Thursday, September 26

One Of Those Mornings

It's been an hour since I was wakened to take the son to school, and still I have the remnants of a dream in my head. I think it is because I feel more the fool for the dream than anything else.

In the dream, I was with my buddy Jan, and a couple of other guys (no one else sticks out, but I knew they were friends). We were on a hunting trip of some kind. I had a weapon in my hands, it looked like the handgun from the old Nintendo DUCK HUNT game, except it was more like a pistol-grip mini shotgun, but it was in the orange color like the game pistol but had pump-action. Our group of about 5, counting our guide, were all in a canoe, yes just one, going down some waterway. This waterway reminded me of part of the scenery from the game World Of Warcraft. So we're canoeing along, and pull up at this "hut" and beach the boat. This is the "clubhouse" for us hunters. There is a crowd of people lined up outside, and I find out it is for some video game hunt, but me and my buds decide to not do it. There is some length of time to waste before we leave, not sure, but felt like a couple hours or so, and I tell the buddies, I see a shop across the water so I will grab us some beer.

I find this little footbridge to cross the river, and head for this shop, which is on the edge of a small town. I go in to find some 20'ish lady there at the counter, I ask what beer they have available, as I see none stocked there int he store. She says anything I want. So, thinking of my buddies and not just about me, I tell her I need a case of Bud Light (yes, this was distinctive in my dream). She opens this skinny door, which opens into this huge warehouse-sized freezer, and she enters to get the case of beer. She comes back, I go to pay, and make a comment that she charged me $3 extra, on top of the tax. She said something about local politics, and gave me a receipt, which was weird in itself.

The receipt she made was sort of taped to the edge of one of the dollars I had given her (I only had $11 when I walked in there, so I was getting a good deal on a case of beer, even with the extra she charged). Then she ripped about a 1/4 inch of the bill, 1/5th of the way along the long-wise side of the bill. I asked her how come, and she said it was to prove I paid for it there. I shrugged, thinking 'back woods mentality' and left. As I got a few steps from the door, I opened the case. Instead of opening at one end though, I unfolded it like some weird puzzle box. Inside were maybe 15 containers/cups of different sizes, filled with frozen beer - no cans or bottles. I get pissed. THIS isn't what I wanted, and somehow I knew it wasn't Bud Light either. I return to the store, and wait my turn in what seems a sudden rush crowd. When finally my turn, I demand a refund. She tries to argue me out of returning the beer (already opened, etc for excuses). I show the receipt (specially made) so she finally agrees to refund me, by reaching into the pocketbook of the lady off to my side, and taking $6 from the purse and putting it in my hand. I get the lady's attention, to tell her the clerk is stealing from her, and she says it's ok, she is her mom.

By this time, I am feeling desperate and crazy in my dream, and yelling, I demand the full refund amount of $9.00, and would not settle for less. The clerk asks for my receipt, which, reaching into my pocket I realize I no longer had having given it to her before. I say something like,'Oh, you are good. You know I had a receipt and now you took it and won't refund me the whole amount.' She just smiles and says something ... I don't know what, because about that point is when I was woken up.

Weird stuff, huh? For stuff to be that messed up in my dreams, I must see/think/feel some really messed up stuff during the day. For once, I am sort of glad I am awake.


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