the whole 'eating healthy' and 'losing weight' I bought carne asada burritos last night, as I was hungry while on my route. I ate two while on the road, which means there were two in the fridge this morning, and I do love a burrito for breakfast. Yes, one is already gone. I am debating eating the other as well, but waiting for a couple hours so I won't be hungry later this afternoon.

Other than that, I haven't much for you today.


Monday, September 23

What's On My Mind

*crickets chirping*

Yeah. Not a lot on my mind this morning. The weekend felt pretty long, or I had enough things going on to make it appear that way. I am actually sort of worn out feeling this morning. At least, some of my joints are telling me I am (elbows, fingers and back). Or it might be that I am just getting old.

There isn't much I feel like talking about today. It's not going to do me any good to complain about how I feel the Government is doing (or not doing) their job, to gripe about the situation going on now. Would you care to hear my opinions on the Presidency, and how I feel the current person is doing? I didn't think so. How about the current ear worm.

Yeah, it's been stuck in my head for the past couple days. I had watched the movie some time ago (meaning months) and have been hearing it quite a bit of late on the local radio stations here. I saw some clip of a video yesterday, that said the best way to get rid of an ear worm, is to do a puzzle. They showed someone doing a crossword, or word search, in the video. I tried it last night, but every time I stopped working on my crossword, then think 'Maybe it really does work,' the song would pop back into my head. Perha[s there is a certain length of time needed to make this trick work.

Last week I got a new phone from my employer. It is a nice Galaxy Note II, and is the first smart phone I have ever had. I have been playing with it over the past few days, and am actually impressed with some of the stuff you can do on it. With the phone came a blue tooth, car charger, and protective case. The Wife and I have been discussing getting the oldest son a phone soon. He is fifteen, and we wonder if he is ready for that responsibility. I know my siblings have given their kids phones years ago, but the Wife and I are different than that. Since I got this new phone for work, I think we may give him my old phone, though, I have had that number for so many years, if anyone needed to reach me, he would have to relay them my new number or something. Or we could spend $50 plus to get him a phone, and add him to our plan (about $40 more a month). I suppose we will need to make a decision soon. Maybe.

Welp, I am going to skedaddle. Got things to do and all that nonsense that isn't true.


Friday, September 20

Feeling ... Groovy

Huh. I woke up this morning in the usual way - the Wife shaking me awake saying it is time to take the older son to school. Nothing unusual there. But now that I am back home, I am realizing I am feeling a bit weird this morning. Weird in the way that I feel wide awake (I am not a morning person) and have that "ready to face the day" attitude. Definitely not my regular self. Maybe the Wife slipped me some experimental drug in my Jack in the Box last night.

Either way it is Friday, which means I am off work the next two days. Today the work load will be fairly light, as we were ahead of the mess yesterday, so I was able to complete some of the stuff needed to be done today early. The company has given me a new phone, too! It is one of those Samsung Galaxy Note phones, so is so damn smart, I can't figure out how to use most of it. I will have to find some Dummies book online to download so I can figure out how to do some of the cooler things with it. I'll be keeping my regular dumb cell, as this one is a work phone, but I can use it for personal use as well. I guess now I have conformed to society too much, and will be carrying two cell phones around now. Sigh.

I don't believe this weekend has much going on for us, aside from trying to get things done that we weren't able to get done during the week. I am working Saturday night for the UFC fights at the pub, so I can keep my discounted prices there. With closing up there late, I am not sure about going to the softball games on Sunday. I think  I may prefer to get some sleep.

It's only 6:30, but I need to get things moving if I am going to be on work on time. I know I need to go to Verizon and get them to transfer the contacts from my old phone to the new one, so I don't have to enter them all by hand. Then I need to get some other things done.


Thursday, September 19


I am feeling tired this morning. Enough that I even slept in until about 9:30. Mostly from having a couple beers last night with the guys, but I think my job is wearing me down a bit too. Not in a bad way. I just need to adjust (still) to the hours, and physical activity it requires. this is only my 4th week. I think it is just catching up to me.

