Monday, September 2

Making A List, and Checking It Twice

No! This is not a post about the Christmas holiday, well, unless you want to know what to buy me for Christmas.

By my computer, I keep a medium-sized, spiral notebook. One of the ones that opens like a book, not like a steno pad and flips over the top.  Plus it is divided into four sections, with that beige colored page that is like a file folder material. Yes, that difference is important to me. Anyways, in this book is my lists. Books I would like to find to read, books and their (hopefully soon) release dates, for additional books in series I have read, or even have not yet read (as I like to have the whole series if I start reading it and decide I like it). I dedicate a page to each month for the year, so there are only about six pages left (I still have August in there). Following those pages, is one dedicated to books that are expected out in 2014, listed with the release date, if one was found/available. At the end of this section, I have another list, of the books that have been released and I have not been able to purchase, or find. As each month ends, what I have not gotten, I add to this list.

Another section is my list of television shows I like to watch. Why do I list them? Because some of them are on cable networks, and I don't have cable, so I need to check each week if they have aired a new episode. I usually watch most of them via computer. I also list next to them, what day  they usually air, so I can try to follow up each week, the day after air time. Included in this list are a few shows coming out this fall I would like to see, to decide if I like them.

The back page of the notebook, is the list I sort of do backwards, page by page. It is a list of movies. I have a couple websites I use to see upcoming movies, or ones in process, etc. If the trailer looks good, or there is talk about a particular book being made into a movie, I add it to this list. About once a month, I go through the list on, where I enter each title, to see if it is able to be added to my 'Movies To See' queue.

The third section is my miscellaneous notes area. Usually it is short notes to myself about things to look at, little reminders that get scratched out once done, or, like at current date, a list of things for my World of Warcraft gaming. This particular list is of certain mounts that can be obtained from repetitious running through dungeons/raids to obtain. Yeah, most of you have no clue about that, unless you play, have played, or played similar type games.

So, why am I sharing this with you? I don't know. Just seemed something different to write about today.

And if you really want to know, you could ask me what books are on my list so you can send me one for Christmas.


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