Wednesday, February 25

Post Title Here

I am so unimaginative today. I don't know why.

I have spent part of the past two days trying to track down my W-2 from last year. I have not had any luck as of yet. Will be working on it some more today - trying to get through to someone at the corporate level is near impossible it seems.

Tomorrow is my youngest son's birthday. He will be turning 3. I need to get out either today or tomorrow to get some shopping done for presents for him. We have a few here at home, but want to get a couple more.

Yesterday was Fat Tuesday. I went out and bought a few beads for the fun of it. I think I was able to only give away like 5 of them. Seemed everywhere I went last night was dead (hardly anyone one there). Needless to say I made it home earlier than usual.

Okay, I need to get other things taken care of. See ya!


Monday, February 23

It was Just a Matter of Time

Monday. Blah! But things are starting off well. The Wife finally addressed the issue we were having, and conceded. That was last night, so today has been back to normal for me pretty much.

Exciting things this weekend? Not really. My Nascar pool won me another $100 - sorry Smitty!

Okay, today is so boring after 15 minutes of sitting here, I can't think of anything to write. I am off to watch a video.


Saturday, February 21

In Hell

I couldn't think of a better title. This is where I am right now. I came home last night to a Wife that was "Angrier Than Shit". I could not find the proper defensive move. It was "Crouching Angry Wolves over my Dead Carcass". Had you seen that movie?

Not a true movie. But True Hell at the d00d household. Many, many words were exchanged. I even took a token trip away.

Needless to say, I still reign. (sigh) however the difficulties of war, I am still amassing. Like, bed privileges. I would like to sleep in my own bed.

Hmph! Okay, aside from that, here we is. Do you believe in magic? Cuz I don't. Would it make any difference? What about alternate realities? Damn. Read a book like me.

What else do you want from me?


Tuesday, February 17

A Late Tuesday Night post... for what it is worth

My computer is having problems. I understand the editing I do, due to the phat fingers I have, that, and I cannot touch type. Aside from that, the computer has decided to throw up some new signals that I have not seen before. And yes, I go back and delete them. Because I can. So far.

I went to the Coyotes (NHL) game last night, and we stayed until the end of the 2nd period. The kids having school the next day, I did not want to stay late. They were cool about it, which made things a lot easier. Tonight I have them being entertained with "Madagascar 2". I know, pitiful, but they are young kids. Cartoons for all!

I mentioned the newer washer/dryer combo we got, but for some reason, I am in hell from the Wife. I don't understand. It is hooked up and working. Why she mad at me?

In the mean time, I am trying to plan a trip back to Indy this summer to visit family. Would love to meet somes of you... I will prolly fly into the Indianapolis, so... well if ya wanna. I AM STILL LOOKING AT TICKETS RIGHT NOW. damn caps....


Monday, February 16

Another Dull Day

Welcome to dull Monday. Extremely dull today as it is a holiday. At least not one like Valentines Day that is over commercialized.

I think I am doing better. Seems my symptoms of a cold have disappeared (thanks to NyQuil) and I am feeling better. It was that or the start of Nascar yesterday. The driver I had in the pool won 1st place, so I get $150.00. Sure brightens things up a little bit.

Not much else going on. I am off to watch some earlier seasons of the "The Office".


Friday, February 13

Ohhhh .... my stuffy head

Sorry I have been away all week. My grandparents were visiting and I had a great time seeing them again. It had been about 3 years or so since I had last seen them. A lot of memories were shared and pictures taken, as they had not seen my youngest before. They returned home yesterday.

Over the past several days, we have had some cooler weather and rain. Today I woke up all stuffed up. I think I am catching a cold. Just what I really don't need right now.

My middle son was Student of the Month in January. As an award, they gave him 5 hockey tickets for Monday night when the Coyotes play Edmonton Oilers. Looking forward to a boring game considering the Coyotes have lost 8 of the last 10 games counting last night.

With help from my Sister and BIL we now have a newer washer and dryer. I just need to get the old ones out and the new ones in. But feeling the way I do, it may wait until the weekend.

Okay, I got nothing else for you today. Maybe some medicine will have a hallucinogenic affect on me and I will have more to write about later.


Monday, February 9

Dang, it's Monday again.

Being Monday, I wonder should I mosey on down to the pub or not. Probably not, but then again...

My grandparents flew in from Northern Indiana Saturday. Too bad the weather has been rainy and only about mid 60's the past couple days. I know they still like it better than the cooler stuff they are having. They are in town until Thursday, so some more sporadic posting this week. then maybe I can get back to doing something more daily ... maybe.

Not much else going on for Monday. Trying to find out where my W-2 from last year is. Watching a movie maybe. Maybe a trip to the pub. In the meantime, here's some boobage for the day.



Friday, February 6

Welcome to Friday!

I still have nothing for you. Let's just say that my week has been pretty boring - even for me.

An uncle sent pics of hi place in Avon, IN. Lotsa snow. I wish I still lived back there sometimes. Here in Phx it is almost 80 in the afternoons.

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.


Wednesday, February 4

Slow Week for Interesting Things

I have spent part of the past couple days wondering how I am going to entertain you this week. Obviously, nothing major came up.

Steelers Won - Cardinals Lost. Okay. Football is now over until August.

Nascar starts later this month.

Baseball starts Spring Training soon as well.

Heading over to the Reverend Mother's tonight to spend some time with the Aunt prior to her returning to cold Indiana tomorrow. The Grandparent are scheduled to fly in Saturday about 3:30pm. I know I am looking forward to that.

Okay. Nothing interesting is happening now. My life is boring. I'm going to Myspace and playing some games.