Thursday, September 19


I am feeling tired this morning. Enough that I even slept in until about 9:30. Mostly from having a couple beers last night with the guys, but I think my job is wearing me down a bit too. Not in a bad way. I just need to adjust (still) to the hours, and physical activity it requires. this is only my 4th week. I think it is just catching up to me.

I was woken up this morning about 7'ish, with the shop calling me. Supposedly, I was to drop an oven dolly with one of the techs last night. I told them I had, and which one. Well, another tech had said he needed it, not the one I delivered it to. So now someone has to run one out to the tech. Though, I clearly believe I delivered to the correct person, as I made note of it on the paperwork. No way to tell if I was correct or not until later today I guess. Strike against the good job I have been doing. I honestly don't think I messed up though. I know I am going to worry about it most of the day. I hate crap like that. Now I am going to double check my self on all my paperwork, etc.

Welp, guess I should go get some other things done to try to get this off my mind until I get to work.


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