I was woken up this morning about 7'ish, with the shop calling me. Supposedly, I was to drop an oven dolly with one of the techs last night. I told them I had, and which one. Well, another tech had said he needed it, not the one I delivered it to. So now someone has to run one out to the tech. Though, I clearly believe I delivered to the correct person, as I made note of it on the paperwork. No way to tell if I was correct or not until later today I guess. Strike against the good job I have been doing. I honestly don't think I messed up though. I know I am going to worry about it most of the day. I hate crap like that. Now I am going to double check my self on all my paperwork, etc.

Welp, guess I should go get some other things done to try to get this off my mind until I get to work.


Tuesday, September 17

Blah Blah Blahgen

The Wife is home again today. Almost makes me wish that there were more old people getting hurt and needing her services, but not really. Her being home doesn't disrupt much of my routine. I just get funny looks when I heat up some leftovers. For breakfast.

For some reason I didn't sleep well last night. I have vague recollections of some pretty vivid dreams, and an hour ago, I could have told you what they were, and why I had them. For example, there was one where I was showing my oldest son how to get from the airport to an AFB on the north side of the Valley. Except, there is no AFB there in real life. And the scenery around us had deciduous trees that are not common to Phoenix. Forests of them. Like I was driving in the mid-west. I am sure that snippet of dream was because last night on my route, I was thinking about how soon they may move me up off the route driving and was thinking about training a new person. Not that there is any talk of me being offered a position otherwise, I just think it may happen around either my 90 day, or 6 month time. I guess that is me being optimistic, a rarity for me.

I have nothing else for you today.


Monday, September 16


The past three weeks have been good for me. Maybe too good. Started the new job, been enjoying it, and that all-around good feeling that nothing seems to be going wrong. 

Yesterday morning it was still looking good. I got up and did the regular routine of meeting my buddies up at the pub for a couple Bloody Marys. Our softball season started up so we played two games then returned to the pub for the team drink, and to watch the remaining portion of the Redskins game. That's where things started to go wrong. The Redskins ended up losing. Then the Wife called, saying the internet was out at home (via the modem) and wanted me to try to talk her through how to do the online reset.check thing that I have done before. By the time I had her boot up my system to do it, the internet was back up, so maybe that wasn't as bad a thing.

Then I came home. Now, I park on the street with the work truck, as it is a 16-foot box truck. It won't fit on the drive due to the carport, or the RV drive on the side due to the tree we have out front. It fits nicely along the front without blocking our regular driveway on one side, and the RV drive on the other - note that both these driveways are ours.

So I came home Sunday early afternoon to find a parking ticket on my work truck. The violation? Parking on the sidewalk, because the front wheel had crested the angled curb. It is a $70 fine. I admit I was on the sidewalk (technically) but what was worse, is that I have been parking on the sidewalk for the past 2 1./2 weeks, in order to allow more room for traffic on our street. It is a tight single lane access with the truck out there.

Back to the ticket. How is a cop going to see my truck on the sidewalk, unless someone specifically reported it. I am far enough from the "busy" street that they would not just see it glancing down the street as they pass. I seriously believe someone called it in to the city to report it, as I had not moved it since Friday night. And I think I know who - those Mexicans across the street. They have their soirees every weekend, playing Spanish music somewhat loud, and drinking in the front yard (not taking it to the backyard). We have had issues with them before. But with my bringing home the work truck, they can't park in front of my place anymore, and their work truck (a pickup that pulls a trailer of landscaping stuff) has issues pulling in and out of their gate at the side of the house. So they have to pay attention when they pull in/out. Plus, when I cam home Friday night, I had to get them to move their vehicles so I could park my truck. I was even nice and said thank you when they did. 

Maybe I am wrong, and it wasn't them, and it was just some random cop that happened down my street and was having a bad day so ticketed me and no one else on the street.

I doubt it. But I can't prove nothing. Either way, for now I am out $70.


Friday, September 13

Gotta Love Fridays

Most people enjoy Fridays. Mainly because it is the last day of their normal (Monday-Friday) work week, thus meaning their next two days are off. That sentiment is not lost on me. I get that same deal. Today is just going to be a bit longer than most. Today I get the joy of going into work earlier, as we are short-handed in the shop. It is either that, or be later getting out on my route, and tonight I cannot be later. In fact, if anything I want to be done faster. Why? Our pool team is having a small party tonight at the pub that sponsored us. It starts at 7pm, but I won't be able to get there until closer to 9, if I am running on time. Maybe a bit earlier if I am running early, but I don't see it happening. I have two days of deliveries today (Saturday for those that work that day, and Monday).

