Tuesday, September 24

More Than A Little Exercise

In the past almost two years, I am down at least a minimum of 60 pounds. I say a minimum, as I haven't weighed myself since a few weeks back. I know I have lost at least an inch, maybe a bit more, around the waist in just the 5 weeks I have started at the new job. It is a bit more physically demanding than the last couple jobs I had flying a desk. In fact, I wonder if that is why my joints have started aching a bit each morning. Joints mainly being the knees, hips, elbows, back and ankles. Yeah, pretty much everywhere that would have to deal with lifting/carrying quite a bit. Not that the stuff is heavy, just that there is some days quite a bit of it. Not to mention the climbing in/out of the back of the truck.

So, I know I am slimming down, which means a good chance I have lost a nice chunk of poundage as well. I guess I should buy a scale for use here at home since I don't go to the gym anymore - and I need to cancel the gym membership still. I keep forgetting. So, in the spirit of the whole 'eating healthy' and 'losing weight' I bought carne asada burritos last night, as I was hungry while on my route. I ate two while on the road, which means there were two in the fridge this morning, and I do love a burrito for breakfast. Yes, one is already gone. I am debating eating the other as well, but waiting for a couple hours so I won't be hungry later this afternoon.

Other than that, I haven't much for you today.


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