I found out that the Wife is off yet again this week. The census numbers (number of patients they need to work with) has been low the past couple of weeks. I guess they have been flip-flopping who takes the day off, as no need for all of them to be there. Today is again one for her to take. Which is good. I have been forgetting to deposit my check for the past few days, and she can do that while I go to work early. you wouldn't think I would forget to deposit a payroll check, but that is how things go. Forget about it until I am on my way to work, then it is too late afterwards. Hopefully my direct deposit will kick in this week.

Off for some breakfast.


Thursday, September 12

It's What For Breakfast

This morning found myself up and awake early. My work truck is having the windshield replaced (again) due to a crack that started. The only time the guy could come by and do it was 'too damn early' o'clock (meaning before my usual rise time of 6am). Needless to say, at least it is getting done. The windshield had been replaced just under two weeks ago, but I noticed a crack had started two days ago. Looked like a stress fracture, but after closer examination, there was a chip close to the seal. Heh, the glass guy just called me to go over basic instructions (crack the windows when shutting doors for a couple days, leave the tape in place for at least X amount of hours, etc.).

So, all this early time and what have I accomplished? Well, got the oldest boy to school. The alarm is about ready to go off for the Wife to get up, and she will be leaving then with the two younger boys. That leaves me thinking of breakfast. I should just have a banana and a granola bar, but I am craving something greasy ... like Denny's breakfast skillet. or some thing with sausage. I'll probably settle for the banana and granola bar.

I hear the Wife is up and moving now, so I guess I should get off here to help get the boys up.


Tuesday, September 10

Getting Washed

Phoenix tends to be a dirty town. On a normal day, one is able to see the haze that hangs over the Valley, created from all the dust from traffic, construction, dust devils, etc. Gives that nice brow haze/cloud look over the city. But when it rains, it cleans up that haze ... for a few days. Today, we are entering day two of the rain forecast for the week. Currently, it isn't raining, but we are to expect scattered showers over all parts of the Valley. Meaning for me, I have no idea what I will be driving in tonight. Yesterday wasn't bad. By the time I started my route, the sun was out, and I only caught portions of some light showers. Most of the street flooding had taken place earlier in the day, when the rains were constant and heavier. I even saw a couple pictures, each from opposite sides of the Valley, where vehicles were submerged in puddles, or flooded out areas.

Here in Arizona, we have the Stupid Motorist Law. Basically, it says that if you purposely drive around barricades, or into flooded areas, and have to have medical/emergency vehicles/personnel assist you, not only will you be billed for it, but are also possibly liable up to $2000, like a fine. Personally, I think that should be much higher, as we tend to have many stupid people here in the state, and those are the ones that are legal and can read English. Most times I just snicker when I hear them toss out the warning, "Take notice, the Stupid Motorist Law is in effect" every time it rains here. I shake my head disgustedly. Idiots.

One of the better things I like about the rain, is it brings down our temperatures. This morning as I drove the oldest son to early hour band, they announced it was a cool 72 degrees across the Valley, with a high today expected of only 89, due to the cloud coverage. Of course, the extended forecast jumped those temperatures back to 100 by Friday. And with the humidity? Oh, it is going to be so not nice. I sweat enough without the humidity.

Well, I am off to catch up on some television.


Monday, September 9

Running Out Of Time

I forgot how important time is to myself. Having had so much of it available over the past few years of not working, now that I have a job again, I need to prioritize my time. I noticed this yesterday, as I was sitting at the pub, waiting for a couple of my buddies to meet up with me. I had brought my Kindle, and was reading, when one buddy, who had just shown up, commented that I don't have as much time to read as I did before. And it is true. It is taking longer to get through a book, as I don't have the time I had before to read. It's a bit depressing. Especially when I add in that I need to still set time aside for family, etc, before my reading time. I know it is just part of dealing with life, but I am a bit out of practice.

This past weekend has been the first one I have not worked in quite awhile. The security job I was doing at the pub, well, I told the owner I could no longer do it. Fridays because I would be working until late, and Saturdays, I wanted off to be able to have some family time. Plus, spending Sunday trying to play softball on 2 hours of sleep would be impossible for me. Plus having to spend the whole day Sunday, catching up on sleep, just to start work again on Monday. Yeah. Not happening. I offered to work an occasional Saturday, when they need extra guys for like the UFC fight nights, but he hasn't given me an answer.

Saturday night we had gone out to eat to Wingstreet (Pizza Hut basically) and I have to admit, it has been quite some time since we have ordered Pizza Hut. We used to have it delivered back in the day when I was working, and could afford the cost of their pizza. Either way, we all love the stuffed crust, and so I decided we would go there that night. I think it will be our last time. The waitress was ... I can only describe it as vacant. I couldn't tell if she took our order, and would even write it down. Getting refills was terrible. I actually had to bring our glasses from the table to the main counter and ask for them. Getting the tab took some time, though she did say it was due to having issues with the gift card we were using (a Pizza Hut card at that). So, crummy service. But to go with it, we ordered two large meat-lover's, stuffed crust pizzas - the same as we used to order back in the day. It's what we got, but the bottom crust, was paper-thin, and greasy ... dripping greasy. Now I don't mind me some greasy pizza, but this just made eating it by hand near impossible. Of course, we had no forks. Bottom line is that we decided to not eat there anymore, and give our pizza business back to Little Caesar's.

Today, it is rainy in Phoenix, and per the radio weather report this morning, it is to be raining off and on all day. Great. Just what I want to do - get in and out of the rain while doing my route today, and dealing with drivers that do not know how to drive in rain. And deal with possible street closures due to flooding and accidents. Sigh. But we do need the precipitation.


Thursday, September 5

Still Settling In

The new job is going well. I am still trying to settle into a regular routine, as much as I can anyways. Seems like each day the time it takes to do my route varies quite a bit. Trying to get it to where I make the time I need to get 40 hours per week. Right now I think I am short about an hour for this pay period. I was done almost an hour earlier than I needed last night.

Obviously the new job is taking up more of my time these days, and thus giving me less time to post here. I'll have to figure something out.


Monday, September 2

Making A List, and Checking It Twice

No! This is not a post about the Christmas holiday, well, unless you want to know what to buy me for Christmas.

By my computer, I keep a medium-sized, spiral notebook. One of the ones that opens like a book, not like a steno pad and flips over the top.  Plus it is divided into four sections, with that beige colored page that is like a file folder material. Yes, that difference is important to me. Anyways, in this book is my lists. Books I would like to find to read, books and their (hopefully soon) release dates, for additional books in series I have read, or even have not yet read (as I like to have the whole series if I start reading it and decide I like it). I dedicate a page to each month for the year, so there are only about six pages left (I still have August in there). Following those pages, is one dedicated to books that are expected out in 2014, listed with the release date, if one was found/available. At the end of this section, I have another list, of the books that have been released and I have not been able to purchase, or find. As each month ends, what I have not gotten, I add to this list.

Another section is my list of television shows I like to watch. Why do I list them? Because some of them are on cable networks, and I don't have cable, so I need to check each week if they have aired a new episode. I usually watch most of them via computer. I also list next to them, what day  they usually air, so I can try to follow up each week, the day after air time. Included in this list are a few shows coming out this fall I would like to see, to decide if I like them.

The back page of the notebook, is the list I sort of do backwards, page by page. It is a list of movies. I have a couple websites I use to see upcoming movies, or ones in process, etc. If the trailer looks good, or there is talk about a particular book being made into a movie, I add it to this list. About once a month, I go through the list on, where I enter each title, to see if it is able to be added to my 'Movies To See' queue.

The third section is my miscellaneous notes area. Usually it is short notes to myself about things to look at, little reminders that get scratched out once done, or, like at current date, a list of things for my World of Warcraft gaming. This particular list is of certain mounts that can be obtained from repetitious running through dungeons/raids to obtain. Yeah, most of you have no clue about that, unless you play, have played, or played similar type games.

So, why am I sharing this with you? I don't know. Just seemed something different to write about today.

And if you really want to know, you could ask me what books are on my list so you can send me one for Christmas.